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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Posted by Michael (Alton, Il) on 05/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After suffering 2 years with acid reflux I was cured in 3 days drinking water.

1) upon waking, drink 44oz glass of water.
2) Required... drink (Only) water with meal.
3) Drink large glass of water before bed.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bigpete2 (Eugene Oregon) on 12/05/2013

Hello: acid reflux or GERD is caused by the bacteria 'heliobacter pylorii"

This is the exact cause of stomach ulcers also. The symptoms of gerd are worsened by eating rich foods, and especially late at night.some thgeories blame the condition on a weak pyloric sphincter valve at the base of the esophagus but the condition is always food intake related.. ie no food eaten no symptoms noted. Taking drugs such as prevacid which reduce syomach acid production are counterproductive in the long haul as they can cause constipation and reduced energy due to lessened base sugar intake into the digestive system ie glucose the primary energy causing sugar.thus the type and time of ingestion of most foods is of great importance. Don't eat late at night!! And only eat unprocessed foods. but why worry about what you eat or when you eat it, when there is a BASIC CURE fore the condition. If you consulted a physician to have a stomache acid culture performed y the results nearly always would point to HELIOBACTER PYLORII as a bacteria that is present in the stomache walls. curing this conditionis VERY EASILY!

The condition can be CURED for literally months by ingesting the following "Food"!! Olive leaf powder (capsules) the prefered method of treatment is to open the capsules into the mouth and swirling them around until they dissolve! Then the user is to SWALLOW tyhe mixture of the olive leaf powder and saliva. the taste is clerly awful but lo and behold the GERD will quickly disappear and not return for weeks or perhaps months! With no side effects. the capsules MUST contain at least

16 % euloropein acid!! And the user should also try to avoid a product that contains fillers such as clover etc as the addons basically waste your $$$ olive leaf powder also treats ALL CLASSES of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungis, and even prions. unfor tunately it does not seem to be a systemic "food" and thus has little use unless it cah physically contact the offending organism . it is also effective against

Gum disease and any other symptom where itr can physiaclly contact the microorganism good luck bigpete2

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Monica (Atlanta, Georgia ) on 11/07/2017

PLEASE seek professional medical help and do not stop until you find a doctor who will help you! You may have one of the severe cases that requires surgical intervention. This may sound scary, but it could save you from serious problems down the road. Even when you are without symptoms, GERD could still be causing difficulties internally. Please don't be disheartened. There IS help for you!

Baking Soda in Orange Juice
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 06/28/2017

I watch a lot of informational videos . If I am remembering correct, Eric Berg was teaching on how stress produces cortisol and cortisol alkalized the body and when the body is alkaline the flap at the top of the gut, the esophagus I presume does not close and stomach acid comes up into the throat, like heartburn.

Dhea helps with cortisol balancing, depending on your age, b vitamins in nutritional yeast, minerals in balance and hydration with water, extra magnesium for stress or epson salt baths, walks, fresh air and loving self talk.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Cheryl (Dalton, Ma) on 06/14/2012

Had reflux bad many years ago then lost 40 pounds and went macro, was gone until starting eating wide and getting wide again. Don't like acid reducers like Prevacid so tried calcium tablets which helped a little. Main thing is no coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, citris and grease. Hard in this culture and I love the first two. So just took the first leaf of aloe and ate the jell like I've seen my puppy do and already feel much better. Got a luncheon I need to go to so will try and find something to eat that won't react but this website and all your comments helped so much. Thanks.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Susanrose (Orange County, Ca) on 06/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried nearly all of the remedies listed here for Acid Reflux. The only thing that has greatly helped me is a recommendation from a lady at the local vitamin store. I now take Activated Charcoal capsules, 260 mg. I take two at a time, up to 3 times daily. Sometimes 2 capsules per day is enough. It helps tremendously. I was in bad pain nearly all the time, but thank God, now this seems a minor pain.

Posted by Sara (Knoxville, Tennessee) on 02/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

i have had acid reflux since I was in grade school trying one perscription then the next all working for a while then not at all. my heartburn comes with headache, nausa, and aching in my arms and legs.

i am 32 now and I was walking through the mall in knoxville, tn and ran across a store called vitamin world. this was my lucky day. the person behind the counter suggested papaya enzyme tablets. they taste good, not chalky like tums

and best of all they really work. I suggest you try these.

Posted by Hollyhock (Wellington, New Zealand) on 08/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Somewhere on this site I discovered drinking a glass of water a half hour before dinner prevented acid reflux. I would like to post that this is true for me and an older friend who also experienced acid reflux. Thank you.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Marie (Ny) on 08/08/2017

Some older people who have high blood pressure can't take salt. I test it alot and if I eat more than 600mg sodium a day my blood pressure sky rockets. The other day it was 121/77 and that nite I ate two bowls of chinese egg drop soup and today it was 153/95. The other days it's in the 120's/80 except when I eat salt the nite before. So be careful with the salt. One hot dog can contain about 500 mg of sodium. I boil them to get the salt out into the water and I boil smoked sausage the same way and I believe that 90 percent of the salt comes out. I do it with ham too. You can tell cuz there will be no taste., but you can sprinkle a TINY amount of Celtic salt to make up for it and yet it will be way less than before.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Cureious (Tyler, Tx) on 09/22/2011

George's Aloe vera Juice is the best and does not cause diarrhea like some of the others. It is available at most health food stores.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Karen (U.S.A.) on 01/27/2016

Lay on your left side and try and put as many pillows as are comfortable under your head. Laying on the left side for some reason causes the stomach contents not to spill back up through the esophagus. And take aloe juice, aloe capsules, any way you can get it.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Marie (Ny) on 08/07/2017

The problem with the acid blockers is that they shut down the acid producing pump in the stomach and when you suddenly stop taking these drugs the stomach pump tries to make up for the blockage and produces more acid so it's hard to get off these drugs., but not impossible. It would appear that reducing gradually would be better.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Paul (Lansing, Mi) on 12/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

About 10 years ago, I went to my doctor with complaints of heartburn. Refered to specialist. Scoped and diagnosed acid reflux. Presciption. I asked the doctor if I would be taking this the rest of my life, he said yes. I determined that I would not. After 3 months and 3 different precriptions that made me feel worse I quit taking them. Felt better right away, but still had heartburn sometimes. I now know in my case it is chocolate. Just a small amount can make me feel like i'm having a heart attack hours later. Experiment, don't let them put you on a lifetime of prescriptions that will make you sicker.

Blood Type Diet
Posted by Marie (Ny) on 08/07/2017

And if you have type O blood then you have TOO much acid as O people have too much and are more prone to getting ulcers. Good book Eat Right For Your Blood Type. I think that is the correct title. Great book.

Reader Theories
Posted by Dave (Harrison, OH) on 06/30/2009

There is alot of mis-information regarding reflux. Most non-thinking MDs believe that it's because we are producing too much acid. That's ridiculous. Nothing starts to make MORE of what it's supposed to make the older we get. Instead, as we age, along with poor diet, alcohol, prescription drug use, etc., we begin to produce LESS acid and enzymes. As a result, the food that we used to process in a timely fashion now takes longer. The process slows, and as the food sits, it begins to ferment, giving off gas, which will bubble-up the acid that is still present. This gives the symptoms of reflux. The LAST thing one should do is take nexium/prilosec, or any other acid blocker. The answer is to add acid/enzymes to the mix, thereby bring the processing back up to speed. That's why you see suck great success with the vinegars, enzymes, pickle juice, If you continue down the wrong path (that which is prescribed by the idiots), you completely disrupt the lower bowel, leading to malabsorption syndromes, decreased immune function, dysbiosis, gas/bloat/irritable bowel, etc. Make sense to anyone else???

Posted by Sammi (Flowery Branch, Ga) on 06/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have learned a lot after reading all of your comments. This is the first time I have seen this web site and reading it mentioned in passing on Dr. Mercola's web site. My husband used to get acid reflux painfully bad, but after he gave up drinking quarts of tea a day (hey, he's a southern boy!), he very rarely gets it. He avoids bad eating, but sometimes (and it's usually some kind of fast food) he weakens and pays for it. He used to use baking soda, but found it was slow to work and sometimes didn't. Our son-in-law has BAD problems with it and found only eating celery (don't know if he knows about the other recommendations) could fix it. Hubby tried celery and has stuck with it as it works on the rare occasions now when he's affected. I can't get him to try the ACV. He thinks my son and I are crazy using it. Thanks for this site and all the fine input.

Posted by Nate (New Orleans, LA) on 05/24/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Hey, I tried everyting from this site. I was on Aciphex and Malox. This helped but did not cure anything. Then I saw these emails about apples and apple cider viniger. I have been taking apples for months before I read this. It did not help. Applecider vineger did not help. Probiotics did not help.

So what did? One guy posted here saying that Acid Reflux is a B12 deficiency. I had liquid B12 and put it under my tongue. Within 30 minutes I felt relief when I was previously having a bad reaction. I also had a nuropethy thing going on in my scalp that started after I got on blood pressure meds. My head tingled as my sinuses got bad. Even this partially but significantly went away. Not completely but a significant change. Much relief. 5 days later, I am feeling even better. I have to take B12 daily under my tongue but major results. Better than when I was on Aciphex. I feel that I will be cured in a few weeks as long as I stay on B12. I hope this helps some of you.

Raw Potato
Posted by Ivette (Pasadena, California) on 05/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hello! I have acid reflux and I found that eating one half potato relieves the symptoms quickly. Probably because potatos are high in natural starches, overall, raw potatos have helped me more than prescribed medicine!

Posted by Erin (Lima, Ohio) on 05/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

After suffering from symptoms of "Acid Reflux Disease" for about three and 1/2 years and feeling very frustrated with (expensive)pharmceutical treatments and not getting any results, I decided to try both apple slices and apple juice before going to bed or when symptoms appeared (not at the same time). The results, I am THRILLED to say were IMMEDIATE!!! I tried them the same night that I read the testimonials from others on this site and I slept the best I have in those 3 1/2 years! No more sleeping sitting up or on my left side only. I had sloppy joes this afternoon, felt the symptoms coming back, ate apple slices (red delicious) and the symptoms went away. I am still trying to figure out what all of my trigger foods are. THANK YOU for this site and the information!

Posted by Jeremy (Bloomington, IL) on 05/05/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Almonds doesn't work for me. It seems to make the acid reflux worse. ACV is the way to go!!

Slippery Elm
Posted by Lenore (Chicago, Illinois) on 04/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had a bad case of acid reflux for years and I found out about Slippery Elm Bark tea. I made him a cup of it and he drank it down and has not been bothered with it for months.Slippery elm bark tea is said to soothe and heal anything it comes in contact with and is very nourishing. The tea is reputed to stay in a sore and ulcerated stomach where nothing else can and can be purchased in powdered for at any health food store. By the way I love your website and told a friend about using ginger while undergoing chemo. He now thinks I am a genius and said it works so well that he can eat again and is gaining weight.

Posted by Erikacassandra (Cavite, Philippines) on 12/24/2009

is this safe for pregnant women? i am pregnant with high blood pressure. can i still take this to control my hypertension?

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 12/25/2009 509 posts

Hello Erikacassandra from Cavite,

If I were pregnant with hypertension, I would discontinue all carbonated beverages (damage the kidneys) and would start taking a good magnesium supplement or using the magnesium oil to bring the levels up to normal without getting the laxative effect. As said before, look up Deirdre's praise for it on EC. Remember that magnesium does many things in our body, including relaxing muscles. It is a required mineral for proper functioning, not a foreign drug that will probably create other problems for you to deal with.

Posted by Mel (Lamar, Co) on 09/13/2011

Is it ok to use the acidophilus along with the Prevacid? so afraid to go off it, cuz it takes so long to kick back in... I really think my problem is silent reflux, (have no heartburn) mostly discomfort in throat.

Posted by Jenny (Tucson, Arizona) on 11/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered heartburn for the last week really bad and off and on throughout my life. While researching home remedies I came across your site on the issue.

I am so glad I did...I was not brave enough to drink the apple cider vinegar, but I had apples. So I ate a whole red delicious apples and had a full glass of water with it. Within a half hour I had great relief and I can say that after a few hours now the reflux is gone.

I am going to eat an apple after every meal and see how it goes. I am so happy and I can't thank you enough for this information as I have been so miserable. I tried baking soda, basil tea, sucking on peppermint...and nothing compared to the Apple.

I guess an Apple a day does keep the doc away.LOL I am really amazed!!!

Thanks again, Jenny in Tucson, Arizona

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