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Acidophilus for BV

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Posted by Anon (New Jersey) on 12/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

BV: I douche with acidophilus. I took 5 capsules and poured into douche and I have been doing it for 2 days and omg what results!! I try inserting it directly into vagina but it never worked but the douching with it worked like a charm. I googled and there is a study in it!! Just google douche acidophilus bv and it will pop up. the study did it for 6 days so I'm gonna do it the next 4 days. this is the ONLY thing that has worked for me. I'VE tried tea oil, vit insert vaginally, acv, and 2 prescription meds....nothing worked but this. I feel great!!! I also continue to take vit e, c, 400 of folic acid, multi vit, zinc and magnesium calcium (all in one pill), and 1 acidophilus pill orally. I don't know if I have to continue with the vit but I've been doing it for a while.

Posted by Caligirl (Bakersfield, Ca, Usa) on 05/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus for BV: Hello all... I have suffered from bv since I was very young. I believe I had it from the first time I had my period. (Now in my mid 30's) I did not know that I had it until a few years ago but I had tried discussing the odor with doctors and they would just say they did not notice it and I was probably self conscious about it. I finally read about it online and then had to insist on getting tested and of course I had it. The meds do not work for me and it just comes right back often within days. I have tried all kinds of cures from vitamins, diets, pro-biotics, folic acid, yogurt, inserting yogurt, soaking in peroxide, etc etc. I did not try douching though because I am afraid it would make it worse. I pretty much just learned to live with it and showered multiple times per day to get rid of the odor or wore pads if that wasn't possible. Recently, the symptoms had started getting worse with not only the odor but itching and burning. I went to our local health food store and began telling a lady who my family knows there about it and she suggested pro-biotics. I told her I had already tried a few different kinds and she encouraged me not to give up on them because they all have different strains and dosages. I asked her which she would recommend and she gave me a couple. One was a probiotic formula for women which I decided to go ahead and try it (sort of reluctantly because I already spend too much money on trying to solve this). I could tell a difference in the itching and burning within a couple days and the odor has consistantly gotten better. I have been on them for about a month now and I cannot believe the difference. It was kind of amazing to me because I have tried alot of probiotics and not cheap ones either! I wanted to pass this on for all of you who have suffered with this and hopefully it can help some of you too :)

Posted by Iris (Charlotte, NC) on 12/31/2008

I too have suffered from this curse for the last 2 years. I'm now 7 months pregnant and its come back!! I've started the h2o2 douches and acidophlius about two weeks ago, and its been clearing up. The only problem that hasn't stopped is the endless external vulva itching. Its been so bad, that I wake up in the middle of the night to find out I've scratched myself swollen and sore. This morning my husband suggested I use some oatmeal to help with the itchies. It worked great! But its a little messy, I took some dry oat and slightly wet them with distilled water, then pat the mixture all over my vay j and instant relief! I put on some big granny panties to keep it in place. Hopefully this will keep me itch free until the bv is gone! I'll keep u posted.

Posted by Confusedintexas (Sherman, Tx) on 04/03/2011

Well I can say I've been struggeling with vaginitis for about 2 years now since I was 16. First it was back to back yeast infections and after cutting down on my sugar intake (i haven't completely, chocolate is my weakness) they seemed to have stopped. One day I felt the familiar itch and thinking it was a yeast infection I ended up seeing two doctors because one said my wet prep came back normal while the other (more effiecent in my opinion) said I had a particular overgrowth of natrually occuring bacteria in my vagina.

So low and behold, the dreaded yeast had been replaced with BV!

I feel like if it isn't one thing its another. For months now I've been stuggeling with the BV monster and have tried the pills and the cream which didn't EVEN work.

So deciding to take this BV bull by the horns I began doing research and stumbled onto this site. I think women have better chances figuring out which works best for us on our own, because we know our body better than any doctor does and we know when something is wrong.

I tried the 'colloidal silver' douche (3 ounces of water with 3-4 tbs of colloidal silver, you can adjust to which suits your needs because colloidal silver 10PPM measurement only can be used topically without diluting and works GREAT for the itching! I just diluted mine to be safe), which seemed to work instantly and stopped all irritation and discharge (would HIGHLY reccomend buying a bottle if you can afford it) but it was pricey and I don't have 30$ bucks to waste per bottle at the rate that I was using it so I moved on to probiotics and vitamins.

I've been taking 2 acidophillus pearls 1 billion count (one when I wake then again in the evening after I eat) and 2 folic acid tablets a day 800mcg for about almost a week now. There's been a decrease in discharge and change in its consitency (went from watery to just a tad bit thicker but still watery, does anyone know what it means when it changes consistency but not color???) but it's not completely gone yet nor is the dryness/itching.

I tried the hydrogen peroxide douche last night. It stopped the irritation for a little while but the discharge was back by this afternoon so I think I will just stick to the oral stuff and won't douche unless its with a colloidal silver douche. I just began 'one a day for her teen vitamins' so I don't know when I will began to notice any changes.

I still feel as if I'm struggeling with this problem and haven't yet found MY solution for MY body although I think the folic acid and probiotics are helping and I am heading in the right direction. I still can't have sex with my fiance because the pain and dryness is too much to deal with and its taking a toll on our relationship because he thinks its his fault when its really all mine.....

I don't itch as much as I used to but its still there and so is the discharge, I've never really had a smell so the only way I can tell something is wrong is by discharge cause I've never had any noticeable amount until my 1st yeast infection.

I thank God for leading me to this site and felt the need to share my experience because I wanted to help other women who were having the same problem that I was.

I felt so alone and misunderstood but when I seen all the pages of replies it comforted me to know that I was NOT a freak of nature or cursed but that I was 1 in many many of thousands of women who were having the same problem.

I bookmarked this site and will document my process of successes and failures because in the end we are all in this together and it would be selfish to find something that works and to just keep to myself.

God bless all the women on here because I know that one day we WILL find the relief we are looking for.

Love, Confused in Texas

Posted by Mo (Anderson, In) on 10/17/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I never knew I had BV, until maybe 2 years ago, when my doctor called and told me my pap showed it. I got mines from sex. Even though I've only slept with one person, somehow we don't mix (this is what I call it). I noticed a scent (not quite fishy), but not pleasant. I also just didn't feel right down there, so for a few years, I would always drink cranberry juice mixed with vinegar after sex. This helped for the most part. I also would use bv gel applicators. These work too, but it's only a temporary fix. I soon started doing research and thought maybe I had BV (didn't know for sure until that dr visit) and treated it as such. When my doctor confirmed this, I got a prescription and it did go away, but soon that feeling returned and I did not want to be on a continuous cycle of antibiotics. After researching more, I started taking acidophilus. I only buy the ones with over 1 Billion active cultures. I now take these tablets at least once a day. I also double up on them after too much sex. I'm usually fine unless I slip up and stop for a few days. This has been a savior and I will continue to take them. I no longer have to keep cranberry juice and vinegar around which would take way longer to clear symptoms (acidophilus only takes about a day or 2). Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Gin (Bristol, Connecticut) on 01/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My doctor told me to open a acidophilus capsule, mix it with water to make a bit of a paste, and insert it. I have to do this after sex because that's when I get issues. So far it has worked wonders. I've been doing it for about a month or so and have no adverse effects. Only problem is that the powder in the capsule DOESN'T mix with water so I mix it the best I can, and use a small plastic tongue depresser type thing and insert it that way.

Posted by Laparis (Columbus, Ohio) on 10/07/2011

I am so happy for this site.. I been having BV for so long that it is driving me crazy:( every time I go to the doc they give them same thing that only help for a min n come back.. So reading everything on this site is helpful for me because I can't take it any more.. So I went to the store in got acidophilus... I'm going to see if this help if not I'm going to try yogurt... thanks so much lady:) I will let everyone know what has changed.

Posted by Cassandra (Oxford, Ms) on 07/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have used acidophilus tablets after clearing BV infection with 7 days of hydrogen peroxide douches. Used acidophilus every other day for 2 weeks by crushing it and putting it as far in vagina as I could. Now just doing twice weekly. No symptoms since I started it.

Posted by lauren (TN - Tennessee) on 06/04/2022

I use the AZO pills they work much better and you can take them PO. Also, I soak a tampon in sea salt and insert it over night to restore the balance down there. I use Dove sensitive soap.

Posted by Neicy (Houston, Tx) on 10/19/2011

Hello, I have suffered with BV for a long time. Not knowing what actually causes the reacurring beast, the meds are horrible. I have tried jus about everything mentioned in the forums, but not topically. I beleive that this bacteria had so many different strand is it hard to pinpoint what causes our ph to react in the it's form(terrible experience)! I detached the acidolphilus capsule, used the metro-gel at the same time & inserted into the vagina, I'm on mg second day now, no sign of discharge.. If the physician actually find a cure for this do u know what that means? No more office visit, no more flagyl/ metronidazole, metro gel tinacozole. Sea salt is a great douche depending on ur strain of bacteria.. Don't give up- do your research. Every woman's body is different... Fem- dolphins Greek yogurt, primadophilus use on contact. Goodluck!!

Posted by Southernbelle (Atlanta, Georgia, N/a) on 11/11/2011

I also am grateful for this website. It's such a blessing!

My doctor just diagnosed me with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), and prescribed me Cleocin (Clindamycin). I went to go pick it up from Walgreens today and the price was a wopping... Wait for it.... Wait for it.... $100. Wtf? Really?! So after implementing my Aetna insurance it was STILL $74. So I had to walk away from that situation... I knew there had to be cheaper or even natural remedies that could help.

And honestly, with my sugar-crazy diet (I'm a literal sweetaholic) I'm actually not too surprised my vagina is a little off (in PH and bacteria) and I know that if I green it up and/or just cut down on all the candies and chocolate chip cookies things would probably look up. PLUS my partner ejaculated in me the last time we had sex (unprotected sex) and I didn't use rePHresh after, so I'm sure that added to the BV. (He was also just recently diagonesed with Herpes 1. I was tested and I don't have anything, I'm STD-free Thank God) (sidenote: I'm done with open relationships after the STD scare and I'm requiring STD from all partners here on out (whether they are past present or future), even if they're just performing oral on me or vice versa, STDs can be passed from just about anything sexual)

Anyway, I decided to come here and the remedies you ladies have given are awesome (many blessings to all who have given us advice from your own personal experiences). It's ashame that doctors have you purchase $100 medicine ( the amount of the yeast infection medicine you'll have to buy b/c of the antibiotics) before just telling you to up the acidophilus and folic acid intake and eat plain yogurt (with live cultures acidophilus). Oh, and wash your vagina with hydrogen peroxide if that doesn't work. (Then boric acid w/ vegan capsules as a last resort). That's not too much to tell me, and it's umm.... something like 75 bucks cheaper.

After scrolling through several pages... I have the list of things I need and I'm about to head over to the grocery store. I'm going to purchase:

My "Cure BV" List

- acidophilus

- organic cranberry juice (pure, undiluted, with no sugar)

- vaginal ph screening test (I'm going to test before and after)

- spinach (the kind in the bag) and carrots (healthier snacks instead of cookies and candy)

- plain greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom

- probitotic drink

- kefir (has L. Acidphilus and live cultures)

- hydrogen peroxide

- folic acid and b12 (I might just order these online though)

- Bolthouse Green Goodness (has ALOT of healthy good green stuff in it, and it's tasty)

- And though raspberry leaf tea is usually used for women trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant and want a more pain-free birth, (or for those dealing with menstural cramps) I plan to purchase a box to help strengthen and tone my lady parts.

I'm going to check the internet for the best brands to purchase of everything above, I'll check Amazon of course.

And I may also purchase 1 or more of the following from online:

- femdophilus

- rephresh pro-b probiatic feminine supplement

- renew life ultimate flora vaginal support 50 billion

- VH Essentials BV Treatment

Just to Summarize more of the Great Advice given:

- Use Probitoics that are refridgerated, this will ensure live cultures

- When creating the boric acid capsules to insert into your vagina, purchase powder boric acid and empty vegan capsules (size 0 or 00)

- GNC's Super Bifido probiotic complex and Super Acidophilus probitic complex

- There are 4 different strands of Lactobacilli, and supposedly the best are L. rheuteri and L.rhamnosus

- Douching/Washing with Hydrogen Peroxide and/or Apple Cider Vinegar

- Liquid Probiotic Acidophilus inserted into your vag using a turkey baster

- Acidophilus pills inserted into the vagina

- Bio K (looks like tiny yogurt) from Whole Foods

- Taking "shots" of pure cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, and/or kefir each morning.

- Freeze dried lactobacillus acidophilus with vegetarian capsules (4 billion)

- Taking Multi-Vitamins and Omega 3 Fish Oils daily

- Raw Natural Coconut Oil is supposedly good for the vagina, it's often used to cure yeast infections. Frozen coconut oil in the vagina. (I haven't heard it discussed, but it seems like coconut oil would make for a healthy, safe natural lubricant, especially to those suspectible to BV or any type of vaginal infection)

- Men can pass on BV, and/or can atleast HEAVILY contribute to developing BV. That means it's very important that your partner has a clean private area before entering you. Men tend to be dirty sometimes, so that middle-of-the-day-sex may not be the best thing to engage in if he's been sweating and what not. Also, some women have gotten BV because of a particular body wash or soap their partner was using to shower, so make sure he uses something unscented and light on his privates when you're going to engage in sex. Summary: he needs to be clean!

- Some women are irritated by bodywashes and certain soaps, so be cognizant of your body wash and how it affects you.

- Wear cotton panties and keep your vag aired out

- Don't forget to change your loufee monthly, it could carry bacteria. I personally have two different ones, one for my body another for my booty (lol), and I wash my vag with my hand. But I think just having one and cleaning your vag with your hand is just fine too.

- drink LOTS of water (lots and lots and lots of water)

- lay off the caffeine, some women just stopped drinking coffee and their BV went away

- Candida Diet (basically a much healthier, virtually sugar free/gluten free/carb free diet)

- Some suggest always pairing b12 with your folic acid (I think you might be okay if you take a multi vitamin with b12 in it)

- Don't forget normal vagina pH is 3.8 - 4.5. BV occurs once it's above 4.5.

- Antibiotics aren't able to differientiate between good and bad bacteria, so it will kill it all. And once the bacteria grow back, if the bad outgrow the good then your BV will come back (happens in 1 of 3 women who have BV). That's why a natural remedy is the best for most women imho.

And most importanly remember that everyone is different so some methods may work for you, but not others, buuut with that said there are so many pages of people summarzing their symtoms and experiences that you're bound to find what works for you. And please do share your story and what worked for you, especially if your symtoms and cure hasn't been written about yet.

Thanks Earth Clinic!

Posted by Db (Greensboro, Nc) on 09/23/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I'm thankful to this website, as it led me to the cure for problematic bouts with Bacterial Vaginosis. The acidophilus and folic acid combo has worked well for me. I found a product that was particularly helpful and widely available at pharmacies called _____. If you get the supplement, It contains acidophilus cultures that are particularly helpful for maintaining ph of your lady area. Taking three of these a day (and inserting the CONTENTS of one capsule vaginally) each night for a week got rid of my infection. It is important to maintain consumption of the acidophilus, as the activities that upset your ph in the first place (mine was a sexual encounter with a new partner) may cause it to come back. It is also important to assess the factors that may have caused your infection. The first time I got it, it was from trying a new brand of tampons. Don't use heavily scented soaps to wash with, and use hypoallergenic laundry detergents as well. I also found that switching to all cotton underwear has helped immensely. Also, I would recommend sleeping in loose breathable clothing. Anything that can foster the environment for bad bacteria to grow is something you should try to fix. Since then, I've only had a recurrence when I quit taking the remedies altogether and did something that triggered the infection. The peroxide douche is also helpful, though I wouldn't use it just by itself as a remedy. It seems to be a temporary fix. When I combined it with my aforementioned remedy, it seemed to speed up the cure process. Within the first day of using the four capsule dose and one tablet of 800mg folic acid, the odor and discharge were gone. I used the peroxide to flush out the area initially before taking the pills. It did wonders for me, and I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Pahlee (Phila, Pa) on 10/22/2009

Hi, I just read recently that full strength of h202 might be beneficial for us, I have been diluting it with h20 but found out that h202 has already been reduced down to 3%, this is my first night of full strength, so I will get back and do another post in about 2 or 3 days, good luck ladies

Posted by El123 (New York, Ny) on 09/20/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I read what you all have written on this site, and I noticed that I usually get BV after having sex. I had one partner for 2.5 years and making sure that he cleaned his penis prior to sex pretty much stopped the BV. I had a new partner and got BV immediatley. I bought acidophilus chewable tabs by accident but was desperate. I inserted one and and noticed about 2 hours later the smell was gone. I inserted another one before bed and still no smell. No bleeding or anything. Only problem now is that I still have some slight itching and irritation around the vagina as well as swelling. now it feels like a yeast infection without all of the discharge.

Posted by Angela (Vancouver, BC Canada) on 12/20/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with BV for 4 years without fully understanding what is was. There was always an odour and a milky discharge. I notices when I was with one of my boyfriends, after sex it actually burned to the point I had to place a cool damp cloth over my vagina. I recently had an ear infection of all things and my doctor put me on a form of anti biotics. My theory about antibiotics....they kill all the bacteria. I was finished with the pills and a few days later this horrible itching started. From the clitoris to my vagina. At first I thought it was a yeast infection so i went bought good ol stand by drug store antifungal cream. It made it worse. SO muchw worse. I went to the health food store and asked what could possibly help or stop the itching and she gave me some ionize silver soloution. Which is also an antibacterial solution. Was better for about 24 hours. I read through all of the posts the acidophilus would help. Strangely I have some in my fridge that I had gotten to help with cronic uti's. It's 11 biillion plus with 10 cultures in it. I took 4 this morning and put one directly into my vagina. It feels much better now but the clitoral itching is still there. I am going to go out and buy folic acid today and some peroxide. I am just wondering if there is anything else anyone has tried to stop the vulvular itching? This site is amazing! It is always the case that women have to pull together to figure out the issue and how to fix it! Thanks so much everyone who has posted on this site!!!!!

Posted by MARIA (LANSING, MI) on 09/28/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Well im glad that im not the only woman in the world struggling with this crap. nice to meet everyone, anyhow, i started takng acidopholus like two months or so ago from reading different websites, i would have to say ive been dealing with recurrent bv since i was 19 and im 25 now, my doctor says its because of my hormone levels and the fact that i dont take proper bacterial precautions before having sex, i also where tight clothes and the wrong underwair. well after thorough investigation of how to cure this without taking meds, because i hate pills and cream and gels, i bought some acv, well i did bath in it and it didnt work completely, so i figured it was because i only did it once, so for the last two nights i have been mixing acv and plain yogurt together and inserting. there wasnt a drastic change yesterday when i went through the day so i did it again last night and douched with acv this morning,well i shall see what the outcome will be, i plan on doing this for the next 5 days and see what happens, im also taikng 3 billion live bacteria 3 times a day which is 9billion/5 strains of an acidopholis pill. i will keep you lades posted on my progress. thank you to the people that created this website, i feel so good and comfortable talking about this now. oh make sure when you ladies are purchasing the acv, that it is organic and raw and unfiltered,the other kind wont do any justice, "so ive been told".

Posted by Jill (Nc) on 11/25/2013 89 posts

I have had a cranky crotch on and off for years. I found using Nutrogena soap in the area to be soothing - as my doc recommended. Also use your finger tips to clean the area and NOT scrub with a wash cloth. Taking extra acidophilus would be fine. Years ago I used to douche with yogurt too..... unflavored of course....

Posted by Nicole (Iowa, US) on 01/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

bo, I was struggling too!! But I fixed it overnight. Its awesome.. and yes douche with half and half of hydrogen peroxide 3% and half water.. slowly put it in. And I just used an old shampoo bottle (cleaned first of course). And once its in try to hold it n for 30 seconds like your holding in your pee.. then release. Do this until the mixture is on. I did this in my tub BTW. And yes its gross but you may see little white stuff come out of you that smells foul.. this is good!! Then after your done with that rinse out a couple times fast to lush out the dead yeast. Then insert 1 acidolpus pill into your vagina!! Its that simple!! Its awesome please try it!

Posted by Caligirl (California) on 09/02/2013

I cannot mention it but buy a strong one... 90 billion active probiotics in it. The key is to take more. Most will tell you to take one a day... I took two in the morning and two at night. The femd only had 5 billion and didn't help for me.

Posted by Rs (Ca) on 02/08/2014

Hello. I have had BV for about 5-7 years. There is no cure. In the beginning I thought I had chronic yeast infections and tried all the over-the-counter medications which only made it worse. Then I turned to a holistic approach and did some homework on BV. The medical world has no idea what causes it and it is not a sexually related disease. Women who have never had sex have BV, so that point has already been proven. I was miserable and felt like I would never have my sex life back again. After trying oral probiotics (which DO help a LOT but not on their own), yogurt douches, H202 douches, ACV douches, vaginal probiotics, and countless other things, I found and read about boric acid capsules. Most women dont know that you can get a prescription from your doctor and take it a pharmacy and have them made. This is the ONLY thing that has relieved my BV and kept it under control for the past 2 years. I make my own capsules by buying boric acid online from Amazon (you can also buy it at any pharmacy over the counter) and gelatin vegan capsules and make my own capsules at home for just pennies each. I buy the size 00 gelatin vegan empty capsules, fill them with boric acid and store them in a dark cool cabinet. I insert one capsule vaginally every night before bed for 7-10 nights or until the symptoms have subsided. These capsules work IMMEDIATELY and you have relief very fast. After your initial symptoms have been relieved, use the suppositories every other night to keep things at bay, and when you feel the slightest twinge of that "feeling" coming back or that smell, insert a capsule. You will need to wear a panty liner the next morning because the capsule kind of dissolves releasing the boric acid and it will leak out of your vagina. Its not a large amount but you will need a panty liner. I have invested in mass quantities of panty liners. Let me tell you that I was terrified to put boric acid into my vagina. It is rat/roach poison, but what it does when inserted into the vagina is it suffocates the bad bacteria and it dies, therefore leaving you one happy girl. In combination with the suppositories I also take B-12 every day and 3, 200 micrograms of folic acid daily. I have made it my mission to tell everyone about boric acid capsules for BV. Your doctor wont tell you because they support pharmaceutical companies and would rather keep you in a vicious cycle of antibiotics, creams, and worthless suppositories. BV is a nasty nasty bacteria that has no known cause or cure. Many women have it and mistake if for a yeast infection which is why it never goes away and keeps coming back. Please give this remedy a try. You will not regret it. Ask your doctor about this if you dont take my word for it. Good luck and feel free to email me.

Posted by Vi (Los Angeles, California, USA) on 05/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello there, after battling with BV (foul vaginal odor) for a year or two, after the birth of my second child, I finally found this wonderful website and decided to try the Folic Acid with Acidophilis regiment. I can't belive it but by the second day that horible smell I have been living with is gone!!! Thank you for this amazing website and all the feedback and help that people offer on it! You are all wonderful, but most of all the person who put this site together is a saint! Thank you! V

Posted by Dee (Wixom, Michigan, United States) on 12/22/2011

Baking soda is alkaline and apple cider vinegar is acidic. So it seems pointless to combine them.

Posted by Jaxblkchic (Jacksonville, Fl) on 09/05/2009

I was reading everyones responses on the site to cure BV. Ive had this for a few years but never really red up on it. I just took my docs advise / medicine. I always thought it was b/c I was sexually active. I finally realize its just my body. I went to the store and bought the acidophilus and took 2 this morning, the another again a few minutes ago.Totaling 3 on the first day. The odor isn't that strong anymore, but is still there. I am also going to try the peroxide and H20 half and half in a seringe. Hopefully this works.

Posted by Tracers39 (Indiana, Usa) on 07/31/2011

Like many of you, I too suffer from Chronic BV. I have gone to the same Gyno for years now and have tested negative for STD's. I do have a thyroid issue and an auto immune dissorder called Graves. I have often wondered if the two could be related in some strange way, though my Gyno assures me that isn't possible.

I don't really think they know one way or the other because not enough research has been done to find out the root cause, and definately not enough open minds who are willing to accept that however improbable, once all the other possibilities have been exhausted, must be the truth.

I've always believed that if you get to the root of the issue the symptoms will vanish, if the root is fixable. This brings me here.

Since I've delt with this for a year now, I've gone through the same obstical course with ani-biotics, gels, douches, yogurt, and several brands of Pro-biotic. It always comes back. The smell changes now and then but it's still BV.

I had recently gotten over a nasty cold which had me on 3 different anti-biotics for a full month. It pretty much took care of the BV for longer than anything else had. During that time I was eating Probiotics like candy and it seemed to reallly keep the BV away for a full month after I stopped taking the antibiotics....... But it still came back. However, this time it seems less sevear as it was before.

I've upped my dose and will try inserting a tablet direclty into my vagina and will add Folic acid to everything else. I've also started taking the BV capsules again, the kind with Borax in them. If this doesn't work I'm going to try adding a good Pre-biotic in combination with everything else. It seems silly to inundate your system with the good bacteria you need and then not give them the support they need to flourish. I've been told by my Gyno that it wouldn't do much good to add the pre-biotic, but then again they can't get rid of my BV either.

We shall see.

Posted by Sarah (Dothan, AL) on 07/15/2008

I have been having problems with BV for as long as I can remember, and I very seldom have fishy odor(sometimes after sex, but not always). But I do have a strong odor, especially after working and sweating all day. So you probably haven't been mis diagnosed, just lucky enough not to have to deal with fishy smell. :)

Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 01/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have done so many re-searches I almost gave up, my Dr. kept telling me I had a yeast infection, another Dr.told me different etc. I was constantly and continuously given anitbiotics until for some reason they stopped working and/or it reversed the cause, I came very close to having a heart attack because of over use of antibiotics. I have recently found I have a fungal virus, I have been treating my problem with pro-biotics then moved onto Siggi's 100% acidophilus and inserted it into my vagina with a small syringe (with-out needle) I feel great already. One of my younger sisters died from brain cancer/mold, my older brother (Toxins) mold died & two of my nephews died from cancer/mold, my aunt in her mid-eighties turned black like charcoal/mold. She too died. My older brother died in his fifties from a heart attack/mold. This is what doctors will not tell us.

Posted by Michelle (Marysville Ca) on 11/29/2015

I know that your post is way back in 2013 but to answer your question, you can get a liquid acidophilus at Walgreens and Raley's. It's not gross, you just drink a little bit, like maybe as much as you would a liquid cough medicine .

Posted by Healthyh (Austin, Texas, Usa) on 07/09/2013

I am so happy to have found this website. I have felt like such an outcast for so long because of my BV. It's not something you typically talk about to your friends and honestly who wants to openly admit that they have issues with smelling... Down there? and I mean I have been struggling with this issue for years. It's destroyed my confidence and has really done a number on me psyche lol. Anyways today I am starting the Acidophilus treatment. I bought one that has 14 billion cultures and I inserted 3 today and will do 2 tomorrow and 1 the following day. I also am taking echinacea/goldenseal orally. So hopefully this will have some effect and I'll be able to return here with positive results. Thanks everyone for all the helpful comments I wouldn't know where to start otherwise.

Posted by Christina (Dallas) on 09/01/2013

The probiotic that the previous poster is talking about starts with the word FEMD... It is made especially for females. I don't think we are allowed to mention brand names. It is refrigerated and available to buy at health food stores. This is the best one for bacterial vaginosis, Anytime I have bacterial vaginosis I take this and folic acid together twice a day until it clears up. Probably for about a week.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/09/2014

Hello RS from CA...

You say you're on a mission to tell the world about Boric acid. Boric is certainly multi purpose for killing bacteria.

I like it when folks are working to help others. Question for you: The bacteria keeps coming back and the Boric acid in capsules works topically to rid the problem in the immediate.

Apparently the bacteria is still floating around in the system and finds its way back to the problem area. One might consider using colloidal silver (at least two tablespoons daily) on empty stomach for a month or so to see if the CS can knock out the bacteria system wide?

I am on a mission to tell the world about the benefits of CS (and am totally open to any other anti bacterial/viral/ fungal that is helpful along the same lines). I am also very fond of the herb Echinacea. That herb in liquid form used for a few weeks (five drops in glass of water three times daily) would also help knock out a bacterial infection system wide.

Posted by Caligirl (Bakersfield, Ca) on 03/11/2014

I have sort of stumbled across something else that has really helped me. I have noticed if I try to lower the dose on probiotics the symptoms begin to return and taking that many is expensive so thought I would share! I began drinking a half lemon in warm water when I first wake up (for other health reasons) and noticed the odor is once again gone. I lowered my dose down to a normal intake of probiotic and as long as I am drinking the lemon water daily there is no problems! All I do is a half lemon in warm water (prob about 8ou) and sometimes I add a little honey for taste then wait a half hour or so before I have coffee or food. This is so inexpensive and is really easy to do even if you are traveling or something you can get a warm mug of water and a side of lemons anywhere!

Posted by T (Pa) on 11/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, you are giving it back to each other. Have him take the Acidophilus as well. I have experienced this issue also.

Posted by Garlicme (Toronto, On, Can) on 06/25/2012

Hello Ladies, This is the first time I'm posting here. I have gotten so much amazing information on many things from this site and I thank all of you so much for sharing.

I have been, for the first time, confronted with BV. I had no idea it could be like this. Nonetheless, I am a natural healer, and energy healer, I have done lots of research on this and have tried a few things. What I determined was this post below that I copied from somewhere else makes a lot of sense. You might have seen it elsewhere.

The few things I would add, mostly relating to number 4 on the list below, the actual cause of our BV, is it is important that our immune systems be functioning well. It could be that the reason we are not completely cured YET is because we need to boost our immune system.

Yes, diet does play a huge role in this, in boosting our immune systems. So no sugar, coffee, alcohol, eat lots of greens, fresh fruit, veggies and whole food, stop wheat and dairy for a while to see if it might be an allergy, then reintroduce slowly one at a time once you are better. Consider doing a cleanse. Give your body the time and rest it needs to recuperate.

I have endometriosis, so this was tricky for me, and I didn't put 2 and 2 together until after I went through the gamut of remedies and they didn't provide lasting results. I got a bladder infection, and yeast (from the antibiotics, no doubt) at the same time as the BV so couldn't tell what was what. I was so bloated! Everything was swollen down there and I felt the urge to urinate all the time, not to mention the other weird feelings and smell down there.

So, when I first started seeing lasting results was when I took measures to boost my immune system. The probiotics weren't doing it, the vinegar and yogurt gave temporary relief only, but these remedies which treat the symptoms of BV DO work. It's our immune system that either can or cannot support us once all is back to normal, I. E. : we've rebalanced our vaginal flora. So, the recurring BV is our body's way of telling us we need to address something else in our body, and, most likely, in our life.

So, to re-energize my immune system I took a vegan whole food health optimizer, a powder I mixed with water. Find out what will work for you, multi-vitamins, greens, herbs like Goldenseal, iron, B-complex--all good. There is so much out there. Inform yourselves, and go with what resonates with you and your own unique body ways.

I started taking shiitaki maitake mushroom capsules which I've taken in the past to stimulate my immune system. It works for me. I also take coconut oil, 1 to 2 tbs per day. My energy is coming back up.

I inserted garlic vaginally at night before bed for five nights. I probably could have gone longer for it to work fully on the BV, but stopped when I thought I would go for further tests and, just in case, I didn't want the garlic to interfere with the test results (I don't know if it will). In the end, I decided not to go for tests just yet, thinking "healer, heal thyself first, " and with a couple of days off the garlic, I noticed the yeast infection was gone.

So, the white, thick discharge (yeast) vanished within two days, but a hint of the BV odour was still present. I also ate lots of fresh garlic.

Healing, I had forgotten in my temporarily discouraged state when I felt the symptoms still hovering, works like a wave. Up and down for a while, then it slowly starts to straighten out, waves of feeling better last longer, and waves of symptoms tell us whether to continue or modify or stop our treatments. When my body talks to me, I listen.

It is important to stay positive and trust your own healing process. Meditate, or do yoga, dance, or participate in physical activity that pleases you. Be kind to yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself with all the love and compassion you can muster that you love yourself--no matter what! Do that everyday. You are not your symptoms. You are healing.

If you are so discouraged, as I know many are, please get some help, see a therapist or natural healer for support. The path to healing can be long, but can be made so much more enlightening with the right people by our side.

Good luck sisters! Thank you and many blessings of health, wealth and happiness to you.

I also want to thank the author of this post excerpt I pasted below for all her research and sharing. My comments are included in square brackets.


1. Kill bad bacteria

2. Make environment in vagina more acidic.

3. Re-introduce good bacteria.

4. Find out what is causing yours and prevent. This is a mystery, I think there may be more to BV than what we currently know. There are Soooooo many ways your ph can become unbalanced and cause this. Educate yourself as much as possible and try to figure out your why. [I found it was my immune system that needed a boost.]

The tools I have found that seem to work the best for the most people are these: (I will tell you how to use each) You can find all of this at a health food store.

1.Hydrogen Peroxide [I did not try this]

2.Folic Acid

3.Tea Tree Oil

4.Apple Cider Vinegar


1.Peroxide-Good all around cleasing agent. The bad bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in the absence of oxygen. The good bacteria are aerobic, the opposite. Peroxide floods the vagina with an environment that the bad stuff hates.

2.Folic Acid-I don't know why or really if this actually works, but a LOT of women swear by it and it can't hurt you-so why not. If anyone has more info on why Folic acid works please let me know.

3.Tea Tree Oil- This is a great natural TOPICAL antibiotic. There are others also, but Tea Tree is easy to come by and inexpensive and goes a long way.

4.Apple Cider Vinegar-This is a natural, inexpensive acid. Some gals insist on getting the kind with the "mother". You can find this at natural food stores.

5.Probiotics- I cannot (because this would be unbearibly long) go into all the details of the various strains of bacteria that should be living in your vagina. There is soooo much info out there to read on this(and I suggest you do)So I'm going to be VERY basic. Lactobacillus Acidolphis is one of the strains you need and can be easliy bought and administered.
OK, now for actual treatment. Other tools you will need other than the ones listed above are-

1. A small syringe. Get the type that has a bulb on the end. Designed for giving children medicine. Looks like a large eye dropper or a tiny turkey baster. Found mine at Wallgreens.

2. Tampons- get the kind that have different sizes. You will use the small tampon in the large applicator.

How to use these tools for treatment: Take 800 mg of Folic Acid in the morning and 400mg at night.
You can rinse with the Peroxide first or anytime the discharge is bad. I found no problem with using it full strength. You can dilute if it bothers you. Draw it up into the syringe, insert as you would a tampon and squeeze it out while the syringe is inside. You can repeat this a couple of times. [Folic acid did not seem to work for me].

Tea Tree Oil. This is where you use the tampons. Take out a small one and a large one, remove both tampons from their applicators. Throw out the small applicator and the large tampon. The reason you are doing this is(duh) a tampon swells when it is wet, so you have to get it saturated with oil THEN insert. Use the syringe to draw up some of the oil. Saturate the small tampon with the oil. Place the tampon in the large applicator and insert. Leave in for up to 3 hrs. This is the A-Bomb for the bad bacteria! Take out and wait a few hours before the vinegar. [I, instead, dripped a few drops of sweet almond oil onto the tip of the tampon, then about 5 drops of tea tree oil, inserted tampon and left in for 2hr45mins. Also gently rubbed same mixture around the outside.]

Vinegar. I found that the vinegar will burn if you do not dilute heavily. Find a level that is comfortable for you. You can either use your diluted mixture to rinse inside as you did with the peroxide or can saturate a tampon as you did with the oil. This will bring your Ph over to the acid side and make it a nice place for the good stuff to grow.

Acidophilus. This one has the most latitude. Probiotics come in capsules, tablets, "liquid", and in various foods. Most strains cannot migrate from your digestive tract to your vagina. Sooooo, the best way to adminiser these babies is to put them right where they need to be. I found that the capsules didn't disolve in the vagina as they would in the stomach, so I found an Acidophilus that is in a kind of liquid form. It actually looks like a runny yogurt. This is an easy method to get the little guys where they need to be. Use the syringe and insert a couple of teaspoons inside. I found it best to use the Peroxide, Oil, and Vinegar during the day and the acidophilus in the evening before bed. That way it's not so messy (put on a pair of COTTON undies) also allows the whole night for them to multiply. As for taking probiotics orally, certianly can't hurt and may help a lot. So take them orally in conjuction with vaginally.

I had results from this treatment plan in one day. I hope to get some feedback with others experiences. Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps. This is such an awful problem and there aren't that many real answers out there.

Posted by Mary (Oconomowoc, Wi, Usa) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you ladies and Earth Clinic. I'm 40, and had my first symptoms of BV 2 1/2 months ago after a round of antibiotic and a new partner. I have had NO SYMPTOMS at all since I combined a multivitamin that is FORMULATED for women (400 mcg of Folic Acid) and 50 Billion acidophilus. The KEY is not to get regular, or even refrigerated acidophilus because your body will digest it in the stomach and very little gets to the place it needs to repopulate the flora. I tried regular stuff at first and it helped but did not cure. Buy the delayed release acidophilus which sold at health stores for vaginal health. This acidophilus gets digested in the intestines and WILL repopulate the good flora. Thanks to all that posted, and good luck to everyone. No one should have to have this problem ongoing.

Posted by Amy (Deltona, Fl) on 10/11/2011

Try fem-dophilus. The acidophilus will not work. Buy fem-dophilus, and insert one every night for 3 nights, and take two by mouth every day for 1 month. After day 2 or 3 it will be gone for good. Promise! Good luck. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle.

Posted by Cate (Auckland, New Zealand) on 11/14/2011

Hi guys! I had never even thought I had BV until I decided that the foul fish smell from between my legs was certainly not normal! I have done a bit of research and have come across this site and I'm wondering if any of you fabulous ladies could give me some advice...

Here's the thing, I'm only 16 and have never had sex etc. If I do have BV, which I suspect I do as I have the odour but not the itching, then I have had for about 6 months. I live in the southern hemisphere and with summer approaching, I do not want this problem persisting! Being only 16, my access to resources is more limited and I'm waaay too embarassed to ask my mum for help so I think I'm going to treat this on my own!

From what I have gathered, acidophilus pills are good (what was the size needed? 1 billion?) and using plain yoghurt on a tampon. I also saw a post about apple cider vinegar baths, is this any good?

I'm only 16 and this is causing me self confidence issues. If I can hit this BV on the head, I would be so much happier and less worried about being different!

Any help and all help is so appreciated and thank you in advance!

Posted by Amy (Deltona, Fl) on 09/23/2011


Posted by Mandy (Ny) on 10/21/2011

I used the Vh essensials it did nothing for me, seemed like a waste of 25 bucks and I bought the pills, I'm so down I do not know what to do, I do not intend to smell like fish for my whole life!!! You know what I hate most, when they say BV is very "common"- no a cold is common, because never in my whole 42 years have I heard of bv, there should be so much more info about this and prevention, I got this from douching and bam blew my balance off, I'm a clean person like I said and to smell like fish is depressing, it is taking my life over, I have a 10 year old and when she wants to play, I do not because my mood is bad because of this crap:((

Anyway I was watching some DR. OZ video he talked and different vaginal problems and he mentioned this one and he said vitamin D is good to help this, that is the only vitamin I never tried so u know Im gonna get it tomorrow!!! If he said it I believe him:))also someone esle mention nature made gelcaps for women got rid of her bv, so Im buying that too, I tried everything esle here and NOTHING worked, maybe my body is too alkaline, I dunno, I changed my diet, I'm trying so hard not to lose my mind, I will post next week to tell you guys how everything here, I'm not douching with peroxide, I think it is bad idea and caused a yeast infection for me and I do not need another headache, good luck, we are not fish we are women!!

Posted by Angela (Allen, Texas) on 04/11/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I just want to say that this forum has saved my life. I've suffered from BV for at least 5 years without truly understanding what was wrong with me. At first, I thought it was a really bad yeast infection. OTC medicine didn't work. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor, too embarrassed to talk about it and boy; was sex a chore! The prepping it took to "feel" clean took all of the enjoyment out of the act. Would my boyfriend smell anything? Was I clean enough? I would quickly hop out of bed and run to the shower. No cuddling for me. The odor was putrid and the discharge amazingly heavy. I hopped online and found my diagnosis... now, what to do? After more searching, I came across this site. I burst into tears when I read all of the testimonies and feedback. I couldn't believe that there was a glimmer of hope for me. I immediately ran out and picked up peroxide, acidophilus (1 billion) and some distilled water. First, I douched with a quart of distilled water mixed with 3 tablespoons of peroxide (3%). Then, I took 2 pills orally and one vaginally. Put on a panty liner and waited for discharge and odor. The next morning when I awoke, there was nothing! When I say nothing, I mean nothing. I was in shock! Absolutely amazed. I understand that douching isn't really good for you and will only do it maybe once every 3 weeks. I've taken two pills orally and one vaginally for the past three days and the only side effect I've had is a little spotting. I think I will cut back to one orally, once a day and one vaginally.

I just want to say that this forum is a Godsend and I am SO appreciative of all of the great feedback. Thank you ladies!!

Posted by T-rox (Flint, Mi) on 10/06/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Ive been trying the folic/acidophilus combo for maybe a week now. At first I started taking 2 400 folic and 1 acidophilus. wasnt changing. so I startd takn 3 folic twice a day & inserting the acidophilus vaginally. Putting the Acidophilus in really made the difference, but the very next day it was back.The acidophilus insert is good except the discharge of the capsule is more gross than the bv discharge ( w/o the funky smell, its just like a **** my pants frm my vagina) I dont wanna keep havin to insert that everyday! Ive tried the peroxide and it really didnt help. None of this seems to wrk. I think Ill try taking 2 acidophilus 3x a day cutting the folic down to just maybe 400 1x day. If anyone has any other advice on how much stuff I should take then pls let me knw! Im gettin desperate & dont wanna go to the Dr.s

Posted by Nancy (Indianapolis, In) on 06/17/2010

Joc and others...thank goodness I have found this site! I too am desperate to find a homeopathic/ natural cure for BV. I have had 3-4 BV cases a year for the last 5 years and am so tired of the odor and moistness that seems to come with this "fun" condition. SIGH. Joc, I too have noticed the vaginal gas or "farts"...embarassing I know, but that's how I know I have a BV infection...and have described it to my gyno that way as well when asked why I'm suspicious that I have BV. Same thing happens to me...when I sit to pee...I feel like gas bubbles are being expelled. My theory is that the bad bacteria are making gas as they are growing and growing??? Going to try the various treatments described out here, Folic acid, hydrogen peroxide, increasing dose of l. acidophilus, B12, etc. Thanks for the idea and sharing ladies!