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Posted by MARIA (LANSING, MI) on 09/28/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Well im glad that im not the only woman in the world struggling with this crap. nice to meet everyone, anyhow, i started takng acidopholus like two months or so ago from reading different websites, i would have to say ive been dealing with recurrent bv since i was 19 and im 25 now, my doctor says its because of my hormone levels and the fact that i dont take proper bacterial precautions before having sex, i also where tight clothes and the wrong underwair. well after thorough investigation of how to cure this without taking meds, because i hate pills and cream and gels, i bought some acv, well i did bath in it and it didnt work completely, so i figured it was because i only did it once, so for the last two nights i have been mixing acv and plain yogurt together and inserting. there wasnt a drastic change yesterday when i went through the day so i did it again last night and douched with acv this morning,well i shall see what the outcome will be, i plan on doing this for the next 5 days and see what happens, im also taikng 3 billion live bacteria 3 times a day which is 9billion/5 strains of an acidopholis pill. i will keep you lades posted on my progress. thank you to the people that created this website, i feel so good and comfortable talking about this now. oh make sure when you ladies are purchasing the acv, that it is organic and raw and unfiltered,the other kind wont do any justice, "so ive been told".

Replied by Confusedintexas
(Sherman, Tx)

Well I can say I've been struggeling with vaginitis for about 2 years now since I was 16. First it was back to back yeast infections and after cutting down on my sugar intake (i haven't completely, chocolate is my weakness) they seemed to have stopped. One day I felt the familiar itch and thinking it was a yeast infection I ended up seeing two doctors because one said my wet prep came back normal while the other (more effiecent in my opinion) said I had a particular overgrowth of natrually occuring bacteria in my vagina.

So low and behold, the dreaded yeast had been replaced with BV!

I feel like if it isn't one thing its another. For months now I've been stuggeling with the BV monster and have tried the pills and the cream which didn't EVEN work.

So deciding to take this BV bull by the horns I began doing research and stumbled onto this site. I think women have better chances figuring out which works best for us on our own, because we know our body better than any doctor does and we know when something is wrong.

I tried the 'colloidal silver' douche (3 ounces of water with 3-4 tbs of colloidal silver, you can adjust to which suits your needs because colloidal silver 10PPM measurement only can be used topically without diluting and works GREAT for the itching! I just diluted mine to be safe), which seemed to work instantly and stopped all irritation and discharge (would HIGHLY reccomend buying a bottle if you can afford it) but it was pricey and I don't have 30$ bucks to waste per bottle at the rate that I was using it so I moved on to probiotics and vitamins.

I've been taking 2 acidophillus pearls 1 billion count (one when I wake then again in the evening after I eat) and 2 folic acid tablets a day 800mcg for about almost a week now. There's been a decrease in discharge and change in its consitency (went from watery to just a tad bit thicker but still watery, does anyone know what it means when it changes consistency but not color???) but it's not completely gone yet nor is the dryness/itching.

I tried the hydrogen peroxide douche last night. It stopped the irritation for a little while but the discharge was back by this afternoon so I think I will just stick to the oral stuff and won't douche unless its with a colloidal silver douche. I just began 'one a day for her teen vitamins' so I don't know when I will began to notice any changes.

I still feel as if I'm struggeling with this problem and haven't yet found MY solution for MY body although I think the folic acid and probiotics are helping and I am heading in the right direction. I still can't have sex with my fiance because the pain and dryness is too much to deal with and its taking a toll on our relationship because he thinks its his fault when its really all mine.....

I don't itch as much as I used to but its still there and so is the discharge, I've never really had a smell so the only way I can tell something is wrong is by discharge cause I've never had any noticeable amount until my 1st yeast infection.

I thank God for leading me to this site and felt the need to share my experience because I wanted to help other women who were having the same problem that I was.

I felt so alone and misunderstood but when I seen all the pages of replies it comforted me to know that I was NOT a freak of nature or cursed but that I was 1 in many many of thousands of women who were having the same problem.

I bookmarked this site and will document my process of successes and failures because in the end we are all in this together and it would be selfish to find something that works and to just keep to myself.

God bless all the women on here because I know that one day we WILL find the relief we are looking for.

Love, Confused in Texas

Replied by Tracers39
(Indiana, Usa)

Like many of you, I too suffer from Chronic BV. I have gone to the same Gyno for years now and have tested negative for STD's. I do have a thyroid issue and an auto immune dissorder called Graves. I have often wondered if the two could be related in some strange way, though my Gyno assures me that isn't possible.

I don't really think they know one way or the other because not enough research has been done to find out the root cause, and definately not enough open minds who are willing to accept that however improbable, once all the other possibilities have been exhausted, must be the truth.

I've always believed that if you get to the root of the issue the symptoms will vanish, if the root is fixable. This brings me here.

Since I've delt with this for a year now, I've gone through the same obstical course with ani-biotics, gels, douches, yogurt, and several brands of Pro-biotic. It always comes back. The smell changes now and then but it's still BV.

I had recently gotten over a nasty cold which had me on 3 different anti-biotics for a full month. It pretty much took care of the BV for longer than anything else had. During that time I was eating Probiotics like candy and it seemed to reallly keep the BV away for a full month after I stopped taking the antibiotics....... But it still came back. However, this time it seems less sevear as it was before.

I've upped my dose and will try inserting a tablet direclty into my vagina and will add Folic acid to everything else. I've also started taking the BV capsules again, the kind with Borax in them. If this doesn't work I'm going to try adding a good Pre-biotic in combination with everything else. It seems silly to inundate your system with the good bacteria you need and then not give them the support they need to flourish. I've been told by my Gyno that it wouldn't do much good to add the pre-biotic, but then again they can't get rid of my BV either.

We shall see.

Replied by Terri
(Jacksonville, Fl)

Wooooow, it is so good to see that I am not the only one suffering from this. Finally, my doctor and I figured it out. My vagina is alergic to my husbands sperm. GO FIGURE.... So now I take PB8 (acidophilus) daily and it keeps it away. It was difficult telling my husband this so I had him go to the doctor with me... This has been the best product ever! I did the boric acid suppositories, the gels, creams, pills, yogurt and everything you could think of... This has been a sure fire cure!

Replied by Confusedintexas
(Sherman, Tx)

Hey, guys back again.

Much hasn't changed except that I've bounced from yeast back to BV again, yaaaay! I recently ordered Candida Cleanse from Valeris Saxion and I think it's helping, it has Pau d'Arco and is 100% natural, which is how I like it! I'm still struggeling and am beginning to get very depressed and scared I will never have a normal vag.

I tried intercourse last night, bad decision, and had intense burning and stabbing pains. I woke up really irritated and sticky this morning so I tried soaking in baking soda and apple cider vinegar, it worked miracles!

I've stopped douching all together, since I don't want to upset the balance anymore than it already is and have ran out of all my supplements and probiotics so I must restock up on more. Only thing that has really changed is the consistency of discharge once again, so I don't really know if what I'm trying is working.

I thought it was because I was discharge free for a good two months and then I was hit the whammy again.

I'm going to start trying to insert the acidophillus since I haven't tried that yet and have just been taking things orally trying to get my digestive tract under control (I think I've got IBS).

I read on here something about Oak Galls and have recently read up on it. I'm thinking about giving it a shot since I've already tried everything else.

Best luck to all of you and I hope this will end SOON, cause I feel like giving up,


Posted by Jennifer (Dover, DE) on 09/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have never delt with a ongoing anything in that area before so the symptoms Im feeling are a bit alarming, since I have been to the Dr. office 3 times in the last 7 weeks with little to no change in the burning, swelling, itching and painful intercourse. I tried the OTC generic 1-day monistate and was left with a pain and swelling that almost drove me to the ER. I had taken the oral yeast infection pill along with a cream the DR gave me... Had a pap a few weeks later and I was still having "flare" ups. Went back to the DR a week ago to be handed triple paste (zinc oxide) and another yeast cream...through all this things would start to feel as about normal as I can remeber since this all started and then I would wake up and the swelling and itching would be back and the redness, Sigh* So after several attempts this morning to reach another DR to get yet again another would be failed attemp at clearing this problem up I found this site. I thankfully already have the Folic Acid pills (800mcg) and the Acidophilus...I took the pill just before writing this and I do plan on inserting the Acidophilus tonight...Im not sure if I have a misdiagnosed BVI (I have no fishy odor) but after everything else it seems to be the only thing left that makes sense. I have to say that as horriable as it is that our own educated DRs have a hard time helping or even diagnosing many of the womens issues out there, that as women we can find a commen place to share our story and help one another out. If I have good news pertaining to the pills I have just started then I will be posting again to share :)

Replied by Sarah
(Dothan, AL)

I have been having problems with BV for as long as I can remember, and I very seldom have fishy odor(sometimes after sex, but not always). But I do have a strong odor, especially after working and sweating all day. So you probably haven't been mis diagnosed, just lucky enough not to have to deal with fishy smell. :)

Posted by Lyra (winston salem, NC) on 09/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

For a long long time, a couple of years i guess, i have battled with BV on and off. The last time it was bad, it lasted for about 7 months and just got worse and worse. It was so embarrassing, i didn't want to have anything to do with my partner sexually. i couldn't enjoy it because i was just so embarrassed. It was ruining our relationship. i thought it was a yeast infection all the time but i took medicine and it never went away. Then i looked online and saw BV and read about it. i just happened to come across a website that said to insert acidophilus pill into ur vagina, and also to try inserting plain yogurt once a week always to maintain healthy balance if you are sensitive to getting BV. So i tried the acidophilus before i went to bed, the next morning my symptoms were almost gone, so the next night i did the yogurt, and that was it. i was cured...all this time of going through everything, and it was that easy. But regretfully i didn't do the once a week thing. SO then 7 months later, i got it again, i think from taking too many baths with a lot of soap and stuff. So this time, i did the acidophilus pill, but when i inserted it, i also put plain yogurt on it, the next day i woke up and it was gone. Its amazing. i just can't believe it works that well. But im happy. i would recommend that to everyone. Just make sure that when you buy the acidophilus MAKE SURE that it is NOT in capsule form, make sure it is a plain regular pill that will dissolve, because i used a capsule and it did not dissolve, just got really sticky and it was really bad. Anyways, i hope that everyone here can get rid of this terrible thing. Good luck.

Posted by foneny (mt pocono , pa) on 08/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: BV Cure -- the insertion of plain yogurt worked for me. instead of using the acv, i spread the yogurt on the exterior service also and washed it off the next morning. i had relief from the burning, itching, and smell in about 15 minutes.

Posted by Lynne (Columbia, MD) on 07/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

When I read that BV returns even after antibiotics I decided taking that route would be pointless, so I researched other ways to treat it. What works for me is taking one acidophilus pill a day, and increasing the amount of yogurt products I eat/drink. Particularly Kefir seems to be helpful, as it has, I believe, a higher concentration of active cultures than regular yogurt. Also, I mixed vitamin E oil with a few drops of tea tree oil, placed this on a wet wash rag and wiped the area. I have also done this with ACV and tea tree oil, but the vitamin E oil prevents drying, which will help with the itching.

Replied by Still Frustrated With This Mess
(Miami, Florida)

LADIES! Please be careful when trying these home remedies. Just because the odor or itch is gone does not necessarily mean the entire infection is gone too. Make sure you are still seeing your OBGYN to ensure the infection is gone for good. As always, schedule your annual Pap Smear for overal vaginal health. I have suffered with BV and yeast infections for five years now and I feel the same about antibiotics(temporary fix.) I started taking probiotic pills (L.BAC) and the odor disappeared so I thought it was gone. But I went to my OBGYN and she said I was still infected. I will try this folic acid and acidophilus combo to see the outcome. Should my partner get tested? He is not circumcised and I believe that is the reason I keep getting infected because it is harder for him to stay clean due to the extra foreskin. Also does NuvaRing really work to prevent BV?

Replied by Lei
(Cdo, Mindanao)

I'm just want to ask if where I could buy some lactobacillus acidophilus pills or any tablet. I went to pharmacy but they dont have any acidophilus pills

Replied by Eatlo
(Dallas, Texas)

Just so y'all know peroxide cooks the skin. It's not even a good method to clean wounds. Only soap and water. So with that being said you might not want to wash or rinse with an agent that burns the skin! Especially not your sensitive vagina walls. It will "numb" it one day maybe to but to me your only adding fuel to the fire. If antibiotics won't heal then invest in probiotics and vitamins. A positive mind heals.

Replied by Mary
(Tampa, FL)

Back to BXlady. You asked what you were doing wrong. I would suggest taking two 400 mcg in the morning and one at night. That's what made all the difference for me. Also I would suggest taking two of the acidophilus.

It is very easy to get rid of as some say with a day or two if they are just getting the symptoms and are aware of their bodies and so it's a lot easy to get rid of. When I start to feel a little itchy and it's inside not outside I always take Two folic acids and it goes away quickly. however when it was something that I was dealing for a while it took a week for it to work. Once you don't have it anymore it is a good idea to still take one-two pills of 400 mcg folic acid a day and one probiotic a day. I hope this helps! Also one must realize that some people may have different reasons for reoccuring BV such as other issues eg PID, pregnancy that would bring on BV.

However, if you've gone to the gyno and they say there's nothing wrong then I hope this helps!!!God Bless!!

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