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On Scalp

Posted by Dee (Toronto, Canada) on 02/05/2011

Hi When I first started having thes things before it was diagnosed 19 years ago, they started out on my scalp. Doctors thought it was a cyst. They covered my whole head and I lost a lot of hair. Then in the places where they healed, they healed with a keloid so they never went flat down and the dermatologist says hair will never grow there again because the follicles are dead. Then progresses to my armpits, my groin and my buttocks. I think it's fair to say I have a severe case of it.

The thing is I never hear anyone say they have had it on their scalp but me and I am female so you know how devastating that must be. Is there anyone out there who has had it on their scalp or know someone who does? I feel very isolated in this. All I want is for something to flattent these keloids on my head or recommend something to grow my hair back in these areas. I used to have thivk abundant hair and now this disease has destroyed it. It makes me sad to look in the mirror and see what a evastating affect this thing has had on me and that I probably will have to live the rest of my life with these raised scars on my head and thr hair loss that comes with it. If anyone know of anything, please let me know. Thx.

Replied by Tupperwareandavonmomma
(Sevierville, Tn)

I do too have the HS on my scalp. Then it spread. I have been diagnosed for about 6 months but I am decreasing the outbreaks by using Melaleuca shampoo, Selenium sulfate 2.5 (alternated), rarely ever use hair products, I take bleach baths when it gets really bad (once a month or so). I do my own drains and compresses and have not had surgery yet although there are a few times before I got diagnosed I probably should have. Good luck.

Replied by Ace
(Vancouver, Bc)

I put Aloe Vera gel all over my scalp every single night before I sleep and keep it on all night (and shower after I wake up in the morning)...

I have the same problem in my head... but this seems to have really controlled and reduce the problem (takes time to fix)...

I also use Shea butter shampoo bar (by African Trade Society) on my head....I would recommend both.

Oregano and Coconut Oils, Adrenal Support

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Posted by Goodforyou (Sweetwater, Tn, USA) on 11/13/2009

I am a self diagnosed case of Hidradenitis. My MD took a culture and it came back Strep, but she never used the medical term Hidradenitis; I'm sure she is unfamiliar with it. To the woman (or anyone ) who soaks in bleach water, please don't do that: Bleach suppresses the endocrine system; not safe at all especially when sick!

My MD prescribed a short round of Penicillin which helped me, but not for long. I then switched to coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil kill many viruses and bacteria). I also used oregano oil, (super Strength P-73). If it doesn't say P-73 on the bottle, it may not be the right oil. I also took adaptogens (Rhodiola, schizandra, etc.) to support my adrenal glands.

OREGANO: I filled two 00 gelatin capsules twice a day for 2 days with food, then backed down to one 2x a day. I also rubbed it on the skin as much as I could tolerate throughout the day.

COCONUT OIL: I took 4-6 coconut oil gelcaps 2x a day and also rubbed it on the skin constantly. Be aware that oregano oil can cause a temporary burning sensation. After all this; there is no evidence that I ever had a boil. Praying helped too, I'm sure.

What a horrible, HORRIBLE PAIN!!!

Replied by Ljeanbeans
(Ashland, Wi)

My health took a turn for the worst after an especially stressful 2008 and quitting Birth Control after 10 years to remedy the situation. That may have sent me in a tail-spin, but I'm sure it's healthier in the long run. I got HS about 6 months later. I did have a few isolated boils in my teen years.... Strange. Before BC, hmmmm. I had one bad one tested last year, and it was just regular good skin bacteria. Autoimmmune.... I have had a multitude of other problems in the past year, but one is Adrenal Exhaustion. I think that was the orignal problem. I had mine in remission for about 3 months earlier this year... Until I had surgery and couldn't exercise anymore.... I have been taking L-Tyrosine daily for over a year. And 5-Htp. I love my Yoga Booty Ballet exercise. I shower after I exercise while still hot and sweaty. I had it in remission this way. I haven't exercised really in about 4 months. I prayed when I pressed a boil in a sitz bath and it came loose and drained instantly. I know this is the best thing to do. I want to try oregano and coconut and tumeric for secondary bronchitis from a virus right now, anyways. Curious how the treatments for Bronchitis and HS are so similar. I started taking ACV with the Mother yesterday and ate about 3 tbsps of Cayenne Pepper in a drink yester. Didn't help the HS yet.... Curious I had it in remission before..... I've always smoked additive free organic tobacco and love coffee as well. I don't drink, though, maybe I should. I eat at natural as possible always. NATURAL and organic if I can afford it. ALWAYS.

Replied by Ashley
(Nashville, Tn)

Wow. I can totally relate to these. I do feel like praying really helps, especially when I am at my breaking point and just trying to get some relief from salt baths and letting the cysts drain. My HS started when I was 13 after a long road trip, while sitting on my bottom for 10 hours. After that, I also got cysts under my arms and learned the hard way I was allergic to the antibiotic Tequin, which I believe is now discontinued. I had surgery when I was 17 for a pilonidal cyst, and have had recurring cysts since. (I am 24. )

I haven't heard about the connection with bronchitis and HS, but I have also had bronchitis as a kid to the point of pleurisy (infection of the lining of the lungs. ) I also had a severe case of Chicken Pox as a child-- I got Staph infection all over my body. Just to make it clear, though, I am 24, in shape and very very clean. I want to help others with the disorder, so I have dedicated so much time trying to learn more about it. Thank God for this site! Just reading these testimonials has made the condition easier to deal with. I've read a lot that HS is connected to stress and food allergies. I can completely understand the stress factor-- I suffer from anxiety every single day, largely in part of HS. I am also a smoker and drink coffee.

I have been researching the diet side of things, and have found that with HS sufferers, their pH balance seems to lean towards the acid side and needs to be balanced towards the Alkaline side, so drinking Alkaline Water (also looking up the alkaline food guide and incorporating those foods into your diet) will help balance everything out. Today I started taking turmeric in warm water with honey and black pepper, diluting ACV with water, and taking vitamin A, and I found this ointment a few months ago online called Emuaid. It worked SO WELL the first time I used it, (2 large bumps gone the next day) then seemed to work less after a few weeks. Here's my shower routine:

-antibacterial soap
-not shaving sides of legs
-after I've dried off, using Witch Hazel to re-rinse the area
-using Emuaid or Bacitracin Ointment

-Maintaining dryness of the area.

God bless all of you. Here's to a CURE! It's out there.

Pau D'arco, Red Clover Tea

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Posted by Kiki (Baltimore, MD) on 12/26/2008

After a lot of ineffective medical intervention and trying things that didn't work (Dial soap, Epsom salt soaks, losing weight, etc.), an herbalist finally gave me a simple remedy that has proven incredibly effective for my HS. I have had the condition in mild form for 17 years, but with my first pregnancy, progressed into a more severe stage that left me with debilitating pain, multiple legions that wouldn't stop draining, and nothing that seemed to make a difference. I lost about 60 pounds after the birth of my daughter and started eating healthy, which also didn't help. Once I stopped breastfeeding (you cannot take these herbs while pregnant or breastfeeding), I take one cup of Pau D'Arco and one cup of Red Clover tea daily. Use about 6 oz. of water for each and steep for at least 10 minutes. I saw definite results in about 2 weeks. Daily soaks in dead sea salt baths and Neosporin 3X daily on legions helps them to heal with less scarring, and the teas keep the legions from coming back. Cutting out sugar and white foods cleared it up completely. This has absolutely stymied the condition when nothing else worked and everyone swore nothing would. Give it a try! You can find both teas at your local herbalist or Whole Foods.

Replied by Cs
(Bordentown, Nj)

Were you able to get pregnant on this? I think I have HS, although have not officially been seen by a dr for this but I think I will soon. I am considering becoming pregnant but am nervous due to this horriffic disease. Can you share your experience with HS as it related to your pregnancy?

Prebiotics and Probiotics

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Posted by Robin (Rancho Mirage) on 06/02/2017

I must tell you my findings for HS. I have been taking a pro-biotic and now a pre-biotic which helps good bacteria grow in your gut. HS is a manifestation of your gut being off. Its not about hygiene, hormones or whatever the doctors want you to believe. They don't know. I'm telling you get a good probiotic take it 3 times a day if you are having issues with this terrible HS. I've cured myself. I decided it had to be something we all do. Antibiotics, for kids the elderly who never had HS, women, Men doing surgery which didn't help! UGG. Please get a probiotic that will start righting the very low good bacteria you have in your gut. It helps and a prebiotic is even better it helps proliferate the good bacteria and as it grows you have less HS. Don't take my word for it just start ingesting a good one. I am cured, and I live in a hot desert where I sweat. Nothing to do with HS just an easy way for the strep to get out.

Physician heal thyself. Take a responsible step to your own health. God Bless


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Posted by Knad01 (Ohio) on 04/26/2015

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Has anyone tried taking a probiotic? I have HS and recently read an article about "leaky gut syndrome". Initially eliminated gluten from my diet and started taking zinc tablets, which I had success with (not 100%). However, it is not really an option to take zinc long term and I find complete elimination of gluten to be very difficult. I have consumed gluten multiple times through cross contamination, causing a reaction.

I recently (about 2 months ago) found an article about leaky gut syndrome and started taking a probiotic twice a day, which really seems to be helping! I have not had a breakout since and I even started adding small amounts of gluten back into my diet (i.e. soy sauce, beer, boneless breaded chicken wings, etc.)!! Not sure if it is a "cure", but it helped me and worth a shot- although I am still weary of pizza and pasta dishes. Probiotics are easily available and not expensive at all, so perhaps worth a shot?

Reader Comments

Posted by Keturah (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 01/11/2009

Hi I just found this site, I had my first boil (i guess you can call it that) when i was 19 I was carefree and had a rocking body and great skin I was often asked what did I use on my skin. I had a great natural golden glow, then my life slowly been to change, I usually get my boils or cysts on my back...just recently I started to get them under my breasts and in my arm pits...I never knew what I had and had no insurance to go to the derm...I finally got some school money and saw my first derm I was given no help at all. At this time my back now had bullet like holes left from the scarring, I no longer can wear backless anything...I questioned... Was I too vein in my teens and early twenties the reason this happened to me? I saw another derm...at 28 I was pregnant with my son, he told me I had HS...I live in pain...I would burst these things myself because I just could not take the throbin burnin pain another day...and oh the relief! I started to do more research because the derm I started to see didnt make me feel like he wanted to truly help me, He kinda gave me my walking papers...So next week I will meet with another...I have one on my back now! I see now that a soap or pills can not help this alone and this will be a life style change for me...I will try the dial soap my Benzoyl Peroxide is not working and my topical cream is not working, I will try the tumeric, I will also change my diet drastically...I hope my little girl does not have this, and I only got one on my upper thigh...I dont want any in any other areas in that region...but I did get them inside the checks...of you know where! but I was too embrassed too tell anyone. I thougt I had hemorrhoids. But since I'm African American there's a whole set of rules...The derm said that my hair products are most likely the cause of the cysts, but then how will I do my hair? I feel like I've lost so much of my beauty I used to model...Now I have scars on my breasts...In the folds of my cheeks of you know where...and holes and scars all over my back...I had two kids so my tummy isn't like it was when I was 22. I'm just sad, mad, a bitch some days...most days esp. when I have a cyst, but at least...I'm not alone. I guess I will try more natural hair styles but if anyone has any suggestions, post please...most of the ingredients in African American products have stuff in them that you should stay away from.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, TX)

you said your derm said your hair care products are giving you your boils? stop using them. i wash my hair with grandpa's pine tar soap once a week and then use a rinse of either ACV (1 capful) or lime juice (1 small (key) lime) and a liter of water.
i now have more beautiful hair than ever. oh - and don't ever use hot water on your hair. i have switched to only washing my hair with cold water and i can't believe the difference it has made. i used to have very dry hair no matter what i put on it conditioner wise. now i don't even need conditioner at all and my hair is long again and in much better condition.

try it!!! you will certainly save money and maybe your skin problems will stop too. when you are bathing all of the stuff from the hair care products goes all down your back and onto your body. makes perfect sense to me. i for one would never put anything on my head/scalp that i couldn't put in my mouth. btw - i also brush my teeth with grandpa's pine tar soap...

Replied by Amber
(Antigua, Guatemala)

I read your post and just wanted to share my suggestions:

Spots and boils represent some form of toxicity/poisons that your body wants to get rid of. Cleansing your body (internally) will help tremendously towards getting your healthy,glowing skin back again. As a simple boost - try having 1 or 2 fresh lemons in a glass of water each morning. Look into doing a colon cleaning programme which has tremendous benefits to skin and overall healh. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits to cleanse,nourish and purify your body. Explore the Hydrogen peroxide blogs -this amazing liquid cleanses your blood and kills bacteria and virus', as well as killing the bacteria when applied (concentration of 3% neatly with a Q-tip) directly to the boil.

In terms of beauty/hair products: cold pressed, raw coconut oil (available in most health food stores) makes an excellent hair oil, which shines,conditions and softens as the same time. It also smells divine.

I hope this helps for now.

Replied by NB
(Los Angeles, California)

Pine tar soap.... that's funny. I, too, am African-American and all this started for me at eight years old. I can barely believe I've been dealing with this for 30 years. I'm not sure which hair products your doc is referring to, but I'm pretty sure the pine tar soap as shampoo deal is NOT gonna work on Black hair. I have natural hair and always have since my teens and still have the condition so I don't know about that.

I'm still trying to discover a cure that will work for me. The less wholesome my diet and lifestyle are the more boils I get. When I was pregnant I had NO boils for the entire time. But afterwards they came back with a vengeance.

It's an ugly, embarrassing, lonely condition.....just keep experimenting, we may luck up. Many blessings and good luck.

Replied by angjoy
(Jackson, MI)

Hi Keturah, I'm not sure it this would work on your hair or not, but it might be worth a try. When I noticed a couple of places forming on my scalp, I thought, oh no, not my head too, they were small, but painful. I replaced my shampoo with a 1/2 cup of baking soda made into a paste. I have very long hair and yes, you have to get use to 'no lather' but baking soda does a great job of cleaning your hair and scalp. As a matter of fact, I have found that I no longer have to wash my hair daily as I use to. I occasionally do a vinegar rinse. My hair is a lot healthier looking now and no more spots on my scalp.

For anyone wishing to try the 'wonder whatever - 200c Elaps Corallinus', well I did. I went 2 months without a boil. 2 blissful months. The honeymoon is over however. I was so hopeful that this would be the end of this miserable stuff. The gentleman who mentioned that he could relate to Job from the Bible. Funny he mention that. I often felt that way myself. God bless us all. ~Ang

Rubbing Alcohol

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Posted by Alicia (Utica, Ny) on 03/03/2013

Hi, I have been suffering with hs for 12 years. I hit puberty at age 13 and I am going to be 25 this month, so yeah, 12 years. I have had surgery to my left groin area due to hs, I had an abcess that lasted nearly 2 months, the surgein went in and cleared out all of the scar tissue, my incision was 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches deep into my leg. That was the area I got my first boil in. I had recurring abcesses there maybe 10- 15 times throughout my life up until the surgery. No more boils there since then but I have had them on the opposing leg and also my butt cheeks. I have seen dermatologists, they just want to give out scripts that literally do nothing. I have found that rubbing alcohol to the area up to 4 times a day I put it on. I apply it with a q tip. I see or feel one starting now and I begin the regimen of putting it on several times a day. I have seen them disappear in two days at times. Warm baths only have ever soothed it for me, not fixed it. I think its worse when on birth control though. I did not get a flare up for months and thought well I will get back on birth control and oh my body decides to grant me two boils at once, that's my favorite... Not. This condition flat out sucks, it does, but the rubbing alcohol does help, for me anyway, there have been studies saying a tablespoon of bleach in your bath once a week helps, this is only a clinical trial though.

From what I have read there are no cures for this condition but things we can do to help prevent and treat them. In personal experience when I put my snug form fitting leggings and jeans and tights on it makes it worse, when I exercise and eat well it gets better. When I was pregnant with both of my children ther were no signs of boils, it was the longest consecutive period of time I have gone without them, two days after I had my first son I got three abcesses. It made a very happy time depressing and painful, but I have done a ton of research and have been examined by several very good doctors and dermatologists and surgeons and I have learned alot about this condition, my mother had it also, for a short time, and my sister. It has gotten better with my age, I am used to living with it now. Don't be depressed, its ok and there are many of us out there. Any questions and feel free to ask. I have only had one flare up in about 6 months, I took care of it and it was gone in about 2 days with the rubbing alcohol trick;) hope this helps.

P. S. I never write on these things but this was totally worth my time because I know how alone you feel sometimes due to this, I have been there.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I had something similar on my back, and used acetone ie. nail polish remover. It seems to kill the bug even if the boil isnt opened you can feel it stinging and doing its thing. Acetone is handled by the body quite well, in fact the body produces it. Just a thought? but alchohol is good, for killing bugs.

Replied by Shannon

Thank Alicia, I never used rubbing alcohol on them before but am trying it now! Seems to have lessen the pain for me and kinda made them smaller. I had thought that maybe the birth control made them worse too so I stopped taking it and I've gotten a lot of them, but at same time when I was on birth control I'd have periods where I'd get a lot of boils or extremely bad ones. So I'm not sure what to believe any more. It took me almost ten years to find out a name to what I had and then when I did found there was no cure! And drs and dermatologist just want to give antibiotics! It sucks and some days it's hard! I haven't found anything to add to maybe making things better for someone out there with it! Just wanted to say thanks for the alcohol idea.

Replied by Puja Jain
(Hyderabad, India)

Hi Alicia,

Since 4 years I have been suffering from HS, it has affected my both the underarms.It is worst in my left hand under arms.I have consulted many doctors regarding this but nobody has given me solution for it.I have taken 4 to 6 steroids injections and still taking antibiotic. Tomorrow I will go through ultrasound of my armpits based on that doctors will decide whether I should go for surgery or not.

Could you please help me out of this situation and can provide me some suggestions?Please advice me on the following questions:

1)should I go for surgery?

2)Do you know any home remedy?IF yes then please share

3) As the wound has opened in my right arms can I use alcohol there..or I can used it once it get closed...and which alcohol did you used(Vodka, Scotch etc)?

This is really urgent please reply as soon as possi

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Puja, read up on turmeric (haldi, I think) for this.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Julie (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 03/08/2010

Hi everyone,

I'm 19 and have had HS ever since I can remember. I've had surgery to remove abscesses in both armpits. I remember being in grade school and not participating in gym because I could not sweat and risk having it resting on my skin all through school. My gym teachers never really believed me and just assumed I got a doctor's note because I was overweight and didn't want to exercise. This is an embarrassing disease and I'm sorry all of you had to go through it too.

Over the years, I've gotten better though. I do something that I think no one has mentioned after every shower I use sterile cotton balls and PUT RUBBING ALCOHOL on the areas that I normally get them (especially the open sores). Doctors use this to clean instruments and they go in first aids kits to cleanse burns and wounds. It sounds harsh but It doesn't make my skin dry at all. Once I started doing this, I barely even get any boils maybe one or two a month! :)

I also use softsoap antibacterial liquid soap or any other generic brand that is close. I look at the ingredient triclosan the higher it is the more antibacterial quality. I DO NOT USE bars of soap because they can carry bacteria on the surface, unlike liquid soap that comes in a bottle.

If you'd really like them to go away I would really suggest using the rubbing alcohol after showers and before bed (if you only shower in the mornings) and put on clean LOOSE clothes to sleep in. One last thing, it is very handy to put the rubbing alcohol in a medium sized spray bottle to spray on the skin during the day or anytime you apply it. (This is also great for spraying on public toilet seats to disinfect them. I also lay down toilet paper ALWAYS before sitting on public toilets) Sanitizing toilet seats (even my own toilet) before going to the bathroom has helped so much I hardly ever get sores down there anymore!

Soon I am going to start trying more natural methods like putting tea tree oil on instead of rubbing alcohol. I am also going to start taking turmeric (used in making curry) they say it has anti-inflammatory agents.

I hope this helps someone because I know how hurtful and embarrassing it is to live with this disease.

Replied by Real Jbarker
(Pennsylvania & Hawaii)

This your body encapsulating gluten & particular for mw wheat. Also cheeses. Histamine producing foods. This is like an autoimmune issue that is reacting to the rejection of foods through a reaction to the foods by the gastrointestinal system. Try more good probiotics, but I don't know which to suggest. Milk has something called Iga if that even though it's organic but if the cow is commercially raised. Iga causes gastrointestinal issues that show up with this sort of acne cysts. I have this too and it subsides the longer I stay away from foods my body is reactive to, or can't digest.

Salt Crystal Deodorant

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Posted by Aalexand (Greenwood, Ms, Usa) on 05/02/2011

I've suffered with HS for about 6 years now and I've tried everything from Accutane to tumeric and nothing had worked until about 3 weeks ago I went to my gynecologist for my yearly check-up and during my breast exam he check my under arms.... I was so embarrased because I had band aids under my arms for the drainage. He asked me what was going on and I told him and I also explained how I had gone to several dermatologist and had paid out so much money and tried several different harsh medicines, he told me to get some salt crystal deodorant and to try that and that it would not only keep me smelling fresh, but that it will clear it up.

I tell you that my HS has cleared up 80%.... I no longer have to have all the band aids because it is drying up and there is no foul smell under my arms. I just had to share this and hope that it will help someone else that is dealing with this terrible disease. And remember GOD can heal you of this because he has healed me and I thank GOD for healing me.

Replied by Justsayin
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Reply to: Aalexand from Greenwood, Ms, Usa


My under my arms is the worst part of my HS, because of odor under my arms and the small open sores that don't want to close. My mobility of my right arm is limited, I can't reach for things with that arm, hug people and sleeping hurts. Actually my right arm is usually down at my side. Friends and family haven't noticed because I sadly play it off well.

Something simple like using salt crystal deodorant is why I love EC so much, I would have never though of that. I am already using turmeric and AZO yeast supplements which helping ridiculous amounts, but if salt crystal deodorant would help with the odor under my arms and actually aid in clearing the HS up as you said... Would be AMAZING!

I was wondering though how salt crystal deodorant feel under the arms, because I am a bit sensitive on the right side with the HS. Also if there is any stinging or burning sensation associated?

Thank you so much for your comment, I am so glad you are doing much better =)

Replied by Deborah - Toronto
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I sometimes even use the crystal deodorant under my breasts. I have not found that it stings at all - although I must admit that if there is an open sore, I do not apply it directly to that area.

I am glad to find that there are other people sharing and talking about this disease. I find the worst part - after the pain of course - is the guilt and shame. I am in the midst of a flare up right now and the self blaming is just awful.

Glad to find others being hopeful. It helps to know I am not alone.

Replied by Misty
(Fort Erie, Ont)

Hi deborah how are you doing with the turmeric. I have suffered with this for 40 yrs and this is the first I have heard of h s. Please respond You can email me at mistyblue13(at)sympatico.ca I have started the turmeric powder for about 2 weeks but not much has changed.

Replied by Jazz

Hi, I had severe hidradenitis suppurative (hs) and now I am just trying to clear the rest of it up. For me my mother by the grace of God found a clinical trial and they put me on a high dosage of antibiotics which calmed my condition then I recieved laser treament which I am currently doing. I consider myself almsot cured because I dont get any new boils I just have ones that are already open still leakin. But anyways my question was about the vaginal area I have gotten to the point where I feel almost not like a woman because its so disgusting to me and often times I get depressed. But if I were to apply this deodorant on the vaginal area would it also take away the unwanted smell and also help clear up the hs?

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Jazz, Have you tried any of the things on Earth Clinics page on this particular problem? I would definitely try the turmeric that is written about. Taken internally, I have seen it do wonders for skin problems.

Hope you find a solution, soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Chiquita B

I have HS and have been boil-free since November after changing my diet. Nothing that the doctors did to help me were effective. I took out all grains and dairy along with sugar at first (basically a paleo diet) and took warm baths with tea tree oil. I wouldn't use the crystal deoderant down yonder. The tea tree oil bathes helped with drainage and the smell - maybe you could try that instead?

Replied by Debarpita


Do you mean Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick (unscented)? The one that has to be wetted before application?


Posted by Natsuko (Seattle, Washington) on 02/24/2015

I'm wondering if there's something that will lighten up Hidradenitis Suppurativa scars? I take 3 turmeric pills a day and so far, they work great! I don't have huge breakouts anymore, but I have really dark ugly scars. I'm 17 and I'm worried that the scars will affect my future relationships. I have HS around my groin area and behind. Someone please help :(

Replied by Colleen

I had pretty bad scars they were purple, blue, black and green. They were there for years, I read somewhere about taking a supplement of flax/fish/borage seed oil daily would help. I figured it couldn't hurt. One day about 4-6 months later I passed by the mirror and relized they were gone. I hope it works for you. Also avoid sugar and processed foods.

Replied by Becky
(Nokesville, Va)

Cocoa butter helps with the appearance of scars. But as far as your future relationships, if he loves you for you, then the scars won't matter. Take the time to explain to him the condition and that, while annoying, is not something he needs to be worried about. When someone cares about you, they support you through the good and bad times.

Sexual Link

Posted by Ana (New York, NY) on 08/15/2014

I have been suffering from HS for the past 10 years. I have tried antibiotic, surgery, tea tree oil, antibacterial soap and it just keeps coming back worse and worse. I noticed that if I am sexually active and experience an orgasm, the very next day I will flear up. I wait few days until I feel better and again experience an orgasm and the lump comes up again the very next day. It never fails. It is very frustrating to know that I can be sexually active without having a break out. Is there any relationship between HS and sex? Any one has any information about this.

Silver Honey

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Posted by Kelly K (Akron, Oh ) on 08/31/2022

After a HS wound pops, most of the time you're left with a hole that could take months or even a year to heal up. I found this stuff called Silver Honey. It is actually use on horse/animal. But it has all natural ingrediants. If you read the reviews on Amazon, you will see more people use this stuff on themselves than they do animals. It comes in 2 forms; a cream or a spray. I bought the cream and it healed my HS wound/hole up in 8 days and it had been there for 3 months. I encourage everyone to try it. And just recently, I started getting another HS bump...I immediatly put some of the Silver Honey on it...I did this for 3 days and the bump went away.

Spearmint Tea, Manuka Honey, Turmeric

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Posted by Kisha (Fort Worth, Tx) on 05/03/2018

Hidradenitis - I drink 1 cup of Organic Spearmint tea, 1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey UMF 15+ and 800mg Tumeric by capsule each day. This has eliminated my HS outbreaks.

Applying the Manuka Honey directly to the HS outbreaks has eliminated the scarring and discoloration.


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Posted by Cynfree2010 (Richmond, Texas) on 12/05/2012

Worked Temporarily

Hi everyone. I am responding to questions about surgery as a treatment for HS. I am 64 years old and first started having outbreaks at age 33 with birth of my son. I went to dermatologists who would prescribe antibiotics and would lance the more serious boils as needed. As time went on the outbreaks became more severe and started to destroy the tissue under my arms leaving gaping holes that never closed up.

In 2001 I went to the dermatology dept at the va hospital in Houston and was told that I needed to see a general surgeon and was referred to that dept at the va. The Houston VA is a teaching hospital so doctors are trained there and only have short periods of residency before they move on to their final destinations in their practices. I was very lucky and had a very skilled surgeon who removed the sweat glands from under both my arms and improved the looks and health of the tissue under both my arms. The scarring from the surgery was minimal but it did take a couple of months to heal completely. The surgery was a complete success and I have not had any outbreaks since in that area.

Unfortunately, the outbreaks then started in groin and buttocks within about 4 years and I am now having the same problem in those areas as I did with my armpits. I tried to seek out another surgeon since the one who did my surgery under my arms in now in another part of the country. I have been told that they no longer use the surgery as a treatment and that I needed to take 2-3 baths daily with epsom salts and that this is the only approved treatment now and that I just needed to learn to live with it. They went on to say that surgery in the groin area an buttocks would be impossible as there are too many sweat glands and that they couldn't successfully get to them all. I feel like most of the "surgeons" I spoke to just didn't want to deal with the disease and were disgusted by it and believed that my cleanliness was the reason I had such a problem.

I had pretty much given up all hope when this week I decided to see if anything new had been discovered as a treatment for HS when I found your website. I am compiling a list of everything I have found here and intend to try everything until I get some relief. Any improvement would be appreciated whether I find a cure or not. The one thing I know is that Epsom salts does not work even if you spend the day in the bathtub. I thank God that I have found this website and pray to God that I find even a little relief. Thank you for being here. Cynthia in Richmond Tx.

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suggest you look into living clay. hope this helps.

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My mother had HS as a young woman. Back then they actually removed her glands. This was a permanent solution. Now I have HS and they don't remove the glands, which I believe is "the cure".

Swiss Cheese

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I have had HS for around 7 years now. Some breakouts are bad and some are bearable. I think there is really no rhyme or reason to it. Around this time of the year (summer) is when it is at its worst for me. Luckily I have not had any outbreaks since last July of 2010. It ruined my world cup experience. My doctor had prescribed me Keflex also known as Cephalexin. The problem is you can't take Keflex year around because it is a strong anitbiotic. I typically have a jelly bean size and very hard bump under my armpits. I experience discomfort but it is bearable. When the infection starts to get bad it can turn into the size of an egg until it drains. When I can feel the infection worsen I take my Keflex and it has been keeping it in check but the bump never went away. I also clean with hibiclens but from what I understand hygeine has absolutely nothing to do with it. The Keflex has had my spirits up and feeling that I could contain this. I was also prescribed clindomyacin lotion.. But... NOW READ THIS. I SWEAR IT WORKED FOR ME. I FEEL OBLIGATED TO POST THIS.. ITS UP TO YOU IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT OUT. IT IS VERY INEXPENSIVE COMPARED TO THE THROBBING ACHING PAIN WHEN IT GETS BAD..

All of my friends are aware of my problem because I decided I wasn't going to be embarrased about it anymore or let it affect my personal life. When my friend told his dad his dad told him he he had a friend that had it too and he went to countless doctors who were unsuccessful in treating it. The last time he went to the doctor (because obviously he never had to go back since this worked for him) the doctor told him to simply eat swiss cheese. I know it souds crazy but please keep on reading. Apparently Swiss chesse has a different type of bacteria than any other cheese and the reason for the holes in the cheese are because the bacteria expels gasses. Something in that counter acts what we have. I can honestly say I have no bumps and have been eating Swiss Cheese for 2 weeks now. I don't eat an insane amount but I go through about 1 lb in 3 days. I only eat the swiss cheese from Switzerland not made in Connecticut or anything like that. I don't know if they use the same process. I found it at Sams club for $1.17 per lb. , which cost around $25 a week. Someone please try it. It WORKED for me.. I do not own a cheese company or invest in any stock of any kind. I just want someone else to try it because maybe this is a coincedence... But maybe not.

Feedback Please.

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Hi, I'm leaving this post as I think it's important that people realize, there is no "cure" for Hidradenitis. I believe it is auto-immune related, instead I would say there is however a right "balance".

Turmeric has worked fantastically for me. Had an indulgent weekend with family, upped the dosage and my lesions are still flat, which is unheard of for me.

However, I feel overall quite shitty. I drank crap, ate crap and now I will have a couple of weeks of really giving my body nutritious TLC before it is better. When my diet is good, I don't need that much Turmeric.

I would suggest an elimination diet to all sufferers, my triggers are all sugars (natural or otherwise) and all mammal meat/dairy. Cutting out the mammal meat and dairy products has been HUGE for me. It has allowed me to take a minimal dose of Turmeric. I no longer get bloated and eat a diet rich in fish and non starchy veggies. I allow myself some red rice, when I am being "extra" healthy because when I detox, if I don't eat adequate fibre I don't feel like the toxins cleanse well enough and as soon as I eat more fibre, the headaches go away and I feel great again.

In addition, I am not a super healthy person, always but the only way for me to keep this condition under control is to eat well as much as I can and drink water!

Turns out, my body needs a lot of water, I always thought I drank enough but when you get a bad flare, really look at how much you have been drinking (all of my previous terrible flares were at times when I was overheating and experiencing dehydration) and ensure to take Magnesium supplements. Sugars use up a lot of magnesium, it seems, so best to cut them out as much as you can.

In short, turmeric is by far the best herb I've tried for inflammation. Watch your diet as much as you can, drink lots of water and it makes this condition far more manageable. If you do binge, don't throw everything out the window, your body is not broken, it is trying to let you know something isn't quite right. Listen to it and be kind to yourself.