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Posted by Christy (Sydney, Australia) on 10/29/2008

Like most people on this forum, I have had the boils/lesions for over 10 years. They were originally located on my left groin, but now they have arrived on the right hand side as well.

After years of doing the rounds of the doctors - like so many people here - and trying many courses of anti-biotics (no, they don't work) I was referred to a gynaecologist by my GP. Big mistake! This isn't a "female" disorder, it's a skin disorder!

Anyway, I had surgery in July '08 to remove the lesions from both sides, and because they didn't realise I had HS, they only cut out the smallest amount and, yes, it returned - worse even - on both sides.

I have since found another surgeon who wants the infection to go away before he operates so he put me on a double-dose of strong anti-biotics. They aren't really working either and I've been on them for six weeks! So does that mean if the infections never goes away and he never is able to operate I'll be stuck with this forever? That is a terrifying thought. :(

On reading that some people have had luck with turmeric I ran out and got a jar of capsules. $60! A small price to pay if they work. Also, after hearing people recommend tea tree oil, I have bought some tea tree oil gel and hopefully that will improve things as well.

I hope and pray we all can resolve this horrible condition once and for all.

Replied by Fitpta08
(Owensboro, Ky)

Christy, Im sorry to hear about your situation. I have this as well. Was wondering though why you had to pay 60 dollars for a bottle of Turmeric? Here in Ky at the vitamin store for more of the organic foods and better vitamins I pay 16 for a bottle of 120 vegetable capsules 500mg.

Posted by Melissa (Jacksonville, Florida) on 10/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric cure for Hidradenitis suppurative: I have been taking 3 tsps of Turmeric in water 3 times a day for 29 days now. I have had Hydradenitis Suppurativa for many years. I had 2 cysts on my bottom for many months that would always be there but would flair up often. a month ago 1 of them was the size of a baseball and the other a golf ball. In much pain for a long time, i found this site. Thank God! Anyway, I have been drinking Turmeric for a month now and they are almost gone completely (except the scarring and bruising). 1 is completly flat and I can feel No bump and the other is the size of a pea now. I was wondering How Long Should I take this...Can I take it forever? Should I? Is it ok for me? Thanx in advance 4 advice.

Posted by Melissa (Jacksonville, Florida) on 10/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking 3 tsps of Turmeric in water 3 times a day for 29 days now. I have had Hydradenitis Suppurativa for many years. I had 2 cysts on my bottom for many months that would always be there but would flair up often. a month ago 1 of them was the size of a baseball and the other a golf ball. In much pain for a long time, i found this site. Thank God! Anyway, I have been drinking Turmeric for a month now and they are almost gone completely (except the scarring and bruising). 1 is completly flat and I can feel No bump and the other is the size of a pea now. I was wondering How Long Should I take this...Can I take it forever? Should I? Is it ok for me? Thanx in advance 4 advice


Replied by Melissa
(Columbia, Sc)

Hey Melissa, my name is also Melissa, I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. My HS started 3 years ago when I moved to Columbia SC, mainly under my right arm. Can you give me any insight as to if you have had sucess with Turmeric? Thank you.

Replied by Melissa
(Jacksonville, Florida)
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Melissa,

It's been awhile since I have been on this site... Mainly because the Turmeric has done miracles for me! My HS is totally under control now. Whenever I get the slightest feeling (so much as an achy lymph node) I drink the turmeric. I have not had one get any bigger than an average small pimple since. I just drink the turmeric until it is totally gone... Usually no more than 3-5 days. Sooooo much better than a whole month!! YAY Turmeric and this site!

Posted by Janet (Weyburn, Canada) on 10/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Tumeric for Hidradenitis suppurativia: 1/4 tsp. of tumeric taking in foods or i cup of boiling water with a little honey will shrink the lesions..and take the pain away...

Posted by Kreda (Aurora, Colorado) on 10/06/2008

I've been suffering from Hidradenitis since I was 18 (1994). But was diagnosed in 2005. It seems that I have tried everything and nothing has worked. So now, I'm taking vicadin every 4-6 hours. I've been hearing a lot about this turmeric which is making me go buy it like right now. My doctor has prescribed Cholestryamine Resin Powder that's supposed to help clear this up, but the results have been really slow. You know when you're dealing with something like this, it seems that you're never getting better. My boils burst and do not heal. They are open sores that just continue to leak pus. I will give this turmeric a shot and will advise on the status of these sores. I really appreciate being able to come to a site and be encouraged. When I was first diagnosed, I would go to sites and just get depressed because I could not find anything that would help. Whoever created this site...THANK YOU!!!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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I also wonder if a saturated solution of ACV and epsom salts wouldn't dry your messy pustules up if swabbed with it 3 or 4 times per day. It sure dried up those deep pus filled pockets my daughter got just above her hairline at the back of her head when she was about 7 or 8 years old. I just used q tips and swabbed them out with it about 4 times a day.

I found the below information on Yahoo Answers re Vicadin... This should make everyone aware of it being a narcotic derivative and therefore addicting.

"Whats the difference between oxycodone, vicadin, heroine, and morphine?

Okay let me break this down for you so you know your narcotics and can eduacate people like I do as a pain management counselor all opiates and opiods come from the opium poppy and chemical derivites of opiums first and foremost their is morphine, what they call the gold standard in pain management. then there is codeine another drug based on opium yet totally different from morphine both are naturally occuring and can by made without synthesizing the opium. Morphine is stronger than codiene. Heroine is a synthetic bastardized version of morphine that is much stronger and much more addictive. It is made in a lab using the raw opium or morphine as a base product for production. Generally it kills by being mixed with products like baby powder lactose, and powdered sugar then being watered down boiled in a teaspoon and injected in a nasty condemned building somewhere. Heroine is approximately 16 times stronger than pharmaceutical grade Morphine, depending on how it is cut. Oxycodone is the generic name for the drug in Percocet or Percodan. Hydrocodone is the generic form of the drug found in Vicodin, Lortab, Norco and Lorcet. Both are sythetic derivitives of the cedeine molecule however "oxy" is almost always stronger than "hydro" in any situation. As for this situation oxycodone is a schedule II narcotic where as hydrocodone is a schedule III narcotic. Different fines, jail time for possesion distribution etc and the government sees oxy as as higher potential for abuse, where as Xanax,(alprazolam) a schedule !V sleep and anxiety aid, is the most addictive drug known to man, so don't get hung up on the scheduling difference, Just some medical "red tape".

So to wrap this all up heroin, which isn't pure and very scary, and not approved by any body and may be cut with rat poisin, is the strongest, however medically there is a drug called fentanyl that is much stronger that is readily available. Morphine is the most trusted and most used by all doctors world wide for pain management. there is codeine a naturally occuring derivitive of opium and if you sythesize the chemical you get the drugs oxycocone and hydrocodone in which oxycodone is stronger and more addictive. I hope this clears thing up a little bit and know you can be the expert they turnto when this question comes up in the crowd. I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes, spell check seems to be down."

Replied by Suffering97
(Groton, Ct, Usa)

Any updates on how the tumeric panned out?

Replied by Justsayin
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Kreda from Aurora, Colorado, I've been talking percocets - given to me by a friend - at night and in the morning when the HS under my right armpit really hurt. After starting my turmeric regime of (1tbls spoon twice a day in warm water) I have not touched the remaining pills. Taking the pain killers did provide me with relief but once they started to ware of, you remember why you were taking them in the first place. Being only 20y/o and not wanting to get hooked on prescription pain meds I'm so glad that I found something to actually stop my HS thus far!

I hope you'll try turmeric. Taking turmeric for the first time seemed like torture, but you feel pain relief in less than an hour, much quicker than pain med. Also the fact that it is actually helping you inside is amazing. EC has lost of recipes that people use and have great results with.

Replied by Amanda
(Miami, Fl, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

You can actually apply the turmeric directly to the open sores and they will heal faster. It may burn at first, but it is dramatic how quickly they heal up when it is applied topically! I usually wet my finger, wet the boil with my finger, rewet my finger, and dip it in turmeric, and press firmly into the sore to make it stick, and then try to leave it alone.

Posted by Tempest (Tel Aviv, Israel) on 10/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely amazing! I started getting HS symptoms when I was 11, when it was ALL OVER my body and spent the next 12+ years jumping from doctor to doctor, diagnosis to theory, hormone supplements to diets, allergy tests to (five years on) antibiotics before I said to myself 'bad skin is not worth all this.' I have had to just put up with it for the last few years and it has seemed to be confined to certain areas (buttox, face, underarms) but a month ago it came back so viciously that I turned to the internet for help.

I found this site and the Tumeric/anti-bacterial soap solution and it worked like nothing else has! I was so amazed - I have been adding the tumeric to my cup of tea every morning, minus the milk, plus a teaspoon of sugar for taste, and it ever tastes great! (just don't chew on the powder at the bottom). It even got rid of one that has been plaguing my chin for over 3 months now (and has left a huge scar). I couldn't believe how quickly it dried up!

Thank you so much!

One question though; how long do I have to take it for? Is this a lifetime thing? Is this an everyday thing? Won't my body become used to it eventually (like so many remedies before)?

Replied by Elyana
(Nes Ziona, Israel)

Hi, any ideas where to get stuff as I have had this for 8 years and have just taken a turn for the worse.

Posted by primrose76 (Sacramento, CA) on 09/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

H.S. i have been using turmeric and im very thankful for this site because this is where i first got the idea of using turmeric a few months back. im clear right now and has been so ever since i started using turmeric. im drinking powder put in a soft rice wrapper (because i tried taking it with warm water and i could not stand it). also, the last time i had a boil i used crushed ginger with castor oil as instructed by one of the sufferer in this forum too and it does work. thanks so much! it changed my life too a lot. i was very depressed and this gave me real hope and a new light! goodluck to everyone!

Replied by Michelle
(Port-of-Spain, Trinidad)

Please I would like suggestions on how to take Tumeric, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil. I am suffering from H.S. and have been in a tremendous amount of pain as all sufferring from it will know. Please help me!

Replied by icybluedge
(Columbus, Ohio)

Tumeric is not the most tasty thing but my recipe is based on mixing 2-4 teaspones with 6-8 ounces of some type of tomato juice. I like spicy foods so I also add some pepper and or hot sauce and then some lemon. Pretty tasty. The pepper is also a catalyst for the turmeric. Skip the hot sauce if you want but do use some pepper. I also add some good sea salt occasionally. Sea salt has many minerals in it and is very palatable.

Side note: I have talked to many persons from India and many have stated that they use this spice frequently in their foods of course but they will increase the use of it for colds and flu and such. I think if you find a friendly store run by India(ns) they can give you good receipes. It is an economical-excellent herb. Good for depression, anti-inflammatory etc. etc. Many positive benefits. Used topically in a paste with neosporin it will shrink boils within a few hours.

I now also mix the turmeric with straight talcum powder and it seems to suppress breakouts of the boils. Only problem is the color. Still working on that.

Another thing that may help some of you is to buy sport/compression undergarments. These are a little expensive ($30/brief). These are designed to wic mositure away from the skin. But sure to get the type that go at least halfway down your thighs and are not real tight. They make them for both men and women.

Posted by Jennifer (Sacramento, California) on 09/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I don't normally take the time to post comments on web sites but I must share my results using Turmeric. I have suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the groin area for fifteen years. My doctors have tried everything from antibiodics to accutane to surgery and nothing has helped me (I've got the scars to prove it). Two weeks ago, one of my abcess' finally put me in the emergency room, where I had an allergic reaction to an antibiodic drip they gave me. That's when I decided to go off all of my medicine and do my own research on Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I came across this site, read all of the positive feedback about Turmeric from other Hidradenitis Suppurativa sufferers, and figured I've got nothing to lose. The day I started taking Turmeric I had two active abcess. One on my inner thigh that was open (you know, the kind you have to put a band aid on because it just leaks and leaks) and one on my inner buttock area that never drained. It just stayed large and turned purple and was very painful. Within two days the boil on my buttock went from purple to pink (that's never happened before) and receeded and within a week the open boil on my thigh was healed over. I have never had any of my abcess' heal this quickly. Even my husband said he couldn't believe how quickly I was healing. This weekend, I actually worked outside in the heat in jeans without having to wear band aids! Those of you who suffer from this disease know how horrifying that can be.

Replied by Jennifer
(Sacramento, CA)

Hello, this is Jennifer again. I wanted to post an update on my Turmeric therapy. It has been nine months since my original post on Turmeric and my fantastic results have remained consistent. I had two new outbreaks within the first couple months I began using Turmeric, both of which healed rather quickly. And since then I've had absolutely no outbreaks at all! It has been over a hundred degree's here in Sacramento, and I still have not broken out. If you suffer from Hidradenitis please give Turmeric a try.

Replied by Lita
(Sanford, Fl)

Jennifer: I am curious; did you take the pills or the powder? thank you.

Replied by Jennifer
(Sacramento, Ca)

Sorry for the late reply. I have been buying Turmeric caplets. It's the most convenient for daily use. I am now looking into buying Turmeric powder in bulk and making my own caplets. I think it would be more cost effective.

Replied by Karmala
(Templeton, Ca)

Hi, Jennifer from Sacto... I just read your post and wanted to share with you that I found the best deal for bulk organic turmeric online at vitacost. It comes in a 1 lb package. I guess I can't post the manufacterer's name here, but if you search you will find it. I don't encapsulate it, but add it to deviled eggs, tuna, soups.... it is amazing just how good it tastes! I hope this helps.

Replied by Crudelia
(London, Uk)

Hi Jen from Sacramento, I'm amazed by your story :) and by this web site that I've decided to give Tumeric a chance. In 2008, after couple of years of pain and recurrent abscesses always misdiagnosed, I went under surgery and I've been diagnosed with HS. I've been well (two years) until last month when here we go the lump is back and exactly in the same position - inner left buttock. :(

Are you still taking Tumeric? is it something that we'll have to take for life? and how many capsules were you taking per day?

Thanks in advance

Replied by Jennifer
(Sacramento, Ca)

Hello. Yes I am still taking Turmeric. I purchase organic Turmeric in bulk online and pack my own capsules now. I continue to have excellent results! A couple of months ago, I was lazy and stopped taking my turmeric for a few weeks. Sure enough, I developed three huge cysts on my groin area and had to have my doctor inject them with cortizone/steriod. Needless to say, I am back on turmeric and have not broken out since. I take two pills in the morning and two at night for maintinance. But when I broke out, I doubled that until I was healed. Hope this helps!

Replied by Ali
(Long Beach, Ca)

Do you know if it is ok to take turmeric while breastfeeding?

Replied by Lane
(New York, Ny, Usa)

Well, I certainly ate a lot of Indian food while I was. Of course the tumeric was cooked, and with food, so not sure if this helps you.

Replied by Mimi
(Blackwood, Nj, Usa)

My doctor diagnosed me with Hidradentis 2 months ago. I have been suffering with these boils under my armpit, under by breast and on my groin area for years and never knew what to do! I just recently surfed the web for cures and quickly began to realize that their wasnt a cure, which was the scariest thing ever and I truly believed I would have to live with this for the rest of my life.

Today I came upon this website and I can not began to explain how great it felt to realize there were natural things you guys have done that have worked! Its 5 oclock in the morning in New Jersey and I was about 10 minutes from driving to the emergency room when something told me to just look it up and see if there was anything I could try. I am going to try Turmeric, tea tree oil, natural deodorant, vitiman c, sea salt baths, and a change in my diet! All ideas that I saw on this website, and Im gonna pray to god that this works for me! I will keep everyone updated. Thank you so much!!!!

Posted by Alene (SLC, UT) on 09/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this website! After years of suffering, I FINALLY know what to do to prevent/cure my HS. I cannot believe I went to doctors for YEARS, paid big bucks for useless antibiotics, paid out of pocket at times to have the darn things lanced...when all the while a spice from the grocery store was all I needed. I am soooo excited to have found this! It took just over one day of the turmeric-water remedy, and now...sweet relief!!! I feel like I have hope again. Traditional medicine's outlook on HS is so bleak (no idea what causes it, no known cure). But natural medicine saves the day. Yea!

Posted by Joan (San Francisco, CA) on 09/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am following up to confirm all who have been writing about boils and HS. I've had the affliction for almost 2 years in the groin region. After discovering this site, I swear by the Turmeric ____; washing the affected area twice daily with ___soap; using tea tree oil as an antiseptic and an ointment to soothe the skin after. When there is an attack, I take Alleve for the swelling/pain and use hot compresses (if necessary) to help w/ drainage. I am a very active person who is a spinning enthusiast so you can imagine how this was affecting me prior. I also use hypoallergenic bandaids to avoid irritation from the normal adhesive after draining. Although this is incurable, I can live a pretty normal life now. Good luck to all.

Posted by Cara (Surrey, BC) on 08/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I came across this website while i was doing research for alternate remedies for my HS.. I had been in alot of pain and really didnt like being on antibotics (b.c they DONT work) Anyways.. I went to my local pharmacy which carries homopathic remedies and picked up turmeric. It is AMAZING the difference. My HS isnt completly gone but it might as well be for the difference it made. i do not get large painful cysts anymore, mostly just small acne like ones with minimal pain. If i do get a larger cyst they do not tract anymore and come to a head sooner so I can lance it with immediate releif. I have also been using a tea tree oil topically... THANK YOU for your site and your remedies.. I have been virtually pain free for a month, longer then i have ever been in almost 20 years

Posted by Melonie (Atlanta, Georgia USA) on 07/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). It is a pus-producing and debilitating skin condition that causes large infected boils on the neck, breasts, armpits, abdomen, buttocks and groin areas. They can grow together and also form a tunnel called a "sinus tract". It sounds like what some of you may have. I was self-diagnosed after doctors didn't know what is was & still didn't after informing them. Their treatment was years of antibiotics which didn't work, by-the-way because in most cases, the pus is sterile. I went online and searched for a Natural/Holistic treatment and found Turmeric. I took as directed ( 1 teaspoon in a cup of warm water 10-15 minutes before breakfast & dinner for 3 days). I felt results in hours - not days. I felt better overall. In 3 days all of my golf ball sized areas on my neck, breasts, underarms ans sinus tract disappeared, along with the terrible deep-purple scars that HS leaves. I went back to my dermatologist 6 months later and they could not believe I was the same person. I have told my HS Support Group Members about it and they, too, have been successful into putting their condition into remission. I have been in remission for 7 months now. For some reason, the capsules do not seem to have the same effects and affects as the powder in warm water, though.

Replied by Kim
(Westmont, IL)

How do you mix the Turmeric with water? I have not had any luck with this. Please help

EC: We add turmeric to hot water, stir briskly, then add cooler water to the cup and drink. The trick is to drink it before the spice settles. Keep stirring as needed.

Replied by Karon
(Long Island, New York)

I was grateful to find this info on HSA. I recently realized this is what I have been dealing with all these years. I immedicately went out and purhcased the Turmeric. I mixed it with water, but after trying to drink it I became very nauseous. Any recommendations on how to get past that? I began taking the pills that don't seem to be very effective. While taking them I had an outbreak of six boils at one time. HELLLPPPP!!

EC: A few turmeric recipes here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/boils8.html#TURMERICRECIPES

Replied by Jazzynhouston
(Houston, Tx, Usa)

I have had hs since I was 17 yers old and have been to several specialists who told me they were just boils and skin lesions for the last ten years. I recently got pregnant after 7 years of trying and the gynocologists told me hey you have hs. Im like what did you call it, she later explained what it was. I was so relieved I finally knew what was wrong with me. I had been living in an uncomfortable pain forever and doctors only ever gave me vicodin for pain and some type of antibiotic and sent me on my way. Sure I have had several surgeries to remove 6 really bad ones, but now I have a 3 months old and im still in pain. I have no idea what to do, my medicaide just cancelled and I have no insurance, I didnt even know there were support groups for this. Whats ur advice for me?

Posted by Binal (Edison, NJ) on 05/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Thanks to everyone for the Turmeric remedy. i tried that for just one week and everything started clear up. This really works! Thank you!

Replied by Phil
(Lynbrook, NY)

I just found this diagnosis-HS-. I have been using crushed ginger and castor oil compresses on the abscesses. If I get it right in the begining stage when it is only an itch, it does not come out at all. It helps in all the stages. The sun and the sea (it really helps to get in the ocean). I know to get sun on my inguinal nodes I have to go to the nude beach. But I have not needed to get one laced and drained since the middle of May. My goal is to be completely functional by fall. There is no normal in my life. There never has been. I am doing colonics, far infra-red sauna and much to improve digestion assimilation and elimination. Because the skin is just sending out an SOS from the inner organs. Phil

Posted by Bosslady (Youngstown, Ohio) on 02/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hidradentis sufferers do try the Tumeric. The pain and irritation was driving me crazy. I read the comments on this site and ran to the local grocery store. The taste was not bad at all. I drank one cup that evening and when I woke up the swelling had come down along with the pain. I continued to drink it twice a day for two days and I was amazed at how my underarms started clearing up. I was so afraid to wear deodorant so after started applying a dry mixture of baking soda and corn starch. I now soak in an all natural detox bath and wipe the armpits with dilluted apple cider vinegar. THESE ARE INEXPENSIVE REMEDIES THAT WORK AND THEY ARE ALL NATURAL.

Posted by Dorothy (Randallstown, MD) on 02/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I Have HS [Hidrandenitis Suppurativa] I'm relly scared, I've been dealing with boils under my arms for about two months now. I hd surgery 1/25/08. The doctor left the staples in two long and the area was tender and swollen. I started the turmeric and it help with new boils. However I'm itching all over, it may be that I'm so scared. I started some natural meds (colliadal silver) does anyone know if this causes itching. I so scared I just got another boils on my elbow but the same arm where I had surgery on the boils. My arm pits look horrible. I want to cry. Tell me what can help me. Especialy the itching.

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