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Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux Relief

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Gerd Fighter (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/08/2013

I've been suffering from severe acid reflux for 13 long years now. Doctors did numerous endoscopy and declared that I've small hiatus hernia and acid reflux. They put me on PPI medication and I used all sort of PPIs like protonix, omeparzole, esomeprazole etc. Nexium (esomeprazole) worked for me best. With this one I almost did not have any problem. But, I've been taking it since 13 long years everyday!! The problem of these medications(chemicals) is it will kill you one day if you keep on taking it for so long. It prevents the body to absorbe the essential nutrients/minerals from the food you take. So, as a result, with prolonged use of these medicines you get other side effects like decreasing bone density and all other form of problems and gradually it will take you towards a silent death. But, no doctors will tell you these facts to you. The pharmacitucal companies warn you to take it not more than 4 months max. You have other options like surgery - but, no guarantee that will work for you and doctors will allow you to do it. In my case the doctors said surgery will not be effective for me. Also, the surgeries need to be repeated after some times if it works.

Then...I started looking for alternative medicines as I was desparate to get rid of Nexium. I searched all the web sites like this one and tried homeopathic medicines, apple cider vinegar, apple etc. But, all these did not work for me. Then in this site I came to know about natural digestive enzymes and probiotics. Medicines like Nexium works by stopping the acid production in stomach - which ultimately harms the body as you need the acid in stomach to digest the food. Digestive enzymes and probiotics works on the root cause of the acid problem of the stomach. They help in digesting the food quickly/properly so the body is not required to produce excess acid thereby reducing the cause of acid reflux. I could not think of a single day without Nexium. But, since I've been started using digestive enzymes and probiotics they helped me - I'm not taking the Nexium currently as I'm taking digestive enzymes and probiotics. My symptoms are not fully gone - but, definitely they are less with these. I believe if I do more research with these natural remedies it will help to keep this monster away. But, anyway you need to take them for ever as long as you live. But, it is better and safe to take it like food, as long as you live - and not like Nexium. So, my suggestion to all the trillions of sufferers worldwide to try your best to work out a natural solution which suites your body most and definitely try to get rid of PPI and other form of chemical medications. Try the digestive enzymes and probiotics - available in health food stores and also in pharmacies - in US.

I've one question though - does anybody know the side effects, problems (if any) of using digestive enzymes and probiotics for prolonged period or has anyone experienced any problem. Though these are natural products - we all know too much of everything is bad. So, I would be really interested to know this - as, if it works, I need to take it forever.