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Posted by Vivian (Cedar Rapids, Ia) on 03/14/2013

I have posted previously on this topic and I have been suffering from HS for 12 years. It has increasingly gotten worse as I have gotten older. It go to the point where I had two spots on my inner thighs that were almost constantly absessed. It was so painful and really got in the way of my normal life activities.

I have tried almost every remedy on this site with little results, aside from tumeric, which really only slowed the rapid growth of the massive infections.

I hit my limit one day and went to a natural foods store with a very long list of things I was going to try from this site. I ended up speaking to the owner of the store who asked what I was dealing with. I reluctantly told him, because as you know, it is very embarassing. He immediately said it sounded like a Ph issue and recommended organic sulfur (MSM).

I started taking 1 tsp in water morning and night. I felt the pain had started to go away the first night. By the third day I could lightly pinch the absess, which was quite large, with almost no pain. I would have been excruciating before. By the end of the week it was shrinking and COMPLETELY gone by two weeks. It is nothing short of amazing. I can have a normal life again.

It has been almost a year and I have had only one issue, only because I quit taking it regularly. I felt a little Pain on my inner thigh and felt a hard lump under the skin about the size of a pencil eraser. I didn't immediately panic and get upset. I started taking the organic sulfur again and in two days I can't feel it anymore.

It was very expensive in the store, but I found 4xs the amount on Amazon for half the price. My finace and I have been taking it regularly, for the most part and have seen our allergy symptoms dramatically decrease, he has started regrowing hair, and reduce sinus infections.

It is recommended to buy the powder, not capsules, because anticaking agents inhibit its results. Don't eat or drink anything for about 10 minutes after and don't mix it with anything but water. It is kind of bitter and doesn't taste very good. I noticed it tastes much better if I mix it in hot or very warm water and it disolves right away.

Please try it and let everyone know how it works for you. I went to the doctor many times over the years and NOTHING helped. I have had many absesses lanced and packed and it is awful. I didn't want to post to early as not to raise anyone's hopes. But I am more than sure now.

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Posted by ThankfulForFindingThisPage (California) on 03/11/2021

Tips from a girl who has had HS for 8+ years

I started having symptoms of HS when I was around the age of 14 but I didn't realize what I had until I was around 20 years old. Once I discovered my extremely painful boils weren't a result of a lack of hygiene, I started the long road of looking for a cure or a way to manage them. A doctor gave me spironolactone and although it worked great, I didn't want to be on a medication like that long term so I started looking for natural remedies...which is when I found this site! It helped me so much I thought I would share some tips of my own. First, I only have HS in my groin (panty-line) and bottom area, so not in my armpits (thank God! ). Things I do that have helped A LOT:

--Washing the affected area once a day with hibiclens (OTC anti-bacterial soap). It was recommended by a doctor and I have found that when I skip a day, I regret it!

--Washing the affected area after working out or getting the area sweaty is a MUST! And I mean right after. I tend to sweat a lot around my panty-line and when I don't follow this regimen, again, I regret it! I usually schedule my daily skin-shower around when I work out so that helps.

--I didn't use tampons until I read posts on this page of women recommending it. I couldn't agree more that if you have HS you should exclusively use tampons. They are a life saver. I used to get the worst flares during my cycle and now barely at all! Moisture and a lack of airflow are huge no-no's with HS, so you can see why pads are terrible for you.

--Wear underwear/briefs that are a size too big. I know that sounds weird, but ANY pressure on the skin in my groin area (the hem line of underwear) would cause the worst inflammation which would lead to the boils. This was honestly one of the easiest ways to manage my problem. I also stopped wearing shorts/pants to bed to give the area more airflow (so less sweat).

--Like the above tip, do not wear tight swim bottoms! I now wear a tankini (I used to wear a one-piece) so that I can wear looser swim-shorts. Beforehand, I would literally have same-day inflammation from wearing a swimsuit that hugged that panty/hemline!

--Another reason I wear swim shorts is so that I don't have to shave my legs so high! I would get a lot worst inner thigh flare ups from shaving, so I stopped doing so as frequently. I have considered laser hair removal but have yet to try it.

--The right kind of shorts (and pants! ) is really important and is probably the hardest to find. I don't wear jean shorts at all anymore (I miss them so much) because they were pinching and causing problems. This is a tip that you will have to figure out by trial and error, but just know that clothing makes a HUGE difference. Speaking of clothing, if you're at home on a cold day, loose shorts and a blanket are better than pants--remember, lack of pressure and airflow are everything.

--Unfortunately, I haven't found many ways to manage the bumps I get on my bum! I've found certain chairs/sitting positions cause bad flare ups, but I haven't found anything else to help so far.

--I have tried turmeric, and although I think it helps a little (I was eating it every day for a couple of months), it didn't help me enough to make me want to eat it every day (so gross when eating a teaspoon by itself). I've also tried tea tree oil and manuka honey which I didn't see much results with. BUT, I wasn't all that diligent in their application so that might have been my problem.

--Although I would not recommend spironolactone long term, I would recommend someone who has super-damaged skin from untreated HS to use it for a couple of months. After 6 years of damage (I literally have scars and had areas of my skin that were so damaged they were almost constantly in a state of being an open wound), the break spironolactone gave me was great. It allowed my skin to heal up and just calm down and I think the natural methods I'm using now work a lot better because I started from better skin.

I've been doing the above for around 2-3 years now and I can say that although I still suffer from HS, it is nowhere near as bad as when I didn't know what HS even was. Although there are some areas of my skin that are still pretty sensitive (only one area of super damaged skin near my panty line), there are other areas that used to flare up every couple of months that haven't bothered me in over two years! Hopefully, this helps you on your journey. And please don't get overwhelmed by the changes either! Just take one change/step at a time and hang in there!

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Posted by Kim (Ohio) on 05/28/2020

My son was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) last year, he's 15.

After 3 different kinds of antibiotics, it kept coming back. It started at both his underarms and then his private area. I've been reading up on this and trying to find some relief for him. I bought turmeric pills, the high strength with at least 95% curcumin, he's taking zinc, vitamin D3 and flax seed oil. His boils drain often after a flare up. It's been a couple months taking turmeric, the boils are still there. I read up on nightshades food and took him off a certain food.

What we discovered is he can't have pizza sauce, any sauce with tomatoes in it. Then we discovered he can't have potatoes, just sweet potatoes which he doesn't like. Sugar, like in soda is another item he must avoid. I hate to see him suffer daily and having to do so much maintenance for his boils. I bought the 15 umf manuka honey to apply to the boils. It helps but it didn't totally go away. I spent $65 on a 8oz bottle of the 20 umf manuka honey and the boils are still there. When the boil drained, there is a piece of tissue hanging, gross, I know but the manuka honey helps it shrink back and close the opening, it took about a week.

I am running out of resources, I wish he could have 1 of the successful story I read from people here. We've been battling this for a year with no relief. Does anyone have something else I can try?

Replied by Cruz

Colloidal Silver cured my boyfriend from the same. The infection got antibiotic resistant. Colloidal Silver 2 TSP A DAY, morning and night. Milk of Magnesia mixed with a little Colloidal Silver to clean o

apply to the affected area. Wil be gone in a week but need to keep taking the CS for a little longer. The boils come back, but not like before, keep doing the same every time with or without boils and will kill the bacterias in the blood. My BF is 8 years boil free. CS kills antibiotics resistant bacterias. No side efects. Remember to apply the CS, Magnesia milk mix.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

This might give you some insights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkM6uPVY0P and this is very informative about how antibiotics make things worse http://www.health-science-spirit.com/cold.htm

(Faithville, Us)

that first link is not opening...this is what I tried to post there: https://youtu.be/DkM6uPVY0PI

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)
Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Kim,

Wow, you are doing lots of great things for your son and learning more and more as you go on. Its hard to see our kids suffer! A couple of things that come to mind... Is he getting enough sleep? Most teenage boys need more sleep than they get. My daughter's fiancé gets mouth sores when he doesn't sleep enough. (And he does shift work, so that happens a lot.) We did get him some multivitamins (NOW Adam multivitamins) and that also seems to help. It isn't the same issue as your son, but I think low immune function and lack of sleep are easily overlooked sources of reoccurring health difficulties. I agree that colloidal silver may be helpful. We use a colloidal silver gel made by Nature's Sunshine that works for many things! (We get it from Amazon.) Finally, nettle isn't specifically recommended for infections, but I find it to be helpful for chronic heath problems in my family, especially my children. I give a couple of the capsules a day. I hope you find something to solve this for him once and for all!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Alan

Coffee enemas help release toxins from the liver ... Plus two limes or three with a BIG glass of water and apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp every day before breakfast. And before the coffee enema (that should be done before breakfast first thing in the morning..), no junk food and mostly raw food during the day...because of the high enzimatic properties ...lots of water.

Replied by Janet

You can also put epsom salt in a bowl of warm to hot water, then take a washcloth, wet in the bowl and keep pitting on the boil. It will shrink it.

Replied by Marcella Jennings
(EC's Facebook)

Paste of manuka honey and powdered turmeric applied as poultice twice daily and all night plus colloidal silver nasal spray cleared my friend in days. I believe it's like MRSA and colonizes in the nose.

Replied by Melanie M.
(EC's Facebook)

Hoping you have already eliminated wheat. I had terrible boils in my scalp that stopped when I quit eating wheat.

Replied by Karen Martinez
(EC's Facebook)

I remember reading somewhere about people who got those pinned it to eating ice cream. Google MRSA caused by ice cream.

Replied by Amber
(Hudson valley, NY)

I just read here Borax for HS. My husband has it, and I'll be trying Borax.

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Posted by Vee (Palestine, Tx) on 12/31/2017

I have this issue in my groin, around my vaginal area. Here are a few remedies that worked for me:

Try to get rid of as much hair as possible in the area of your frequent breakouts. I use a hair removal lotion around my bikini area (don't get any of this on the bumps! ) that seems to work well and not cause further irritation. Shaving is the worse-I usually got a bump afterwards. I've never waxed my bikini area so can't comment on that. I've heard laser hair removal may work.

The TURMERIC really works. I simply mix a few dashes of it in a small cup of hot/warm water and drink it straight with a straw. The turmeric really stains so you may want to do this right before eating or gargle before brushing your teeth. It will stain your toothbrush. I try to do this at least once a day when I have a bad breakout but it you can do it more often I'm sure that is better. I actually like the taste of the turmeric so I'm thinking I must have a mineral deficiency or something.

I had a large boil right along my belt line that really hurt! I bought those large square band-aids and soaked the gauze part in straight TEA TREE OIL. It was large enough to completely cover the boil and was discreet enough for me to wear all day. In a few days it became flat and eventually went away. It did leave a dark spot that does eventually fade, after several weeks...

VICKS VAPOR RUB-even the generic kind-did give me some relief. It is soothing and did relieve some of the itching that happens as the boils go away and heal. It was best for me to use this at night.

Ladies-use TAMPONS instead of pads if at all possible. I usually get these breakouts around the time of my cycle. Using the pads causes more moisture in my vaginal/anal area and I start to sweat, which causes the bumps! Change your pads often. There is one particular brand-that starts with an "A"-that is the absolute worse and I always feel the moisture a few minutes after using them. Choose wisely!

Using ZINC SUPPLEMENTS seemed to work also. I read that taking 90 ml a day is the trick, but the brand I had is only 50 ml, so I had to take it twice a day. You MUST take this with plenty of water or with a meal, otherwise you will get nauseous or you may throw up.

This last breakout I had was the worse-I had about 4 small boils in my vaginal/anal area at the same time. As they heal, the itching is intense! Scratching seems to make itchiness spread. To combat this, I used ANTI-ITCH VAGINAL WIPES, (in my vaginal area) ANTI ITCH CREAM and ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT outside of my vaginal area.

I don't currently have any boils now, but on a daily basis I use TEA TREE OIL mixed with COCONUT OIL around the area where I've had past breakouts.

Mind you-my boils never burst, they just went away. Draw your own conclusions with that...

This is a really embarrassing ailment. I truly hope that some of these things I've tried helps someone.

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Posted by Jess, 19. (Sydney, Australia) on 04/24/2017

Since I was about 13 I started badly suffering from Hidradenitis. I get it in my groin, only in 2 spots however. After extreme pain every day and attempting what I thought was every natural remedy and antibiotic, I realised that my flare ups were merely due to stress and hormones. At age 17 I got surgery to remove the 2 bad cysts. STAPH was found in the wounds and months later, the condition was back and worse. Things I began to realise were that when I was on my period, it got a whole lot worse.

When I am stressed, the pain often rises to a 9-10/10 every moment of the day.
However, I have started to take a few herbs and change a few things up.
- Ginseng ( Relives stress)
- Turmeric capsules (Anti-inflammatory)
- Baking soda and tea tree oil baths 1-2 times a day.
- Anti-bacterial soap.

I also often use Bactroban (prescription) directly to the wound, however I have not found this to help any more than tea-tree oil.

I used to be so self conscious of my body and what people would think of the cysts if they were to see them, now, more than anything I just want the pain to go. If you receive nerve pain (I do all down my legs) this is very normal. Epsom salt baths do help a little bit.

Something I found was that trying to squeeze the cysts or pop them myself was a bad idea, though, sometimes when the pressure is soo terrible, it will be a way to relieve pain. You MUST ensure that the needle or pin you use is one-use only and completely sterile, though, if you have a nurse or doctor who can assist you I would ask for help as you do not want to increase scaring by hitting the wrong area.

As of last week I began to cut out Added sugars, grains, gluten, red peppers, red meat and dairy which seemly does help after about a week. Though you really do need to stick to this. At this point I have been to around 15 doctors and specialists for the issue, no one with a cure of course. But all I can really say here is if you have any way to reduce stress and maintain a happy wellbeing, do try. Meditation works for some, more sleep, exercise (Often hard when you are in pain) and eating well all contribute directly.

However, I realised that since I went overseas and became sexually in-active it worsened. I have a boyfriend back home and it has been around 4 months, for me, the hormones released during sex with a close partner was my best cure so far. Although it can sometimes be painful, the hormones kick in relatively quick and really do help. Though, 'Helping myself out' does not actually do anything for me in terms of pain relief or release of such hormones. For me, when progesterone and oestrogen levels are slightly higher (When ovulating) I am at my best. Taking a contraceptive pill did help but, only when you are on the active pills.

Good luck, please do let me know if you have any natural cures or thoughts towards this. Also, if you know any good herbs for hormone regulation I would love to hear!

Best of wishes,

Replied by Christina
(Raleigh, Nc)

Do you just apply the tea tree oil directly to the boil?

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Posted by Amdkm (India) on 02/14/2016

I have hidradenitis suppurtiva in my armpits for almost 3 years now. I was misdiagnosed initially and only recently I came to know my exact illness.

As per my experience, antibiotics are not much effective unless its when a flare up occurs and you want to reduce the inflammation. Also, if you do surgery you have to do it each time a flare up comes.

But, I have been dealing with it and now I have very less flare ups using the following:
- After bath, Use Povidone Iodine solution, the traditional brown colour liquid on your affected area to kill all the germs.
Let it dry so that it doesnt stain your clothes
- Use clindamycin gel on your affected area any time of the day or before sleep.

Do not miss any day.
Do not shave or wax.Try an alternative.
Try not to sweat too much.
Drink water.

I guarantee that you wont have a flare up :)
Good luck guys and stay strong!

p.s In case you get a flare up ever, use neosporin (bacitracin) powder on it for school/work since its a powder and the pus won't scar your clothes.

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Posted by Anne (Warsaw, VA) on 01/04/2015

I'm 47 years old, decided to clean up my act put myself on all organic, all natural diet, take supplements & yes, I needed to lose about 60 lbs. So, when I bought yet another deodorant, that claimed to be all natural, I actually thought I'm doing something good for my body. About 6 hrs after applying this deodorant, I felt a discomfort under my left armpit only, it also smelled sweaty; but because I started a new work out routine, I just attributed it to the muscle soreness. Same night increased soreness woke me up from sleep. I found raised red bumps under my left armpit, with what felt like swollen lymph nodes, pain radiated to left side of left breast. Naturally I freaked a bit, started searching & found many sites, but the:


confirmed that it is Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This was 4 days ago. My armpit is pain-free and clear now. This is what I did:

1. I drank 1 Tbs of organic turmeric powder in 16 oz warm, (not hot), filtered water flavored with 1 oz of ACV, & 1 Tbs of Manuka raw organic honey -- all of this 3 times per each day.

2. Twice a day I cleansed my armpit with sensitive liquid soap, (used Dove) with a tsp of tea tree oil mixed into it; gently rubbing it with cotton puff if preferred, or just use fingers, absolutely no need to scrub, run warm water over as much as you can stand. It felt ridiculously painful when it first appeared, I could barely stand rinsing it with water.

3. after cleansing & gently patting it dry with toilet paper, I applied a mix of 1 oz of organic turmeric with 1 Tbs of same Manuka honey, making rather thick paste & then spread it on my entire armpit, it will run a bit, so wear black, as turmeric stains everything permanent yellow, but make sure no cloth is touching your pit, (or you will waste the paste you just made by having your clothing absorb it, just clamp your arm down & ace wrap it if neccessary.

4. Started taking 1 gram of Vit C, 300 mg Vit E with 50 mg Zinc, all 3 x day. This is in addition to my other supplements that I had been taking prior to this.

The swelling, redness & pain went away within 2 hrs of 1st application of the turmeric/manuka paste! I cried with joy, because the pain & swelling relief was so apparent.

I do not shave, just occasionally trim my armpit hair & have never had this happen to my entire armpit. When I used to shave I remember that I had one "pimple" pop out, which I quickly stopped with epsom salt soak, but cotton ball quickly became rough & it was painful, so I stopped shaving, had no problem until this deodorant application, or at least I think this did it.

Also, online, there is a rising consensus & a possibility that HS is an autoimmune disease. Now I already have rheumatoid arthritis, and HS is listed on many sites, as a "side-effect" of autoimmune disease. As much as I love my tomatoes & potatoes, eliminating all nightshade family plants from my diet helped greatly in controlling RA.

Replied by Rebecca M.

Anne, I know its been over two years since you posted about your supposed HS, but I thought I'd comment anyway. I do not believe you had or have HS. HS is a chronic, debilitating skin disease that has no cure. You had a few cysts pop up overnight and suddenly with a cleansing and antiseptic regimen for a few days they were gone. HS is definitely not that simple. You have this for your entire life at this point due to no cure. I am 55 and have had HS for 35 years. It is carried through the blood and there is just recent research stating that HS is an auto immune disease. It is also genetic. My daughter has had it since she was 14 and she has it worse than I. I'm glad for you that your cyst cleared up, but know that HS would not appear and then clear up like that. Oh how I wish it did.

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Posted by Maria (Eeatonville, Wa.) on 11/04/2014

The idea is not original. I got it from the Internet and I forgot exactly where.

My son got his attack of Hidradenitis Supperativa on Friday. He took tumeric and zinc capsules/ pills, on Friday evening and on Saturday, morning & evening and Sunday, twice a day to the present. Saturday evening we used Ichthammol ointment on it (first with just tissue over it and the second time on Sunday, a bandage was used).On Sunday also a LED UV auto-leak-detection little 2 AAA battery flash light was place right on top of the boil for 5 minutes . This was done also for three minutes after the boil popped the next day (about 24 hours after the first flash light application.) We are continuing with the pills and are now using neosporin instead of Ichthammol ointment

I would like to get in touch with Hs/ai New Hampshire, 02/15/2014 to inform him of this.

I am 75 years old, no advertisement nor religious propaganda has been made and I just wish to thank everybody for their help.

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Posted by Martha89 (Los Angeles, California) on 09/06/2014

Several years ago I was diagnoised with Hidradentis Suppurativa by two doctors. Recently I went to specialist in the disease, she examined my armpits (without gloves) by rubbing and looking for scar tissues and marks left from previous outbreaks. She saw no scars or marks under my arms, and said "she did not think I had the disease."

She told me to go home and try her solution for my problem, and if that did not work come and see her again. All smiles---it worked. She had me take a bath every other day for 7 days only, and to put a little clorox in the water (1/4) cup. In addition, she had me take my previous prescribed oral antibiotic for "7 days only" (this stuff I had been taken for 3 years), and to put the previous cream prescribed for my scars/bumps into my nostrils for 7 days, several times a day.

So basically this new doctor's advice cleared me up in 7 days for a disease I was told I had for the past 3 years. My old doctor (dermatologist) had me take oral antibiotic pills everyday for years, and I had to see him monthly---go figure.

It has been 4 months (summer 2014) and I have not had any outbreaks, smell or drama associated with that disease. The bumps under my breasts, which I thought "was not" associated with the disease was entirely something else--- a problem that quite a few big breasted women have. The new doctor prescribed a cream to put under my breasts and I have not broken out since. However, I do wear cotton in my bra on hot, humid days.

Needless to say, I am so happy that I am no longer having the problems I have had for the past three years. I do think that moving to this hot and humid state 4 years ago contributed to this problem. I must say I feel very uncomfortable in this weather, and try not to go out on extremely hot, humid days.

Good luck and I hope this helps somewhat.

Replied by Kelly
(Albany, NY)

Hi - I have had Hidradentis Suppurativa for years but recently (in the last year) under my breasts. Can you tell me what cream your doctor diagnosed? I feel like my other areas are well managed but not this!

Replied by Chante
(Jersey City, NJ)

Can you please send me info on the doctor

Replied by Jennifer
(Pembroke Pines, Fl)

What were the names of the meds prescribed that cured you?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tracey (Somewhere, Montana Lake) on 04/02/2013

I have had HS since I was about 19 years old I am now 51years old. I diden't have a diagnosis till about 10 years ago. I've seen numerous doctors. I have tried topical antibiotic creams, lotions and gels, retinol prescriptions very expensive and not covered by my insurance. However the retinol did help. I have used tea tree oil for many years and add hibilclens to lever2000. I can't use dial.

I started using turmeric and magnesium yesterday for pain issues. I also take EFA's and have since my 20's. I am currently on an oral antibiotic which was given to me after 2 outbreaks where I turned septic. I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my buttocks. It started out the size of a grain of rice at 10pm. By 1pm in the morning I had a fever of 106 and the cyst was the size of a lime. By the time I was able to get into the doctor at about noon I was septic. This happened again a few years later. I also used ACV and zinc, not as helpful for me as other people here at this site. I don't want to add too many thing at once. So for now I see how what I added works. I would like to get off the antibiotics.

Replied by Tim
(Magnolia Springs, Al)

My husband had boils come up everywhere. It happen often. Especially the underarms, face and legs. I started reading about it, and discovered that deodorants cause them, especially around the lymp node area. I switched him to a CRYSTAL DEODORANT STONE. He had one more, and it's been 6 years since he has had one. It worked for him.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I've got one one my back in the only place I can't reach it, its been coming and going since last september, so ive been putting a dressing of Extra Virgin Coconut oil on it for the last few days and it really seems to be going off the boil... Forgive the pun. I had one in the crotch I was expecting that to flare up again but since using the EVCO for sweat rash in the area I was pleasantly surprised that it didnt go anywhere. Hence dressing the one on my back... Today I thought I'd try a mixture of a third ACV and coconut oil to my delight the ACV after some mixing disolved into the EVC oil. It didn't sting when it was applied either. I'm changing the dressing every 24 hours (or rather the wife is). Any pus in it seems to have dissapeared so I'll keep the forum posted.

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Posted by Katyast (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 03/01/2013

I have had Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) since puberty, so around 20 years. I have only been diagnosed in 2011 after countless doctors and visits.

My HS is stage 2-3 (I luckily do not have that many tracts yet). At first my HS started on my face, I would get a cyst on my nose or beside. My entire face would swell to the point of closing my eye shut. I lived with HS on my face for the first 13 years. Within the last 7 years my HS now flares up in my armpits, breasts, stomache, groin, anal entry and inside my vagina and sometime on my legs.

My worst cases:

My left armpit. I had one cysts that opened with 3 holes about the diameter of a pencil eraser, eventually they turned into one hole that I could fit a stack of 5 quarters neatly into, I could see my muscle.

My right breast (cleavage area). I had one cyst that pussed and was open for 2 years and was very foul smelling. It would seem to go away, and then it would flare larger right before menses.

My right thigh. This one just happened 2 days ago. Within 3 days I went from no cyst to a cyst the size of a softball. It was highly infected (heat, inflamed, red) and extremely painful. I had a low grade fever as well. When it burst (mine almost always do) I drained out over a 1/4 cup of pus. Within 2 days the hole has closed.

What I currently do to treat. For all of these cysts no medication has worked. What worked was, frequent cleansing with Hydrogen Peroxide. If the cyst is starting to collect pus again, I lift off scab, squeeze to drain out some of the pus and cleanse with hydrogen peroxide. Give the wound some air time. I use no bandaging if possible for two reason (my skin is sensitive, wherever the bandage lays on my skin, when the bandage is taken off, it peels my skin off as well leaving open wounds around the cyst. I also have psoriasis, and any cuts or scrapes will turn into psoriasis or inflame the cysts. The second reason I do not use bandages is the closed cyst will not heal and infection will get worse (I guess it just festers under the bandages).

For the cyst on my boob, hydrogen peroxide as well as M___'s Clarifying Cleanser (acne treatment) used daily worked. The cleanser is a facial cleanser. In desperation I tried this on my breasts and the open cyst closed within days, not weeks or months or another year. A cyst has yet to reactivate in this spot which is a scar now. This cleanser seems to work on many of my cysts that take longer to heal, especially around the boob area. They also have a good skin daily vitamin and if you sign up for the auto shipment you get wicked deals. I have used their acne body wash with no effect, but this face cleanser packs a powerful punch. This cyst was open for two years and was quite foul smelling, I tried all treatments in this time. And I highly recommend their facial cleansers/systems, they work wonders.

There is currently a clinical trial taking place for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Go to clinicaltrials.gov to find clinical locations near you. They are studying if Adalimumab is an effective treatment.

Try to gain access to the medical site PubMed. There are over 800 medical articles on HS. I am currently trying to read through these. Some of the info I have found:

Adalimumab which is used to treat psoriatic arthritis has been shown to help with HS.

Overweight and smoking can effect HS.

Some people find white vinegar baths effective to control HS.

HS may be an autoimmune disease and thought to be linked to crohns' disease and graves disease.

It is easier to treat HS in the first stage. People with stage 3 should seek medical attention for their disease.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa usually flares up each month for women before or durring their menses due to hormone levels.

looking online, there seems to be much discussion on diet. People that have limited refined foods/carbs, dairy, sugar seem to be able to control their HS. Many HS sufferers seem to have positive results following the Paleo diet.

As my HS flares up before my menses or when I am stressed, I know hormones play a big role in my HS. As there is much speculation that HS is an autoimmune disease and has been linked to crohns and can cause psoriatic arthritis- I plan on looking further into diet. There is much info on diets to control inflammation, exzema, psoriasis which I think might also help HS.

If anyone has experimented with food to treat Hidradenitis Suppurativa, please share your experiences.

Replied by Chiquita Banana
(Pacific Nw)

Wow - I'm so sorry that you've been through so much with HS. I came down with it in my groin area about 8 years ago after I had invitro fertilization treatments in an attempt to get pregnant. It was only stage 1 then and went away without draining because I took turmeric. Then this past year it came back - just out of the blue - and progressed to stage 2. I took the turmeric again but it didn't seem to be helping quickly enough so after doing lots of research online, I went paleo. And that cleared it up. I was still having a sore on my bottom that kept flaring and then shrinking so I added the turmeric back in and that along with the diet have cleared it all the way up. At least for now. I do think that it's an autoimmune disease. I do not smoke and am not overweight but I do have endometriosis and cystic ovaries, keloid scarring and arthofibrosis of the knee... and I think all are somehow related to the HS and autoimmune in nature. But it's still a mystery to me!! Anyhow, diet helped me tremendously and the turmeric just took it one step further. Good luck to you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Suz (Highlands Ranch, Co) on 01/16/2013

My Mom had H.S., but had no diagnosis back in the '70's. Instead, her doc sent her to a shrink, which about humiliated her! Now my 32 year old daughter has it. She has special needs, so I tend to her needs in this area, so I am always trying new things and read whatever I can find about H.S.... She has it mainly in her underarms. I never shave her, instead I buzz cut her underarms with a personal shaver. Never use any deodorants, instead I wash her affected areas with clear bath water, thoroughly dry her and clean her with antibacterial wet wipes. It seems to work, 'cuz I never smell any odors and her outbreaks are few. I feed her fresh pineapple almost daily as I read it has great benefits for the skin. I also add fresh strawberries as often as I can. In addition, I give her a probiotic daily and Omega 3 in the form of chewable gummies... Her clothes and bedding are 100% cotton. I try to watch that she doesn't sweat and keep her as calm as possible. When the occasional outbreak does occur, I use lots of wet warm compresses and follow up with Neosporin with pain relief. She has been on Clindamycin topical solution 2x per day for several years and it works great for her with no side effects. She only sleeps in sleeveless nighties. When there is an outbreak, I do not put a bra on her and always keep her clothing loose... I watch her caffeine and sugar intake. She is always in a smoke-free environment. When she has the occasional flare-up, I treat it like the inflammation that it is and administer 4oo mg Ibuprofen as needed. I hope some of these ideas help some of you... GOOD LUCK ;-)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Milly (Titusville, Florida) on 10/23/2012

I'm now 23 and I have suffered from HS since I was about six years old. I would get a flair up a couple times a year and it stayed that way, until I was around 17. I'm not sure what changed exactly, but I began having mulitple flair ups in my groin/buttock/armpit and now lower stomache areas. Its a terrible disease.

I finally got the guts to ask my gyno about it when I was like 18 and she told me it was a form of staph infections from poor hygiene, boy I felt like for a long time after that thinking it was something I did to myself. Luckily I know better now.

after doing some reaserch online, I refuse to use antibiotics because I dont want my body to build up a tolerence or be stuck on a medication for the rest of my life but some things I have found that have helped me are as followed.

When I get a flair up that wont pop, as long as its in an area I can bandage I use full strenth tea tree oil (I know its very drying on the skin, but it opens the sores right up to drain sometimes over night)

Recently, I cut out all majorly proccessed foods, and have gone gluten free and I noticed a HUGE change, they almost completely went away within a month, with an exception of one that I've been fighting with for about six months.

and then lastly I started taking Tumeric capsules like crazy. The 500mg ones, I would take 3x in the morning and 3x at night.

with the combination of all of that it cleared up my HS almost completely. Sadly, I went on vacation and didnt eat right, didnt take my vitamins, and I got insane flair ups, something like ten of them at once.

Over the last year I also lost 40 pounds and that might have something to do with it too. Anyway, I hope something here may help someone out there, I know it's all things that have been said before, but they have helped me when I stick to them!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by April (Broadstone, Dorset, Uk) on 08/28/2012

Hi, I want to add to info and recommend things that may help on the debate about HS- Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I have had this since aged 18, I'm now 51 and have only recently been diagnosed with this distressing condition. I have done my own research and unfortunately the medical profession is ill- equipped to diagnose and treat the condition, some are dismissive and don't see it as serious yet it is potentially life threatening which is what happened to me. I have always been an excessive sweater since becoming an adult and was told by one Doctor that some people sweat more than others! I developed terrible genital sores mostly between thigh and groin area and have been misdiagnosed and dismissed by many GPs (General practitioners- Doctors. I'm in the UK), some saying I had Herpes without testing me(I was a virgin at time but don't think he believed me! ) , some saying it's hormonal but not giving further assitance. The only things ever offered are antibiotics and worst case is surgery yet both have been proven ineffective. I even had trouble getting food allergies diagnosed. The condition worsened and I have had terrible trouble with my underarms, one GP refused to help my underarm weeping from a shaving nic and made me feel embarrased and stupid.

I then moved to USA to live for awhile and there found a Doctor who treated my underarm with surgery saying that it had become infected. I had also discovered that Talc (unperfumed ) is great for any sores, weeping and have used it ever since. I still did not know I had HS at this stage and no advice was given except loose and breathable clothing which I already did as I am an eczema sufferer from childhood which I managed to get under control with diet and knowing allergies (like washing powders). Years later, and still living with terrible groin sores that no-one seemed to want to do anything about (why wasn't I referred to a dermatologist ?etc! ) I had an enormous breast abscess that started under my arm, I ended up as an emergency admission to hospital and surgery. I have had incidents since starting under the arm that have been staved off by anti biotics. However I still did not get diagnosed with HS and I and the GP's did not make connection with groin sores and underarm abscess at all. I should also say that before this I had Glandular Fever leading to five years of ME (chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which Doctors seemed to denied existing but didn't look into why I had ME. Plus I had pneumonia before Breast abscess and many missed symptoms of Colon cancer by GP's including food intolerances.

Since then I unfortunately was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. When had op to remove tumours it was found that I had old undiagnosed Endometriosis (that can cause ME symptoms) and my Surgeon (not GP! ) finally diagnosed my groin sores and lesions as HS. I had to push my GP to refer me to a Dermatologist (helped by letter from Surgeon with HS diagnosis) who has recently confirmed that the groin and underarm problems are HS and the breast abscess is the end result of an HS flare up. I don't want to scare people and I feel I have been particularly unlucky in what has happened to me but the medical profession needs to take this condition more seriously and more research needs to be done. There may be no cure but better management of the disease is possible. I have never been offered counselling nor received much sympathy for HS yet I have found it to be distressing especially before meeting my very understanding husband as I felt dirty, that I had sexually transmittable disease so wouldn't enter full sexual relations with people etc (this is not true you cannot pass it to others). It makes me cry now to think of how I've been treated. Depression is also common with HS sufferers especially when don't know what they have and are frustrated by medical professionals.

Knowing what you have and having proper information of how to deal with it plus sympathy from professionals makes a big difference. Since chemo I have not had a flare up except twinges under my arm, but I still sweat a lot when weather is hot or get a bit stressed. I need to lose a lot of weight which amazingly I held onto through my illness and 6 months chemo! It's hard to exercise without sweating though! I'm not sure I agree with line drawn between HS and smokers (by one person on site). I have never smoked and got this condition aged 18. I did grow up with parents who smoked though, but I don't think this is the only factor. Genetics, hormones, food allergies and clogged pores probably all play a part. I was vegetarian for 10 years yet still got everything going! What I have found helpful- co-inciding with chemo and HS remission has been my using Lemon Balm(Herb Melissa) cream (available health stores online in UK, not sure about US) on the affected areas, especially when starts to feel that a sore is developing, it seems to stop them in their tracks and helps soothe sores too. It is also effective with Herpes.

There has been indication that HS may be related to Herpes (this could also be Epstein Barr as related to Herpes- Glandular fever which I did have). I also used a lot of Teatree products- caution as long term use can dry the skin but of course that may help sweating conditions. Talc (unperfumed). Eating an organic natural diet- lots of Omega 3. I have been reading about how inflammation anywhere in the body is not good for the immune system so anything that is anti-inflammatory has to be good. This includes some food and drink. I believe in trying to solve problems naturally not with antibiotics and medication. I agree with another person on site who said about eating 'Gods food' , anything refined and processed has to be a No No, but I also think it's easy to get fixated and too strict on certain diets- eat healthy, variety but more veg and fruit in diet and whole grains (balance insulin levels amongst other things). Even if give up other dairy try 'Live' plain yogurt. Turmeric probably does work. Other anti-inflammatories- Oranges, Gingko, seaweeds, veg oils, nuts, seeds, greens, mint (natural), berries, apples, sweet potatoes, spinach, and others.

Pain control foods- Sunflower seeds (but caution if you do have Herpes as can cause breakouts for some), Capsicums- red peppers, Ginger root and powder

Diuretics may help dilute sweat and keep systmem clean, also anti-inflammatory. Try Dandelion and nettle teas, Milk Thistle, Burdock which is also good for skin conditions. Echinacea to boost immune system.

Calendula cream also good for skin.

Also, applied externally only try Lavender oil mixed with a veg oil to put on painful areas (not on open wounds though). Use glycerin based soaps, try plain and sulphur soaps (there is a connection of HS with acne which these are often used for), teatree products and lemon balm.

Avoid Sugars- they increase inflammation and feed fungal infections and tumours. They also push insulin levels up which can also affect hormones and cause diabetes. May contribute to sweating. Find natural sweeteners- Stevia is my preference.

Avoid alcohol (sugars, sweating and lowers immune system).

Start cooking at home or get food where know natural and organic and preferably low sugar and low fat. Ready made foods are high in fats, sugar and salt and low on nutrition. This includes bought baked goods like cakes. (Make own healthier ones- favourite for me and my family is a fruit and nut traybake cake using stevia).

Despite sweating you must exercise, make sure shower after. De-stress, meditate. Join a support group.

Hope this helps (and doesn't scare) others. Getting condition diagnosed and then under control are the key things then it won't lead to worsened infections. Get educated and do what's best for you. Check out-

ba-hs.org.uk, HS-USA.org,


Good luck fellow sufferers.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ricaninlv (North Las Vegas, Nv, Usa) on 06/25/2012

I have had HS for over 15 years and have always had them lanced with no permanent solution; they always come back. I recently went to a doctor for an official diagnosis and was told it is HS. Now I am in search of a homeopathic solutions nothing else has cured it.

Here is what I have tried that has helped:

1. Hybaclens - antibacterial soap

2. Topical antibiotics both over the counter and prescription

3. Hot compresses

Now I recently found this to be very helpful reducing the swelling and removing the puss within 2 hours of use.

1/2 teaspoon Tannic Acid (powder) in 1/4 cup warm water plus 20 drops of DMSO (liquid). Applied to infected area repeatedly for 1 week. It does not burn but stings a little.

If you have any other homeopathic remedies please post here. Thank you!!!!