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Posted by Anna (Las Vegas) on 08/05/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Everyone,

I have been fighting this for a year. I sold my house and could not keep one thing out of it. Basically, there was a toxic spill in the garage and apparently it activated the defense mechanisms in the white kind of springtails to do two things, grow their colony to incredibly mass proportions while they attempted to break down the toxic waste and grow their size individually, which has shrunk with each subsequent generation. Or else I am just getting them before they grow up.

During their cleaning of my home and the substructure of the home, they decided I needed cleaning as well. I had candida overgrowth, which they decided would make a wonderful culture for their garden.

Cayenne is one of my favorite things that help stop the itching and make them run. I am able to eat really hot food now. I once read about a man getting rid of them completely with cayenne. I don't itch anymore. I only have very small ones, the babies. I no longer use peroxide as it makes them bigger. I no longer use rubbing alcohol as it makes them bigger. Pretty much any chemical makes them bigger and more aggressive. Chlorine in swimming pools also makes them bigger.

The Q2 Energy Spa seems to draw them out of my feet and lower legs and deplete their presence. The water turns orange. It is getting lighter orange as I go forward which means less candida and less things they like in me. I also like to take Detoxamin. It is a suppository that takes metals out of your body. They need metals to form their shells, so it is important for them to have a metal filled host. I read once about a gardening soil that was rich in cadmium, so it attracted and grew 10 times the normal amount of this common gardening bug.

Peppermint Oil kills their eggs so they tend to run from it. If you have a cough from them in your lungs, then you can put some on the roof of your mouth and stop your coughing for a while.

Other essential oils tend to put them on the defensive and make them grow. Ethanol makes them burn crazy holes into your skin trying to get away from it.

But Silver Generators are amazing. Between Cayenne and Silver and Vitamin C with Rosehips from GNC and some wonderful dehumidifiers, I am finally winning.

When I first drank silver water with vitamin C, I could feel them coming out everywhere. Of course my bed was nuts in the morning. Then taking a silver bath really helps get them out of your eyes. I have gone through four cars until I realized that four things needed to be done to beat them. Clear spray paint for the carpets in cars stops their colonies. Please air out. Saniguard fogger for the air conditioner and heater ports, turn it on while fogging. Every night, dehumidify all night. Windex over dash and everywhere you touch and breathe, including seats. Leather seats are your only hope unless you want to spray paint the seats as well as the carpet.

Another amazing step to winning is WATER... Alkaline water... NEVER IN PLASTIC... Alkaline ARTESIAN WATER breaks down fungus in your body and is great in silver and soups.

Whenever you eat out, eat spicy. If you are not good at spicy at first, blend hot water with honey, lemon and cayenne. The honey will shield the cayenne. If you are eating mexican, eat hottest sauce with side of refried beans, they will heal the burn. After a while, you can tolerate it. Thai, get extra rice and once fatty dish less spicy to calm you.

If you are making a raw smoothie, add a huge amount of ginger, this really makes them run.

I installed a dehumidifyer in the central air of the house with a UV bug killer and an electrostatic filter so nothing is recycled, 100% of mold and dust and bugs, gone!!! Some rooms also need an additional dehumidifier, still this set up requires balance as well because over dehumidifying your room can cause coughing all on its own. So stay comfortable and choose a closet to attack problem items and seal two dehumidifiers in it while shoving microfiber cloths under the door.

Cedarcide never worked for me as a final choice because my home had toxins underneath it. My bugs were so gnarly they learned how to eat it. Ultimately, it damaged my liver and made it harder to balance my candida.

I shaved my head. I used to have waist length blonde hair. I shaved it all off like Sophie's Choice. I tried to like it and then stopped looking in the mirror.

Shaving my head helped a lot because I read about someone using vaseline. I began to use it on high density areas, my head and face. I was barred from ever coming back to a hotel because they had trouble getting it out of their bedding. Vaseline eventually became toxic. I had not discovered silver yet, so it helped me sleep a few nights.

Basis soap is the natural enemy of fungus, it was gentle and so did not grow them. It was the best discovery in a silver bath. I have six silver generators for my family of six. Three of us have had it. Since others can carry, everyone takes the silver.

I take Kelp and Horsetail every morning. Kelp helps remove bug waste ammonia that stops sleep. Kelp and Horsetail ten each morning help rebuild structure in the body they are breaking down. Kelp in evening, ten, helps sleep.

It is possible to win.

Posted by Lisa (Pierre, Sd) on 08/17/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I sincerely believe that bathing for hours in Sun laundry Detergent w/bleach and at least 25 alfalfa tablets saved my life. Before I tried this I was lifeless. I had no strength, couldn't stay awake and the lesions and swelling was getting worse! Nothing that the doctors prescribed was helping. It took a few of these baths before we noticed that there were no new lesions and the old ones were finally healing, so I continued with the baths for about 3 more weeks. I don't feel this cures you 100%, but I have not had anymore lesions for 2 years now and have gone back to work full time.