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Posted by Liz (Athens, Georgia) on 05/07/2009

So I've been reading about natural cures for BV, such as aciophilus. I decided I'd try to take two tablets of the acidophilis orally and insert one vaginally. I did it once last night and once this morning. The tablets I've been taking have two billion live bacteria per two caplets. It's (lactobacillus acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, bifidobacterium bifidum, L. salivarius, and S. thermophilus). Toward the middle of the day, I noticed that I have a bright yellow discharge. Do you know what may be causing this sudden change in the color of my discharge? Please help. It's freaking me out.


Replied by Rachel
(NY, NY)

I can't be sure, but if you are using caplets (i.e. not capsules) and inserting them, the color may be from the caplet itself just coloring any discharge. the caplets i use have the spice Tumeric as an ingrediant for some reason. This spice can turn lots of stuff yellow. check the ingredient list of your pills nd maybe switch to capsules.

Replied by Liz
(Athens, GA)

Turmeric is one of the ingredients! That must be it because I skipped a day of the acidophilus and my discharge is returning to normal. Thanks for the quick reply. I was getting pretty worried there. :)

Replied by Alex
(Miami, FL)

I have had BV for the past 3 months and have been in and out of the Dr's office. Im sick of it. This month was almost over and i was so happy that i didnt get it, right when i said it, the next day it showed up. I started reading this website, and you ladies have def. been a life savor for me! THANK YOU! now heres my question. I inserted one tablet of acidophilus and i have been drinking folic acid as well. When you insert a tablet of acidophilus does it just stay there, does it come out? I know it sounds stupid but i am new to this and i was very hesitant to insert one.

Please advise on how this works!

Replied by PennyCoffee
(Fort Worth, TX)

I inserted a pill on the second day and got yellow discharge also. Im just trying to get rid of it as soon as possible but I think that I will stick to just swallowing them.

Posted by Sucess in SB (Santa Barbara, California, USA) on 05/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus, B12, and Folic Acid got rid of my Bacterial Vaginosis. I took orally: lactobacillus acidophius 90mg, lactobacillus bibidus 25mg, folic acid 800mcg, vitamin B12, 500mcg. Vaginally inserted qty 4 half caplets acidophius. I did this for one day and the infection was gone.

Posted by Penny (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/06/2009

I have read many testamonies and successes about B12, Folic Acid, and acidopholis for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis. Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for on the label of these supplements when choosing from the variety of brands and claims I see at my health food store? Is there a reliable website that sells superior products or explains how to choose vitamins and supplements? Your help and opinions are appreciated. Thank you and have a healthy day!

EC: An employee in a good health food store should be able to point you to good brands. Whole Foods, for example, has some very knowledgeable people working for them.

Posted by Annoyed in NY (New York, NY) on 04/29/2009

Been reading a lot of the comments here and am ready to start trying the methods. have now had BV 3 times. my fiance took antibiotics which my doctor told me would decrease any liklihood of recurrence -- but here i am 2 months later going through it again! Want to be sure i have the amounts of accidophollis right -- do i take enough pills to equal 500mg per day or is it more? also - is that only by mouth and then additional pills inserted vaginally? how many pills get inserted?? i'm a little hesitant about the insertion, but it seems a lot of you have had success. ALSO, do I need to take the folic acid as well? HELP! I am SO frustrated!

Posted by leilani (Ewa Beach, Hawaii) on 04/28/2009
0 out of 5 stars

Hello I started inserting 1 tablet of Super Acidophilus from GNC into my vagina at night. By morning im getting discharge from the pill and slight bleeding. Is bleeding normal? Can anyone help me!!!!!!!!!

Replied by MissPriss
(Baltimore, MD)

I did experience some spotting which concerned me at first but the second day the spotting was gone and so was the infection.. I was and still am amazed. I used the folic acid pills 2 500mg tablets per day and inserted the acidophilus for 3 nights at bedtime just to ensure it was gone! Amazing! I'm telling all my girlfriends.

Replied by PR
(Houston, Texas)

Bleeding is not normal as far as I know. I never used a tablet. I have always used the capsule at night and it work great. I would losen the capsule some so the contents would be more avaible. Maybe something in the tablet is a problem or you need to be checked by a doctor as something else might be going on. Good luck hope you get better.

Replied by Finallycured
(Dallas, Texas)

I've suffered with this for months, and I'm very active with exercise, working out, etc and it just got worse and worse. The doctor cured it once with oral medication but it came right back.

I over did it on every home remedy one day and it maybe overkill but it was GONE and I felt squeaky clean!! If it returns I'll try it again.

What I did:

Take orally - 2 folic acid pills (800mg total), 2 acidophilus pills (capsules)

Douche - Vinegar douche (1 tsp vinegar/cup water), Hydrogen Peroxide (normal house hold one) 1/3 cup x 2/3 cup water, repeat Vinegar douche. I did this by filling one mixture, douche, next, etc. Not sure what worked but I felt squeaky clean!

I realize its not good to douche much so I stay on 1 pill of acidophilus to prevent repeat episodes.

Replied by Rhonda In Louisiana
(Slidell, La)

This is truly a wonderful website. I have been suffering with BV now for at least 2 years. I had the terrible fishy order and discharge. Ive taken the genertic for Flagyl numerous times and BV would come back within a week. The doc put me on Flagyl and Metro gel for a week straight then Metro Gel once a week for 3 months. The Metro Gel was nasty, it left a horrible cottage cheese like discharge. Stopped that all together.

I had a hysterectomy last Sept 2010, the doctor that performed my surgery stated, the BV was recurring because my Ph balance in my vagina was off.

I googled home remedies for BV and came across this site. Ive tried a few things, douching with half water and half peroxide mixture to clean up the play ground. Then tried the plain greek yogart and acidophilus pill mixed together and inserted vaginally. Also, taking acidophilus orally and eating yogart (flavored). It got much better but still didnt feel totally cured.

I read about this other med called Femdophilus. I picked some up at a local Vitamin Shoppe and started taking two per day and inserting one vaginally (removing end cap). I did that for the first 3 days but 4th day I stopped inserting a capsule vaginally. The fishy smell has not come back now for several days. Im keeping my fingers crossed but will continue taking the femdophilus and maybe inserting one capsule once a week for maintenance. I go back for a check-up next month, keeping my fingers crossed the BV is a problem of the past.

Good luck to all you ladies out there suffering, I hope you find the right cure. I wish doctors would tell you about some of the home cures. I will keep yall posted.

Replied by B.
(Reading, Pa)

After suffering numerous times a year with BV, and heading to my gyno. For yet another prescription. This time I thought I would check out a different remedy. I must say I was extremely skeptical at first, but after reading many of the posts, I felt I would give it a try. I went to the store and purchased;

Folic Acid 800mcg

Acidophilus 500 million viable cells per capsule

peroxide 3%

douche (emptied it, rinsed out)

I took one Folic Acid and Acidophilus in the morning. In the evening I took one more Acidophilus. Filled douche bottle with half water and half peroxide, used this before bed. Within 2 days I no longer had that fishy odor. I have also had sex a few times, and made my husband "smell" me to make sure I wasn't missing something. This seems to have worked for me.

I do have a question as to how long should I continue this treatment, and if I quit too soon will it (BV) come back? Thanks for any advice given... I love this website!

Replied by Citygurl
(Nyc, Ny Ny Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Had the awful experience for the first time in life- the 2-3 pages of possible side effects from the prescription was frightening. Went to the net, tried the overnight tampon soaked in organic plain yogurt w/ active cultures and back to normal!!! Best ever, slightly messy, but well worth it!!

Replied by Jessiy
(Sumter, Sc)

I suffer from BV, every two weeks have to call in a refill of my flagyl but here lately it just doesn't seem like it is getting rid of it completely. At first it just flared up by intercourse but now it's gotten way worse. I can't use soap to wash with because I get an infection, I can't shave unless I'm ready to get BV. I can't take bubble baths anymore, which I used to love, and it's really getting in the way of my sex life between me and my boyfriend. I'm just so glad that I'm not alone. for the longest time I thought something was completely wrong with me.

Replied by Shaun
(Baltimore, Md)

First of all I want to thank God for directing me to this website. I have been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for almost three months. Not only was I in constant discomfort, I was discouraged that I would never be cured of this thing. At first my symptoms were a constant discharge with burning and itching. I never had an unusual odor. My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic called Cleocin, which are vaginal suppositories. The symptoms cleared up but as soon as my period was over so were my symptoms. However, this time the itching and burning was worst but no unusual discharge. I returned to my doctor who prescribed the medicine again. She told me to my face that there was nothing else I could do and wouldn't be cured of this. I left my appointment so depressed. I had to pray to God to help me because he truly is a healer. The Holy Spirit directed me to this website. After reading so many comments, I became knowledgeable about what was going on with my body. This is what it took for me to be HEALED AND DELIVERED.

  1. I prayed and asked God for forgiveness. I prayed that God would deliver me from this and show me what I needed to do.
  2. Second, I did not take any more antibiotics. Antibiotics wipe all the beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria.
  3. I tested my vaginal PH. Before doing anything, I needed to know if my vagina was at the correct ph. I used the Vagisil screening kit for vaginal infections. Very simple and easy to use. My ph was perfectly at a 4. 5. Before the antibiotics, my doctor told me that my vaginal ph was higher than usual and that is why the bad bacteria was allowed to grow. Therefore, the Cleocin probably wiped out the bacteria but now I probably had a massive yeast infection. If I had taken the second round of antibiotics, I would have been doing more harm than good.
  4. Next, I began a regime of taking one acidophilus in the morning and one at night. This stuff works! I purchased minefrom the Whole Foods market (must be refrigerated).
  5. Additionally, I began taking one garlic pill in the morning and one at night.
  6. Each day take my multivitamin and Omega 3 pills.
  8. By the first day, I was 90% better already. By the second day, I was back to a healthy vagina.

I thank God for all of your comments. I had to post, because I wanted to bless someone like you all blessed me. Don't put your faith in doctors; put your faith in God!

Replied by Brineshrimp
(Weymouth, Ma)

Hi all, I am currently suffering from a possible yeast infection, white discharge little white chunks (SICK! ) but it doesnt smell... Which is good? Anyway, I bought monistat and it made it WORSE like a bazillion times worse. I did the finger test to see my progress from it in the shower, and I could literally scoop out this thick white stuff, it was like bread was baking in my vaJJ. I did a peroxide douche for a few days, and it kept producing little white clumps in the expelled liquid. So I found this site and heard apple cider vinegar works, so I went out and bought that as well as acidophilis pills, I've been taking those, and the yeast has been at bay, but not sure if it's gone away? I put an acidophilis pill inside my vag lastnight, and again tonight. Theres still a creamy white residue when I do the finger test... I just want to avoid going to the doc. For right now, I'm kinda freaking out, someone please tell me this will work!! :/

Replied by Brittany
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

here is my recipe on how to make boric acid suppositiories in order to naturally treat and cure reoccuring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis infections. Hope it works

Spread the word : )

Replied by Laree
(Alice, Tx)

I have been suffering from BV for about 2 years and I am so tired of it!!!! ... I finally came across these different web pages about women who are just like me!!! ... Ive been researching and some people are saying its bad to do hydrogen peroxide and then I look on here and everone says how much it helped... Im just confused on what to do, but im at the point where im willing to try anything to get rid of this!!! ... So I am going to try it and will keep posting on my results.

Replied by Lisa
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Ok ladies, I have the cure!! I have had BV for years, the only thing you need to do is eat Light and Fit or Activia yogurt everyday and this will clear your BV, please try it!! Please do not put yogurt on a tampon and insert it in your vagina. I did this twice and I had gotten the worst infection ever!!!! It's better to eat the yogurt so it will cleanse the body within.

Replied by Farrah
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I used to have bouts with BV years ago during college. What finally worked for me back then was the introduction to acidolphilus (sp?) alongside half the amount of antibiotics prescribed -usually only two or three days worth.

However, low and behold nearly 7 years later, here it comes again. So I immediately purchased six things: -Vagisil screening test: saved for after treatment

-Rephresh 3-day 2 part kit: I mixed the purified water douche with Peroxide to clean out the bad bacteria, used the gel too, and then everything else!

-VH Essentials BV inserts from the local pharmacy: Inserted half insert after the Rephresh gel on day 1, half insert on day 2, and a whole insert on day 3. -Renew Life Ultimate Flora vaginal support capsules w/ 50 billion live cultures: I inserted 1 directly into my vajayjay each night right after the VH essential insert, and took one in the am and one before bed.

-A once-A-Day Vitamin w/ 400MCG of Folic Acid in addition to the rest of the B Vitamins (very important not to take Folic Acid as a single supplement): I took two of these in the morning and one at night. It apparently helps with the speedy replicatin of the Lactobacillus acidophilus.

- EmergenC Immune Defense Fizzy Drink: I drank two packets mixed with water in the am, two at lunch, and two at night.

Effects: By the first morning after (less than 10 hours): no odor.

By Day 2's application: No discharge.. But urine was bright yellow from vitamins!

By Day 3's application: nothing except the capsule casings (doesn't melt the same as when taken orally! ), and same yellow urine!

Today is Day 4 and my PH level as indicated by the Vagisil test kit is 4.5. I plan to continue the Folic Acid for today and tomorrow along with the two Renew Life capsules taken orally. I will not insert anything else into the vagina unless symptoms reoccur.

After Day 5, I will continue with the Renew Life and Folic Acid by taking one capsule per day, as well as the EmergenC Immune Defense @ 2 packets in the morning- both until finished

I will keep every one posted on as many of the sites as possible.

Replied by Sickntired
(Dallas, Texas/ Usa)

I've been suffering from BV for the past 2years. It is so embarrassing. I'd go to the doctor, get a prescription for metrozoile it would clear up then maybe 1-2 months later it would reoccur. The itching, odor, and discharge is just terrible and stresses me out. Make you not even wanna go places! I think that it is sexually transmitted because its seems to present itself after sex or becomes worse. I don't know if my boyfriend has a dirty dick or wat but there is a connection between the two. I'm going crazy I need help, can't even enjoy sex anymore.... What is legit and inexpensive????

Replied by Ettellort

First and foremost I would like to share my experiences and practices with all the ladies out here who are suffering with BV be it your first time or recurring bouts.

I have never douche nor inserted anything down south apart from penis or gently cleaning the external area with feminine hygiene wash. I have been using pantyliners for about 5 years both scented and non-scented and never even dared to stick up tampons, always using sanitary pads when I am on my period. I stopped using feminine wash when I realised that Dove was gentle enough for me and have been using it everyday without fail for 3 years.

The only time I had any smell was during my period which was not nauseating and normal blood smell. I have never had an issue with the health nor smell of my vagina all along until about 3 months ago. I broke off with my bf of one year in march and started seeing someone and had sexual intercourse. Even then, there was no smell nor discharge and sex was enjoyable. I was sexually active and when I stopped seeing this guy, I slept with an old acquaintance which I had intercourse with once 5 years ago. Initially all was fine and dandy but there was a lifestyle change involved. I was constantly partying and boozing it up on an average of 3x a week. It was a total change for me because I am not a fan of alcohol nor partying. It all started when after sex, this 2nd guy complained of a burning sensation while he peed but that was the only incident that happened. We found the possible cause of it which was what I had prior to sex, I had spicy food so that could be the reason. We resumed sleeping with each other 1x a week and about a week later I notice during intercourse that there was some fishy smell. He however, throughout the period we were sleeping with each other, insisted that there was no smell. I thought I was being paranoid but I realised as times went by the smell kept getting stronger. He has no history of STD and earlier went for a checkup about few mths before he met me.

After my period we still continued on but the odor lingered. I thought it was because my period was clearing up. I started to have alot of white discharge which smelled bad. But after not sleeping with him for a while, it went away. I drank alot of cranberry juice thinking that it would help and have had several cases of UTIs since I was 21. I went to the doctor and was told it was a fungal infection and was prescribed candid v6 vaginal tablets (7 clotrimazole 100mg pess) to be inserted every night for 7 nights and candid cream (1 clotrimazole 1% cr 15g/20g). The discharge and odor went away after which I had my period a few days later. The doctor insisted that my partner need not be treated because it was not an STD. The only symptoms that I had was odor and white discharge. I had to change my pantyliner more than usual and the discharge wld turn yellow on contact with the pantyliner. After which 3days later I had sex with the guy I was seeing before him during my period (I know you might be disgusted but I am sure I am not the only one doing it) and the smell was masked by the period smell. The odor and discharge came back the next day. And I stopped seeing him and met another guy. We know each other for so long but has never had any intercourse before. So during this period, we had sex finally and I could smell the fishy smell again. It was horrible and affected my self esteem. I never talked to him about it and was too embarrassed to even get intimate again. The next time we were, I was using all sorts of excuses to not do it with him that he thought he did something wrong. I had a hard time but finally told him about my situation. He asked if I had seen a doctor and how long this has been going on. I started this bv symptoms in june and only got to see the doctor in aug. But even after the medications I was not cured. I was lucky enough that he was understanding and told me he did not even notice the first time we had sex and that was also a precaution on my part to ensure that he did not give me a cunnilingus (oral sex ladies). The 2nd time I avoided it also, in fact since I started having the smell after I gave a bj to my partner I would immediately have intercourse so they wont have the chance to go down on me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sex and have a high sex drive and a very open mind. So before you call me a whore whatsoever, remember, this is a place where we are helping one another to resolve our problems, not make others feel worst. I have not had cunnilingus done on me since june and its been 3 months now my sex life is no longer as enjoyable as before honestly. I ever got a guy who was so horrible smelling down south that was 2 yrs ago but we wore condom and I was so grossed out so I do not want to let any of my partners go through that. I sometimes feel it is karma because I was bitching about how horrible that guy smelled. He was the only uncircumsized guy I ever slept with btw.

Anywho, if you feel that the guy I bitched about gave me this, I highly doubt so cuz it was 2 yrs ago and I was with my bf after that for a whole year and did not experience any of this.

Ex-bf - no condoms

Guy I was seeing - no condoms

3rd guy - no condoms (he was the one I started getting bv symptoms from after a few weeks of having sex and we both drank and partied alot)

4th guy - condoms (smell still lingers and became worst)

I read about how alcohol breaks down into sugar and that period I was highly stressed so I felt that the doctor misdiagnosed me and was therefore not treated correctly despite me doing my homework and telling her how I think its BV.

Thank god for google and this site. I read that semen may imbalance your vagina PH despite us (me and 3rd guy) not ejaculating inside, my excessive alcohol consumption and stress cld have put my vag off balance. I was skeptical about Hydrogen Peroxide douches (I was even scared to put up tampon in my vagina what more HP?! ) and when I read about acidophilus and its effect on the flora/balance/ph whatever, I immediately went out and got myself freeze dried lactobacillus acidophilus with vegetarian capsules (4billion) and consumed 2 pills a day on 07/09/11. First 2 days still no change.. I went on this site again to see other options and saw that it could be inserted because when consumed, it is best for our digestive system. A few ladies here suggested inserting it instead and the more I read the more convinced I became. So on the third day 09/09/11 I decided to change my consumption to just one capsule orally and one inserted through the vagina. I made sure to wear cotton undies and dry myself thoroughly and slept with loose fitting undies only. The next day when I woke up there was alot of white discharge and I made sure to wash purely with water. I avoided Dove because I just wanted to be extra careful incase it whack out the whole regime.

09/09/11 (day1ofvaginalinsertion) - The insertions were all done before bedtime and the following morning I got white discharge mostly from the acidophilus I believe and I couldnt believe how the smell had a drastic change! There was a hint of the fishy smell but it was mild. I was ecstatic but a lil doubtful.

10/09/11 - Same process, popped on in my mouth before bedtime n one down below. Oh I also made sure to pee and wash my vagina, dry it before I inserted. Next day no more fishy smell but when I stick my finger in there is still a lil left. There was the discharge which was from the pill still.

11/09/11 - Earlier on I did the same thing, and pushed the capsule all the way in my vagina using my clean fingers as usual and what I wld do after inserting I will smell my finger to check on the differences. Apparently when I inserted just about an hour ago I immediately smelled my finger and VOILAAAA NO SMELL!! OMG I am SOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED I CANT HELP MYSELF WHICH IS WHY I AM POSTING THIS!! I know its still a lil early to tell but I pray to God this is the miracle for me cause I do not want to do HP or Boric Acid supp. Sounds scary.


-nv used a tampon my whole life

-always took showers... Last bath I had was 7 yrs ago

-washed myself with water everytime after I pee or crap (with soap on my ass of course) because it was out of habit since young

-3 cases of UTIs which was treated with cranberry juice (preferably no sugar added)

-oh before I saw the doc I ate tonnes of yoghurt with live cultures.. Din help much

-a smoker for 6yrs (so m sure BV wasnt triggered by it)

-no diff in my diet so m convinced the 3rd guy must have triggered it although he did not ejac inside me cause like I said, sudden consumption of alcohol excessively

-no longer drink alcohol (nv really liked the taste anyways and wasnt a drinker to begin with)

-habit of moisturizing my whole body after shower everyday even down below for so many years but no bv symptoms. However I stopped moisturizing my vag because of the BV and I do not want to further aggravate the situation

I am planning to continue this practice till 7 days so my last day will be on 14/09/11 and continue consuming the acidophilus capsules from 1 to 2 a day after I have finished the vaginal insertion. I will stay away from sex till everything is settled fully. Hopefully I do not need to continue taking all these but if I do I do not mind.. I will update this thread to keep you in the loop and looking forward to my natural beautiful smelling vagina cause I miss it and it is slowly coming back to me. YAY for that! GL Ladies.. Hope this helps. :D Oh, and I wouldnt go back to my old partners.. HELL NO TO BV AGAIN. And I agree how men can reinfect you even if docs said it is not possible. Their semen are dependent on their diets as well and their urine tract is longer and may store all sorts of bacteria for all u noe. Be SAFE!

Replied by Gotittogether
(Oakland, California)

I have been a victim of the horrid BV for the last 5 years! So I have been told by many doctors that the mans sperm can break down ur cells and cause BV. All this time I have tried just about every treatment there is and to no prevail its gone then its right back! Its VERY embarrassing and hard to explain at times! Once I figured it out and I researched it I was more comfortable with sharing it with my partner! After countless embarrassing trips to the doctor and taking pasty metallic pills that halt my partying due to lack of alcohol consumption for fear of throwing up and messy gels that take an extra week outta my life not to mention the goop that follows I had a revelation.


I dont necessarily DOUCHE but what I do is pour about 4-5 ounces of peroxide into a small cup (of course I dont use the cup for drinking anymore) then I use an applicator such as the ones that have come with previous BV gels and fill it with the peroxide and insert it and flush it! I do this until all the peroxide is gone. When u first start I would reccomend using 4parts peroxide and 1part water. it gets a little warm at first but over time it feels like a normal douche! When u get a little more comfortable with it then u can eliminate the water! I must say that I have not been to the doctor for that in over 7 months! I do it on a very consistent basis before and after sex during the week and especially after my cycle! If ur issue is one that is really bad at the time u can always repeat! No need for pills suppositories r none of that just peroxide! Heck I'd keep paying 2 dollars for peroxide as long as BV is @bay and I'm not constantly giving the doctors part of my day for this issue! 7months y'all and counting trust me it'll work for u too a very small price to pay to gain ur confidence back! FEEL LIKE A WOMAN AGAIN!! I DO...

Replied by Ettellort

Hi ladies! I am back to update on what happened. I thought the acidophilus did the trick but I was the one being tricked! LOL.

I made a mistake of having sex with the guy who I believed caused me this problem and bammm BV came back again. So I went to the doctor and got metronidazole at 200mg and given 20tabs. I religiously ate the pills at same time (or as close as possible to the schedule I gave myself) and when I missed it I just took the pill at the next stated time. BE CAREFUL not to take 2 pills to so call cover back. Just take as per your doctor recommendation. AVOID ALCOHOL AT ALL COST when on the medication. It did the trick for me. And when I had sex (this time I was smart enough to wear protection and I ditched that other guy) voila, my vajajay is back to normal. It's been two months and I do check the status by of my vag when masturbating and boy am I glad it is gone for good. I thought it might come back after my period but it never did. Thank God! I am so happy to have my vagina.. It smells so much cleaner and better than I ever remembered. Oh also while on the antibiotics I took 2 capsule of acidophilus orally 3 hours after my antibiotics dosage, once a day was enough. Just wanted some probiotics to help me out as well. And I continued taking acidophilus for a couple of days after I completed the course.

Please please do complete your course. It is very important otherwise you would only make yourself immune to it and it would take a much stronger dosage in future to treat it. I am glad I found the right doctor who helped me out, a kind old male doctor who was understanding enough and did not even make me strip because I explained to him abt the whole wrong diagnosis from a different doctor. I also think he probably wanted to spare himself from the possible stench. Hahaha. Anyways, good luck to all of you and have faith and relax because stress will only make it worse. There is a solution to our problems, we just have to find what works best for us.

PS: Ditch your men if you need to. Else, get him treated to prevent reoccurences.

Posted by Bea (Atlantic City, NJ) on 04/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I wanted to thank this website and all the wonderful women who provided me with a way to overcome a "curse" that I have been living with on and off for several years now. BV has haunted me and it has made me feel like less of a woman. First, I stumbled upon this site accidentally when looking for boric acid suppositories...something I heard was a natural cure for BV. I have to say, the boric acid didn't work for me. I tried, it seemed better, but it returned. Mind you, these ideas have become a sort of last resort for me because I have been through cycles of antibiotic over the years, only to have the BV return. I honestly turned to homeopathy because conventional meds didn't work long-term and I didn't want to keep taking antibiotics. When I found this site I must admit I was skeptical. How on earth could such a simple suggestion cure something that everything else I tried couldn't? Honestly, my skepticism was high. Thank God I was wrong. I'm ultimately writing this to say that, while I am not 100% free of discharge, I am @95% better. It's been 4 days now and I have not been so happy to be so wrong about doubting something. I have been taking two acidophilus supplements a say, one morning, and one night, and there's a ton of folic acid in the prescription vitamins I take. The acidophilus I take easy to swallow. I read some of the other posts, and I didn't quite work up the nerve to put one in the vagina, nor did I find the courage to use a hydrogen peroxide douche. So now I just stick with the acidophilus and the folic acid, and as I said I feel so much better and the results are fantastic. Again, I wouldn't say it's 100% cured, but it is so much better that I could shout it from the rooftops. I urge you if you are at the end of your rope with BV like I was and you think it's safe for you to take these supplements, to definitely try it. you know your body and what you can handle. I'm hoping that with more time the results will be 100%. I hope to share this info with my gyno. I don't know how he'll react to it since most doctor's seem to turn a nose at anything that isn't from a drug company, but I again think that if there's another woman like me with this BV curse, maybe he will pass it on to her. In the meantime, I thank all the ladies who had the courage to be so brutally frank on these pages. Somehow your frankness and suggestions brought me back a hit to this webpage when I googled it, and I couldn't be more grateful. My only complaint was that I couldn't find an exact suggestion of what to take and how to do this "cure". I had to read through several postings, and piece things together. If there's a page that has it listed (exactly what to do) I couldn't find it. So maybe someone (webmaster?) can take care of that. In the meantime, thank you again to this site and to the women who posted. I appreciate your insights and thank you for your help.

Replied by Jkl
(Chicago, Il)

So I have been studying up on this A LOT and I found a cure for me. I have been taking 800 mcg of folic acid and I have no smell discharge or any other symptoms. I am assuming that the folic acid helps to keep your vaginal bacteria in check because you absolutely have to take it the same time everyday. If not it comes back. I am still in my first few months of trying this method and it seems perfect folic acid is perfectly healthy to take because any excess and your body will flush it out. Now I see a lot of women puttin tampons with yogurt on it!!! PLEASE don't do this the acidophilus in yogurt has no way to stay attached to the vaginal walls because it is not the same type of acidophilus that's in our vaginas so essentially all you are doing is putting sugar and other bacteria in your vagina which makes things worst! There is one other tip I can give, which you dont need to do but if you want instant relief you can, when your start with the folic acid pills the same day you may want to douche with 1tbs of hibiclens and 1 liter of water ( my dr told me to do this for 6 weeks so I know for the majority of women it is safe to do this) this will get rid of everything not a tiny smudge of smell left.. One warning douching you vagina with anything even a saline solution for a long period of time can irritate the cells and promote cancer to grow, so with that said we all have cell phones so set your clock daily and please let me know how this works for everyone else. And I just wanna let ppl know I am going into the medical field but I am in no way trained.

Posted by Windjroby (Twin Cities, MN) on 04/23/2009

I have been suffering with BV for about a year and 2 months now I recently ran across your web site too. I have been trying the boric acid and acidophilus then I read that you cant use them during your menstrual so I stopped and I also read that you would have to waite a week after your period to start again but to use it for 30days. What I was wondering is if this will cure it completely I am in the process of starting up the treatment again but the smell came back, I am scared that I will have this stench for the rest of my life. I feel so many women on this site and I know how hard it is to deal with this problem I have went back and forth to doctors to see if they can cure this and I got the same treatments most of the women on this site have gotten, to no avail as soon as the treatment is over I am back to square one. I can just scream. Not to mention I work is a small cube with men and I know if I smell it that they do as well. I have people talking behind my back and that hurts so much. This thing has changed my life and what makes it so bad the doctors cant cure it. I wanted to so once the treatment is done what do you use to bring the ph back. I feel so dry. Oh yea and you can go online and buy Acidophilus.

Replied by Tiffany
5 out of 5 stars

I hope this info helps the rest of you ladies because I am soooooo excited to finally receive some relief from this nightmare. I've suffered with BV for the past two years. Got prescriptions, creams, acidophilous pills, you name it. It would go away just to come back within a month or so... Got laid off so buying all of these products and even buying yogurt is pricey..... So I ordered some kefir grains from a wonderful lady and cultured them in milk overnight on my kitchen counter. So far I've drank kefir for only TWO days and the odor is nearly gone. I didn't measure any out, just poured in a glass in the morning and evening, the taste isn't the best.. Just like having plain yogurt. Order grains online.

Replied by Izzy
(St. Louis, Mo, United States)

Hello, is that all you had to do, was to put the grains in milk overnight?

Replied by Jamie
(Lake Worth, Fl)

Izzy, thats about it, the grains are living bacterial cultures, but the good bacteria. You must strain the Kefir, to retrieve the grains, to keep the culture growing. Place them in milk, about 24 hours you have kefir, strain repeat. You ferment the kefir at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. If you switch types of milk, the grains have an adjustment period of 1-2 batches. When you first get your grains in the mail they are starving for fresh milk. The first batch may not be so good.

If you are interested I have grains to share. I just split them, and have extras sitting in milk in the refrigerator. I am storing them until I find a person to give them to. I strongly suggest you check out kefir grains on the Internet, to see if this is something you would be interested in. There is so much information out there on Kefir. You can reach me at hacint(at)yahoo(dot)com. I use organic, non homoginized whole milk. Although I suggest putting the grains in the kind of milk you will be using. I love my kefir, I sweeten it with stevia, put in coconut, dried non sweetened I get it at the natural grocery. I put it in a glass and eat it with a spoon, its like thick drinkable yogurt. Remember the kefir in its natural state is like sour plain yogurt Some people like it just plain, some make smoothies.

Replied by Special01
(Indianapolis, In, Usa)

I also read some place taking acidophilus (spelling) with folic acid with rid the body of bacterical vaginosis.

Replied by Dr. Sal
(Sault Ste. Marie, Mi)

Though the peroxide did not work for me, I have to make one huge suggestion that has since worked for me. I had my husband take the shower head off, we peroxided it and you would not believe the bubbles that came off of it! Alot of bacteria traps are in our own showers (especially plastic heads) so if you even have just a screen take it out, boil it, or replace it! I feel so much better now! FYI!!

Posted by Fed Up!! (Santo Domingo, Dominican republic) on 04/20/2009

Im 26 years old and have been suffering from bv off and on for 8 years! Ive been prescribed pills gels creams supositories and it always reoccurres! Ive been married for eight years and I was starting to believe maybe my husband was messing around, but I noticed that we were seperated for 1 year and was surprised by the infection acouple of times. The gels are awful it stinged and had huge cottage cheese discharge, the pills were hard to swallow and tasted nasty I could go on and on!I mean it would relieve the symptoms but I always felt wet and nasty! Im embarrased with the employees of the pharmacy they must think This chick always has vaginal problems! I had just taken supositories 3 weeks ago I felt alittle better but not how I would of like! I went to a pool party and the water didnt seem to clean but my kids were dieing to jump in so sat in the water for alittle while next day i started feeling unpleasant. I had sex with my husband and the next morning I have a nasty stink! Ive been reading the post since yesturday and this morning ran to the pharmacy,but bad luck went to 2 pharmacy and made a couple of phone calls, they dont carry acidophilus! I even called my mom and told her to find it for me over in the great usa because in this country they dont have it or Im going to have to search all pharmacys until I find it, but in the mean time I was wondering if the plain yogurt works the same as acidophilus the pill Im desperate!

EC: Yogurt might work if it has "live and active cultures" printed on the container...

Replied by Lorraine
(Dublin, Ireland)

hi there i also suffered b.v for a couple of years but in the last two years i have been free of it what i have done is i take acidophilius, folic acid, zinc and 1000mg of vitiam c in the morning with a probiotic drink it really works i promise. how to treat an infection insert an acidophilus with live natural yougart for seven nights do all or the above and you too should be free. when you are cleared of infection carry on taking the above it has 100%worked for me i hope this helps.

Replied by Pres
(Asaba, Delta, Nigeria)

its like a miracle for me to have stumbled upon this site, i'v had BV for about 3yrs now and i must confess that its the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me knowing that i have a smelly vagina. my fiance has been of very great help consulting doctors on my behalf since i feel too ashamed explaining such trauma to a doctor. a lot of anti-biotics have been prescribed,including insertion tabets and creams but just as we start celebrating that its over,the smell comes back again in full force and this time double the previous.We've not been able to find acidophilus in pharmacies since last night when i first came accross this site, but i tried washing with 3% h202 last night. i get really skeptical about inserting my hands into the vagina while washing but of recent its the only way i can remove the accumulated discharge, plus i douched with summer eve vineger and water 3 days back but it seems to have worsened the whole situation, cant wait to find this acidophilus , it may be the miracle God has sent my way cos i have fasted and prayed for this ailment to stop tormenting my life.Thank you all for your feed backs in this site, at least i have hope once again.

Another thing is when i start taking it, is it going to be a life time medication or for just a specific number of days? cos i honestly do no like taking drugs for long especially when they taste like flagyl.

Replied by Maryann
(Nashville, Tn)
5 out of 5 stars

Lorraine from Dublin has the exact formula except I used Stonyfield Farm plain yogurt and inserted it with an extra plunger from a monistat box. It was hard to get the yogurt in the tube but I did it twice a day along with the other stuff Lorraine said and after a week it is gone!

Replied by Bv - Victim
(Framingham , Boston)

Hello! If your on this sight I know that you are suffering from the horrid BV. It can happy to anyone blue, green, purple, big, little, young, old. It doesn't have to w/ sex hints why some have had before even being sexually active however, I do believe sex can play a part. I am sooooo upset that my doctors continue to load me with antibiotics. Unreal. I have been reading this for a few days and wasn't going to reply but God has brought me here and I figured will bring someone else that we can help. I tried acidophilus and flinstone vitamins (which contain 400mg of folic acid and also other essential vitams we need) and it worked in a few hours. Multivitams (even w/out the acidophilus worked but the multivatims gave me horrible stomach pains so I switched to flintones which are just as effective) but with joining acidophilus it couldnt harm just help. Please try this if you are in doubt. I have suffered for YEARRRRRSSSSSS. I've had it so much that sex was more like a chore. You can smell yourself and you are just so uncomfortable down there. Please try this. I am not a doctor and all ppl are different, so remember there may be a few extra steps one has to take to find what works right for the body. Of course check with your doctor but many will just put u on antibiotics, vitamins and natural products are safe (i feel) as long as you do not over do it so be safe. I prefer not to douche because its not that great for it washes away the good bacteria which as well as bad which is why we're in this mess to begin with. But people all have different ways to go about doing this! So many woman go through this yet so many woman do not. For those who do not, its tough to explain your situation because you will automatically seem 'dirty' to someone unless its someone who really knows and trusts you. It's ashame that we have to go through this but hey, look this sight is a blessing and now we can all start smelling as clean as we really are. Here, here to a new, fresh life! God bless!!!

Posted by Lori (Pittsburgh, PA) on 04/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from BV for 12 years. I first noticed it when I was pregnant with my first child. Over the years, it has come and gone, I have taken Flaygl, Metro Gel, and recently Clindesse. All of these treatments worked temporarily, but then the BV beast would rear it's ugly head again. Over the course of the last 12 years, I've also suffered from numerous UTIs and kidney stones. I feel that all of this is related and when I felt the last bout of BV coming on, I started to look on the internet for some possible solutions. I am so glad I found this site! I started with the hydrogen peroxide douches, I did that every night for a week. I felt relief from the discharge and odor, but as soon as I stopped douching, the BV came right back. Then I bought some garlic tablets and inserted one in my vagina, it also worked well, but I couldn't stand the garlic smell, so my next stop was Acidophilus. I already had some capsules that I began taking orally, but I had read about the tablets (500 million cells), so I ran out and bought them. I started inserting them into my vagina and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my symptoms!! My sex life with my husband had suffered greatly because of BV, but I'm happy to say we had sex last night and I have no BV odor this morning. I did insert 4 tablets after sex last night, and he pulled out, because I was afraid that too much semen would upset the progress I had been making! I've also been taking folic acid, but seem to forget more than I remember, so I cannot say if that has helped in the improvement or not. All I can say is that I hope this continues, because this infection is horrible. I suffered in silence and embarrassment. I was depressed and couldn't understand what was wrong with me! Thank you for making this site available and I hope all of the ladies who live with this dreaded infection can find relief!

Replied by Cd
(Apo, Ae)

I have been dealing with BV for almost a year now. I purchased 400mcg Folic Acid & 500 million Acidophilus. I took 2 tablets of each yesterday & placed 1 Acidophilus tablet in my vagina. I am on my period but could see the yucky discharge. I was skeptical but this morning I removed the tablet that had not dissolved and was surprised to see no clumpy discharge on my finger. My plan is to continue to take 4 Acidophilus a day & 2 Folic Acid tablets. I am so happy I came across this site.

Posted by Rio (Charleston, SC) on 04/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars

hey everyone. i am 18 years old and recently visited the gyno...very nervous about the whole thing, it was my first time. but anyway, a few weeks later they called and said that things looked abnormal in the pap smear & to come back and get checked out for other things. i had a steady boyfriend for 2 years until he cheated on me. i though i had a "yeast" infection around the time that we were together but i never went to the gyno to get it checked. just used over the counter medz and a prescription that the doc gave over the phone. it cleared up just fine, but i got it again. that was two years ago. more recently i've noticed that i've had the most horrid smell between my legs. i was so embarrased to walk, sit, or even talk with anyone, b/c i thought they would smell me. i always say, if you can smell yourself...then you must stink. so this went on for a few weeks, then the smell disappeared and was replaced with horrible itching and burning. this goes on for about 6 months. it was hell. constantly trying to hide the pain and frustration when i walked was almost unbearable. sometimes i would just cry because i would be so irritated, nothing i did seemed to help. i used cold compresses, i inserted tampons with tee tree oil...i washed constantly from smelling....i felt like i wanted to jump off of a bridge! yesterday stumbled upon this site and was reading about so many success stories from using lactobacillus. so i went to target to grab a bottle of lactobacillus acidophilus and let me tell you that this product works. i took two tablets orally, and inserted a capsule vaginally. after 15 minutes, the itching had stopped. by the next day i didn't have ANY icky vaginal fluids. no smell whatsoever. this works wonders. i wish i would have found it 6 months ago, but i guess all the pain was worth it if i found this product that truely works. i recommend this to any female suffering from bv or any other infection at that! good luck!

Replied by Kim
(Fall River, MA)

I've been suffering with the same thing. It started in 2006 and I just thought it would go on forever. I usually take ____.(not sure if I spelled that right) it would help but the discharge never completely goes away. I'm keeping the tampon business alive. lol. I was just hoping for some clarification. You insert 1 tablet (whole?) of acidophilus vaginally then take the folic acid every day or are you taking the acidophilus everyday? I'm so excited to try this.

Replied by Mrs. Farris
(Dallas, Texas)

Hello Ladies, I've stumbled over this website and it has won me over. My only concern is...I'm 7 months pregnant and I will LOVE to try it.I'm scared it would harm my baby. Are there any mothers to be out there that has tried inserting a capsule of acidophilus? Has it work? We're there any side effects?

Posted by Tiffany (Chicago, IL) on 04/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've suffered from BV a few times but i couldnt understand why it kept coming back seeing that I'm a very clean person, but my doctor told me how it had to do with the balance of your good and bad bacteria and that getting BV means the bad has taken over! I've been taking acidophilus pills for a long time but i never thought to insert one! so last night i got in the shower and emptied a capsule onto my wet towel (no soap) and washed with that really well then inserted a tablet (not a capsule!) and this morning the smell was gone completely! i'm so happy!!!! i'm going to do it again tonight. i dont want to take any chances that it might come back.

Replied by Anna
(Nashville, TN)

Hello all, I've been trying the folic acid thing for about 2 months now, and nothing seems to work. I've been swabbing with a cotton ball soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide, and taking two folic acid pills and a prenatal vitamin with folic acide which takes it up to 2400mg of folic acid. I haven't tried Acidophilus, but I wonder if it will work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Replied by LEANNE
5 out of 5 stars

Yes! Acidophilus does work! I am inserting a tampon soaked in plain yoghurt with live cultures every morning for 2 hours. I am taking 1000mcg of Folic Acid -500mcg morning and night and eating yoghurt too. I couldn't find the acidophilus tablets in the shops. I am also taking a garlic oil tablet and echinacea tablet daily.

It cleared up within 3 days but I am going to continue for the full 7 days. My man has opted for the oral medication (24hour tablet from the doctor) to treat it at the same time. We are both amazed at how effective it is!!! It makes sense though, don't kill off the good bacteria while killing the bad guys! Say no to antibiotics!

Replied by Stacy

Hi im 29 and I've been struggling with bacterial vaginosis for a few years now on and off. The metro gel works but then in comes right back. Im a very clean person so I don't understand. Anyway I just bought the acidophilus but how should I take it and how often and for how long?

Posted by Melissa (San Diego, Ca) on 03/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus for Bacterial Vaginosis: Miriacle. One capsule inserted vaginally worked within a few hours, woke up good as new. Thank goodness for this site! Pill leaves no smell no discharge and works like a charm. Hooray!

Replied by Denise
(Miami, fl)
5 out of 5 stars

Ladies this works very well. I had sex with my new boyfriend and afterwards smelled the all to familiar smell of BV. I got a kit from vagisil to check my PH and it was at a higher level indicating BV. I saw this site and bought the Acidophilus (500 million per tablet) and Folic Acid (400 mcg). I inserted one Acidophilus inside of me and took 23 orally. I then took 2 folic acid pills. That was at 9:00 in the morning, it's 7:00 in the evening and the smell is gone!! I checked and my discharge is clearing up to. I plan to continue with this regimen for a few days and then just take two of each pill orally daily to ensure that I don't get this problem again. Please try it, I am VERY skeptical about things like this but trust me it worked!

Replied by Val
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

you took 23 pills at once??????.. or did you misprint that.... I gather all though no one has actually said on here that this acidophilus comes in different doses... so .. what is the home presription ... you need to get the acidophilus that has like in the billions.. and take only 2 pills of that and one in the vagina.. and 1 folic acid??... anyway... i am going to try this....cause i can't afford the drug part of it... and i am hoping that this is not going to cost alot....

EC: Must be a misprint! Thanks for catching it... Either 2 or 3...

Replied by Sincere
(Chapel Hill, Nc)

I have been taking 1 Acidophilus pill daily for probably a year now and I eat yogurt every now and then.Plus, I take a good selection of daily antioxidants (vit a,e,c,b,alpha lipoic acid, grapeseed extract, etc.). Although I never get sick because of the antioxidants, I always have had an episode of BV here and there.I am very clean and only have had four sexual partners, all of whom I've shared open and honest communication with, and vice versa.I've been tested for STDs...none. It seems everytime my current boyfriend and I have sex, he ejaculates in me (IUD inside so I won't get pregnant).I've read somewhere that semen DOES mess up your natural ph balance down there. This is where the BV comes in. I went to the doctor and all these useless doctors do for me is over-prescribe harmful antibiotics that cause further infections and overgrowth of bacteria (because it kills the naturally good bacteria that protects you).They won't tell us ladies about the good homeopathic remedies we could use to get rid of BV becuase, they are doctors and they have to get paid. They won't get paid if they don't see us! That's why so many of us keep saying that the antibiotics work for a while, then the BV comes right back with a vengeance! Then some of us are back off to the doctors office. These doctors are fully aware of this chaos, that keeps business good. Having suffered from BV for so long, I REFUSE to take anymore BV antibiotics that kill my good;protective bacteria too, as I'm convinced what its really about is "maintainence." I usually take only 1 Acidophilus daily but I now understand its not enough, judging by what I've read so far. I'm going to increase to 2 (10mg) Acidophilus pills daily. I'm going to do the plain, organic yogurt tampons nightly, 800 mg of Folic acid daily, and the Hydrogen peroxide & water douche 2x week for maintence.I'm also going to try Olive Leaf extract tablets because they fight pathogens/infections in your body, but you SHOULDN'T take these tabs if you have low blood pressure. I'm ready to fight back against this god-aweful affliction that has made me extremely self-conscious, and so far these natural remedies have gotten rid of the Funk (lol). Thank you ladies, and I thank you for the valuable advice!!! Good luck!

Posted by GirlTalk (New York, New York) on 03/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I always get BV when I sleep with my boyfriend. It is almost instant now. Like the morning after we sleep together. I am sure condoms would help but for now I use a suppository of Odorless Garlic and Acididolphillis for 3 nights and it clears it up.

Replied by Rosy
(Orlando, Fl)

Make your boyfriend go to the doc. He is giving BV to you. Men can have it, and not know.

Replied by Missy
(Baltimore, Md, Usa)

The BV is not coming from your boyfriend, unless its not BV but trich, which is an STD. In that case you should go to the clinic. I have suffered with BV since age 19 and I'm now 43. It is the PH balance that tends to go haywire. And it is usually after sex because semen changes your PH balance also your periods and sugar doesnt help either. After trying several remedies, a female doctor prescribed Boric acid inserts. DONT MAKE THEM YOURSELF. Go to your GYN and have them prescribed. You will have to have it filled at a special pharmacy. I take 600mg capsules. She recommended inserting one directly after sex and I take folic acid and garlic pills every day. The last time I had an occurance, my doctor recommended taking the flagyll and inserting the Boric acid capsules together. Since my outbreaks came from my periods and sex she recommended I use them then. I have a hysterectomy now and only use them after sex and occaissionally take a flagyll just to be safe and I have not had an episode of BV now since using the prescribed Boric acid pills. And they are not expensive and even so $40 is worth it. You get a lot of pills and I havent used a refill yet. Its been about 5 months now and I have sex on a regular basis and no BV. Thats great for me cause after sex not long after I got BV. They work great. Hope this helps someone because before the prescribed boric acid, I tried everything, all recommendations and spent lots of money with no relief except for consantly taking flagyll.

Replied by Julie
(Marietta, Ga)

Missy in MD. If you see this can you provide the name of your GYN in MD. I would like to put my MD/Board certified holistic physician in contact w/her.

If anyone has an Atlanta, Ga metro doctor who has successfully helped you with persistent BV please let me know.

Feel free to email me directly - jgosselinonline(at)

Replied by Roksan
(Lincoln, RI)

I've been taking lactobacillus/probiotics 2x per day for 5 months now. I am also taking Garlic 2x daily, along with Folic Acid 400mcg 3x daily. I have a very healthy diet (veggies with poultry - no dairy/no gluten) however, I do have the occasional "sugar" (candy/mint/cookie). I exercise regularly; have been married 17yrs, and have been suffering on and off for years with bv! This has been a daily thing for me since Spring 2012. I seem to have tried everything - including inserting the probiotics vaginally, and soaking tampons in yogurt; even sleeping with a tea tree suppository in! I am completely stumped (as is my gyn) as to why this is continuing to happen to me! I have just finished yet another round of antibiotics to no avail. Can someone help me?? I'm lucky I don't always have the odor - but the discharge is driving me crazy!

Posted by Amber (Port Moody, BC, Canada) on 01/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am sooo glad I stumbled upon this site. After reading all the comments on acidopholus I decided to try my own cure. I took a plastic syringe (you know, the ones that come with the usual vaginal medication creams) and I put some KY lubricant in it and then I dumped the powder contents of one acidopholus capsule in it and then inserted it to deposit it right where the bad bacteria was. What a miracle, the next day I was cured and no more bad smell!! Im also taking folic acid 2x day and acidopholus capsules by mouth 2 2xdaily. Good luck everyone, you really can cure it yourself without going to the doctor.

Replied by Angel
(McDonough, GA)

What does cranberry pills have to do with BV? What is the benefit of them? And the smell disappearing 10 minutes after eating & taking the pills? Wow, I'd like to know the namebrand of those, they sound like miracle pills.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

Angel, Stacy said she bought the cranberry pills along with the folic acid and acidophilus. Perhaps she felt they might also be helpful for her BV, or perhaps she wanted them for general genitourinary health. She didn't say the cranberry pills were her BV cure; in fact, she specifically stated: "thank you guys for convincing me to use acidophilus and folic acid pills they really worked for me". As for the 10 minutes, try rubbing garlic oil on the bottom of your foot - you'll have the taste of it in your mouth within a few minutes. Or how about the speedy effect of nitroglycerin when placed under the tongue during an angina episode? While I'm not saying Stacy's result would be the same for everyone (everyone's specific conditions and physiology are different), your body can circulate things faster than you might think.

Replied by Ashley
(Jonesboro, Ga)
5 out of 5 stars

i really believe you about the 10 min thing i woke up and i was smelling the same smell but i usually get it every month after my cycle if i have sex a day or two after i usually always get it but this time as soon as i smell it i ate 2 spoon full of plain yogurt (taste HORRIBLE) took a vinegar and water douche (which is not good for you but with bv it helps)and took a acidophilus and by 12 noon the smell was GONE... NO LIE it works so no more spending 30 for the doc and 30 dollars for the prescription... more like 10 dollars at the most 2 dollars for the douche and 7 for the pills and 2 for the plain yogurt.

Replied by STACY

Thank you t from maryland and ashley from ga. some people don't really comprehend what they read. i bought the cranberry pills for a urinary tract infection. i didnt have one at the time but they were on sale so i got them too. yes it was unnecessary information for you all to know that but i was so excited with my story that i was just typing my thoughts really fast. anywho i am not allowed to put the brand name up here but i am telling the truth when i say that when i used the two pills together the smell was gone in 10 minutes. and my bv smell was so bad that it would come through my jeans. so i would definitely notice the difference right away. t the was hilarious. lol and ashley i used to pay 30 dollars too. i would go to the gyno every two months to get that gel. now i dont even use the acidophilus and folic everyday i just do it every two days. because the smell has gone away and it hasnt returned yet. so i minimized the use of the pills. angel from ga dont hate because your fishy behind cant get rid of the smell and the rest of us did. lol go find another cure if this doesnt work for you. im out. do or die bedstuy

Replied by Veronica
(Evanston, Wyoming)

I am ignorant regarding all this...I did read I think were with the same guy as your friend...does this mean if I have just started having this problem with in the past 2 yrs about the same time I started having a relationship with someone...should it give me concern that he's cheating?

Replied by Sharon
(Charlotte, NC)
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Ladies, ladies! Thank you for posting! Stacey..girl your story brought me joy to know there's someone else going thrugh the same thing! I also have that NASTY, dirty-diaper, wet-sock smell. Particularly right after my period up until the following week. I'm like ewww! This can't be normal. I just had my pap this past Tuesday, and was given the dreadful BV diagnosis. My prescrip for the gel was going to cost me a copay of $60. I knew that wasn't happening, so I came to this beloved site and decided to try the Acidophilus.I took 2 pills (40 million cells) orally last night and inserted 1 vaginally. Talk about a miracle-this morning, NO odor. I'm talking not even what I call the daily funk, lol. My NP said that no odor should be there outside of your period. I'm like get outta here!I sit now w/ confidence and a praise to God for His natural cures! And also for you ladies brave and un-selfish enough to share your stories. Good luck to all! This stuff works!

Replied by Livvie
(Norfolk, VA)

I also tried the acidophilus vaginally but it made my discharge bright yellow other than the bright yellow color i am ok as long as it dont smell. I had bv for years since high school i am so sick of the flagl it tastes nasty and it only lasts one week, i had one doctor who i kept seeing and she told me to try the metrogel that stuff made my discharge like cottage cheese and it itched so bad it was like i was on fire. Then the doctor finally told me to use condoms with my ex husband i still had the bv. So finally she just told me you may be allergic to your husband. which is funny cause me and him was not getting along anyway. Well i left him and the bv went away and it stayed away until i met someone else 7 months later and the bv came back. I think that sometimes sex can mess up your Ph balance because when i was celibate no discharge, and i was tested for STDs and i have none is there anything we can do to the man to prevent this?

And Stacy you are funny girl Brooklyn stand up!

Replied by Val
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

OH LORDy.... STAcy... you cracked me upppppppp had me rolling on the damn floor... smelly crotch and all... laughing.. I am off to get some of that stuff...lolol.... i loved how you threw a screw into the story with the cranberry love this not only is it geniune in helping women...but funny as well....lolol....all of you are awesome.....also thank you someone for spelling the whole proper word out... LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS... cause i needed it when i was talking to some idiot in the store.... he must have gotten lost in the store and wanted to hang in the condoms section for a while... i dont know.. but.. thanks for the whole name and spelling....

Replied by Vonnie
(Philadelphia, Pa, Usa)

I can't believe I found this site. I have been suffering for over six years now. It was Stacy's post that got me. The description of her friend... that describes me too. I've been diagnosed with BV before and have been given metrogel many times over the years. Six years ago I was going through a very stressful time, and that's when people started commenting on my odor and telling me I needed beano. It's tricky, because when I had the fishy odor, I'd get metrogel - but this other odor? I thought I had intestinal problems. I've spent all these years going to different doctors trying to figure out what's wrong. I'm on my second G.I. doctor, who did an endoscopy and colonoscopy and guess what? There's nothing wrong with my intestines, so I've been diagnosed with IBS. My stomach is irritated, but I think it's from the stress of living with this for so long. I went surfing the other night because the fishy odor came back, and I wanted to find out if I could take metrogel and monistat at the same time so it doesn't take 12 days to clear everything up - and I found this site and read every post. So I started thinking... if stress is messing up my stomach and causing IBS with lots of extra gas, maybe it's not smelly gas. Maybe the gas is pushing the smell of the BV out far enough for other people to smell it. I got some acidophilus tonight and will use it orally and vaginally before bed instead of the metrogel. I really hope it works, because I'm tired of giving doctors my money, and tired of hiding at home as much as possible to avoid ridicule.

Posted by Mallory (Columbus, Mississippi , United States) on 01/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a type one Diabetic and for years now I have been suffering from yeast infections and Urninary Tract infections. Just recently I started getting BV regularly. It was about 8 months ago when I began to see it reoccur month after month then it increased to almost every other week. I have also taken Flaygl (Metricondizole), Clindesse ( Vaginal cream w/ Clindymycin). Flaygl was fairly cheap but after taking it for so long I think my body couldn't handle it anymore so I would get DEATHLY sick when I took it, just vomiting all over the place. Where as clindesse was 25.00 a prescription and I was using it WEEKLY ! So I decided to try the folic acid first and i noticed it helped some but as soon as I started taking the acidophilus the BV just cleared up and my vagina smells wonderful or should I say there is no smell at all ! The H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) douche does help with the odor some what but it can really really dry you out and it is not good to use repeatedly because it can kill all of the good bacteria and make BV reoccur so if douching is neccessary for you I recommend filling up a NEW douche bottle and NEW applicator with half peroxide and half warm water. However, The folic acid and the acidophils has cured my of my BV and I am SO very excited to be able to have sex again and not smell that disgusting fish odor and I am sure my boy friend will be happy as well ! Feel free to email me with any questions just title the email as Bacterial Vaginosis ! And I want to say thank you to all of those who make this website possible !

Replied by Jen
(Albany, Ny)

Bacterial Vaginosis

Hello, can you tell me what your regime was as far as what you took when and how much, etc? I want to start this treatment..Are you still symptom free?


Replied by Susan
(Miami, Fl)

This is the second time I've ever had bv.. The first time was after I gave birth to my baby.......... I am just amazed how my Dr.Wrote me a script for an antibiotic that she said "would cure the bv, but might give me a yeast infection" wow.. Glad this site is here, thanks for posting.. I'm going to look for those suppositories that one reader said contained a little of everything that's good for curing bv.. And I had no idea about the toilet papers, and scented pads and soaps. also going to switch a few things around in my diet as well.

Replied by Janis
(Dallas, Tx)

Yes, you guys, I am going through this right now. It hurts. I am going to get the acidophilus pills right now. Have had a hard time doing things right now as the pain is unbearable. Dr. was a douchbag and doesn't seem to care if I am in pain. Suggested premarin cream on my too too at night and it has gotten worse. So what do I do? Crying and in pain...

Replied by Witsend
(Byron, Ga)

I have also, been suffering for several years with what I think now is BV. My symptoms are somewhat different than most on here. I started out with just a watery discharge. It wasn't even noticeable until during sex. I would get super wet and not just from the sex. Lol. This when on for awhile. I had also had a hesterectomy not long before this. I didn't know what was causing this and thought it was just one of those things to do with being premenopausal and just started having sex less and less.

As the years went by I started having slight odor, but was controlled by washing more often. Still no big deal. Later is when the itching started. In the beginning I could shower and it would go away for about 24 hours. I tried the antibiotics and creams thinking it was a yeast infection. It would help for about a week and come right back with a vengeance.

I don't really have any discharge now or smell just unbearable itching. If it weren't for vagisil, I don't what I would do.

I've tried the Acdophilus capsuls and eating yogurt with no relief so far. I douched with straight peroxide last night. Big mistake. It burned like crap. I guess, I should have diluted it. I was also probably already inflamed from the scratching. I just started the folic acid today. Im going to keep trying this remedy. God I hope this works. Does anyone think there is something else I could have with my symptoms. I have slight watery discharge and itching, inflammation with no other symptoms.

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