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Posted by Black2moose (Atlanta, Georgia) on 04/12/2011
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Does anyone know if HS is a form of candida?

I've had HS since high school and I'm in my 30s now. It's pretty much all over my body, face, neck upper and lower back, thighs, armpits and back of arms. It gets worse when I'm stressed or I eat sugar or drink alcohol. I have been diagnosed with Candida. I know that sugar and alcohol both make Candida grow. While I was on the Candida diet my abscesses got better but as soon as I got off the diet they got worse.

Somethings that work for me but are by no means a cure are as follows:

  • exfoliating regularly
  • apply ACV topically - ingesting is good too
  • probiotics
  • soaking in a hot bathtub when the cyst is infected/painful will help open it
  • apply a paste of garlic topically as well as ingesting raw garlic
  • Surgical removal
  • Antibiotics don't work and if this is a form of Candida the antibiotics will just make the candida worse since they eat the good bacteria with the bad.

Replied by Genevieve

I am 43 and first started seeing outbreaks in my early 20's, mostly on my inner thighs, then buttocks and I have had 1 on my face and 1 in my armpit, 1 under my breast and 1 by my belly button. My thighs and butt are mostly prone and I have scarring and pits on my thighs from this and tracks. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and told it was a mild case. Honestly? I was thinking MILD? but then I did research on this and yes in comparison it is. I am sorry for folks who have it worse then I as it is a terrible thing to have to deal with. I have had them as big as an orange I guess on my inner thighs (my Dr. was sure it was MERSA when she saw it - but tested negative) and when they flare up I have managed them myself with heat compresses, onion/garlic compresses, tea tree oil, hot epsom salt baths. They do cycle around my period, which suggests hormones, no doubt. I have also had cysts on occasion. I had a barthelone (sp?) Cyst flare up 3 times and had it removed and a cyst gone wild in my ear lobe. Cysts are a sign for needing blood cleansing, purifying. I knew I had a problem with Sugar and Bread (was not sure if it was white flour or yeast) and tested negative for gluten intolerance. I had known this for a couple of years, because when I at sugar or ate like crap, it would affect my mind, mood and depression and fatigue would set in. Now, about 1 year ago I tested positive for systematic candida...AHA! The more I researched it and thought about it, well my inner awareness is screaming at me that this is a very large part of HS, if not the issue all together. I am at 44 days of NO sugar, carbs, No Starch, No Dairy, only meat, veg and fruit. I have had two menstrual cycles during this time and the second seemed better than the first. I just ordered a full on treatment program (4months) for cleansing candida. As soon as this program arrives I will be starting it. I also am going to to a parasite cleanse at the 2 month mark. I will report back on my progress and outcome after the 4 month treatment and let you all know. I just scrolled down and started reading LRGold's reply. Folks I really do feel this is one of if not the underlying issue Systematic Candida...I will post back.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lrgold (Las Cruces, New Mexico) on 03/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello all--

I can't believe it--after years of suffering and MANY hours of my own research, I found something that WORKS!!! I put the pieces together after doing my own research because docs kept putting me on antibiotics and I didn't want that. The meds cleared up the "bumps" (really bad under my breasts and in my armpits) for two weeks, then they'd come back with a vengeance. Also, I've tried collodial silver,

For the first time in 3 years, my bumps are gone and the scars are healing. I am 100% convinced that HS is related to yeast overgrowth in the body, which is aggravated by antibiotics and other things. Some symptoms are yeast infections (including under the finger or toe nails), vaginal yeast infections, chronic sinus problems, affected lymph nodes, and a white film on the tongue or a cracked tongue.

I've always had problems with vaginal yeast infections--very sensitive to sugar, though I eat my fair share of chocolate, of course. One beer makes me feel like that purple chick in the original Willy Wonka. On these HS support forums, many people swear by a gluten-free and dairy free diet... This is directly connected to the "yeast (candida)-free diet" which advises people with candida overgrowth to avoid fermented dairy products, pretzels, chips, bread, beer, wine, etc. Pretty much everything but veggies and meat. However, what's great is that it doesn't have to be a PERMANENT diet. Clear out your body for 3 or so months, then really monitor what is going into your body and how it makes you feel.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I feel compelled to pass this on to other sufferers!!! What finally cleared up my suffering is this:

NYSTATIN 100,000/g POWDER: prescription only (ask for the larger sized bottle), but not a controlled substance. Clean the area well, then put this in the groin area, under the armpits, and under the breasts (in your affected areas). I also had to use Nystatin cream on a small section of my groin and a little under my breasts, until I got it under control.

I am currently also taking (available from Vitamin or health stores):

Candidase Enzymatic supplement (to inhibit yeast growth)

Kyolic odorless garlic supplement (anti-candida formula)

Acidophilus Pearls (anti-yeast)

Turmeric one-a-day pills

(all of the above I plan to be on for one month, then try and monitor my yeast intake to keep levels under control).

Vitamin A

Vitamin D3

B-vitamin complex

Prenatal vitamins (always take them as my multi because I like the effect on my skin and nails)

I only use IVORY bar soap under my breasts and in my armpits and groin. I use a new razor every time I shave under my arms. Now that the bumps have gone down, I try to exfoliate under my armpits with a loofah to remove dead skin. I also do NOT use anti-persperant, but rather spray Crystal deodorant in the clear bottle with a purple label.


When you are in a breakout--use pure tea tree oil on your bumps that haven't come to a head. It works wonders. If you get a bump behind your ear, don't mess with it, and the lymph node will eventually go back to normal. Take ibuprofen 800mg to reduce swelling in the deap-seated large abscesses.

The nystatin will help you! GO GET IT! I can't urge it enough. The anti-candida supplements helped too! There is another article I read that said people have had luck on long term anti-fungal prescription medication, but this can be damaging to the liver, so I opted to try the supplement route first.

I also gave up dairy a few months ago, and still severely limit my intake. I know that until I get the candida under control, I'll have to keep using the nystatin powder, but I am making an effort to try and cut out the yeast foods. Avoid sugar/sugary drinks at all costs if you can.

I have been in severe pain, spent hundreds of dollars for surgeons to drain and pack cysts, and been depressed and shameful. Please try this, I think it may help many people.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Samantha (Orange County, Ca) on 03/09/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I've been dealing with HS for 12 years now. I usually tell my boyfriends that I have an issue with my sweat glands... That they get infected and don't function properly. That is usually sufficient and they always understand : )

For me, all of these things help:turmeric, topical antibiotics (evoclin), and using antibacterial soap. In addition, I'm mindful of the fabrics I wear (cotton almost always), the personal hygiene products I use (natural deodorants), and usually go "commando. " Lol. However, nothing has "cured" my HS yet.

I've quit smoking cigarettes and am working on losing weight. I am specifically focusing on having a clean and healthy body from the inside out. Eventually, I will do a comprehensive detox like a raw food cleanse for a few weeks this summer. It makes sense that this will be the best option because it has worked for others and these types of regimens have healed cancer and other vile diseases.

I'll keep you all posted <3

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Holly (Kelowna, Bc/canada) on 11/28/2010

I am 39 years old and have had HS for over 30 years. I've tried Retin A and Accutane, neither of which worked. I've also tried Bactrim (Sulpha) which worked until it killed all the good bacteria in my gut and I ended up in the hospital with clostridium difficile toxin. I also have Ulcerative Colitis and Vasculitis (both of which are autoimmune). For these, I take an immunosuppressant called Imuran. In search of something to take that would not greatly boost my immune system (counterintuitive with the imuran) I am currently using Native Remedies' Boil-RX. It is a homeopathic tincture and it is really working well for me. It has softened some of my most tenacious "boils" (that I thought were just remnants (scars) of old boils), has allowed them to drain and now they are drying up nicely. I got good results from Turmeric.... But it gives some pretty bad breath. I am currently trying the zinc gluconate 15mg x 6/day. However, it seems to have made things ALOT worse. I'm hoping it starts that way and then calms down. So, in an attempt to calm down what the zinc may have flared up, I'm using the Boil Rx and all seems well now. It's tasteless, just put 10-15 drops in some water and sip. I believe that homeopathic tinctures only actually contain a very VERY small amount of the thing they claim to be the active ingredient. Because of this, I am not worried about it mounting a huge immune boost and wiping out the effects of the Imuran.

I suspect many of you with HS also suffer from autoimmune disorders as well as pilonidal cyst/sinus. I've had a couple of surgeries to remove a pilonidal sinus. I believe it's all part of online you will find some interesting info. Symptoms these remedies treat and personality traits seem to go hand in hand. These remedies treat both for mind/body wellness. An interesting way to go. I don't completely understand how it all works. However, it seems to be doing the trick for me.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by E.j. (Brevard, N.c., Usa) on 08/22/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I had HS, over 25-30 yrs. Stopped antibiotics 10 yrs ago. HS is an autoimmnue disease, that antibiotic only help if you get a secondary infection like staph in an open wound. For me, heat and stress, make mine worse. I use turmeric, also tea tree oil. Also, epsom salts (2 cups) in a hot bath, or a black drawing salve with ichthammol 20% in it, it help draw it to a head to drain plus relieve pressure and the pain. If, I am working outside and get to sweating I come in and take a cold shower to lower my body temperature down, so I don't have a large boil, later that evening or the next morning! EJ

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jen (Dover, DE) on 07/13/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I read every post on this link and tried what seemed to be most common for my mild case of HS (compared to some of you--how in the world do you do it?). I am taking a tumeric supplement becuase I couldn't find tea, using the yellow bar soap, switched to the spray on crystal deodorant and use acne spot treatment for breakouts as soon as they start. I had a spot that was about the size of a half dollar, swollen out about an inch and within 1 day of trying the combo listed above, it had reduced by half. I had no faith that this stuff would work, but I've noticed that what is appearing are minor spots that I can get rid of in a couple of days. I don't know what is the driving force behind them but I will continue to use/take all of the remedies above if they continue working for me. I just thought I'd share and tell you all thanks for the info--it has really helped me. All of you who are suffering so terribly, I'm so sorry that you can't find relief. One last thing, I was only diagnosed in December after my first break out and immediately, I was referred for surgery. I didn't find this site until after I had both underarms excised. I wish I had found it befor--the areas covered by the surgery do not breakout anymore, but all the areas around the surgical area are now breaking out. Anyway, the remedies above are helping me. I hope they help others too...

Replied by Jawwad

I am suffering from HS since last 4 years after two excised cyst (didn't break out again at same place) but my thighs and one side of groan is affected I have like it cycle of boils breakout from one to another, what helps me keep the size reduced of boils and inflammation is I regularly wash affected twice a day with Betadine skin cleanser and apply hirudoid gel 2 times for 3 days during breakouts and Fucidin 3 times as prescribed by My Dr, I have noted that Life style change helps specially in reducing weight as I am on Protein Diet 100% cut all Carbohydrates helps reducing size of boils.

and whenever it gets worst by mean of pain inflamation and size I use one brufen 600mg twice a day almost it takes 3 tablets to get busted.

wish u all goood luck, cheers

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jessy (St. Pete, Fla) on 05/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For more than 1/2 my life...Re: Post-surgery of the right armpit and beyond. In 2000 I had a cyst removed from my right pit. It was benign, the size of a grapefruit, & was an outpt procedure, Was sent home with drains & Oxy-contin. Detoxed self off that, & came through well with the drains meaning little scarring. 6 mos. later I was to return for the same procedure on the left arm, but refused as the right was beginning to swell again. Hence, SURGERY DOESN'T WORK FOR A SYSTEMIC CONDITION. What does?? Every thing mentioned in this blessed site so far! Especially the ACV-Epsom Salt, & Kosher/Sea Salt. Messy as hell, but very healing. Paper tape as well when draining, as it took me years to find a solution to ripped-off skin. Also, Curry powder which contains Turmeric, at night, but it can stain so be careful. Then, Campho-Phenique after bathing can catch new erupts early and stop them, especially in the groin area. Hot compresses of Golden Seal/Burdock/Slippery Elm herbal tea are also effective, but on thin skin they are indeed painful - had to take several shots of liquor before applying - BUT, 30 YEARS LATER THERE'S BEEN NO RECURRANCE TO THE AREA AT THE TIP OF MY COCCYX BONE. Good luck all, will write back soon...Jessy

Neem Leaf Oil

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Posted by Mahogany B. (Hamden, Ct) on 03/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Fellow HS Sufferers! I am here to tell you firsthand that neem leaf oil is the next best thing to a cure for HS. What was once a cluster of boils about the size of a kid's bouncy ball has managed to rupture, drain, flatten, and partially heal in less than 3 days. No exaggeration!!!

I've suffered with HS for almost 20 years with outbreaks occurring in my younger days almost every other week to every 3-4 months, presently. Don't suffer another minute. Give it a try. It works!!!

Ocean Water

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Posted by Ali (Qatar) on 07/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars


My daughter is 23 years old, she complains of HS for 5 years, its painful physically and emotionally, she tried all type of medicine and surgical but no benefit. until she removed all spices of her diet and start swimming in sea, within a month she recovered. but after recovery she went back to take spice in her food and stop going to sea, again started to suffer. I'm not sure what is affect of spice and swimming in sea, but you can try, they make good change.

Oil of Wild Oregano

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Posted by Liz (Perth, Wa, Australia) on 04/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Fellow Hidradenitis Suppurativa sufferers, I was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa in April 2006 after some 26 boil sores over a 2 month period where some hospitalized me for intravenous antibiotics for deep huge sores with cellulites surrounding them. I was to be put on continual, permanent antibiotics for at least 7 yrs to help. I was a devastated very unwell new mum. Lucky about a year earlier, a naturopath had put me on to "Oil of Wild Oregano" for other numerous conditions I had/have including a strep infection of the blood. I was to ingest this oil and I hadn't really given it a go as it tasted awful. I was desperate not to have antibiotics as this only causes more problems. This "oil" is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal etc. (It used to also be promoted as antiviral, but they have, I guess, been prevented from promoting this anymore. It has however worked as an antiviral for me)

I started to do 3 drops under my tongue morning and night and swallowed quickly a glass of water over my tongue and this way it doesn't taste so bad. I also put the oil on the padded part of a water proof , breathable bandaid and applied to any sore that had not become a huge open wound (because a big wound or sore would sting heaps with this very strong oil). Please note Nexcare strips are the only true breathable waterproof bandage care that does not make the sore sweat that I can find. Nexcare 3M strips also come in various sizes depending on size of sore/boil. Elaster plaster and Johnson and Johnson brands made the sore sweat which we need to avoid.

My sores always develop over a couple of hours to half a day with a feeling of pain in the deeper tissue layers and a very small level sore or red dot on the surface. My sores are always worse underneath the surface. I therefore have time to heal them with Oil of Wild Oregano drops placed onto the padded part of the strips (bandaid) before a pus wound opens. My sores once past half a day are fast to get bad and usually only take a few more hours to become a big lump under the skin an inch in diameter with a smaller surface sore producing pus and also cellulites surrounding this sore about as big as your hand. After another couple of hour to overnight the lump of pus is so big I have to go to hospital for intravenous antibiotics as I start to get a fever and loose lucidness as it then gets into my blood and causes further complications. This oil would heal my smaller sores over a day or two and I could shower and leave the Nexcare strip on to keep working on my deep infection. If water did get into the strip (bandaid) I would replace it with a new strip that had the Oil of Wild Oregano drops placed onto the padded part of the strips. Not all Oil of Wild Oregano producers and products are the same but I used one from Solutions 4 Health for potency and quality of product.

I recommend using Manuka honey of the highest quality on large open sores or in sensitive areas of the groin etc. Also charcoal poultice is extremely good for extracting infection and can be placed anywhere. If you cannot get hold of the Oil of Wild Oregano, colloidal silver is good but nowhere near as strong. A herbal "soap free" bar for washing and mild salty water as a sterilizer for wounds and prone areas for infections. Swim at the beach as much as possible to heal and prevent sores. Remove all sugar from diet as much as possible. I was already on a gluten free and dairy free diet. I also started ingesting as much as possible turmeric in food and drinking. Within a month I hadn't had a sore get out of control. All were healed at the bandaid stage (at the stage of a red dot or very small pimple/boil). I then had only the hint of a sore appear about one every month or 2 and I still heal them overnight with the oil droplets on the pad of the bandaids. I only get symptoms now when my immune system is low and generally due to stress and exhaustion.

I also can cure tonsillitis within half an hour with this oil by placing droplets directly to the back of my throat at site of infection or the sore swallowing feeling. This is not for 1st time users as the kick back from the oil is very strong. The white pus at the back of my throat would disappear and I would have no further symptoms. I previously had chronic tonsillitis to the point they wore away so much that there was nothing to take out. They grew back and I now rarely get tonsillitis but if I do get run down and start to get sick my Oil of Wild Oregano keeps me well.

As a child going through puberty I got huge sore red lumps under my arms the size of golf balls that the doctor said were infected sweat glands and he gave me antibiotics which helped. I only got one or two a year that never developed into open pus wounds. I guess my immune system was better back then. My six year old daughter gets clusters of smaller lumps under one of her arms only throughout summer months and I am worried she is going down my same path.

The Oil of Wild Oregano is worth a look into for all and any ailments and relief of symptoms if not a cure. For me, I also need to keep my immune system up and the Oil of Wild Oregano also does this by ingest it. I only do this when I get run down at times of stress as on the whole I have no trouble with my Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the last 5 to 6 years. I do hope this helps others out there as it is so hard to suffer through it. You are all in my Prays, Cheers Liz

Replied by Taylor

I have a small open sore in the bikini line area. Can the oil of oregano be put on an open sore? It was lanced a month and still has not healed completely.

Replied by Sara
(The Beaches)

Tumeric paste of turmeric and honey would be better.

Olive Oil

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Posted by Wellsprings (Tarboro, Nc, Usa) on 10/12/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Eating yogurt every day and putting olive oil on daily prevents flare ups of Hidradenitis Suppurative. I rub olive oil on my groin every morning and every night; it soaks in quickly. Most of the time, I do not get the bumps unless I skip several days of putting on the oil; however, even if I get a bump, it prevents any bumps from getting large. I have had some so large I could not even sit correctly. ____ patches are great for pain relief. You can cut the patch to the exact size you need. I am 49 and have had bouts with these since I was in my teens. About six months ago, I read about the oil in Isaiah 1:6 In the JPS version it reads "From head to foot no spot is sound: all bruises, and welts, and festering sores-not pressed out, not bound up, not softened with oil." I had pressed bumps allot, but I had never softened them with oil. The oil works miracles.

Replied by Susan
(Hampshire England)
2 posts

Excellent I love the bible thank you for sharing.

Replied by Michelle
(Santa Rosa Beach Florida)

Hi my daughter was diagnosed with HS. Was wondering if you could give any other info about your experience. How much fish oil? Just trying to find things that might help that's not antibiotics
Thank you!

Omega 3 Oils

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Posted by Donna (Pensacola, Fl, Usa) on 04/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

When I was younger I started having a problem with boils in very uncomfortable places. They often had to be lanced. Both the problem and the cure were very painful! They began to occur with increasing frequency until I was getting them about every two weeks and missing a lot of work. I was at my wit's end. The gynecologist said it was clogged glands, the dermatologist said it could be hydradenitis suppurativa. I researched that and was horrified to think that was what I could be facing. It's not a pleasant problem.

While doing a little research on it, I came across a posting on an internet forum by a doctor advising people that hydradenitis suppurativa was caused by body oils that became thick and clogged pores which then became boils or carbuncles. (His explanation was better than mine as I am working from memory and it was 15-20 years ago.) He recommended taking Omega 3 oils. I immediately realized that I had been having a remission of the problem for awhile because I had been doing the Atkins diet and taking quite a lot of oil capsules on a daily basis for a year. It had been about 6 months since I stopped taking them because I stopped the diet and the boils had come back to my great dismay.

I immediately started taking them again and the problem was relieved. I have consistently taken oils since then (usually flax seed oils but sometimes fish oils or a combination) and find that as long as I get regular doses, I don't have boils but if I go for too long without it they come back. When I realize that I am starting to get one then I immediately start the oil regimen and they resolve.

I am also prone to Psoriasis or Eczema around my ears and on my scalp. I was not having much luck treating that either but it occurred to me that maybe I was low on oils again so I started taking them and it seemed to clear up. Maybe that was a coincidence but nothing else was working and it had spread all over my scalp and was itching like crazy.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

I have excema and Dermatitis From a Cayenne Pepper Cream from my Dr. It had an ALCOHOL BASE in it???? I soaked in an Epsom Salt Bath 1 cup as hot as I could stand, in a bath tub and in 2 days it cleared!!! I submerged my head and body for 20 mins. It also cleared up a problem I had with the skin between my Anus, and Vagina splitting as well. I also used Suedocreamon the split skin. It works every time. If you start to feel tired, or your limbs feel heavy, GET OUT THE BATH!!! Or use half a cup of Epsom Salts.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

You can get a lancer with most diabetes glucose meters. I have a glucose meter - am not diabetic - and mine came with a lancer and 10 (disposable) sterile lancets. Lancet refills are available at most drugstores/pharmacies and can be used in numerous homeo-pathic ways. In my view, this is one of the few useful things they have left at the drugstore/chemist :-)

Replied by Donna
(Pensacola FL)
5 out of 5 stars

I posted about this originally in 2013 and as its now 2022 I wanted to add that I have followed my own advice to take omega-3 oils (specifically flax seed oil) every time a boil has tried to build and it always resolves quickly. It has worked consistently for me and as long as I make sure to take flax seed oil capsules regularly I stay boil free. (I was diagnosed with hydradenitia suppurativa.)


Donna, how much flax oil did you take and how long to notice a difference? What brand?

Shirley H.

I had never heard that about Flaxseed oil, thank you so much. I also get boils when I eat certain foods and I easily resolve them by taking 1000 to 3000 of milligrams of Lysine at a time:)

Omega Oils

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Posted by DJ (Pensacola, FL) on 01/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I went through a period where I was getting genital boils or pimples that would be very painful and sometimes had to be lanced. I began to get them with ever increasing frequency until finally I was getting them every 2-3 weeks. They would take 7-10 days to develop and resolve and I would be relieved only to get a new one within a short time. That made it kind of difficult to work and I used up a lot of vacation time and annoyed my employers. The gynecologist thought I had something called hydradenitis suppurativa. My dermatologist agreed. There was no real treatment, so they said.

Looking it up on the internet I found lots of painful stories but not much help to be had. I did come across a doctor's explanation to a poster, though, that I would remember later. The doctor said that the problem was that the oil in the hair follicles was too thick and was clogging up the pores because the poster was not getting enough essential oils. That made no sense to me so I forgot about it. Later, at the height of my boil problems I decided that losing weight would help so I started the Atkins diet program. If you do it right, you take their supplementary oil capsules - esential fatty acids, ie. Omega Oils. I did that. After a period of months, I suddenly realized that I had not had a boil in a long time and I remembered that doctor's comment. Eventually I stopped the diet and stopped taking the oils. The boils came back. I started taking the oils again - they went away.

Connecting the dots, I now make sure that I supplement with Omega oils regularly and that keeps the little beasties away. If I get one, which is rare now, I usually realize that I haven't been taking my oils again and when I restart, they disappear. We need these essential fatty acids anyway for other reasons so why not? To me, it seems a reasonable trade and a very easy cure for a tough problem that I have discovered is a lot more common among women than I would have expected.

On Scalp

Posted by Dee (Toronto, Canada) on 02/05/2011

Hi When I first started having thes things before it was diagnosed 19 years ago, they started out on my scalp. Doctors thought it was a cyst. They covered my whole head and I lost a lot of hair. Then in the places where they healed, they healed with a keloid so they never went flat down and the dermatologist says hair will never grow there again because the follicles are dead. Then progresses to my armpits, my groin and my buttocks. I think it's fair to say I have a severe case of it.

The thing is I never hear anyone say they have had it on their scalp but me and I am female so you know how devastating that must be. Is there anyone out there who has had it on their scalp or know someone who does? I feel very isolated in this. All I want is for something to flattent these keloids on my head or recommend something to grow my hair back in these areas. I used to have thivk abundant hair and now this disease has destroyed it. It makes me sad to look in the mirror and see what a evastating affect this thing has had on me and that I probably will have to live the rest of my life with these raised scars on my head and thr hair loss that comes with it. If anyone know of anything, please let me know. Thx.

Replied by Tupperwareandavonmomma
(Sevierville, Tn)

I do too have the HS on my scalp. Then it spread. I have been diagnosed for about 6 months but I am decreasing the outbreaks by using Melaleuca shampoo, Selenium sulfate 2.5 (alternated), rarely ever use hair products, I take bleach baths when it gets really bad (once a month or so). I do my own drains and compresses and have not had surgery yet although there are a few times before I got diagnosed I probably should have. Good luck.

Replied by Ace
(Vancouver, Bc)

I put Aloe Vera gel all over my scalp every single night before I sleep and keep it on all night (and shower after I wake up in the morning)...

I have the same problem in my head... but this seems to have really controlled and reduce the problem (takes time to fix)...

I also use Shea butter shampoo bar (by African Trade Society) on my head....I would recommend both.

Oregano and Coconut Oils, Adrenal Support

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Posted by Goodforyou (Sweetwater, Tn, USA) on 11/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a self diagnosed case of Hidradenitis. My MD took a culture and it came back Strep, but she never used the medical term Hidradenitis; I'm sure she is unfamiliar with it. To the woman (or anyone ) who soaks in bleach water, please don't do that: Bleach suppresses the endocrine system; not safe at all especially when sick!

My MD prescribed a short round of Penicillin which helped me, but not for long. I then switched to coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil kill many viruses and bacteria). I also used oregano oil, (super Strength P-73). If it doesn't say P-73 on the bottle, it may not be the right oil. I also took adaptogens (Rhodiola, schizandra, etc.) to support my adrenal glands.

OREGANO: I filled two 00 gelatin capsules twice a day for 2 days with food, then backed down to one 2x a day. I also rubbed it on the skin as much as I could tolerate throughout the day.

COCONUT OIL: I took 4-6 coconut oil gelcaps 2x a day and also rubbed it on the skin constantly. Be aware that oregano oil can cause a temporary burning sensation. After all this; there is no evidence that I ever had a boil. Praying helped too, I'm sure.

What a horrible, HORRIBLE PAIN!!!

Replied by Ljeanbeans
(Ashland, Wi)

My health took a turn for the worst after an especially stressful 2008 and quitting Birth Control after 10 years to remedy the situation. That may have sent me in a tail-spin, but I'm sure it's healthier in the long run. I got HS about 6 months later. I did have a few isolated boils in my teen years.... Strange. Before BC, hmmmm. I had one bad one tested last year, and it was just regular good skin bacteria. Autoimmmune.... I have had a multitude of other problems in the past year, but one is Adrenal Exhaustion. I think that was the orignal problem. I had mine in remission for about 3 months earlier this year... Until I had surgery and couldn't exercise anymore.... I have been taking L-Tyrosine daily for over a year. And 5-Htp. I love my Yoga Booty Ballet exercise. I shower after I exercise while still hot and sweaty. I had it in remission this way. I haven't exercised really in about 4 months. I prayed when I pressed a boil in a sitz bath and it came loose and drained instantly. I know this is the best thing to do. I want to try oregano and coconut and tumeric for secondary bronchitis from a virus right now, anyways. Curious how the treatments for Bronchitis and HS are so similar. I started taking ACV with the Mother yesterday and ate about 3 tbsps of Cayenne Pepper in a drink yester. Didn't help the HS yet.... Curious I had it in remission before..... I've always smoked additive free organic tobacco and love coffee as well. I don't drink, though, maybe I should. I eat at natural as possible always. NATURAL and organic if I can afford it. ALWAYS.

Replied by Ashley
(Nashville, Tn)

Wow. I can totally relate to these. I do feel like praying really helps, especially when I am at my breaking point and just trying to get some relief from salt baths and letting the cysts drain. My HS started when I was 13 after a long road trip, while sitting on my bottom for 10 hours. After that, I also got cysts under my arms and learned the hard way I was allergic to the antibiotic Tequin, which I believe is now discontinued. I had surgery when I was 17 for a pilonidal cyst, and have had recurring cysts since. (I am 24. )

I haven't heard about the connection with bronchitis and HS, but I have also had bronchitis as a kid to the point of pleurisy (infection of the lining of the lungs. ) I also had a severe case of Chicken Pox as a child-- I got Staph infection all over my body. Just to make it clear, though, I am 24, in shape and very very clean. I want to help others with the disorder, so I have dedicated so much time trying to learn more about it. Thank God for this site! Just reading these testimonials has made the condition easier to deal with. I've read a lot that HS is connected to stress and food allergies. I can completely understand the stress factor-- I suffer from anxiety every single day, largely in part of HS. I am also a smoker and drink coffee.

I have been researching the diet side of things, and have found that with HS sufferers, their pH balance seems to lean towards the acid side and needs to be balanced towards the Alkaline side, so drinking Alkaline Water (also looking up the alkaline food guide and incorporating those foods into your diet) will help balance everything out. Today I started taking turmeric in warm water with honey and black pepper, diluting ACV with water, and taking vitamin A, and I found this ointment a few months ago online called Emuaid. It worked SO WELL the first time I used it, (2 large bumps gone the next day) then seemed to work less after a few weeks. Here's my shower routine:

-antibacterial soap
-not shaving sides of legs
-after I've dried off, using Witch Hazel to re-rinse the area
-using Emuaid or Bacitracin Ointment

-Maintaining dryness of the area.

God bless all of you. Here's to a CURE! It's out there.