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Posted by Karlisha (Jacksonville, Florida) on 12/15/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I saw this remedy as well. I have had morgellons for almost five years now and with a lot of scarring and down to only a dozen "sores", I desperately tried this remedy (alfalfa and Sun detergent) and it made it extremely worse. I'm back to the days it all began. I'm happy this worked on the lady but on me, it definitely DID NOT. I do know that somehow, with me, it is connected to my nerves and anxiety. The less stress I have, the better they get but I am SO tired of these things, I can't wait for something to get rid of them once and for all!

Posted by Itch-ebitch-e (Boone, Nc, Us) on 09/22/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I've had the crawling hell/nipping nightmare for about a year and a half now, and was totally taken in by that ridiculously prolific story about the woman and her cat who knocked the alfalfa tabs in the tub. Yes, at first it helped, but a few minutes after exiting the chlorox/sun deterg./alfalfa soak, I was in agony and sticky as a used lollipop, to boot. I suspect that the apparent initial efficacy is due to the high pH of all three ingredients, which definitely appears to displease the critters. However, it doesn't really "dissolve" them; rather, they appear to be more like, dazed and confused for a bit, and then really pissed off! I stupidly continued practically living in chlorine for the next few months, believing that a show of extruding material = improvement. Kind of reinforces the old adage about stuff not killing you making one stronger... Because it sure gives them a vicious will to live, and now I avoid unnatural cleansers and chemicals like the plague. I am presently experimenting with a Dr. Clark-type zapper, and have had some mixed results, depending on the frequency used. Oddly, the lower setting seems to produce more skin lesions from systemic acidosis, I believe, although they are more uniform, symetrical, and thus aesthetically pleasing as compared to the old-fashioned worm gnawing... (heavy sarcasm). Since I can't really spend any significant time in the bath without experiencing unhappy bug re-entry after a few minutes, I'm trying the zapper whilst en tub and have had some success-ish sessions. The thing is, though, I've not figured out what setting ought to be consistently used, and my natural ADD/reckless curiosity has been massively exaccerbated by the rotten creatures and I've literally turned my whole life to finding some way to make myself better, which makes patient consistency difficult. I've slathered, soaked, and stuffed myself with just about every known substance, both non-toxic and highly ruinous concoctions. I'll share more of those when I have the time later, but I have to say, (shout from the rooftops! ) that wasabi, the green Japanese horseradish, aka sushi condiment, seems to be the best thing so far, both internally and topically. It gets one truly "clean", which any Morggie victim can attest to being a fairly rare phenomenon, and also rids hard and soft surfaces of them, even where they've really dug in and nested. Oh, and also, copper in any form is a lifesaver! It is actually the MOST antimicrobial/antifungal/etc metal, which is a well documented phenomenon of considerable veracity. I've found that affixing long pipes to my closet and shower curtain bars has made a huge difference, and I have loose pipe connectors and whatnot scattered all over the house, and perch on the larger pieces when I'm having a melt-down from feeling so "pursued"... And consumed, ugh. Hope those help...