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Posted by Elaine (Spencer, Indiana, USA) on 02/06/2009
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Morgellons help: I moved from indianapolis to spencer indiana 3 years ago. We never had problems like Morgellons until we moved. I think some how this Morgellons is related to Lyme. Indiana is the capitol of the limestone industry. There are a few limestone Quarys in our area. The fuzz balls and fibers we see in our home and on us resemble those fibers found on lymebusters under jeuvenile Nematomorphus. We use a lot of garlic and vinegar. Before going to bed at night I find great relief after bathing I rub regular cider vinegar directly on by body all over. I have a dollar store spray bottle filled with vinegar and I spray it all around my room and on my bed. I get relief. Vinegar I found out has 93vitamins and minnerals in it. Try to eat garlic as well. I hope they find out what this is soon. I am tired of No Answers. This vinegar spraying works for me. It is not a cure, but I can get a LOT OF RELIEF>