Hidradenitis Suppurativa
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Olive Oil
Posted by Wellsprings (Tarboro, Nc, Usa) on 10/12/2009
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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Eating yogurt every day and putting olive oil on daily prevents flare ups of Hidradenitis Suppurative. I rub olive oil on my groin every morning and every night; it soaks in quickly. Most of the time, I do not get the bumps unless I skip several days of putting on the oil; however, even if I get a bump, it prevents any bumps from getting large. I have had some so large I could not even sit correctly. ____ patches are great for pain relief. You can cut the patch to the exact size you need. I am 49 and have had bouts with these since I was in my teens. About six months ago, I read about the oil in Isaiah 1:6 In the JPS version it reads "From head to foot no spot is sound: all bruises, and welts, and festering sores-not pressed out, not bound up, not softened with oil." I had pressed bumps allot, but I had never softened them with oil. The oil works miracles.