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Posted by Tamplestiltskin (Deep In The Heart, Texas, USA) on 11/27/2009

I have been afflicted with HS for 19 years. I am what one might refer to as a "poor" person and have been for most of that time. I did not have access to alot of insurance, and when I did the results I got from modern medicine were unremarkable. Once I got pregnant the first time, my outbreaks became worse, and for the last ten years, there has not been a day where I did not have at least 10-15 bumps. Mostly I get them in the groin area, the rest are scattered around my breasts, thighs, stomach, buttocks and armpits. I've never had surgery nor never really entertained the possibility. I have had to relieve the bumps (relieve being a VERY poor choice of words) by using heat and sewing needles to pierce them myself.

Needless to say those are very painful treatments, and do very little if any good. The last doctor I saw, about four years ago suggested that because of my HS and because of other conditions I have such as rheumatoid arthritis (which I aquired at apprx. the same time)I most likely had an auto-immune disease, naming lupus as a possibility. After testing me for an auto immune disease he told me the test came back positive, however it failed to name the auto immune disease itself.

The last several years I have taken an interest in herbal and natural remedies (medicine women, etc) I stumbled upon this site quite by accident and was astonished at all the people afflicted with HS. I knew I wasn't the only one but I had no idea it could be so vast. I often feared, after my divorce that should I entertain another relationship.... in an intimate moment I might be accused of having herpes or something and in that way HS has made me insecure to a debilitating point.

I have been taking Turmeric capsules 500mg three times a day. Today was my second day. Yesterday I noticed mild relief and a subsiding of a massive cluster of bumps. I did not notice them today, however tonight they became noticeable and painful yet again. I realize that I have not taken it long enough, but I have hope and will continue to take it. I was wondering if there was a recommended dosage, I had wanted to maintain a regular dosage, but if I needed to increase it I wanted to know asap. I know that herbal remedies are not an exact science but then for that matter, based on the inability of modern medicine to combat this widespread problem, neither is modern medicine.

I plan now to go look up cures for my arthritis and can only praise this site for it's help, it's hope for the hopeless, and for it's affinity for natural ways to defend the body.

I hope that all the people who have gone into remission continue to stay that way, and I surely hope that anyone needing help and hope for this merciless disease stumbles across this place, (I know I will be spreading the word) I also hope that all of us who have yet to experience a bump free day, realize that goal very, very soon.

EC: People report some of the best results taking cheap turmeric that they bought in bulk at an international grocery store (or at an Indian or Middle Eastern grocer) and simply mixed with water. You can find a much smaller bottle of turmeric in the spice section of any grocery store, though these tend to be quite expensive compared to the large bottles of turmeric found at an international grocery store for about $3-$5.

Do read up on potential side effects from the fillers in turmeric capsules that are currently on the market.  Here's our research on the subject: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/boils.html#WARNING

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

I have been taking turmeric from the bulk store. I take 1/2 tsp in warm, not hot, 1/2 cup skim milk with 1/2 tsp of honey. I take this daily as maintenance. If for some reason, example, I indulged in chocolate (for me this is a problem) I up the intake of turmeric to 1 tsp in the mixture. I have stayed clear of boils for the better part of a year doing this regime and I recommend it to anyone with the problem. I have suffered with HS since puberty and wish I had known about turmeric from the start. Best wishes with this treatment.


Posted by Sanhaber (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) on 10/12/2009

I suffer with HS for 20 years. My disese is on stage III, with fistulas. Someone with fistulas take turmeric. What are the results? I am taking for 20 days, pills 450mg dayly, and few no iprovement yet.

EC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fistula

In medicine, a fistula (pl. fistulas or fistulae) is an abnormal connection or passageway between two epithelium-lined organs or vessels that normally do not connect. It is generally a disease condition, but a fistula may be surgically created for therapeutic reasons.

The 3 Stages of Hidradenitis Suppurativa:



HS presents itself in three stages.[2][9]

Stage Characteristics
I    Solitary or multiple isolated abscess formation without scarring or sinus tracts. (A few minor sites with rare inflammation; may be mistaken for acne.)

II    Recurrent abscesses, single or multiple widely separated lesions, with sinus tract formation. (Frequent inflammations restrict movement and may require minor surgery such as incision and drainage.)

III    Diffuse or broad involvement across a regional area with multiple interconnected sinus tracts and abscesses. (Inflammation of sites to the size of golf balls, or sometimes baseballs; scarring develops, including subcutaneous tracts of infection - see fistula. Obviously, patients at this stage may be unable to function.)

Posted by Kygirl (Owensboro, Ky) on 09/13/2009

I dont have a cure as of yet, but I am trying Turmeric about 2000 to 2500 mg a day, plus curcumin 500 mg for my back pain another prob i have and tea tree oil mixed with peppermint oil, and thieves oil. I have Hashimotos disease which is diseas of the thyroid. It is a autoimmune disease, I think this is part of my problem. Since the glands in the groin area are part of the lymphatic system and is suppose to excrete bad things, my body is overworked by my thyroid thinking there is an affection when actually I dont have one but antibodies in my body think there is one, if this makes since. People should do more studies about the Lymphatic and Endocrine system. Now, This outbreak has been worse than others in the past. I just noticed tonight as I am changing clothes for bed that I have a new boil that has broken out lateral to the one Im trying to heal! This is heart breakening, Im scared of the outcome for the future. I feel as though I may need the surgery and if it takes ripping out the glands that are clod causing this prob then Im all for this. I dont want to worry about how Im going to fix this problem every 4 to 6 months as well as it being uncomfortable wearing my favorite pair of jeans. I went to my gynocologist and he told me not to worry about it, that it would go away, this was two years ago. Meanwhile I have seen a dermatologist and they said that this was a gynocologist issue. My family physician did make a local incision and cut out the top layer of the infected skin and stitching up. It came back within in 3 months time. I am depressed every time this happens I feel my heart sink. Ive researched and found that the stitching after the excision might not be the best ideal. They say it needs to heal from the inside out and to leave it open with out stitches. I havent completely cut out artificial sugar, coffee, caffeine products. I dont drink cokes but maybe once a week or so, and I drink coffee everyday first thing in the morning. I love to workout, cardio and lifting weights, Im not over weight like some sites suggest may be a problem. I recently this year have had alot of trauma to my body though from back problems to surgery on my thyroid to remove two nodules as well a part of my thyroid. This is saturday night and I am definitely going to my physican monday after noticing this second boil. If anyone has any good suggestions please notify me at [email protected]. This hasnt been as bad as other peoples posting Ive read, but anything in the groin area is painful i dont care what. I think I would rather have Herpies simplex than to have this problem, I DONT HAVE THIS BY THE WAY, BUT AT LEAST YOU CAN TAKE A PILL THAT CONTROLS THE OUTBREAKS!!!

Posted by Laverne (Queens, New York) on 09/01/2009

Thank you for the Tumeric information I will use it. I have just had my 5th surgery for this HS condition and each time I endure the knife my recovery time is considerably longer, I wonder if my advancing age has a role.

However, I will try the Tumeric, I have tried Hibicleans, Anti bacterial soap, natural deodarant and a host of other options, I will try this and let you know.

Posted by Candace (Fort Bragg, Nc) on 08/03/2009

I have been suffering from HS for 13 years. I have had 5 surgeries in the groin area and 11 surgeries on my tail bone due to pilonidal cyst (almost the same thing as HS, just different location). I found this site today and I went out and bought some Turmeric just to see if it works. I took 1 tablet so far and the pain went away. I also bought some of the kind thats in the spice form and "rubbed" that one my groin and I still feel no pain. I cant wait to see what happens in a week!! I am very excited. Thank you to all the people who have commented on this site and have given suggestions.

Posted by Lindsey (Seattle, WA) on 07/17/2009

I started taking about 1600-2000mg of Turmeric a day for my HS and within two days it started to disappear! It DOES work, but the negative side effect is that no matter what I do and how often I shower.. I REEK of curry. My sweat smells like an Indian restaurant... any suggestions for this?

Replied by Cheris
(Queens, NY)

I've had HS for the last 28 years in my groin, 9 years ago I had my sweat glands removed under both arms. The plastic surgent was fuly aware of HS and I have not had an outbreak under the arms since. I used to see a dermatologist who did cortosone injections into my groin and they would always go down after but then return. I also use hibiclens as a wash and benzaclin as a topical cream. This seemed to work for a while until my doctor left the practice and the benzaclin ran out. Now I am having the most painful outbreak in my groin then I've ever had before. I'm contemplating seeing the same surgent to remove the track but its extensive. My brothers also have HS and have breakouts on their face and head. My older brother is on tumeric but his are still occuring. I wonder how much tumeric I need to take and how often.

Replied by Shad
(Kamloops, Bc)

Chlorophyll will clean your sweat glands and keep you from smelling like an indian restaurant

Posted by icybluedge (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/13/2009

I have not been diagnosed with HS but from pictures it sure looks like it. It started around my waist when I gained weight about 4 years ago (sweat). I get a lot of boils but if you use tumeric powder they will drain rapidly. My recipe is to use the regular tumeric powder one gets from an India type grocery--very cheap. Then depending on the size of the boil I mix a teaspon of tumeric with a tumeric based cream I found and make a paste. Put some of this on a bandaid and then put over the boil. It will drain the boil within a very short period of time. Instead of the turmeric cream I have also used neosporin with just as good results. The turmeric cream is also cheap---so for about 12 dollars you can eliminate these boils. I would be very surprised if it doesn't work for you.You can then redress the boil to drain it further and when totally drained you are done with the turmeric.

I also recently started taking turmeric internally by mixing a couple of teaspoons with about 6-8 ounces of tomato juice, some pepper and sometimes cayenne and lemon. Much more palitable that way. I am not sure yet if it is decreasing the boil outbreaks but the topical therapy once a boil starts really does the trick.

Replied by 110
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hi, I am currently in stage 3 and my dermatologist suggested to me to remove my underarms sweat glands either by skin graft or derma scrapping.

May I know by removing the sweat glands are you having any complications like numbness on your hands and/or restrictions in movements?

Posted by Matthew (Lincoln, NE) on 05/07/2009

Good morning,

My wife suffers from HS. She has had multiple surgeries to remove large sections of her arm pits and was having constant large boils that required medical lancing to relive the pressure and pain. I read about Tumeric and using a natural based deoderant. She was skeptical at first but after my insisting she started taking the tumeric. I believe it was about 500-600mg twice a day. In addition, she started using the Natural Deoderant, and in about 2 weeks her golf ball sized inflammation was completely gone. She had the start of 3-4 more boils that had the potential to be just as large and all were gone.

Since the surgeries, my wife would have at least 2 to 3 open sores under her arms at any given time, they would just never heal. Since taking tumeric and switching to the natural deoderant they have completely healed. My wife can not remember a time when her arm pits were this clear, she is currently in complete remission of HS and able to live pain free. (And, as anyone with HS will tell you, the smell from open wounds is not that pleasent either)

I normally don't write into websites like this, but I had to spread the word about Tumeric. I don't understand what it does, but it seems to work to counteract HS from what I have read.


Replied by C.

Hello, I have suffered with this awful disease now for 10 years.

The doctors mis-diagnosed me and for years I just did what I could to get by, learning about my condition as I went. Then, finding posts like these helped me diagnose my condition and since then I have tried (without much luck) to help my doctors to help me.

The cysts I have are on the top of my thighs, multi-tract. I use Mepore dressings every day when they are draining, to help with the pain and protect my legs and clothes. I am 38 now and having this condition has stopped me doing all sorts of things, although I refuse to believe it is never going to clear up. I am overweight and weight loss does help the condition if you are heavier than you should be.

I also would say, that I try not to touch them too much for fear of spreading the condition. I don't try and pop them as I feel it makes them worse, my experience has been that they need to drain naturally, and a hot bath helps in this.

One post I read was interesting in that it referred to the nose, and the Steph (?) virus. Years ago, (pre-puberty) I had a condition that the doctor said was caused by bacteria in my nose and that had caused yellow-head spots on my legs.

The pain of HS is at times cruel, and can really make you feel withered, and worn down. I am lucky in that my cysts don't smell like some of the others described. I get the clear pus, yellow pus, the blood, the itching and the inflammation.

I am encouraged to read about the Tumeric I am going to try that and try and re-order my diet too.

My cysts are dark purple and are redder when they are active, darker as they heal. Is there anything or any advice to help them to go pale. They are such an eyesore. I have a spa afternoon coming up for a friends birthday and am thinking of all sorts of excuses not to go, dreading in case anyone notices. No doubt I will keep my robe on, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful.

To all you sufferers, we are in this together, we can get better, keep posting and keep smiling, C.

Posted by Jhanalyn (Greensboro, NC) on 04/25/2009

I have just founf this website (thank goodness because I was running out of the pills that were prescribed to me by my doctor and I no longerhave any health insurance to get more) I just started the Tumeric yesterday. So far everytime I take it my groin area where I have the biggest problem right now starts to burn so bad and I cant move. IS this suppposed to happen is this natural. Also I have a question about taking the powder tumeric in a capsule how much a day works the best or can you take as much as you like. I really appreciate this site with some new inforamtion because I was getting to the point where I Was just goign to give up.

Replied by Zulfikar
(Atlanta , GA)

The Turmeric works take 3 tabs in the am and 3 tabs in the eve for a mth them make it 2 tabs 2 times a day.

Posted by Jessica (Detroit, MI) on 04/25/2009

I have been taking Turmeric powder for about a week now to treat my H.S. It has been fabulous!!! It's also clearing my acne as well. The taste may take a little getting used to but it's all worth it. I take 1 tsp three times a day with 1/4 cup of warm water.

Replied by Tony
(Detroit, Mi)

I'm from the Detroit area. Suffering as you are. I would like to know more about what you have done for help and relief. Thank you,

Posted by Sophie (Shasta, California) on 03/30/2009

Regarding hidradenitis suppurativa, I am now trying the turmeric at two 400mg tablets a day, and one 300mg capsule a day. I am hopeful, and appreciate this site very much. My thought with using the capsule at least once a day is that perhaps it is absorbed better. The health food store folks say that it's not possible to determine how much turmeric is in the powder, so I'm going to do some research on this. I have also been applying "medical" grade honey to the groin area. I do this early in the morning, cover the area with a towel, and go back to bed for an hour. The honey allows for the area to drain. This is a challenge indeed, and I wear cloths in the groin area and change them throughout the day.

Posted by Bobbie (Locust Grove, Ga) on 03/08/2009

H.S. Wow, I came on here looking for answers because the Dr's sure don't have any. I used the turmeric and it really worked, it worked so well that I didn't have ANY bumps and I forgot to take the turmeric for a couple of days...... I paid for that, I got 6 bumps. I'm back on the Turmeric and they went away, so I know for sure it works, now I'm just waiting on something to cure it for good.

Replied by Suffering97
(Groton, Ct, Usa)

For those of you who have tried tumeric in 2009 please provide an update. Thanks!

Posted by Leila (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on 03/07/2009

First, let me tell you that this site has become one of my favourites and has helped me get back in touch with my affinity for folk remedies. Thank you for that!

Yesterday evening, I tried the Turmeric Tea recipe that Anna from Union County, NJ, shared. It tasted so much better than I thought it would, it's actually delicious! I like drinking warm milk before bedtime :D
More importantly, only one large cup of this tea already reduced a boil in my armpit to half its size overnight. It also doesn't hurt any longer. I stopped using commercial deodorants about a year ago, because I kept getting awful boils under my armpits and suspected the aluminium in deodorant to cause these. Used green clay compresses, but they only work temporarily and the boils kept returning. I also get boils on my breasts - horribly painful and embarrassing.

I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly the Turmeric had an effect! Thank you, Anna, and thank you, EC!

EC: Anna's Recipe:

09/06/2007: Anna from Union County, NJ writes: "Turmeric truly is the cure for boils. I have been struggling with boils for over 10 years! I have been to countless doctors and dermatologists for this embarrassing and painful ailment to no avail. I stumbled upon this website and tried it. When I saw a huge difference in 48 hours, I cried. Thank You.

 Here is a turmeric tea recipe that is truly delicious, from Yogi Bhajan, founder of the Yogi Tea brand INGREDIENTS:

 * 1 tsp turmeric powder
 * 4 cups water
 * 1 cup milk (soy or dairy)
 * 2 tbsp almond oil
 * liquid sweetener, to taste, optional (honey, agave, maple syrup)

 Bring water to a boil and add turmeric. Allow to simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring to make sure the turmeric is fully dissolved. Reduce heat, add milk and oil and stir well. Add sweetener if desired and enjoy!

 This just shows how we should look to Mother Earth a little more often instead running to a physician.

 Also, instead of using Neosporin on those nasty things, a little manuka honey and vitamin E salve goes a long way."

Replied by Lisa
(St Albert, Alberta, Canada)

Question on the turmeric tea recipe - it states 4 c of water plus 1 c of milk, but others recommend 1 tsp per c of water. Would the tea have too low of Turmeric? Also, can it be stored as it makes 5 cups of liquid? I've been battling HS from before my daughter was born (2 years ago), but since I got pregnant my HS has gone into hyperdrive.

Replied by Scott
(Denver, Nc)

I just really want to thank you all for your comments. I started having these boils/bumps in my groin area about a year or so ago. I went to three doctors, including a wound center. None of them had a clue and all had me doing something different. Finally was sent to a dermatologist, she walked in with a book in her hand, placed it on my lap, and stated this is what you have, before even looking! So I got a round of antibiotics, and have to add 1/2 cup of bleach to a tub of water. This has helped SOME, but am going to try the turmeric in combination with the bleach baths. My research on turmeric has also revealed anti-cancer activity. I hope it works as well for me. Thank you all so much for posting and creating this site-Scott

Replied by Carrie
(Detroit, MI)

I'm a nurse and after seeing a few patients with HD, I know that I don't simply have"boils, " as my gyno would call them. Mind you, she's never seen mine when they were large and painful! I'll try anything

Posted by Ashey (San Diego, CA) on 01/15/2009

I have read all of your comments and I would like ask if any of you have another suggestion as to how to take the turmeric. I purchased a powered form from the local grocery store. The first cup I mixed with just warm tap water. I managed to get down about half. My second two cups I have mixed in to a cup of black tea with honey. This makes it a little better for me but I am still only able to get down about half to three quarters of the mixture. I have tried the dial soap and have a great result so far.

I was just diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa in December of 2008. I am 24 years old and have had some minor sores under my arms before but the sores that got me my diagnosis are quite painful and to be honest, they are just plain gross to me.

I would love any other suggestions to help with the open sores as well.

EC: People have reported buying gelatin capsules (quite cheap, apparently) and putting the turmeric powder into the capsules.

Here are additional turmeric recipes from our Boils page: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/boils6.html#TURMERICRECIPES

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl, USA)

Do you know where to get the capsules that you can fill with turmeric??? Thanks!

EC: Searching "Clear Gelatin Capsules" will bring you some vendor ideas:

Replied by Julie
(Ellwood City, Pa)

I buy my tumeric already prepared in capsules, 500mg per capsule. Is it cheaper to buy the capsules and take the time to fill them at home?

EC: Lots cheaper!!!

Replied by Lwhit
(Knoxville, Tn, USA)

I have been suffering from HS for a long time and had no idea what was wrong with me. I grow up seeing my mom with band aid in her arm pit and under her breast... She would always say how painful it was... Then i started to break out in the groin area as a teenager... and it wasnt that bad until i had my second child and gained weight...like 55 pounds...thats when i started to break out under my armpit... but it is just hard balls under the skin that just seem to be sore when i wear any kind of shirts... I even had a really big one on the inside of my thigh and being 8 months pregnant i could see what was going on down there and i was so painful i would cry... when i was walking strange i blamed it on the pregnancy... but im so sick of the break outs... im going to try to use Turmeric and honey... and see if that works... I know that my stage of HS isnt as bad as some of the others on this website but its is really getting to me with all the scars and pain... then pus comes out of no where, its really gross.... this website has really made me feel like there is some kind of light in the dark tunnel that i thought i was in alone...If it works i will let everyone know what worked for me and hope that helps someone else...

Posted by Ann (Hartford, CT) on 12/06/2008

HS and pregnancy:

I'm so glad to have found this site. This disease can make you feel so alone. But I am lucky to have supportive people in my life. I have had HS on my groin for 10 years. I was on spirolactone 10mg 2x aday for the last 4 years and had surgery 2 years ago. Things were in check until I decided to go off the meds to try to have a baby. 7 months later and I have the worse and the most painful outbreak ever and never did get pregnant. The doctor gave me antibotics and the lump went down but not alot. My lumps do not usually burst and drain. I try to get some fluid out but I barely got any this time. The fluid seems buried under the skin. I want to try the tumeric remedy but I need to know if it is safe to take while still trying to conceive. Thanks for the advice.

EC: Turmeric contraindications here: http://www.herballegacy.com/Alter_Contra.html.

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