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Turmeric for HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa)

| Modified on May 04, 2024
Turmeric Cure for HS

As a particularly progressive condition, it is often difficult to find a treatment that works effectively for hidradenitis supparativa. However, we have discovered a new treatment that will help you get your life and mainly your healthy skin back. Turmeric is an age-old medical treatment that has been used for treating a number of different conditions and is just as effective for treating HS.

What Is Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa, also known as HS, is a chronic skin condition that is related to acne. However, the condition is typically considered inverse acne. The condition is characterized by the presence of pea- to marble-sized lumps that form beneath the skin. The lumps typically form in areas in which the skin rubs together such as the armpits, groin, between the buttocks, and under the breasts.

The condition can be particularly painful and even embarrassing. Lumps are often painful and eventually break open draining a foul-smelling puss. The condition often begins after puberty and progresses or worsens with time.

How Does Turmeric Help?

One of the most important factors for treating HS is early diagnosis. The sooner the condition is identified, the sooner it can be treated. In any case, however, turmeric is an effective treatment option. The spice functions to naturally eradicate the underlying cause of the condition and to soothe and heal the skin.

How turmeric works:

Turmeric is a potent spice with powerful medicinal properties. Turmeric contains an active compound known as curcumin. This compound functions as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent as well as a regulatory compound. As such, turmeric relieves the inflammation associated with HS, helps to eliminate any associated bacteria, and balances the hormones in the body to successfully treat the condition.

How to use turmeric:

Turmeric is used as an internal treatment. While you may prefer turmeric capsules, you can also simply take 1 teaspoon of powdered turmeric in 1/4 cup of water three times a day. You may also want to try diluting the turmeric in warm almond, rice, or regular dairy milk.

Keep reading below to for tips from our readers who successfully used turmeric to heal HS boils.

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Posted by Varun (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 12/25/2021

Hi All,

Even I was diagnosed with HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) in Dec, it basically started in under my left arm with lumps and the pain is real.. Then doctor did perform local incision and removed it and it was all good for a week and then I started doing research as he told it would return as it's chronic. So I found this site a week back and at the same time and another lump was forming in my right arm, I immediately started taking Turmeric with water, lump size has been reducing and pain is very minimal, probably it will cure in next couple of days. But do not hesitate to take Turmeric and start using Turmeric soaps, if possible or you can also try Turmeric tablets by Himalaya Health care known as "Haridra". Hope more people know this and start using it in their diet immediately once they diagnose with HS.

Replied by BevilNC

DMSO is excellent and works fast for HS outbreaks...try putting it on then putting the turmeric on top of it as it will carry in through the skin. Also crushing up a plain uncoated aspirin real fine and adding to DMSO applied topically will reduce swelling and pain very quickly.

Replied by Shawny
(St. Louis, MO)

Hello. I've self diagnosed myself with HS and it's gotten progressively worse. I believe my first boil was about 12yrs ago. No doctors have offered anything that helps. I'm glad I came across this site. I want try to eliminate the carbs and dairy from my diet but also want to make a turmeric paste to put on the genital area where my problem is. I would also like to ingest turmeric. My question is, is it best to buy the powder and mix it with water to drink or take capsules?

Mama to Many

Dear Shawny,

I have used turmeric capsules and the powder. It's really just personal preference. It doesn't mix well with water though.

You could try the Golden Milk, aka turmeric tea, if you want to use powder.

I get Turmeric capsules from Costco for convenience. They even come with some black pepper already mixed in which helps to potentate it.

You may find that dietary changes (I assume you will be avoiding sugar as well?) and internal turmeric alone may be sufficient to solve your problem. Be aware that if you use turmeric topically it is pretty messy and can stain clothes. You could try internal remedies and then add the topical if needed.

I would consider adding vitamin C to your regime also.

Keep us posted on your progress!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Aldo (Charlotte, Nc) on 11/11/2017

This helped. No bull. Gt yourself good quality TUMERIC - I used it as a paste and took it 2 x a day 400MG - I purchased a well known brand at Whole foods and is working. Knock on wood - let's hope it continues to work.

Replied by Eric

I seem to have the early stages. I have sms bumps that are slightly firm. Usually our calamine lotion on it and it starts to go away... but it seems to be slightly worse today then normal. I just bought some of that turmeric. It's 500mg. So I'm guessing take one a day? Also... since its early...am I crazy to hope this will keep them from getting to the open sore stage? Any ideas or help would be awesome. This honestly kinda scares the hell out of me lol.

Eric G

Replied by Tina

I was given an antibiotic yesterday for a issue that I had under my arm pit. I went to the Dr twice but each time I got to finally see the Dr, they were drying up. well then after flare ups only in my right arm pit, I had a break out under my left breast. two weeks later on my way home from work, I noticed some itching in my groin are and lower tummy area. I got home and had a small rash. Next morning I had the blisters in my panty line and on my tummy, and JUST so happened to have a Dr appt. he finally got to see them. I guess he put 2 and 2 together and put me on a antibiotic. My daughter told me after talking about it that she googled my symptoms and came up with the H.S.

At 4:30 am I start looking it up and found this site. We cook a lot with turmeric but am going to start drinking it. Thank you so much for all your posts!!!

Replied by Mona B.

Hi, Eric -

I have found that taking turmeric regularly helps. You should also wash the affected areas every single morning with 10% benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria daily. You can find acne washes at drug stories for less than $10. You should see a dermatologist who understands the condition and perhaps get on a antibiotic. The newest thing in the field is laser hair removal in affected areas. While home remedies are great for day to day management, seeing a dermatologist is so important. I hope you are able to manage the condition!

-Mona B.

Posted by Haley Jason (Seattle, Wa) on 10/25/2017

I am so incredibly grateful I found this site! Just last week I was told I had HS after developing my first boil in my underarm. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced, I couldn't work out, put away dishes or even get dressed without wincing in pain at its worst. I was given a topical antibiotic and an oral antibiotic 6 days later with no improvement whatsoever. I was searching for anything that could provide some relief. I made a turmeric paste with honey and left it on overnight. Woke up the next morning to find it had formed a head and began draining on its own.The pain was gone almost instantaneously. 48 hours later and it looks like it is almost back to normal!! Incredible!

Does anyone have any tips for making sure that it does not come back?

Replied by Leilanie

How about just taking a couple of turmeric capsules every day as a preventative?

Replied by Kavs

I have suffered from HS for 9 yrs. Turmeric is definitely a life saver. I would suggest take homeopathic treatment. If you find any Homeopathic Dr in your area. No other treatment works.

Replied by Ian

Hi, I've recently started to scour the internet for lifestyle changes I could use to alleviate my flare ups. The turmeric paste is great and turmeric in general. I feel it has warded off the worst symptoms for me.

But I wanted to find causes rather than treatments. One cause that struck home with me was what I ate. It appears carbs, through bread, potatoes and some other vegetables can cause insulin spikes which tends to lead to insulin resistance. It's the resistance that causes inflammation in our body and has been linked to hs flareups. My plan is to quit unnecessary carbs, maybe all carbs temporarily, and lean toward a Mediterranean diet. These dietary changes are new to me and I hope they work for me. I love bread.

Replied by Mandy
(Oshkosh, WI)

Make golden milk or golden tea & drink daily. I too, have struggled with HS in my armpit & groin area.

Posted by Happy2be (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/22/2017

I have suffered from HS since I was about 11 or 12 years old and I am now 47. Back then, my mom thought I was allergic to deodorants because I would get these large cyst like boils on my armpits. If two or three cysts were close enough, they would combine into a mass. It was very painful and also embarrassing. Like others, they would eventually erupt and drain puss. Sometimes it would take a while for the open boil to close back up. It got so bad with one armpit, I had surgery to remove the sweat glands! That gave me relief for several years. Fast forward to my late 30s, I learned this condition had a name! I began getting the HS cysts in my pubic area and between my buttocks treated by dermatologist with prescription creams and for especially stubborn cysts, painful shots in this sensitive area. I was miserable. By age 40, I underwent surgery to remove a HS large cyst that would not heal on my panty line. Around age 45, I fell in love with a curry chicken salad recipe and began making it. Eventually, I noticed that when I ate curry, it seemed to calm the HS. I did some quick online research and learned that turmeric (which is in curry) is an anti inflammatory. I began taking it a few times a week and have been so happy to have found something natural to help with this. I only wish I knew sooner.

Replied by Talassis

Turmeric & black pepper is a wonderful combination for treatment of any tumour related illnesses & many more. Black pepper is the carrier to the cells. 1tsp of each in hot water as a tea. No honey should be added.

Replied by Reneej

I have had HS for 11 years. Mine started when I was 36 and had to have a hysterectomy. Not sure if it has anything to do with it or just a coincidence. I didn't know what was wrong with me for years I just thought it was boils in the crease of my leg (groin area) and thought they did not heal for a while because the elastic of my panties were rubbing it. I didnt know there was a name for it until I heard a commercial on pandora about three weeks ago and I made a appointment with a dermatologist. When she put me on antibiotics and said I would have to take them for the rest of my life I didn't know what to think except this can't be right who takes antibiotics for the rest of their lives. I also have Gerd and a inflamed stomach. I had started looking at the long term side effects of the Nexium and the antibiotic and said nope it's not worth all of this in the long run so I started looking for natural ways to cure my Gerd and came across a story that said gerd and HS might be connected and then I came across this site and I went straight to the store and bought some turmeric. I fixed 1/2 tsp in a glass of water and I also made a paste with it too. Crossing my fingers and praying to the Lord above that this actually works. I will let everyone knows if it does.

Posted by Hopeful1975 (Michigan) on 06/30/2017

It is interesting to read so many of you here who are like me! I have suffered with HS for as long as I can remember(at least 12 y/o) and I'm now 41. My daughters both 19 and 17 experience breakouts as well so its safe to assume that it could be hereditary. I have taken turmeric for other concerns (fibroids) and never really made the connection that my flare-ups were not as bad when I was taking the turmeric supplement (only 1x day). Now hearing you all and the amazing stories that you have about less flare-ups with consistent use, I'm now going to be more consistent. I will be sure to come back and update.

About me: I have the nickel size boils under one of my arms which does nothing but drain for the past year. I have multiple ones at my panty line which go from really intense stinging to intense itching depending on the day. I am vey excited to try the turmeric salve (turmeric, coconut oil, evoo, black pepper and tea-tree oil) at night and more dosages of the turmeric (at least 4x a day). I'll report back in about a month to let you all know the results!

Replied by Pinkbear
(Los Angeles)

So how did it go? Did it work?

Posted by Hopeful1975 (Michigan) on 06/30/2017

It is interesting to read so many of you here who are like me! I have suffered with HS for as long as I can remember(at least 12 y/o) and I'm now 41. My daughters both 19 and 17 experience breakouts as well so its safe to assume that it could be hereditary. I have taken turmeric for other concerns (fibroids) and never really made the connection that my flare-ups were not as bad when I was taking the turmeric supplement (only 1x day). Now hearing you all and the amazing stories that you have about less flare-ups with consistent use, I'm now going to be more consistent. I will be sure to come back and update. About me: I have the nickel size boils under one of my arms which does nothing but drain for the past year. I have multiple ones at my panty line which go from really intense stinging to intense itching depending on the day. I am vey excited to try the turmeric salve (turmeric, coconut oil, evoo, black pepper and tea-tree oil) at night and more dosages of the turmeric (at least 4x a day). I'll report back in about a month to let you all know the results!

Posted by Laurel (Richmond, Va, Usa) on 11/01/2016

I've had HS for 7 years. It appeared when I was 14 and has been going through flare ups and remissions ever since. From what I have read, I have a mild case; one reoccurring boil on the groin area, which has slowly created tracks under the skin. I have had surgery twice, both times have failed to prevent it from reforming, and the scar tissue is pretty ugly. Nothing has cleared up the boil like turmeric has. I am currently recovering from a flare up that lasted months. The boil would be draining constantly and it made it very hard to even walk to classes. I went on this website and read about taking turmeric and immediately fixed myself a glass of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of the stuff. I added agave and it went down alright. I also mixed some into a paste and applied it topically for the day and put down a panty liner to keep it from staining my clothes. To be honest, it burned like hell. I tried to do the same thing the following day but the smell and taste of it nearly made me gag and I couldn't make it through the whole glass I prepared. I went to a local health food grocery store and bought some turmeric capsules instead and have been taking them for 6 days now along with my daily dosage of 40 mg of zinc which I have found helps a bit too. The boil has completely healed. The swelling and pain are gone and it's almost the same color as the surrounding skin now. There's only a bit of itching from the healing now but even that has gone down over the course of the day.

Replied by Swati
(Rourkela, Odisha)

Hi, I know you may not be knowing me but I need your help badly. I do suffer from HS since last 5 year. I am just 17 and my mental condition you can understand well. I have them on both of my armpits, they are big lumps, one open wound is there which has not closed since last 4 years. Always puss is coming from both the arms, it do smells bad. I was diagnosed for HS 1 year back. I ate a lot of antibiotics but none of them work. Now I am applying turmeric paste on it, eating turmeric balls. I started doing this since last 3 days. But there is not a single stage of healing. I need some tips some suggestions. Please please please please........

Replied by Marquita


I have suffered from HS for over 10 years. I was prescribed antibiotics for years and always ended up with a terrible yeast infection. Then I was prescribed medication for that... and so on.

Last years, I researched yeast infections and found out it was an overgrowth of Candida. I bought a bottle of a liquid that fights multiple strains of Candida (not sure of I can say the brand) and was surprised it helped alleviate some of the pain and smell of my HS.

I clean my affected areas a few times a day when I have drainage. I use an antibacterial soap to clean the affected areas, dab small amounts of tea tree oil and aloe vera to the entire affected area to help heal any wounds, then cover with gauze and wear looser clothes.

In addition I take Vitamin C, Turmeric and drink roughly 80 fl. oz of water (half my body weight) daily. My wounds usually start to heal within a few days, I don't have a lot of new flare ups and I experience a lot less pain.

Also, if you are already doing a similar type of wound care you may need to see a doctor/dermatologist to see if they can help refer you to a type of wound care expert.

I really hope some of this helps.

Replied by Christi

Try putting some organic honey, it will dry it up.

Replied by Amber

Thank you guys for sharing your stories, I have been suffering from recurring boils under my armpits for years but those go away and do not puss. But the main problem I have is the abscesses in my groin area for years and one side in particular gets them more than the other and I have tried different soaps and nothing so far has stopped it from coming back completely. I did notice when I use an antibacterial soap it went longer. I have PCOS which causes hormone imbalances and so I found decided to Google if PCOS causes this and found PCOS and HS often go hand and hand.i told my OBGYN PA about it once before after a very large and painful one that I could barely walk happened. I was told to go to a dermatologist and never was able to and quite frankly was embarrassed and thought it was just me so I never checked up on it. But today I decided to do more research instead of just cleaning and doing sitz baths to relief pressure and I'm so glad I did and was able to find this site on a PCOS support group site. It is such a relief to know their are things that have helped and I'm not alone in this battle. I'm going to start taking turmeric immediately and trying apple cider vinegar soaks and update the results here. Hopefully my itchy scars will go away.

Replied by Adt

I have suffered with HS. I have not had a flare up in a couple of years. I realized there was something I was allergic to (high fructose corn syrup) so now I try and keep that out of my diet. I realized when I eat to much of the hfcs, my blood sugar spikes and HS is the result. Also, I noticed I am super tired and have a fever a few days before the actual boil comes to the surface. Pay attention to your body and when you get too warm, take the juice of wild oregano by North American herb and spices. Just follow the directions on the bottle. The oil of oregano will make it go away. Your diet is key to getting the HS and the PCOS under control. Look for remedies on this site for PCOS (the keto diet or a version of it will help). Food is so important and we have not made it a high priority as we should. We need all of our vitamins and minerals or the deficiency will cause disease. God be with you!

Posted by Elle (Bridgetown, Barbados) on 07/06/2016

It's true! No hoax or scam! I was diagnosed with HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) in March and was immediately put on antibiotics to treat the condition. The symptoms would go away while I was on the treatment but would come back as soon as the antibiotics ran out. Between March and June, I was on 4 different types of antibiotics but the painful bumps still kept coming back on my underarms and tummy. Before my follow up doctor visit (to get a new prescription),

I came across this site and tried the tumeric treatment the very next day. I mixed turmeric with water to form a paste and used it topically before bed. I also drank a half teaspoon of tumeric in warm water as others on the site suggested.

It has been just under 2 weeks that I've been doing the tumeric treatments and I now have no bumps left. I have no plans of going back to the dermatologist because tumeric is super effective for me. Thank you very much for sharing and helping out others who suffered with HS. You guys are the real MVP's!

Replied by Eso
(Santa Ana, Ca)

Hello all.....so so grateful to come across this site. My daughter has been suffering with HS for 9 years and is only 18yo. They want do surgery but I am, of course, scared about that. We have been on antibiotics oral and creams and are frustrated at the results. Can anyone please tell me why you drink the Turmeric as opposed to just taking the capsules. Capsules just seem easier. Thank you!

Replied by Theresa
(Chesapeake City, Md)

Avoid surgery if you can. There is no guarantee that it will not come back. My daughter had surgery on most of her groin area on both sides and the HS returned to the same area. Since two doctors had no idea what it was, I researched skin conditions and diagnosed it myself. Many doctors and dermatologists we visited have heard of it, but do not treat it. There is a website that offers great support for those suffering from HS. My daughter is 36. She is embarrassed and self conscious. I've seen how debilitating it can be. It has controlled her life so much so that she has not dated in 17 years. I've tried to tell her that maybe she could meet someone with HS through the website. I wish your daughter well.

Replied by Jim

I'm fairly certain HS is caused by a food allergy; and that if you can find out which food you are allergic to, the problem will vanish. Food allergies cause so many organ problems, and your skin is the biggest organ you have and will typically be sending you a message by these odd and painful signs. Strike wheat, dairy, sugar and spices (like cayenne) and potatos/starchy foods from your diet for two weeks. See if the nasty bumps go away or diminish. If you see improvement (and you should), then introduce one of the food agents back for 3 or 4 days.

Replied by J
(New Town)

I just had to say, I'm 18, and have been dealing with this since I was as young as 13, and never said a word to anyone or even my doctor because I had no clue what it was and thought it was life threatening, and it scared me more than anything in the world. Reading what all of you guys had to say and how efffctive it is, honestly brought tears to my eyes. During the summer to this day, I didn't even like to go swimming because my inner thighs make me soooooo insecure and I'm always worried somebody is gonna think that there is something wrong with me. You guys just made me realize 5 years later of living in fear, that I'm completely okay and maybe even be able to enjoy and be confident about my body(: can't wait to give this a shot. Thank you more than words.

Posted by Ctirad (France/Czech Republic) on 06/21/2016

Hey guys, I want to just say thank you so much!!!!

I hope that everybody with HS can find this site, when you cross the doctor you will find only no hope!! So sad...

I used two spoons of curcuma per day in warm water, just drink it, not tasty but after two three month your problems are gone! Sun is shining and you have a smile on your face!

Replied by Debby
(East Sussex, Uk)

Thank you for posting this. My daughter has just been diagnosed with this and will try what you have suggested. Was your case very mild?

Posted by Ar (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/10/2016

I usually try to take a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric in some orange juice or other juice 2x a day when I have an HS outbreak. My HS is located in my pelvic region and I've been dealing with it for roughly 14 years. I began making a turmeric mask that I found for my face in hopes of lightening the dark marks that I have from facial acne.

The mask consists of:

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • and enough yogurt to make a paste.

These are just guidelines and the amounts can be adjusted as you see fit, and flour may be substituted for yogurt. My HS hadn't been as bad lately and I only had 3 lesions that were about a dime size each that seemed to be connected.

I decided to apply the mask to my bikini area to try and lighten the darkness of the scarring I had obtained over the years from HS (I had an upcoming vacation). I left the mask on for an hour and then washed it off in the shower. I noticed that the lesions were not as irritated and painful. I left the area open over night and the next day when I got in the shower the lesions began to drain and were half the size! I let them air dry again and repeated the process later that day (this WILL sting for a bit on the open lesion, but I have a high tolerance and wanted to test it again so I didn't mind).

I let it air dry again overnight and the next day they were completely flat and the skin started to heal. I repeated the masks daily for a week and the skin healed up quite beautifully and the scarring didn't seem as bad.

I'm not sure if you will have the same results as I did, but it is worth a try if you are in pain or the lesions are quite large.

Replied by Lisa
(Tampa, Fl)

What a relief this read this. I have been dealing with HS for about 10 years and just over the last year it has traveled down south, bikini area and buttocks. I thought the armpits were bad, this is 10x worse. it's embarrassing and how do you get intimate with someone? It's horrible, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

I just have tons of scarring and lesions in the armpits, those are pretty much non-draining for the most part. However, a great thing to use are Telfa pads. They are used for burn victims and I get them with adhesive tape on them. The 3x4 size is perfect (I get them from amazon - cheaper than a pharmacy) for my armpit area, but the scarring will never be gone. It's now beyond my armpit. I have to be careful at the beach and with certain types of shirts. Forget ever wearing sleeveless anything from now on.

The southern area is so bad now, it's just awful. drains all the time, stains your underwear. I am constantly spot treating them to try and get them to last. Grandma's spot remover (found at Hobby Lobby) works great if you get it on the stain ASAP. It's horrible, as I said, but I find that using folded paper towels works best for absorbing drainage as a telfa wouldn't work in this area. Saves you from embarrassing wet spots or stains.

I am SO going to do the turmeric, paste and pills bring it on. I am going to be 50 and this is the most horrible thing ever. I have seen so many doctors from plastic surgeon, infectious disease doctor and a open wound specialist. There is NOTHING they can do about HS. NOTHING! It's a medical mystery I was told. they know what it is, but they do not know why. So it's hard to treat. Lucky Me!! NOT...

Replied by Vanessa

I do a similar paste: 1 teaSp Turmeric, 1/4 teaSp Borox, and some drops of Castor Oil (organic) to create the consistency desired for the paste. Apply am and pm. It works wonders. Make sure you press the paste very well into the area affected.

Posted by Kazzy (Uk) on 03/01/2016

I have had HS (self diagnosed) for a few years in the groin area, on the knicker line. The latest boil with tunneling was about 4 inches long and painful and seeped pus and/or blood daily, and I guess I've had it for about 5 months, with it being worse around my period. I started taking turmeric 9 days ago - 2 X400 mg tabs at breakfast and 2 X 400mg with evening meal along with one tab of zinc. I also have been using drops of tea tree oil topically. I have to say, the swelling has gone down by at least 50% and there's little seeping or pain. I also have started using other supplements (at same time) to lose weight so can't rule out dietary influence. Whatever it is, it seems to be working so far! It's not gone completely but going to carry on and see how I go!!

Replied by G
(South Carolina)

Turmeric for HS

I recently started taking turmeric for inflammation due to autoimmune thyroid disease. I have had several infected lumps/cysts and ingrown hairs in the bikini area over the years. Lately these have become quite frequent. Could the antibacterial nature of turmeric be drawing these to the surface?

Replied by Cml
(Grants Pass, Or)

Hidradenitis suppurativa: I have had boils my entire life, starting from two days after birth when I had surgery to remove a cyst. I got maybe one every couple of months until I hit puberty, then it was monthly.

As I've aged, it has become worse (I'm 45 now). I am so tired of fighting these things, especially after my last one. I had one in my armpit which has been there for years and comes and goes, depending on its mood; I have a lot of those types and the scars to prove it.

This time around, it swelled up to the size of an orange (not uncommon for me), but would not drain. I tried everything and after 2 weeks I finally went to the doctor. They gave me antibiotics without any improvement, so I went back to have it lanced open. It stunk so bad that one of the nurses ran out of the room, gagging, which was so embarrassing. They tested the puss and it came back positive for MRSA, so more antibiotics. It has been over a month since then and it's still there, just harder and smaller. I know it will come back because I am already starting to flare up in my other armpit and under my breast.

I stumbled across the turmeric posts on this site and immediately downed some turmeric. I am hoping with everything that it helps. I am so scarred up EVERYWHERE and tired of having no life because of them. Salud!

Replied by Alexandra

Please do some research on auto-immune disease. You will discover that its hereditary. Most of us had tonsillitis as children. All skin conditions stem from an auto-immune disease. Scientific research will explain that the cause comes from eating grains and dairy. Nightshade vegetables should be off limits. Any processed sugar and oils other than olive and coconut should be avoided. Please do some research.

Posted by Truffles (Houston, Tx) on 12/14/2014

Where do I begin? I have had Hidradenitis Suppurativa FOR THE LAST 3 years ... It had devastated my life until I found the magical medicine right in my cabinet which was overlooked for years .. Never too late .. I read posts here and started drinking turmeric water 2 times a day... Results: IT WORKS.. I just wished I had used it earlier on.. I have stage 1.. I tried everything under the sun.. Diet, topical application and birth control pill etc.. It does work temporarily but if you discontinue and if you are not religious about it returns ..

What I did for my HS is I just took 3/4 - 1 Tablespoon of turmeric and added t to 5-7 oz of warm water and just drank it (gulp it, better that way) for 2 times a day. I continue to do so. I couldn't believe the inflammation is gone, literally flattened, and as others have said here it acts fast and all am left with is scars which I plan to clear out through bio oil and coconut oil ? I have never felt this confident in years. Try it out today. I used organic home grown and home ground turmeric. Good luck.

Replied by Truffles

Just an update.

Along with the use of turmeric, I have completely reversed the appearance of boils. What I noticed was eliminating gluten (in the US, everything we buy has gluten except fresh produce and other fresh ingredients). I changed my diet, went gluten free and vegan. Also all the produce I buy is all organic (USDA approved). I stopped eating out on a regular basis, even if I eat I am very aware of what is going in to my body. Please read the "ingredients" before you buy anything from grocery store. Eat fresh and switch to organic produce as much as possible. Trust me guys it has definitely help me. It's worth giving a shot :) good luck.

Replied by Amanda

Have you looked into serrapeptase to help with the healing? My right armpit had 4 to 5 red bumps that were no longer inflamed and were just scar tissue that would not heal. Within a week of taking serrapeptase they had faded to a faint pink and within a month they were gone. My left armpit had a painful inflamed boil too but the serrapeptase didn't help with that, only helped heal the scars. It's worth a try ;)

Posted by Lance (Nashville) on 02/04/2014

YEA turmeric for Hidradenitis Suppurativa! ! I have been using the 2 tablespoons with 1/2 cup of water everyday. Noticeable improvement. I have been diagnosed and have been on antibiotics for years. I stopped taking them because they didn't work. Dermatologist even looked at it once and said it looks like it hurts. What a jerk. I'm very grateful for this site. Life changing. Thank you!

Replied by Jody
(Lincolnshire, Uk.)

How long did it take to work?

Posted by Rubanant (Cottonwood, Az, USA) on 02/02/2013

My son is 17 years old and his been suffering from HS [Hidradenitis Suppurativa] for 2 years. None of the antibiotics are helping. His scalp is eating him alive besides the boils he is getting. They just finished surgery on his backside and left him disfigured. No buttocks and a 20 inch scar starting from the anus upward. The doctor mentioned this was one of the worse cases he has seen. As a mother, I am heartbroken for my son. I ran across this page and now I have hope. I started him on the tumeric pills plus other remedies I read. I most certainly will be upgrading and monitoring him so that I may share this and perhaps help someone else.

Replied by Bettyboop
(Augusta, Georiga, Us)

Rubanant from Cottonwood, Az, I understand your son's pain. I am a 22 year old female who has suffered with HS since I was 11. I hit puberty early (age 9) and received my first boil in the middle of my breasts. Since then, it got worse and progressed. I was not diagnosed with HS until I was 14 and had my first surgery at age 16. Since then, I have had 8 surgeries and about to have my 9th in May. With that being said, I had multiple areas done with each surgery, resulting in many scars and a lot of healing time. It is difficult to deal with the pain and even with having surgery, it is not 100% that it will not come back. I also have issues with not healing and that leads to having another surgery. I have done much research and every doctor I have seen (infectious diesease, surgeon, wound care specialist, dermatologist) has said that my case is the worst that they had seen and they are amazed that I am able to do the things that I do. I am in college and has managed to win awards for academic acheivement and stay on Dean's List and school is what keeps me going. My parents have been very supportive and I just encourage you to reassure your son to think about the positives and that you will always be there for him. I know it can be hard to see your child go through so much pain because my mother in particular had broken down one 2 occassions but I manage to stay strong and look ahead. I've had my entire left and right side of the groin opened up, left open for about 2 weeks and then skin grafts put on it, underarm completely excised and left open (looked like a shark took a chunk out of my underarm) and this took 1 year and 1 month to heal. I definitely know his pain and hope that he can find something to focus on to be his motivation.

Posted by Nottoday (Washington, Dc) on 07/26/2012

Suffer from Hidradenitis.. I started taking turmeric about a month ago. GREAT results. My multiple boils all began to weep dramatically and then nothing. I have applied tea tree oil to them and finally after 6 months of having open sores under my arms they are closing!!! Felt a boil under my arm yesterday and today it was so painful. Opened a turmeric capsule and made a paste with some water about 10am... Its now 12:50pm... just noticed that it is pain free and draining under my bandage.