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Coconut Oil
Posted by Kay (Tampa, Fl) on 12/10/2018
2 out of 5 stars

I have had BV off and on for the last year. I read a lot of blogs and most women claim odor or discharge being their irritant. I do not have odor, but I have terrible burning. I tried coconut oil and it worked for a day or two but now I have the burning back. Does anyone else experience the burning?

Posted by Becky (Boston, Massachusetts) on 12/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

It worked. By day 5 I was cured. I finished the 7 days to be sure.

Posted by M (New York, Ny) on 11/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I tried vinegar douches which only helped with smell, peroxide douches which helped with smell but caused burning, garlic bulb insert which made it worse just to name a few.
What worked for me was natural garlic pills which contained powder and at least 400mg. I took 3 pills every eight hours (3x a day) for a week. For the first time I didn't have to harm my body with flagyl.

Boric Acid and Coconut Oil
Posted by Grace (Washington State) on 11/13/2018

That would be useless since the Borax will kill the probiotic organisms. Better to wait until the BV is under control and then use a trusted probiotic.



Dietary Changes
Posted by Sophi (Bellevue) on 11/05/2018

BV I believe is caused from PH change in the vagina I started sleeping on a bio-mat and set it for medium which is pretty warm and sometimes I sweat from it . Then I got BV. I stopped using the bio-mat and I started taking cold showers at night, and I take high doses of probiotics, and folic acid

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jackie (Maryland) on 10/17/2018

Wow, I was thinking of increasing my water intake. I have never had so many recurring bv issues until this year. I have taken 4 antibotics and the symptoms come back months later. The doctor just prescribed another antibotic but I am tired of the antibotics. I feel tired and upset stomach. I started taking a probotic with the last antibotics. I think the more water idea sounds the best.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cindy (Markham, Il) on 09/05/2018

How often did you use this method? Can it be done weekly?

Posted by Joi (Chicago, I'll) on 08/28/2018

It actually does work.. I mean I don't think doctors know everything. In all honesty, if you think about how did we cure ourselves as humans with any types of infections when medication was not a source. I really believe in Natural Remedies.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jhanaya (Philadelphia ) on 08/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

So, I'm 22 and I've been having BV since I was 16 years old.

On and off since then. I use to get it about 2-3 times a month. Right after I take the antibiotics it will come back. Sometimes it would come right after my menstrual went off. I would get so frustrated. I currently am pregnant. About 2 weeks ago I had BV following up with the antibiotics. I discovered I was pregnant about 53 days ago along with noticing 5 ago I had BV. So I went to the Dr and she told me it was the high level of acidity was high because of the hormones I'm producing from pregnancy and it's unbalancing my pH level but The “infection” Would go away on its own in a few days. No antibiotics were given. So I looked and looked on this BV situation.

I've been soaking a plastic tampon in coconut oil (CO) for 3 days then pushing the tampon up for a few hours. I saw you can do it for 2 hours but I kept it up there as long as possible 3x a day. The smell this morning was almost gone. no more weird discharge. I am kinda skeptical on maybe this will give me yeast infection But I read CO can be used for yeast also. So let's cross fingers, (it is now 8:53 AM) that by tonight the smell is completely gone! Try it ladies! I have no complaints. No itching no discomfort or anything with the coconut oil. And I am really really sensitive. I say give it a try!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by She Ready (Mo) on 08/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hello ladies, I'm a naturalist and believe in holistic approaches first. Disclaimer: there may come a point where the infection may be out of control so you need to go see OBGYN right away. First I will say everyone is different, our bodies and our lifestyle makes a huge impact on the Vagina. Most ladies misdiagnose themselves which leads to more problems. It's important to know what you dealing with to treat it properly.

With that being said one of the best and quickest cures for Yeast and Bacteria is boric acid. It's important that you use quality boric acid and the correct dosage otherwise you will not get any relief.

Also, another cure all is ACV (diluted) and sea salt. Never ever douche, either use suppositories or tampons soaked in the solution or take a sitz bath (twice a day). ACV does take a little longer to cure but it helps with any itching. I will also add tea tree oil is similar to ACV. None of these cures will work if you do not concentrate on your internal body.

Eating healthy, drinking water, cutting down on alcohol and sweets will make a tremendous difference but also adding vitamins. A vitamin that acts as a hormone that over 60% of the population is lacking is D3 and one of the many symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency is BV.

Also, it's good to add folic acid and calcium. A good multi-vitamin would be helpful everyday regardless if you have an infection. I guarantee if you start with prevention first you will not experience either infection and if you do it will be minor and will clear up within a week using the above methods. Lastly, be careful what you put into your vagina, you can cause more havoc then the original infection, one being vagina dermatitis similar to eczema from which so many products have stripped, dried and cause an infection of the actual skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Lynda (Usa) on 08/14/2018

I would like to know what method and how you use the tea tree oil combination.

Posted by Msbeachlizard (Florida ) on 08/07/2018

I know this post is over five years old, but Manuka honey is the best natural antibiotic honey there is. The good stuff can be a bit pricey, but so are doctors and poisonous medications.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dana (California ) on 07/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

This remedy works I cleared my BV infection up in one week... I saw relief in just 2 days

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by D.r (Jersey City, New Jersey) on 06/29/2018

You are so right, you have to use organic apple cider with the word (Mother). It gets rid of the bad bacteria while applying good bacteria and putting your pH at range. People, you also have to use the vinegar once a day at the same time in a row at least 3-4 days depending on severity. It really, really works!!!! Put 1- 2 tablespoon in a douche bottle and that add warm water to fill to the top or nearly top of the water bottle, then shake the bottle to mix it up. Then use it!!

Posted by Ezri (Florida) on 06/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had been dealing with BV for 6 months. I did two rounds of Flagyl, which did nothing for the BV, and caused terrifying mental side effects (I thought I was crazy until I did some research - it can happen! Never again.). Peroxide douches didn't help for more than a few hours. The only thing that was working was boric acid suppositories, which I had to use at least every other night or else the BV came back with a vengeance.

Grasping at straws, I read about alkalizing. It made no sense to me, as I had understood that a TOO-alkaline vagina was the problem, and is common in menopause (my new phase of life). But I read about alkalizing working for some women, and thought what the heck, and tried liquid chlorophyll - as I'd read chlorophyll was alkalizing to the system.

I started taking two tablespoons in water in the morning, and one tablespoon at night. After the first day, I stopped the boric acid to see what would happen. That was three weeks ago, and the BV seems to have disappeared. As in - never saw it again after the first dose of chlorophyll! After 6 months of BV, it seems like it would be too much of a coincidence if it wasn't the chlorophyll that helped! I don't understand how it worked, but apparently, it did...

Coconut Oil
Posted by HM (UK) on 05/19/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the coconut oil suppository method for BV after reading about it here. I quickly warmed a cup of organic CO in a pan on the stove on low heat and transferred it to an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. At night, I took one out and let it melt slightly and pushed it in and used a tampon applicator to push it up as high as I could. Did this for a week, but noticed results on Day 3. I will do this in the future as needed, but hopefully I won't need to again. I am taking probiotics and cutting back on sugar. Good luck to all.

BV Might Be Symptom of NGU
Posted by Jules (La, Ca) on 05/17/2018
5 out of 5 stars

BV is super embarrassing and overwhelmingly frustrating. For over a year I was going to planned parenthood with BV/yeast infections, they would give me antibiotics, I was fine, then weeks later the symptoms would reoccur. I went about 10 times in a year. It was evident that there was a bigger issue and they told me I needed to see someone else. By some dumb luck miracle a woman online told of her experience with these symptoms and found a Dr who diagnosed her with Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU)!! She took the prescribed medication and her problems were gone!! So guess what, I went to that same doctor, got tested and that was the problem!!!!!

NGU causes symptoms of BV, yeast infections and UTI's but they will never go away until you (and your partner) are treated!!! I fully believe that 90% of women who have reoccurring BV/yeast actually have NGU and I have no idea why doctors aren't looking for it, primarily in the US. My Dr said many doctors don't believe it is a woman's issue and that only men can be affected which is truly unbelievable. Being symptom free has changed my life and I hope that this information can help someone!! FYI the treatment she gave was a shot of Ceftriaxone and a two week round of 100mg Doxycycline Hyclate antibiotics. NO DAIRY can be consumed during those two weeks and no intercourse. Good luck!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Angelica (Indonesia) on 05/09/2018

May I know what kind of coconut oil (the brand) that u use for the bv?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lisa (Memphis, Tn) on 05/07/2018

Thank You so much for this update! I have almost given up on myself and finding a way to get rid of these symptoms. How often should I do this treatment?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Grace (Wash.) on 05/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had right side pain and UTI symptoms so my doctor sent me for abdomen scan and mammogram nothing showed up. There was no odor or discharge of any sort. Found out my UTI symptoms was a yeast infection it was treated. I still felt like my liver, pelvic and lower back were inflamed and painful by the 7th month saw a new doctor I now had Bacterial Vaginitis with Complications because it took so long to diagnose it was in my liver! I took two rounds of mertronidozal and another antibiotic it went away came back .

After research, I did daily douche with 1/2 C purified water, 1/2 C 3% hydrogen peroxide and one probiotic capsule emptied into the douche as well. Everyday I would lay down on cotton towel and do the douche hold it inside for 15 minutes then release it out I did this for 9 days straight. I was already gluten, dairy free I stopped all sugar caffeine. I filled my glass water bottle with water added 1 juiced lemon ( I juice the lemon right down to rind since I believe their is healing properties in the rind), added 3-4 drops of oregano oil along with a pinch of baking soda in the water bottle. I drank this through a straw so the citric acid does not damage the enamel on my teeth. I drank this all day and made another batch to drink throughout the night. Wow, this really knocked the infection out so fast. I continued doing this for three weeks just to be on the safe side. I also took a high quality probiotics and folic acid. CURED!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dimpless (Lansing, Mi) on 04/30/2018
5 out of 5 stars

So I would like to share how I cured my BV after 6 years of having it. After many doctors Apt's, many prescribed and non prescribed medication did not work I continued my search on the internet and YouTube for ways to cure chronic yes “Chronic" BV; I came across a post that said to use unrefined coconut oil as a suppository. How I did that was melt the coconut oil in the microwave or let it melt at room temperature afterwards I would pour a little into a small ice tray and let freeze for a few hours or overnight. The reason for freezing coconut oil is because it is very messy and melts extremely fast once touching a warm surface. At night time after work I would come home take the coconut oil ice tray out of the freezer and get in the shower, I would wash my body up as usual and then slide TWO small coconut cubes way into my vagina. The coconut oil melts fast so stay in the shower until you have rinsed off the coconut oil that was dripped out. You will notice either later on that night or the next day that the smell, itching or whatever problem that you may have is GONE. I'm not saying that this remedy works for everyone but it WORKS for myself ...coming from a person that has tried EVERYTHING for over 6 years to get rid of the smell. I hope you ladies try this it is very cheap and would rather do this treatment than buying expensive pills on cream.

Posted by Tonia (Atlanta ) on 04/16/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic that works for bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, smelly vagina. Just want to let all the women out there that here is a solution, I took garlic for my smelly vagina and THIS worked!! All I did was Take 1 bulb or clove of garlic peeled it, cut it in small pieces and got spoon and took with water the first day, 2nd and third day took with my cranapple cranberry juice.That's it!!!! I actually felt better after the first dose.

Posted by Samantha (Miami, Fl) on 04/07/2018

I don't know about the ACV, I think it may have thrown off your pH. I used to use ACV on my face for toner and it helps with some of my hyperpigmentation but I only use it at night and in the affected areas. It's too drying otherwise. I used it ONCE on my vagina when I thought I had a pH imbalance. A week after I used it, I had BV and it was bad. I started using the yogurt and tampon method, soaking the tampon in pure yogurt with cultures for 10 min and then inserting it in and leaving it for about three hours. Then I rinse in the shower to make sure it's all clean (just the outside, don't douche! ) and then I do it again for good measure. I don't recommend sleeping with it in because it could make it worse or so I've read in several online articles. Not sure if it's true, but I'm not risking it.

I don't know if this info is important or not - but I'm 20 yrs old and I had my first spell of BV when I was about 16, though I wasn't sexually active so I didn't really notice it. It went away by itself. I never went to the gyn and I never diagnosed it as anything other than 'sweaty vag'. I got another case of it about two weeks ago, I recognized the symptoms but I didn't know what they meant so I googled it and I put the pieces together and diagnosed myself with BV.

I've heard good things about acidophilus probiotics. They're not too expensive either so I'm going to try them as well. I also regularly take Azo pills for urinary tract support, it has probiotics in it. I'm prone to UTIs so this is just preventative. I recommend it if your BV is giving you a burning sensation when you pee. It helps with the pain. I wish you luck with your BV and advise you stay away from ACV, it's not the 'fix all home remedy' that the internet makes it out to be!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Renata (Ct) on 03/31/2018

Do I take the tampon out of the plastic applicator? Also, do I mix the oils together then soak? I'm confused.

Vitamin D
Posted by Christin (Baltimore ) on 03/27/2018

Hey, what vitamin d3 did you use?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Maria (Florida) on 03/23/2018

Nope, the BV has not returned. No other preventative methods. I never used the capsules. Just the syringe to insert and rubbed some on the outside as well. I believe I noticed an improvement after the third day, but I did it for 5 nights. My sister's daughter just had a severe case of BV that was not improving by any other popular methods. I told her to try the coconut oil with syringe. No improvement after two days. On the third day, no itching! They are going to continue the coconut oil for a few more days for good measure.

Posted by Abcde (Philippines) on 03/10/2018

Try drinking a 1 glass of water with small amount of baking soda before you sleep. The water must be cooled. Take vitamins too, this method help me a lot. I tried hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, probiotics, apple cider but this simple thing helps me. Hope you too.

Baking Soda in Water
Posted by Abcde (Canada) on 03/05/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Hello! I have a not so good smell down here. I went to my doctor and ask why, but she told me that its pretty normal. But I know to myself that I dont like what I'm smelling so I search over internet and found so many cure that could help me. At first I bought yogurt, I ate it and I even inserted some to my vagina and nothings happen. Like everything become worst. So I stopped that yogurt and search again tried Apple cider soaked my down there with warm and some apple cider but again nothings happen. I came across here at earth clinic and I found out so many cure that could help me. I looked for more easier way to remove the smell over me and I bought some folic acid I used it for almost 1 month and no improvement. So my last choice is the Hydrogen Peroxide it was extremely helpful but I observed after not douching the smells come back again but not as worse as before so I decided to stop and wait for a miracle.

I've decided to focus on how to gain more weight so I bought potencee an ascorbic acid I gain weight because I started to eat more and eat more healthy food then I search again to internet and found out some BAKING SODA can kill also a yeast infection so I started drinking a 1 glass of cold water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. I'm already in my 1 week and its make the smell go away not definely but Im working on it. I smell but its not like before. Have a try of baking soda. Its help me a lot.

Posted by Stephanie (New Mexico) on 03/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

In response to Lynn's post on 11/09/17:

"I know this is an old post but hoping someone sees this comment and has an answer. I don't understand how alkalizing the body works for BV. BV happens when your vaginal pH is more alkaline. Normal is 3.4 - 4.5 and once it goes over 4.5, then you start to see bacteria taking hold and developing BV. So if you alkalize yourself even more, how does that stop the BV? My pH is currently 6.5 and was told it's due to menopause (3.5 yrs post menopause now) which can lead to BV (which I seem to have right now based on symptoms). Menopause dryness can lead to a higher pH. Just wondering how this works."

BV occurs when the body becomes acidic and reduces the oxygen needed for the necessary concentrations of the good bacteria lactobacillus and facilitates the the growth and increase on concentrations of the anaerobic bacteria, that is responsible for causing BV. The increased intake of alkaline increases oxygen production, which in turn increases the growth the lactobacillus bacteria that keeps the vaginal ph balance in check. Therefore, the alkalized water works on the same premise as nutrients, antibiotics, medications, supplements, etc. The alkaline in the water enters one's blood stream, system, and tissues, like anything a person consumes will do, reduces its acidity which regulates the ph balance, returning it to normal.

I hope this helps you understand how it works. It is pretty simple really if you know the difference between acidity (acidosis) and alkalinity (alkalosis) and the role each plays in maintaining and/or damaging the health of the human body.

Posted by K.k (Mobile, Al) on 02/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Inserts didn't offer me any relief, but if you take a garlic clove and crush it first, then mince it, then take a spoon and eat it like it's medicine you will begin to kill the itch. A few tips. Do on empty stomach first thing in morning. Watch a few youtube videos on eating raw garlic for infections. At my worst I ate a raw garlic clove every hour for few days. You can take Spearmint or peppermint oil with you to so you aren't too self consious. Garlic was and is my only savior with BV.

Posted by Mrs. Canadian (Haverhill , Fl ) on 03/01/2018

You have to make sure you change your diet too. If you just insert garlic and still eat horrible I.e sweets, high carb then it is useless.

Posted by Rhea (Catanduanes, Philippines) on 02/12/2018
1 out of 5 stars

I've tried garlic insertion for almost a week now, but the smell got worse. The smell is so horrible! It's sour-like smell accompanied by the garlic scent. I can literally smell it when I am sitting on a frog-style. What to do? I'm so sick and tired of this. Please help!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by LT (Chattanooga, Tn) on 02/10/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hello I have battled with BV a mother if 5 who has had reoccurring BV for the past 13 years ths last run with BV was the worst... name it I tried it but it was this small little trick I did with ACV with mother that changed my situation and gave me back my confidence.... the first thing we are NOT going to do is douche with it people do but the funny thing is I never did ...

Just three times a day I drank a cap full of ACV well shaken with mother and followed with a glass of distilled water after the second day the smell was completely gone its a must that you wear panty liners daily sweat, moist, hot and dark areas are a breeding ground for bacteria and once you get the smelly discharge on your panties you know it's going to be a stinky situation for the rest of the day ACV will balance your ph from the inside so there is no need irritating your irritated vagina any further but be sure its BV this is not a STD Cure so if symptoms dont subside you may need to see you gyn thanks hopes this work for you I use it everyday now for its wonderful health benefits....

Baking Soda Douche
Posted by Chrystal (Kansas) on 01/26/2018

I have struggled with these infections for 4 years now. This past year I had a hysterectomy because my doctor said that the reason of the reoccurring was because of my cycle. I have used all the antibiotics that they have out for this type infections. I also got a 2nd opinion for another obgyn and he superscribed broic acid and this worked for a while and now I am back to getting them after intercourse or any change in my detergents. I am super happy I have found this site. This is the only thing that I have not tried in my 4 years. I am going to try this tonight and will get back to you all next week.

Personal Care Products
Posted by Kay (Oklahoma) on 01/25/2018

Yes I have found that I get BV after using lubricant....

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