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Posted by PB (OCALA, FL) on 08/12/2008


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jessica (Hartselle, Alabama) on 08/09/2008

I tried your recommendation to use hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis and it worked INSTANTLY! I felt relief right away. Just a few hours later I felt totally normal. I followed the suggestion of one of the commenters on this site and made a mixture in a shot glass of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water, then used a bulb syringe to apply the mixture inside and outside. I did this 3 times (3 shot glasses). What a cheap remedy! I LOVE your site for giving this suggestion. Thank you soooo much.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Traci (Orlando, FL) on 08/08/2008

Finally cured of BV. It took some fine tuning but I found what works for me. I take a shot glass and fill it half with hydrogen peroxide and half with water. I then take a bulb syringe (like the one to clean your ear of wax) and suction the mixture. I use this as a "mini douche" but be careful to squeeze the air out before inserting. The bulb syringe also doubles as a "mini portable bidet" fill it with water and/or hydrogen peroxide and squirt on your genitalia to clean after urinating or a bowel movement. Hope it helps others it works wonders for me and the syringe is easy to take along on trips.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Joanna (Paramus, NJ) on 08/03/2008

Wow! This site is amazing. I've been telling my doctor for years that I felt like something was off but after treating me over and over for a yeast infection he told me this is just my body. I swore it was something else and finally decided to take it upon myself to find out. I've obviously had bv for god only knows how long. It has to be at least 10 years though. It's been the worst thing to deal with. I was constantly changing and washing.

I read all your posts and began the peroxide with water. It did get rid of the smell almost immediately. I've been doing douches every day in the shower for about a week. I'm nervous to stop and have that smell come back.

The one thing that hasn't been kicked is the whitish discharge. It's nowhere near as bad but I notice that in the morning it's back. Is there something that I'm not doing that I should be????

Any guidance would be extremely appreciated. I don't know if I should be douching more. I'm not taking the folic acid but am taking the priobiotic acidophilus.... one a day. Maybe I should up that dosage. I don't know I just want to live a normal life.

Thank you for everything!!! In my case, this site has been able to help a situation where my doctor had no idea.

EC: Folic acid appears to be a critical component in curing BV.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Aniya (Richmond, Virginia) on 07/26/2008


Have had problems with bv for over 10 years and im only 24! have gotten medicine several times but didnt really help. i have just discharge and not smell or any pain. i have tryed peroxide but it only helped for a couple hours. i recently went back 2 my doctor and was told that my discharge is normal but that i lack all the normal bacteria that is present in the vagina. does anyone have any suggestions how i can restore the balance and return all the bacteria that should be present. im guessing because all bacteria is not present that that could be the reason why i have the discharge and not the smelling or the pain.

EC: Acidophilus and Folic Acid are 2 popular supplements for BV according to our readers. Make sure you read all the feedback on the BV pages!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by PB (Ocala, FL) on 07/24/2008

Thanks to the ladies out there that wee willing to share their deep dark secret- i tried hp and it worked immediatley i did one douche this morning and a tampon soaked in it every two hours and i smell like water!!!! for real i will contine for the next 6 days- mand if it comes back o well i will still use this method because it really produces results. much love all p.b.

Replied by P.B


Replied by Nancy
(Riverside, Ca)


I've been suffering from BV for about 9 months now (on and off) I started using the hydrogen peroxide, and folic acid. The Hydrogen peroxide stopped the discharge amd the smell and even the itch for about 2 weeks as well as taking 800mgs of folic acid once a day. But now it seems the hydrogen peroxide only works for about one day stopping the discharge only for a day as well as stopping the inner labia itch . Anyone have any Suggestions? im going crazy with the itch.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Diane (Danbury, CT) on 07/23/2008


Hello, I have been suffering from Bacterial Vaginosa for several years.Three years ago tried a vaginal wash for 7 days following my period, with 3%, from the pharmacy. I use a 50/50 dilution with water.Works great. My husband read how impure 3% over the counter is and ordered food grade. He diluted it down to 3% for me. Well, I don't know what happened, I imagine his numbers were off....but I was severely burned and immediately washed with pure water. This was two days ago, the pain and rawness is subsiding, but I am suffering. NEVER use the food grade again. Does anyone have any suggestions for the burn.

EC: So sorry you were burned. We are weary of 30% food grade H202 for this very reason!

Replied by Rose
(Durham, North Carolina, United States)

Hi my name is Rose,

I know I'm a bit late answering your question but if anything like this ever occurs again or if you know anyone who experiences this try Vitamin E oil capsules. You can buy this at Whole Foods. I buy the bottle which contains the gell capsules. You can bite holes into them and squeeze onto your fingers to apply to infected areas or you could probably buy a bottle of the vitamin E oil which isn't in capsule form. Hope this works for you, it has given me rather immediate relief before so thats my suggesstion. Also, for your BV you can try purchasing two lemons and squeezing the juice out of them and purchasing a small bottle of organic apple cidar vinegar and lastly a syringe (you know the one that looks like it's meant for a needle to go in it) you can buy that at a regular grocery store in the pharmacy area or at a pharmacy. Mix the lemon juice and apple cidar vinegar together and keep it in a sealed container in your fridge. You don't not need to add water to this mixture it's not intense at all; however if your body is a bit more sensitive I suggest you use distilled or bottled water, and don't use much. It's important to keep this mixture as acidic as possible for quick results. Keep the syringe in a dry clean area. While your in the shower, after showering, suck the mixture up into the surrenge and carefully insert it into the vagina. Squirt the mixture up there and rinse off with water. It works for me within about two days of doing it. You won't need to over do it, filling the syringe twice and squirting it as far as it will go is sufficient enough. Good Luck. Feel Free to write me back if this works for you.

P.S. In addition to blood (menstrual cycle) and sperm (sex) soap can also be somewhat harmful as I believe it is more alkaline than acidic. When bathing do not directly wash the vagina with soap. Wash around the vagina with soap and rince the direct area off with hot water. Soaps that probably won't harm the vagina but will probably help the vagina are lemon soap, cranberry soap, and non scented soaps. Well anyways I really hope that I gave you some advice that will be helpful. Bye.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Athina (Fishkill, NY) on 07/22/2008

I had a very slight case of BV for the first time in my life, but it did not go away with yogurt, probiotics, garlic, etc...I tried everything and I was just about ready to use vaginal metrogel, but decided to try this hydrogen peroxide. It worked!! No fishy odor whatsoever.I inserted about 30 cc's of hydrogen peroxide 3%- undiluted!!!! (I used a medication syringe- the kind used to give liquid medication to infants). lay on your back and keep your hips tilted up-allow the hydrogen do its work for about 4 minutes. Then sit on the toilet and allow it to drain out. It really worked well. And in case you are scared to put it up there- hydrogen peroxide is naturally occurring in the v-jay.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Beth (Edmonton, Canada) on 07/13/2008

I tried the peroxide remedy for BV and it worked fabulous and almost instantly! One note though: don't forget that's it's a combo of peroxide and WATER!!! I did straight peroxide and what no one else mentioned is it burned like heck at first, but it must have worked because within 5 min. felt so much better....

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Raydiant (Syracuse , New York ) on 07/09/2008

I have sufferd with BV for at least 1 1/2 years. I have constanly been to the doctor only to receive treatment with antibiotics. I am soooooooo thankful to all the people who took their time to write to this forum with their natural cures.

I happened to try the Acidophilus pills 2 a day not sure of the mg because I don't have the bottle. I took them for about 3-4 days and saw a slight difference in the oder but not anything significant. I went out this morning and purchased the Folic Acid 400mcg, I took 2 today, and inserted a tampon with Hydrodgen Peroxide Solution this morning. This afternoon and I believe that it was mainly the HYDRODGEN PEROXIDE THAT CURED ME OF THAT AWFUL SMELL. It cost me $3.88 at Walmart for the tampons with the plastic applicator or a douche back will due, and $.50 for the peroxide. I recommend EVERYONE try the Peroxide FIRST!!!!!!!!!! I am going to continue with everything, I even take a multivitamin which everyone should do whether you have BV or not.

With much love for my Sisters & And many thanks to the women who also had the courage to post their stories. I am only on day 1 with the Peroxide I will repost in about a week or 2 to let everyone know if it's long term.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Enigma (Encino, California) on 06/30/2008

I know what caused my BV, several long Jacuzzi sessions, a long bath with fragrance, hot weather, and wearing swimsuits because the synthetic traps the bacteria and sweat. Yesterday I poured HP in a bowl and absorbed it with a medium sized tampon and pushed it inside. Relief from the get go....

Am repeating this today, along with going shopping for some Acidophilus, Folic Acid, and plenty of plain yogart. I'll also get some 100% cranberry juice.

No sugar, no underwear, and no soap, unless it's natural soap that I get at the Trader Joes. I'll scoop out the discharge collecting during each shower. This has helped so much in the past with keeping the bacteria and yeast to a minimum.

Good luck people!

Replied by Enigma
(Encino, California)

I'm back with an update on the progress of my BV. So far the itching has subsided. It is still present in the morning, but not nearly as bad as before starting the remedies a few days ago.

I am taking 1200 MCG of Folic acid in the morning, then another 1200 MCG's at night. Also 2 tablets of 4 billion organisms acidophilius & probiotic complex in the morning, then 2 at night.

I am drinking 2 shots of pure cranberry juice mixed with a full glass of water 3 times per day.

Peroxide tampons twice per day as well. I take them out after about 2 hours.

The stinky smell is completely gone and my vagina smells like nothing. Yes, nothing. Like straight air.

Oh, and I also purchased plain English yogart and have been eating that everyday.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Amy (Somewhere in, Oklahoma) on 06/25/2008

I am SO thankful I found this website! I'm 25 & I've been plagued with BV off & on for the past 3 years. The antibiotics quit working on me. I didn't know what to do, I was so embarrassed! I had a very strong odor that I could smell through my clothes, so I knew other people could smell me as well! I decided to look for natural remedies yesterday & came across this website. I read all of the remedies. The only one I had on hand was hydrogen peroxide. I didn't have a douche, so I just poured some peroxide into a tampon. I left it in for 30-45 minutes. For good measure, I also wiped my privates with the peroxide. The smell went away immediately. When I was getting ready for bed last night, I took off my underwear & there wasn't any discharge either! I feel like a new woman! I also ordered some Acidophilus & Folic Acid to take to keep the BV in check. has a sale right now. I paid a total of $17, & that'll last me around 6 months! That's a hell of a lot cheaper than those awful antibiotics that don't even cure the problem! THANK YOU EARTH CLINIC & all the women who have shared their stories!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kasey-Clay (Orlando, FL) on 06/12/2008

Hello All, kasey-Clay in the the house on a serious note. I like many other on this site have been trying to fight the battle of BV. I had gone to my doctor so much to seek treatment that he thought i was a little strange, but i was like why can't you help me and why do you think i'm crazy??? I heard that i might need to change my diet, but being 35 and 115 pounds. I take very good care of myself but change my diet as i was not willing to take the chance of loosing any weight. Last week I came across this site and heard about the hydogen perixode I thought if the label say to use as a mouth wash what else could you use it for. So Sunday night began my quest to see if i would have any luck as the other women here on the site. The first time using the the perixode (which i used 1/2 perioxd and rest water)i felt super clean and didn't have any discharge for the whole day.While i still had odor the discharge was not there. it's thursday now and i can say the the odor as well as the discharge is gone. I will have to post back after my complete seven days and let everyone know how i am doing without doing the treatment. I figure i may have to do follow up treatments as my boby PH is slightly high and i'm unwilling to change my diet, but if that's all i have to do and no more trips to the doctor for BV I feel like i have my life back and i'm very thankful to everyone who has shared there story. This is a hard subject to address because we all want to feel and look our best inside and out!! I'll keep everyone posted as to how i'm doing next week.

Replied by Alpinediva
(Mpls, Mn)

Hi there, I have been reading through some posts and was hoping people could specify when they say things like "I used vitamin C" etc. I don't know if they took it orally or inserted it.

I have been using Tea tree oil with coconut on a tampon during the day then a yogurt supository after bath. I'm nervous to douche because I don't want to kill off good bacteria. My friend is a microbiologist and explained the yogurt is a great way to get the good bacteria because it colonizes easier that just taking probiotics- so I insert that and also cosume yogurt or Kefir. It appears to be clearing up.

One thing I have read on many forums is that many women appear to be able to "treat" BV but not cure it. So, they get it under control temporarily by killing it off but then it comes back. I expect the trick to this is balancing ph with reintroduction of good bacteria.

I read the swiss study that had good success inserting with vitamin C- capules which I would like to try- but don't know how much to take. Is the Folic Acid consumed or inserted and how much?

Thanks for the input

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Barbara (Tampa, FL) on 06/09/2008

I would definitely say that this is a miracle cure!! I have suffered with BV for about 2 years. I did the whole doctor visit and the $50 prescription that DID NOT work. I finally decided to do some searching on my own and stumbled across this site. Soon as I read all the comments I went straight out and bought the hydrogen peroxide and the probiotics. I did the peroxide douche as soon as I got home, and then right before I went to bed. The next day there was barely any discharge and the smell was gone. I did the douche once more that evening and I am cured!! No discharge or smell! I am so relieved that I found this site. I feel so much better about myself and am glad that I am over this awful dilema.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Vicki (Elizabeth, NC) on 06/07/2008

OMG this stuff really works. It was amazing I have used everything from antibotics to every remedy in the world but this one was different. At one point I didn't think it was working it stung while inserting it but it was worth it.I am currently still using it to clear up my bv and taking the acid folic peels. This is just so amazing God was the only one who heard my cry and you all were the angels who helped me fing the cure to stop my crying.I thank you all.