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Posted by John (Corpus Christi , Texas, USA) on 03/16/2007
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Hiradenitis Suppurativa 1) Stop using any form of Spray on or Roll on Deoderant. Clean with soap and water in Shower (Not Bath). Use a Stick -Type of Deoderant ( and Make Sure No One Else Uses It). Make Sure that you Dry Off very good Before you apply anything and use a Different Towel after Each Shower. If Redness Persists after you have done this, Use Hydrogen Peroxide on the Affected Areas after Shower. Then use Corn Starch on them to keep them Dry. If the condition does not fade or disappear within one week, Go Directly to your Doctor.

Ginger or Aloe Poultice

Posted by Mai (Phoenix) on 08/14/2016
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I have had HS for about 12 years now. I have had over 20 surgeries. Doctors have cut the areas open and let them heal by themselves, took out my sweat glands under both armpits and even did skin graphs on areas they could do(In these areas I no longer have problems, bad scars yes, but I'll take it) .

Well, I cannot go in every time it pops up and I am in pain, so what I do is juice ginger and put it on the area with some gauze or sometimes I put aloe, I like to switch them off. Both of those help to pull out the disease and open by itself. This really helps a lot!

Ginger, Garlic, Mint, Pomegranate

Posted by Zahid (Saudi Arabia) on 02/10/2015
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Dear All who is suffering from this horrible disease Hidradenitis Suppurativa,

I have been facing this issue since last one year and doctors say we can not help in this case even they don't understand what is causing this disease. Two weeks ago I visited my dad and he told me one remedy and I came back and tried and trust me I was surprised. It's herbal Antibiotic which seems 1000 times more effective than medical stuff.

OK try this ...I am same like you, searched on google for whole year, tried many things but nothing worked but this thing which I am going to share here. Cures me 70 % in 10 days ..
I am sure you don't believe but try it and then inform me within two weeks..within 2 3 days you will be letting me know that it's killing the disease..

Here you go

1) fresh ginger 50 grams
2) fresh garlic 25 grams
3) mint leaves 50 gram (fresh)
4) pomegranate seeds 50 grams (dried one)

Put in a blender and make a sauce; now put in an air tight jar.

Dosage:: 1 tablespoon (full) after breakfast, 1 after lunch, 1 after dinner.(with water) ...OR you can put this paste on the Bread and eat it...

Please Please for one week don't eat fast food; you will sea the result which will amaze you.. Please guys share it with everyone .. May Allah cure everyone from all the diseases... Best Of Luck Waiting for your response...

H.S. Dressings

Posted by Chris (Ballarat, Australia) on 03/02/2009
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What a wonderful site! I have suffered with HS for 35 years now. Doctors are useless in treating this condition, its just antibiotics or very scary medication that I refused to take, because it was just too damaging (anything that causes massive birth defects in babies should you fall pregnant within 2 years of just taking 1 tablet can't be good!!)

I have them under my armpits where I've had 4 operations over the years to get the rotten things removed, but they always come back. I also have them in the groin and buttocks. Mine have recently changed form however, they have decided to come out as small boils all over my body now, naturally of course, doctors put me on antibiotics (I think its high time somebody out there in the medical world did some research on this condition, more and more people are developing it, yet nobody knows anything about it or how to cure it).

Anyhow, I thought I'd mention a product that I've used on my pustules for draining them. It may help someone out there, I've found it very effective for drawing the contents of them out once they burst. The name of the dressing is Allevyn. It comes in an adhesive and non adhesive variety. It can be awkward at times to cover a boil, depending on where it is (if its a groin one in the crease, I usually find the non adhesive handy, they can be placed over it and undies hold it in place). The adhesive is good if you get them on flat areas, like thighs or tummies. A GP put me onto this product, they use it to dress ulcers on the legs to drain out the infection.

Experimentation is the key, I sometimes use the non adhesive with some sticking plaster to hold it in place. Anyhow, if you tend to suffer when they break open with that awful smelly gunk that comes out of them, these dressings will drain all that awful muck out, which I find makes me feel alot better. These dressings are designed to be left in place for 2 or 3 days though, so you don't have to replace them daily, unless necessary. But I'm definitely going to try this turmeric remedy, it sounds marvellous.

My prayers to you all fellow HS sufferers. Its a rotten disease, a life destroying disease and its about time somebody did some research on HS. We need to know why we have it and what can cure it. In my 35 years of suffering from it, surgery is still the only option and its anything but permanent!!! That's just plain sad...

Replied by Sara
Cardiff, UK

Hia saw your post and thought I'd try the dressings you mentioned. I use chlorhexidine wash before I enter the shower/bath which helps keep some of them under control.

Replied by Vanessa Lattin
Corvallis, Or

i did my own food tests for the past 4 years and i notice that i only have outbreaks when i eat any corn, corn starch, corn meal, maltodextrin

Replied by Legendfalls
Austin, Tx, usa

Hi, wonderful to find this site, I'm 35 and have had HS since age 12, which progressively has gotten worse. I've never gone into remission, but have had times when my HS seems less uncomfortable, and other times when the breakouts are crazy and painful. I haven't tried any one thing consistently, except for using Hibiclens, I can't say I see much improvement using it, but I have to believe that using an antibacterial soap has to be better than not. I've never gone on a gluten free diet, so I am considering that, as well as I've been heavily considering a raw food diet. I have been overweight my entire life. My weight is currently my highest as well as my HS currently it's worse. I've read a lot in the past few days about HS and recommendations on foods to stay away from, and I must say it seems overwhelming.

I mainly just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing information, it does help to know I am not the only one who suffers from HS.

Thank you.

Replied by Jb
Austin, Texas

Legendfalls, I have had HS for about 3 years now and live in Austin as well. I'm considering seeing a naturopath here, have you looked at that at all? I have recently tried to avoid dairy, and it does seem to help quite a bit. I'm going to try the turmeric and a couple other things listed on this site. Email me if you'd like, I'd love to have someone close by that knows what I'm going through. -jnbol82(at)gmail.com

Replied by Nanette
Weirsdale, Florida
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone, Seems there is a big club of "us". I have found it starts with food and to go further I read lots of info on a castor oil pack detox...especially to do with Edgar Cayce. It starts with our gut and the foods we put in. Doing a detox pack tomorrow..hopefully getting my gut detox and putting only Paleo friendly...watch nightshades..in my tummy. Drinking teas and only cut refined sugar and only using raw honey which seems to be doing something productive. Just started all of this 100% cause I love sugar and I smoke...a nighshade. Still learning and wish you all well...God bless us all. Amen!

Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Stress

Posted by Lillian (Durham, England) on 11/15/2009
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I have discovered stress causes my HS. I did have them a lot when I worked in a job I hated. I left and they cleared. However until this week my last attack was 10 years ago after the death of my father. I have had a great deal of stress lately and "hey presto" HS has returned. I'm trying to stay calm but being in pain doesn't help.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Studies

Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 04/06/2010 86 posts

Just noted a study that has been reported in Medscape that would be of interest to sufferers of this condition. I don't know how to create a link but if you google "Biologic Therapy for Hidradenitis Suppurativa" by Graeme M. Lipper, MD, it should come straight up.

EC: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/718771

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada


this link only took me to a log in page for a user account.

EC: Sorry, you are right. Oddly, the link only works if you click on it from Google search results!


Posted by DIANNE (WAIKOLOA, USA) on 05/16/2008
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EC: When we searched for Elapse Corralineous on the web just now we could find no mention of it, so we emailed Dianne for more information. We will post her response as soon as we hear back!

Replied by Rebecca
woodbridge, VA

IN REFERENCE TO Hidradenitis Suppurativa Remedies HAVE YOU FOUND OUT THE RESOURCE FOR (Elapse Corralineous) YET? Thanks so much!

EC: No, sorry. She never wrote us back!

Replied by Nicole
Concord, NH

Check this link for an explanation of the Elapse remedy. http://www.homeoint.org/books/boericmm/e/elaps.htm Sorry I do not know where you can find it, except that I purchase unusual remedies from my naturopath's clinic. A homeopath's and or naturopath's office should have it or be able to order it for you. Good luck!

Replied by Karen
Vancouver, Canada

I have to say that I agree with Jessy from Sarasota. The tomatoes or citrus cause me to break out. I have been in recession and I ate a tomatoes every day for a week...and suddenly I had a massive breakout like never before. Beware of the TOMATOES for sure!! Hope this helps.

Replied by Becky
Woodbridge, VA

I originally wrote: 06/05/2008: Rebecca from woodbridge, VA replies: "IN REFERENCE TO Hidradenitis Suppurativa Remedies HAVE YOU FOUND OUT THE RESOURCE FOR (Elapse Corralineous) YET? Thanks so much!"

I am sorry it took awhile to follow up, have you found out any further information as of yet? Thanks so much!

Replied by Kate
Dayton, Ohio

The reason (I think) that no one could find Elapse Corralineous is because it is spelled incorrectly. I believe it's Elaps Corallinus, which can be bought online at hmedicine.com. A direct link is: http://www.hmedicine.com/homeopathic/dilutions/D-E/Elaps_Corallinus

I haven't tried this yet (I'm still just new to the turmeric and the ACV/Epsom salt treatments) but I'm going to order some of this stuff off hmedicine and see how it works. I think 200cc a day is what it should take, but you might want to ask a homeopathic doctor to make sure.

Hope this helps!

EC: At long last! Thank you so much!

Replied by Lynn
Indianapolis, Indiana

I was just wondering if anyone else had tried the elaps Corallinus because the side effects look like a mild heart attack and I wanted to make sure it was okay to use before I purchased any.

Replied by Karen
Gaston, Sc Usa

I am going to try this product but I am so nervous about a product that I dont know anything about. Can anyone who has tried it let us know how its going? I will post after I start it also!

Replied by Karen
Gaston, Sc Usa

Ok I was in process of ordering the elaps Corallinus and I decided to stop a minute and do a bit of research. The side effects are CRAZY! They sound as bad as having these boils, maybe even worse! I advise people to really check it out. Unless I am reading totally wrong on all these sites, its made from a deadly coral snake from Brazil! You can experience Hallucinations, black discharge from the ears and body, and so much more! When I read about it on one site it gave me a great paragraph on how wonderful the product is, then 6 paragraphs on all the bad side effects. Some of these are really bad! Shouldnt we be scared of this stuff???

Replied by Brittany
Newport News, Virginia

where did you find information about the elaps coralinus?

Replied by Roarssk
Louisville, Kentucky, Usa
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've been looking at all sorts of sites including this one for years to figure out how to get rid of the ridiculous sores on my crotch and under my arms. I've finally found something that made an absolutely huge difference in my life. Finally I found what seems to me to be a cure! I'm so happy to be able to say that, its an amazing feeling to be sore free. I have been taking elaps corallinus (200c) for a while now. At first I only bought one little bottle (around $20) and started using it when my sores were in remission, I was horribly sad to see that the elaps actually made my condition worse, bringing about 2 or 3 sores at a time, which hadn't happened in a few years since changing my diet and using turmeric everyday.

For some reason though I know not why I kept using it. About 10 drops in my water in the morning and 10 or so at night. The sores that came after first using it went away unusually quickly and from then on I didn't get any more sores for quite a while.

I'm not exactly sure on the time periods that went by but after using the first bottle more sores eventually did come back. I didn't know exactly what was going on but all I did know was elaps somehow effects this disease. So I bought another 2 bottles to see what would happen. Just like last time I got a few extra sores that went away quickly and was sore free for about a month, What a feeling!

Recently I purchased 4 more bottles and started putting even larger amounts in my water after I get up and before I go to bed. I went through the 4 bottles quickly, ignoring the labels and dosage instructions because I will literally do anything if my sores will go away forever. Its been about 2 months and I haven't gotten another sore even though I've been pretty much binge drinking and smoking cigarettes every weekend which used to make me break out badly until I quit.
I just ordered 4 more bottles to see if higher dosages will take this disease out for good, I'm pretty much using myself as a guinea pig thus far, but it seems to work. The only thing I'm not sure about is if I will have to take a small amount of elaps for the rest of my life or if using enough will stop this disease in its tracks. Either way I plan on figuring it out.
I invite all of you to try elaps for yourselves, don't be afraid if it makes the disease slightly worse for a while, if you are like me eventually it will prove beneficial and you will swear by it as I do. I really hope you read this and elaps corallinus works for you as well. Good luck!

Replied by Roarssk
Louisville, Kentucky, Usa

Karen from Gaston, I totally understand your unwillingness to try something like this blind, that is what people like me a here for! I've taken quite a bit of elaps corallinus and the most I've ever gotten was a slight head ache. Certainly speak to your Dr. before you do anything but in my mind the benefits outweigh the risks, which for me have been minimal.

Replied by Jlacour
Arlington, Texas

Hi, coralineous refers to coral dwelling species.

Honey and Cinnamon Poultice

Posted by Mark (Dubai, Uae) on 09/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Guys,

I have had this disease from few years now & never bothered till the bumps & lumps got bigger & spreading with marks on my skin.... I got this disease all around my pubic hair....

I have found a remedy after trying nearly everything I read abt this diesease....

Try this and in a months time not only will you get rid of the marks & scars.... But it is the best remedy for this diesease....

No surgery needed.....

All you need is honey & cinnamon powder....

Yes thats it....

One tablespoon of honey & one half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.... Mix them & make a paste...... Apply this all over your infected area & cover it with tissue.... Or any cloth leave it for three to four hours.... Do this preferably before you go to sleep.....

The best bit is it smells good & is good for ur skin as well.....

In one months time..... You are free from this chronic disease....

Good luck & be well...


Replied by Nicole
New England

Hi Mark,

I noticed you wrote here years ago. Are you still in remission? Of everything I have read I am most intrigued by the cinnamon and honey treatment. I just started it. I am grateful to have found your post and would love to hear an update if you get this!


HS Causes and Triggers

Posted by Jody (Davenport) on 02/12/2016

My 16 year old daughter a year ago got on the NEXPLANON birth control. That we think is been the same time she started to get boils. She gets them at last 1 a month. So big and bad that we have to take her to the E.R to have them drained and packed. We just learned of a name for her condition. I replied since I seen you are the one had a concern with birth control. They started on her lower back. 1 on her knee the rest under her arm pit. I have been searching since I finally got a name for this. Anyone heard of Emuaid Cream?

Replied by Ellie

The cream you mention is rather expensive. Have you considered turmeric for the boils? It is a very popular remedy on Earth Clinic for boils.

Did you get your daughter off birth control? If she is taking it to regulate her cycle, there are many good remedies for it.

Replied by Katzie

Hi there. I suffer from the same thing. I would suggest that you try Colloidal Silver on those boils. I use a Silver Gel on mine. I used to get them regularly , but I noticed something strange lately; the boils are getting smaller and smaller. So small, in fact, that the last boil was the size of 1/2 a pea! And after that paltry pathetic attempt at a boil, I haven't had one in months! Please give it a try. If you can't fine the gel, soak a cotton pad In Colloidal silver and then put a bandage over it. It won't take very long before your daughter finds blessed relief. Take care.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Bill (Springfield, Ma) on 05/07/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Let me be clear. I have had this problem for 13 years in my groin and armpits. I have tried everything under the sun, multiple anti biotics, different soaps, different vitamins, many topical oils and gels, and many other things.

Hydrogen peroxide is the only thing that works for me. It doesn't make it go away, but it reduces the pain to almost nothing. It also keeps the boils from recurring as frequently as they did before. Simply get a spray bottle, heat it in the microwave to where it's hot (Not intolerable) and then spray it on the afflicted areas once or twice a day.

I hope this helps!


Posted by Claudi0 (Spring Hill, Florida) on 02/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After reading many of your remedies for underarm boils, I purchased a drawing salve and used it night and day for 4 days. It did not help at all. Next, decided to try colorless iodine. Sat the bottle in the bathroom next to the mirror and every time I went into the bathroom I applied more iodine. Within 24 hours the boil opened and started to drain and finally I was getting the relief I hoped for the pain. I continued using the iodine for the next day as a precaution and I'm happy to report it is totally gone. I've only had one other boil in my lifetime (I'm 66 years old) and that was in the genital area. I wish I had known about the iodine during that episode years ago.


Posted by Lysine! (Oh) on 06/28/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to drop by and share my experience with anyone who is suffering with HS as I have for 30 years. I've tried just about every one of these treatments, all of which may have given me some relief, but I was still losing the battle. I consulted a friend of mine who has researched skin treatments thoroughly and he told me to go out and get Lysine. It's an amino acid and can be found at any good health food store. By his recommendations, I took 1000 mg twice a day for the first month. I could not believe the difference in just the first week. At the end of the month, I cut back to 500 mg twice a day and I only increase it if I feel like one is coming on. My friend told me that it had to do with two amino acids that need to be balanced in the body. I really don't care how it works, what I am ecstatic about is that it works! I wanted to share this with this group in hopes of helping as many who suffer from this condition as I know how painful and embarrassing it is. I'm not saying that this is a cure for anything, just that it was something that I tried that had amazing results for me. I hope it works for you!

Laser Hair Removal

Posted by Ace (Vancouver, Bc) on 08/07/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Since HS seems to be tied to the hair follicles, I am undergoing laser hair removal procedures - have completed 6 treatments, and have noticed a significant decrease/reduction in HS activity after the 4th or 5th treatment... Not cured, but a lot better!

Replied by Rose
Toronto, Ontario

Can anyone tell me what TYPE OF LASER they think the poster from 2011 used as there are many different technologies?

Laser Therapy

Posted by Matt (Nurnberg, Germany) on 10/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Your ailment can now be treated and removed through a minimal invasive method, involving the use of laser technology. Unlike conventional treatments, this method allows for complete healing of all fistulas and dermoids, without the excision of the inflammatory tissue. There is no longer a need for massive tissue removal - which means no large wounds or fissures are created.

After an ultrasound examination of the tissue, the infected area is sealed off and confined using a surgical laser; the abscess is opened through two tiny laser incisions and removed. After removal, the laser beam is focused on the closed cavity. In this way the previously infected and inflamed area is disinfected and sterilized. In turn the laser beam causes the cavity to contract, reducing the vacant area significantly. A minor, post-surgical treatment of the external tissue is performed.

This minimal invasive procedure allows complete recover within 2-3 weeks.

Replied by Dahlia
Cairo, Egypt

Hi Matt, Thank you for your post, are you sure this procedure really cures? Has this procedure actually been tried out and was it a success? does it last? how much does it cost in USD, can you give me the name of the hospital that performes this surgery please? I am sorry for all the questions but I am more than desperate. Please reply to my mail - dahlia. Flower(at)gmail.com - thank you in advance. Dahlia


Posted by Monique (New York) on 12/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Try Lysine capsules. The seem to work for me. I take two 500mg capsules, twice a day during the time I'm having issues with my Hidradenitis Supperativa. And one 500gm capsule, twice a day when im not having issues. You can purchase them at a health food store.

Let me know if it helps.