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Posted by Djpurity (Oakland, Ca, Usa) on 02/27/2010
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Better But With Side Effects

I just got this brand x of colloidal silver from store y. Anyway, it is 96% actively charged silver, and the smallest particle size ever produced, thus the most surface area despite being only 10 PPM.

This tincture, I tried when in parking lot for store y. I ride my bike because I live in Oakland and we have great public transit and bikes are popular. Anyway, by the time I get home, fibers and blood are leaking out of my face!

I take 5 droppers about 3 times a day, for the last few days. But the toxins of these things dying inside of me is killing my immune system. I have never felt this bad! My body is definitely fighting for control.... my immune system is winning! And this is only with using this product with the hydrosol silver, not hydro-colloidal kind most people think of. Which makes a difference, imho.

ANYWAY, what I do not understand is that feeling like run down, tired, feverish, swollen joints (I have reactive arthritis), but after being in bed sick for 3 days, look at my legs, the worst of the sores is almost completely healed up!

When I took a shower, it really helped. I heard they are attracted to red grapes for wine? I don't know what or why, but imagine finding a brand z of face peel mask made from merlot wine red grapes! And this mask always pulls out the skin fibers.

There are silver bandaids and silver gel out on the market, all "new" -- strange timing! Anyway, if one i truly infected with this disease, you will feel the toxicity of their death. This is no quick flush out and you're feeling fine. You will have to fight it out. It travels into your system,e esp blood, and other organs, since the lesions or fibers cause bleeding, they can enter as well.

My mom and I think the best way to heal is to hit it from all sides. She doesn't have it -- lives on the East Coast, USA, while I live in Oakland, CA, USA (the same city Keiser Permanente is headquartered and did that useless 2009 study)

She wants me to take cipro to counter infection, due to sores and lesions from where the fibers and their makers, these black specks.... weird, every fiber always had a black speck making it. This sounds like science fiction!!! Not this reality. This is current science!

Anyway I am still on day 4 of the purge using just this one product x. It expelled and killed so much of this so quickly, that now I have these toxic particles and crap in my system that my immune system is trying to flush out. I am dying of thirst non-stop, and drink and sweat nonstop. My body is trying to flush this out. Natural but I didn't expect it.

This is why I am sort of suspicious of any of these cures that are posted here that do not mention the after effects of the immune system having to clean up all that dead waste now that it's been stopped, killed, whtever.

I say yes to hydrosol silver.. which is very slightly ever so different than colloidal silver, hrmmm. But this is just me. I am trying my best to get up and shower and use charcoal soap. These are new on the market too it seems. I found these at the same store y that I got brand x of the silver. The charcoal sucks things up from the skin, debris, etc, AND it seems to work well with the silver colloidal soap I also have. Charcoal first, silver next. Bring it to the surface, kill it.

But to be honest, until I put this silver into my bloodstream, it was just moving the fibers around my body to use silver gel or silver bandages... they were shooting off branches under the skin of fiber, to a new location, away from the bandage. So I had to get it in my blood to kill it.

But there are many parts to this disease. I am dying of thirst as I type this. I think my body wants to flush it out and it keeps sweating and I just feel horrible but I know my body is healing, and my immune system is telling me rest while it cleans up. i tried to move around too much today and ended up back to bed. Can't wait until all these things are flushed out via sweat, etc.