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Posted by Jess, 19. (Sydney, Australia) on 04/24/2017
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Since I was about 13 I started badly suffering from Hidradenitis. I get it in my groin, only in 2 spots however. After extreme pain every day and attempting what I thought was every natural remedy and antibiotic, I realised that my flare ups were merely due to stress and hormones. At age 17 I got surgery to remove the 2 bad cysts. STAPH was found in the wounds and months later, the condition was back and worse. Things I began to realise were that when I was on my period, it got a whole lot worse.

When I am stressed, the pain often rises to a 9-10/10 every moment of the day.
However, I have started to take a few herbs and change a few things up.
- Ginseng ( Relives stress)
- Turmeric capsules (Anti-inflammatory)
- Baking soda and tea tree oil baths 1-2 times a day.
- Anti-bacterial soap.

I also often use Bactroban (prescription) directly to the wound, however I have not found this to help any more than tea-tree oil.

I used to be so self conscious of my body and what people would think of the cysts if they were to see them, now, more than anything I just want the pain to go. If you receive nerve pain (I do all down my legs) this is very normal. Epsom salt baths do help a little bit.

Something I found was that trying to squeeze the cysts or pop them myself was a bad idea, though, sometimes when the pressure is soo terrible, it will be a way to relieve pain. You MUST ensure that the needle or pin you use is one-use only and completely sterile, though, if you have a nurse or doctor who can assist you I would ask for help as you do not want to increase scaring by hitting the wrong area.

As of last week I began to cut out Added sugars, grains, gluten, red peppers, red meat and dairy which seemly does help after about a week. Though you really do need to stick to this. At this point I have been to around 15 doctors and specialists for the issue, no one with a cure of course. But all I can really say here is if you have any way to reduce stress and maintain a happy wellbeing, do try. Meditation works for some, more sleep, exercise (Often hard when you are in pain) and eating well all contribute directly.

However, I realised that since I went overseas and became sexually in-active it worsened. I have a boyfriend back home and it has been around 4 months, for me, the hormones released during sex with a close partner was my best cure so far. Although it can sometimes be painful, the hormones kick in relatively quick and really do help. Though, 'Helping myself out' does not actually do anything for me in terms of pain relief or release of such hormones. For me, when progesterone and oestrogen levels are slightly higher (When ovulating) I am at my best. Taking a contraceptive pill did help but, only when you are on the active pills.

Good luck, please do let me know if you have any natural cures or thoughts towards this. Also, if you know any good herbs for hormone regulation I would love to hear!

Best of wishes,

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Posted by Anne (Warsaw, VA) on 01/04/2015
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I'm 47 years old, decided to clean up my act put myself on all organic, all natural diet, take supplements & yes, I needed to lose about 60 lbs. So, when I bought yet another deodorant, that claimed to be all natural, I actually thought I'm doing something good for my body. About 6 hrs after applying this deodorant, I felt a discomfort under my left armpit only, it also smelled sweaty; but because I started a new work out routine, I just attributed it to the muscle soreness. Same night increased soreness woke me up from sleep. I found raised red bumps under my left armpit, with what felt like swollen lymph nodes, pain radiated to left side of left breast. Naturally I freaked a bit, started searching & found many sites, but the:


confirmed that it is Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This was 4 days ago. My armpit is pain-free and clear now. This is what I did:

1. I drank 1 Tbs of organic turmeric powder in 16 oz warm, (not hot), filtered water flavored with 1 oz of ACV, & 1 Tbs of Manuka raw organic honey -- all of this 3 times per each day.

2. Twice a day I cleansed my armpit with sensitive liquid soap, (used Dove) with a tsp of tea tree oil mixed into it; gently rubbing it with cotton puff if preferred, or just use fingers, absolutely no need to scrub, run warm water over as much as you can stand. It felt ridiculously painful when it first appeared, I could barely stand rinsing it with water.

3. after cleansing & gently patting it dry with toilet paper, I applied a mix of 1 oz of organic turmeric with 1 Tbs of same Manuka honey, making rather thick paste & then spread it on my entire armpit, it will run a bit, so wear black, as turmeric stains everything permanent yellow, but make sure no cloth is touching your pit, (or you will waste the paste you just made by having your clothing absorb it, just clamp your arm down & ace wrap it if neccessary.

4. Started taking 1 gram of Vit C, 300 mg Vit E with 50 mg Zinc, all 3 x day. This is in addition to my other supplements that I had been taking prior to this.

The swelling, redness & pain went away within 2 hrs of 1st application of the turmeric/manuka paste! I cried with joy, because the pain & swelling relief was so apparent.

I do not shave, just occasionally trim my armpit hair & have never had this happen to my entire armpit. When I used to shave I remember that I had one "pimple" pop out, which I quickly stopped with epsom salt soak, but cotton ball quickly became rough & it was painful, so I stopped shaving, had no problem until this deodorant application, or at least I think this did it.

Also, online, there is a rising consensus & a possibility that HS is an autoimmune disease. Now I already have rheumatoid arthritis, and HS is listed on many sites, as a "side-effect" of autoimmune disease. As much as I love my tomatoes & potatoes, eliminating all nightshade family plants from my diet helped greatly in controlling RA.

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Posted by Martha89 (Los Angeles, California) on 09/06/2014
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Several years ago I was diagnoised with Hidradentis Suppurativa by two doctors. Recently I went to specialist in the disease, she examined my armpits (without gloves) by rubbing and looking for scar tissues and marks left from previous outbreaks. She saw no scars or marks under my arms, and said "she did not think I had the disease."

She told me to go home and try her solution for my problem, and if that did not work come and see her again. All smiles---it worked. She had me take a bath every other day for 7 days only, and to put a little clorox in the water (1/4) cup. In addition, she had me take my previous prescribed oral antibiotic for "7 days only" (this stuff I had been taken for 3 years), and to put the previous cream prescribed for my scars/bumps into my nostrils for 7 days, several times a day.

So basically this new doctor's advice cleared me up in 7 days for a disease I was told I had for the past 3 years. My old doctor (dermatologist) had me take oral antibiotic pills everyday for years, and I had to see him monthly---go figure.

It has been 4 months (summer 2014) and I have not had any outbreaks, smell or drama associated with that disease. The bumps under my breasts, which I thought "was not" associated with the disease was entirely something else--- a problem that quite a few big breasted women have. The new doctor prescribed a cream to put under my breasts and I have not broken out since. However, I do wear cotton in my bra on hot, humid days.

Needless to say, I am so happy that I am no longer having the problems I have had for the past three years. I do think that moving to this hot and humid state 4 years ago contributed to this problem. I must say I feel very uncomfortable in this weather, and try not to go out on extremely hot, humid days.

Good luck and I hope this helps somewhat.

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Posted by Suz (Highlands Ranch, Co) on 01/16/2013
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My Mom had H.S., but had no diagnosis back in the '70's. Instead, her doc sent her to a shrink, which about humiliated her! Now my 32 year old daughter has it. She has special needs, so I tend to her needs in this area, so I am always trying new things and read whatever I can find about H.S.... She has it mainly in her underarms. I never shave her, instead I buzz cut her underarms with a personal shaver. Never use any deodorants, instead I wash her affected areas with clear bath water, thoroughly dry her and clean her with antibacterial wet wipes. It seems to work, 'cuz I never smell any odors and her outbreaks are few. I feed her fresh pineapple almost daily as I read it has great benefits for the skin. I also add fresh strawberries as often as I can. In addition, I give her a probiotic daily and Omega 3 in the form of chewable gummies... Her clothes and bedding are 100% cotton. I try to watch that she doesn't sweat and keep her as calm as possible. When the occasional outbreak does occur, I use lots of wet warm compresses and follow up with Neosporin with pain relief. She has been on Clindamycin topical solution 2x per day for several years and it works great for her with no side effects. She only sleeps in sleeveless nighties. When there is an outbreak, I do not put a bra on her and always keep her clothing loose... I watch her caffeine and sugar intake. She is always in a smoke-free environment. When she has the occasional flare-up, I treat it like the inflammation that it is and administer 4oo mg Ibuprofen as needed. I hope some of these ideas help some of you... GOOD LUCK ;-)

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Posted by Jobaby1 (Hayward, California, Usa) on 07/25/2011
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Hello everyone I have personally dealt with Hidradenitis for over nine years. I have terrible scars under my right armpit as well as scars on my buttocks. The first boil I ever had was in high school and it was on my buttocks and it was huge and painful! Needless to say from that point on I have been plagued ever since. I would go to the hospital and get them lanced and they would just put me on antibiotics which would help but the relief was always short lived. I found out years later that I had this Disease and learned the official name for it. The doctor suggested the surgery option or the Accutane. Neither option was appealing so from that point on I researched and researched as much as I possibly could on remedies and treatments.

I came across this website and read a lot of the posts and cried because I really could relate and I didn't feel alone. Once I browsed the site I was eager to try whatever I could to make this go away! I began using only Lever 2000 soap, cooking with Turmeric. I also used Tea tree oil topically, after all these steps I noticed an improvement but still kept having reoccurring boils that would never completely heal I'm talking about weeks and months. So with a little more web surfing, I decided to try Echinacea and I loved it! I noticed it brought boils to the surface immediately! I also changed my deodorant from secret to tom's and Jason's. Also being on a health kick I decided to do the master cleanse to see if that would help the situation, and it actually did.

But this is when it got even better I researched an herb called Pau d' Arco and have been taking it in conjunction with the Echinacea and OMG I'm getting some seriously AMAZING results! First of all my bad acne on my back is clearing up and most importantly it's causing my boils to drain and the area surrounding the boils to clear up. I feel almost like a tingling sensation as if it's fighting the infection! I just wanted to share this I really hope it helps someone.

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Posted by Lrgold (Las Cruces, New Mexico) on 03/24/2011
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Hello all--

I can't believe it--after years of suffering and MANY hours of my own research, I found something that WORKS!!! I put the pieces together after doing my own research because docs kept putting me on antibiotics and I didn't want that. The meds cleared up the "bumps" (really bad under my breasts and in my armpits) for two weeks, then they'd come back with a vengeance. Also, I've tried collodial silver,

For the first time in 3 years, my bumps are gone and the scars are healing. I am 100% convinced that HS is related to yeast overgrowth in the body, which is aggravated by antibiotics and other things. Some symptoms are yeast infections (including under the finger or toe nails), vaginal yeast infections, chronic sinus problems, affected lymph nodes, and a white film on the tongue or a cracked tongue.

I've always had problems with vaginal yeast infections--very sensitive to sugar, though I eat my fair share of chocolate, of course. One beer makes me feel like that purple chick in the original Willy Wonka. On these HS support forums, many people swear by a gluten-free and dairy free diet... This is directly connected to the "yeast (candida)-free diet" which advises people with candida overgrowth to avoid fermented dairy products, pretzels, chips, bread, beer, wine, etc. Pretty much everything but veggies and meat. However, what's great is that it doesn't have to be a PERMANENT diet. Clear out your body for 3 or so months, then really monitor what is going into your body and how it makes you feel.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I feel compelled to pass this on to other sufferers!!! What finally cleared up my suffering is this:

NYSTATIN 100,000/g POWDER: prescription only (ask for the larger sized bottle), but not a controlled substance. Clean the area well, then put this in the groin area, under the armpits, and under the breasts (in your affected areas). I also had to use Nystatin cream on a small section of my groin and a little under my breasts, until I got it under control.

I am currently also taking (available from Vitamin or health stores):

Candidase Enzymatic supplement (to inhibit yeast growth)

Kyolic odorless garlic supplement (anti-candida formula)

Acidophilus Pearls (anti-yeast)

Turmeric one-a-day pills

(all of the above I plan to be on for one month, then try and monitor my yeast intake to keep levels under control).

Vitamin A

Vitamin D3

B-vitamin complex

Prenatal vitamins (always take them as my multi because I like the effect on my skin and nails)

I only use IVORY bar soap under my breasts and in my armpits and groin. I use a new razor every time I shave under my arms. Now that the bumps have gone down, I try to exfoliate under my armpits with a loofah to remove dead skin. I also do NOT use anti-persperant, but rather spray Crystal deodorant in the clear bottle with a purple label.


When you are in a breakout--use pure tea tree oil on your bumps that haven't come to a head. It works wonders. If you get a bump behind your ear, don't mess with it, and the lymph node will eventually go back to normal. Take ibuprofen 800mg to reduce swelling in the deap-seated large abscesses.

The nystatin will help you! GO GET IT! I can't urge it enough. The anti-candida supplements helped too! There is another article I read that said people have had luck on long term anti-fungal prescription medication, but this can be damaging to the liver, so I opted to try the supplement route first.

I also gave up dairy a few months ago, and still severely limit my intake. I know that until I get the candida under control, I'll have to keep using the nystatin powder, but I am making an effort to try and cut out the yeast foods. Avoid sugar/sugary drinks at all costs if you can.

I have been in severe pain, spent hundreds of dollars for surgeons to drain and pack cysts, and been depressed and shameful. Please try this, I think it may help many people.

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Posted by E.j. (Brevard, N.c., Usa) on 08/22/2010
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Hi I had HS, over 25-30 yrs. Stopped antibiotics 10 yrs ago. HS is an autoimmnue disease, that antibiotic only help if you get a secondary infection like staph in an open wound. For me, heat and stress, make mine worse. I use turmeric, also tea tree oil. Also, epsom salts (2 cups) in a hot bath, or a black drawing salve with ichthammol 20% in it, it help draw it to a head to drain plus relieve pressure and the pain. If, I am working outside and get to sweating I come in and take a cold shower to lower my body temperature down, so I don't have a large boil, later that evening or the next morning! EJ

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Posted by Jessy (St. Pete, Fla) on 05/29/2008
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For more than 1/2 my life...Re: Post-surgery of the right armpit and beyond. In 2000 I had a cyst removed from my right pit. It was benign, the size of a grapefruit, & was an outpt procedure, Was sent home with drains & Oxy-contin. Detoxed self off that, & came through well with the drains meaning little scarring. 6 mos. later I was to return for the same procedure on the left arm, but refused as the right was beginning to swell again. Hence, SURGERY DOESN'T WORK FOR A SYSTEMIC CONDITION. What does?? Every thing mentioned in this blessed site so far! Especially the ACV-Epsom Salt, & Kosher/Sea Salt. Messy as hell, but very healing. Paper tape as well when draining, as it took me years to find a solution to ripped-off skin. Also, Curry powder which contains Turmeric, at night, but it can stain so be careful. Then, Campho-Phenique after bathing can catch new erupts early and stop them, especially in the groin area. Hot compresses of Golden Seal/Burdock/Slippery Elm herbal tea are also effective, but on thin skin they are indeed painful - had to take several shots of liquor before applying - BUT, 30 YEARS LATER THERE'S BEEN NO RECURRANCE TO THE AREA AT THE TIP OF MY COCCYX BONE. Good luck all, will write back soon...Jessy