Acid Reflux
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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Water and Sea Salt
Posted by Leelannee (Vernon, NJ) on 07/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars


has worked wonders for my acid reflux.

I had been coughing for weeks, then the burning started...No matter what I ate, even just water and raw fruit all day, the reflux would start about 1/2 hour after I ate. I've also been taking probiotics every day for years. Within 3 days of starting the water cure, my coughing was gone and my reflux started getting better.

I take 1/4 teaspoon of UNREFINED SEA SALT with 1 quart of water at least 4 times per day (I just keep a bowl of salt in the kitchen with a measuring spoon in it, and whenever I think about it, I just chuck the salt in my mouth then wash it down with a bottle of water, rather than drinking salty water). Although for my weight, I should be taking 8 doses, I usually only manage 4. If I skip it due to running around & not being home, I might be all right that day but will suffer the next, and it takes about a day to re-normalize.

Other benefits that I have noticed: I don't have to urinate as often--I can hold it like a "normal" person! This may also be due to not coughing as much, which was causing some incontinence.

It has also helped with insomnia. I was taking several natural remedies to help me fall asleep, and would have vivid, disturbing nightmares if I skipped these (especially a powdered magnesium drink). Within a week on the watercure, I started falling asleep more easily and while I still have weird dreams, they aren't as vivid & I barely remember them in the morning.

I have difficulty taking ACV because of the flavor, and while taking baking soda helps I am reluctant to do so because you NEED acid to digest certain foods. It's also easier & cheaper than many of the other supplements I was taking! I've read some success stories about weight loss... haven't had any luck in that department yet (started June 11th, today is July 12th), but am still hoping it will help!

Water and Sea Salt
Posted by Karen (Randolph, New Jersey) on 02/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Acid reflux is sometimes a symptom of dehydration. The body turns on histamines in order to protect the BRAIN from dehydration; according to Dr. Batmanjelidh, "Dr. Batman" "The Water Cure", the histamine closes off water and function from different body parts in order to preserve all the available water for the protection and use of the brain.

In the stomach this can lead to sensations of burning - see the actual explanation of the mechanism is found in the book - I don't remember exactly how it works.

I have avoided salt most of my adult life, thinking it was bad for you; I found it difficult to even swallow water except for when I used to jog when I was young.

After reading "The water cure"I forced myself to drink water with a little salt in it - no more fatigue, no more constipation, tons of energy. When I get a little heart burn I just drink water - 2 to 3 glasses and it's gone.

Water and Sea Salt
Posted by Cindy (Wichita, KS) on 07/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After more than 30 years of indigestion and 10 years of acid reflux the very last time I experienced either was about 2 minutes prior to drinking my first 2 glasses of water. I've been drinking water and eating sea salt ever since and have not had indigestion or acid reflux once, in over 2 years. Yes, I had a myriad of other life-threatening problems that the water and salt have fixed since I was sent home from the hospital to "put my affairs in order", but the constant acid was the worst of all and the one I'm most glad to be rid of. I can eat and sleep like a human being again.

EC: Cindy, can you please tell us more about these two remedies? How much water, how often, do you add sea salt to the water, etc. Thanks!