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Coconut Oil, Aloe and Lemon Juice  

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Posted by Dave (Johannesburg) on 12/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I am trying coconut oil mixed with pulp from Aloe Vera mixed with lemon juice all over my head and body parts that itch.Over last +- 13 years I have tried many different things but this infusion is the best so far.

It stays on between showers and is a good sun protection agent for hot climates like South Africa(the sun isn't what it used to be and can also aggravate skin conditions you know).

Correct me if you find different but I think pathogens hate coconut oil (from my experiences). Aloe Vera soothes/heals skin and kills pathogens also (not sure what lemon juice does in the mix).

I think what I started as relief is developing into my cure (finally).

Let me know your experiences with this...


PS vitamin C in large doses never hurts also!