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Swiss Cheese

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Posted by Jacob (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca) on 06/19/2011


I have had HS for around 7 years now. Some breakouts are bad and some are bearable. I think there is really no rhyme or reason to it. Around this time of the year (summer) is when it is at its worst for me. Luckily I have not had any outbreaks since last July of 2010. It ruined my world cup experience. My doctor had prescribed me Keflex also known as Cephalexin. The problem is you can't take Keflex year around because it is a strong anitbiotic. I typically have a jelly bean size and very hard bump under my armpits. I experience discomfort but it is bearable. When the infection starts to get bad it can turn into the size of an egg until it drains. When I can feel the infection worsen I take my Keflex and it has been keeping it in check but the bump never went away. I also clean with hibiclens but from what I understand hygeine has absolutely nothing to do with it. The Keflex has had my spirits up and feeling that I could contain this. I was also prescribed clindomyacin lotion.. But... NOW READ THIS. I SWEAR IT WORKED FOR ME. I FEEL OBLIGATED TO POST THIS.. ITS UP TO YOU IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT OUT. IT IS VERY INEXPENSIVE COMPARED TO THE THROBBING ACHING PAIN WHEN IT GETS BAD..

All of my friends are aware of my problem because I decided I wasn't going to be embarrased about it anymore or let it affect my personal life. When my friend told his dad his dad told him he he had a friend that had it too and he went to countless doctors who were unsuccessful in treating it. The last time he went to the doctor (because obviously he never had to go back since this worked for him) the doctor told him to simply eat swiss cheese. I know it souds crazy but please keep on reading. Apparently Swiss chesse has a different type of bacteria than any other cheese and the reason for the holes in the cheese are because the bacteria expels gasses. Something in that counter acts what we have. I can honestly say I have no bumps and have been eating Swiss Cheese for 2 weeks now. I don't eat an insane amount but I go through about 1 lb in 3 days. I only eat the swiss cheese from Switzerland not made in Connecticut or anything like that. I don't know if they use the same process. I found it at Sams club for $1.17 per lb. , which cost around $25 a week. Someone please try it. It WORKED for me.. I do not own a cheese company or invest in any stock of any kind. I just want someone else to try it because maybe this is a coincedence... But maybe not.

Feedback Please.

Replied by H Fitz

Hi, I'm leaving this post as I think it's important that people realize, there is no "cure" for Hidradenitis. I believe it is auto-immune related, instead I would say there is however a right "balance".

Turmeric has worked fantastically for me. Had an indulgent weekend with family, upped the dosage and my lesions are still flat, which is unheard of for me.

However, I feel overall quite shitty. I drank crap, ate crap and now I will have a couple of weeks of really giving my body nutritious TLC before it is better. When my diet is good, I don't need that much Turmeric.

I would suggest an elimination diet to all sufferers, my triggers are all sugars (natural or otherwise) and all mammal meat/dairy. Cutting out the mammal meat and dairy products has been HUGE for me. It has allowed me to take a minimal dose of Turmeric. I no longer get bloated and eat a diet rich in fish and non starchy veggies. I allow myself some red rice, when I am being "extra" healthy because when I detox, if I don't eat adequate fibre I don't feel like the toxins cleanse well enough and as soon as I eat more fibre, the headaches go away and I feel great again.

In addition, I am not a super healthy person, always but the only way for me to keep this condition under control is to eat well as much as I can and drink water!

Turns out, my body needs a lot of water, I always thought I drank enough but when you get a bad flare, really look at how much you have been drinking (all of my previous terrible flares were at times when I was overheating and experiencing dehydration) and ensure to take Magnesium supplements. Sugars use up a lot of magnesium, it seems, so best to cut them out as much as you can.

In short, turmeric is by far the best herb I've tried for inflammation. Watch your diet as much as you can, drink lots of water and it makes this condition far more manageable. If you do binge, don't throw everything out the window, your body is not broken, it is trying to let you know something isn't quite right. Listen to it and be kind to yourself.

Tanning Beds

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Posted by Ana (Las Vegas, NV) on 05/12/2009

I have tried several possible remedies for HS if anyone has read my previous post; none of which have worked. Good news! In an earlier post someone spoke of getting as much sunlight to the affected area as possible. Well for those of us with HS of the groin, that's kind of hard to do, so I improvised. I go to the tanning salon! Works great. The sores are drying up and the heat is very soothing to the area. Of course I don't use any lotions on the affected skin but if you time the tanning session just right you won't burn or damage the skin. Obviously if you're prone to burning in the sun I would not recommend using a tanning bed, but for those of us who don't burn, it's a God send. I've only been going for about a month and I already have noticed a significant change in the number of sores and drainage. I'm praying it will continue to work and I may not have to have surgery!

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Evokeanewday (Georgia) on 11/01/2017

I too use tea tree oil for HS. If I get a boil I simply drop 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil on the pad of a large band aid and then adhere it to my skin over the boil. It has an immediate effect. I generally do this once a day after showering until its gone (2 or 3 days). Doing so helps prevent scaring as well.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Niki (New Zealand) on 03/16/2016

Tried tea tree oil for HS- one overnight topical application worked better than years of medication and specialists. Amazing.

Replied by Rene

WOW! This site is nothing short of amazing. Every post I come across is very helpful for I too suffer from HS. I actually just found out the correct name. I've had these ''boils'' since I was a freshman in high school which started as one within my inner thigh. My DR said it was due to wearing ''tight jeans'' and then diagnosed it as MRSA since I was hospitalized a lot as a kid for asthma. As I got older, it spread to in between my breast, under my arms and ALL on my bikini area and inner thighs. I went to every DR I could but still no regime that worked. I now take nothing but an occasional pain pill. I use antibacterial soap and no perfumes. I'm depressed because I'm in pain 90% of the day. Certain pain pills and antibiotics aren't strong enough and it makes me very self conscience to even have a love life. I have tried everything under the sun but JUST came across Turmeric and tea tree oil. I bought it this weekend and will be trying today. Thank you guys so much!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Abe From Sc (Saint Matthews, South Carolina) on 12/07/2012

Tea tree oil for hidranitis.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mel (Charlotte, Nc, USA) on 11/04/2012

I was just diagnosed with HS this year after dealing with what I thought were ingrown hairs in the groin area for over 12 years and I'm only 26 and healthy otherwise. My Dr. prescribed me antibiotics but when I lost my job and health insurance I couldn't afford the medicine. I didn't want to be on meds for the rest of my life & my body responds much better to NATURAL Remedies. Around that time, I also had persistent dandruff, the dermatologist prescribed me a medicated oil treatment that did absolutely nothing to help.

I purchased some TEA TREE OIL from WALMART for about $4.00 to mix with my shampoo to treat the dandruff. After reading a few posts on here, I used it on a particularly large, painful sore that would NOT open or drain after weeks.

I saw results WITHIN HOURS. No exaggeration, within HOURS the "cyst" had gone down in size noticably. By the second day, it had shrunk nearly 1/2 of its original size and pain was nearly 80% gone. I'm on my third day and I can't even feel it. I had no drainage, no pain and it is nearly gone. All I did was saturate the tip of a cotton swab (the kind you clean your ears with) with Tea Tree Oil and rub it gently onto the area. I covered the surrounding area for good measure. I did it twice per day and the results are amazing!

I read another post about the connection between HS and Yeast. At first I was really skeptical because my Dr. told me that the disorder is caused by inflammation of sweat glands which "traps" in bacteria which is naturally occuring in the body. Once it gets trapped, she explained, it festers and grows out of control and gets infected, causing these sores. But after seeing how well the Tea Tree Oil worked, I'm wondering if that "bacteria" she mentioned was a generalization and could include the naturally occuring yeast on/in? our skin? Tea Tree Oil, aside from moisturizing is an Anti-Fungal. It is helping with my dandruff, and it worked miracles on my HS sores. So, I wonder if there is not a connection.

I also saw some people treating it with a popular homeopathic yeast infection treatment. I used that same kind for a long time but never thought to monitor the sores with its use. I may start that up and see if it helps.

With all of this information, it makes sense that certain foods, stress and illness could cause a flare up of HS. It could be that those foods, situations, etc are causing inflammation which is trapping the naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies and BAM! Sores all over the place.

Replied by Danni
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Giving Tea Tree Oil a chance...

Dealing with what I think appears to be HS?

Background...Its my first Outbreak and it began 1 week ago. I have 4 sores that look like described text book symptoms of HS under my breast. So painful. Began very suddenly. I am being treated by my GP for what he calls a bacterial infection from a yeast infection. Makes no sense to me? I have a a compromised immune system from drugs (Remicade) for Anklousing Spondilitis (a "Spondyloarthropathy Autoimmune disorder - under the same diseases as Crohns, psoriasis and reactive arthritis). I am a 50 yr old female. I have had AS since I was 13 yrs old.

For the past 5 days I have been using topical anti-fungal creams, hydrocortisone perscription creams (Lamasil) as well as a oral antibiotic - I always seem to be on antibiiotics....

TONIGHT...I was scared because I notice the first sore that appeared is now draining pus in a weird fashion -like its coming out a tube or a vein???? So began my internet quest.... here I am.....

NOW....I have been to this site before, CURED my sons bad acne (took him off the dreaded Acutane) with ACV!!! Thx! ..... So now going to try Tea Tree Oil and Tumeric? I have faith.... I will let you know the results in the morning. ( I havent slept in 5 nights from the burning pain.... even called in sick 3 days! )


Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

It sounds like HS. If when they clear up they are a little mauve in colour and still very sensitive if you press on them, then seem to flare up after a few weeks and eject some pus and then go through the same cycle again. Then when pressing on then it feels like theirs a little tunnel. It seems that unless you press all the goo out when they are supporating they wont clear up totally. If you get some electrical tape, and make a patch of clean tissue, put a blob of EVC. On the patch and tape it up over the sore. After about an hour you will become aware of the sore, this is when the ECV. Is penetrating. Keep this up for about a week and then anytime it seems to start to get over sensitive. The ECV. is a gentle anti bacterial anti fungal and anti viral but the main thing about it is that it penetrates even when there is no break on the skin surface, and slowly disposes of the infection.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Sorry EVC = Extra virgin coconut oil.

Replied by Velvet74

Food absolutely can cause flare ups. For me it is gluten. Within 12 hours I will have new cysts and the number and severity are directly proportional to how much gluten I had. I had more improvement from cutting out gluten than the antibiotics so my doctor took me off them.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mike (Tulsa, Ok) on 07/14/2011

I had to have a sulfa-based antibiotic to cure my last swollen node on my groin. After wearing tight synthetic workout undershorts for several hours (which I won't do again), I had another case in the same groin area and felt the swollen gland grow to the size of a nickle. I read someone's suggestion on this site that Tea Tree Oil may work and I applied it to the swollen node three times a day and it has gone away in 5 days. I am thrilled. I suppose catching it early helps. I purchased Tea Tree Oil from a beauty supply.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Tina (Indianapolis, IN) on 12/28/2007

I was Diagnosed with hidradenitis July 06. I have had terrible breakouts in the groin area from my bikini area to my anal area. I have tried everything to stop the breakouts, even bathing 3 or more times a day nothing has worked. Recently I went to a local natural food store and read a natural remedy book were it stated Tea Tree oil, pure tea tree oil will take out the staph from boils and soothe the pain. I tried it several times so far so good. It has a scent of eucalyptus and the same drying action like alcohol. So far it works

Replied by T3
(Chicago, IL)

I will try this. My cysts go on for 20 years all over and each has a different name and none have a cure. I either have to wait til it comes to a point (huge then) so dr. can cut it or it busts by itself and is a bloody mess. Not to mention the pain. I had 3 in my breast all come to a point at once after a mamorgram, which never showed them, but the ultrasound did. So for any of these cysts, I need answers, deoderant, shaver, soaps all been tried and no relief. No insurance now and when they come I'm on my own. Few times dr. wouldn't even open it and drain it, so pain, pain to my toes on the side of the cyst. I looked bruised or blackened on the ones that have reawaken lately. Antibiotic is hard to get, the dr's don't believe it helps me, but one did, plus I said they make me exremely nausaus and they said it was all in my head. I told them they're crazy,i get so much pain and it gets so big, i can't go to work, what more proof you need? I get so sick to my stomach, headeaches, radiation of pain on the entire side and can't move sometimes. Just need some help. Apple cider baths did not help, baking soda relieved pain, but stung the other unopened one and bactraban seemed the best, but is a prescription, and may eventually flair up anyway til it needs to break. They all do this and I can't take it anymore. Even my clothes are getting ruined. I had some removed and they come back 1/2 inch from the last one. Like I'm 1 big cyst with a head on top. Let you know if tea tree oil helps. Also tried the diet thing too, over 20 years of this, one thing right dr.'s say, NO CURE. Cut, cut, drain, scar, scar, cut, cut. Been there don't that. I was only 19 then. I can cry/I do.

Replied by Evelyn
(Brevard, NC)

Hi, I had HS for 25 yrs or more. Didn't have name for it until 8 yrs ago. Try many different things, nothing work. I use dial (bar) anti-septic soap but sometimes in the summer, I use liquid soap and mix with tea tree oil. It cheaper than buy it at the health food stoe. The only thing I found to help with the pain is Emla, it a cream I get from my doctor, it has lidocaine & prilocaine. It come in genertic, also. Use it only on my real ones. Help to numb the pain some! Also use a Draw Out Salve to help bring it to surface. It main ingredent is green soap. Hope these suggestions might help! Ev.

Replied by Sonia
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

Since I started using Tea tree Oil I have not had many problems at all. Prior to this I had new lesions coming up all the time one after the other.

Replied by Ray
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

How do you apply tea tree oil? Can it be added to bath water? Applied directly to affected area? After bathing? Has anyone seen a wound care therapist?

Replied by Coco
(Thousand Oaks, CA)

Thank you Aalexand,

I will give that a try. I have this issue chronically on my thighs and "nothing" has worked for me.

Replied by Tara

Tea tree oil does nothing for HS, there is a new clinical trial that proves it does nothing, your dermatologists dont know nothing obviously... Ask him to send you for humira injections, I have been in remission for a year now, and my lesions were as big as golf balls under my groin, and even worse on the arm pitts, so get a new dermy, cuz the symptons are only gonna get worse with time, I am only 25 by the way, started with hs when I was 15, was told it was nothing, kept searching and searching for a good derm till I finally found mine, get the injections, and do your research, dont go to a dermy misinformed, because 75% of them dont know crap.

Replied by Sharon
(Moundville, Al)

I tried humira and it did nothing but send my liver function key high. I am willing to try anything to get relief from HS

Tooth Abcess Link to H.S.

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Posted by Asd (Houston, Texas) on 11/07/2009

Doctor informed me I had hidradenitis supperativa. Symptoms included boils and inflamed lymph nodes. Alternative effective treatments included daily high doses of Vitamins C, E, zinc, mucinex. New information and treatment described below has lead to cessation of symptoms.

Recently received root canal re-treatment and discovered abscess into bone tissue. No longer experience hidradenitis superativa symptoms. Taking Vitamin D and Calcium to support bone restoration, which also appears to be reducing the appearance of scars on skin. Bone damage was not visible on x-rays.

Replied by Melissa
(Jacksonville, Florida)

I went to the dentist because my front teeth were aching really bad and they did an x-ray and immediately sent me to an oral surgeon. I had an abscess above my front top teeth that was so big they had never seen anything like it. He went in through my gums and roof of my mouth and removed a golf ball sized abscess. I have had many cases of that size cyst on different parts of my body for the past 20 years. Some were lanced, some surgically removed. Many antibiotics and no explanations. I researched myself and found this site. I found out it was Hidradenitis supperativa and that I should try Turmeric. I drink a Heaping teaspoon of Turmeric in a half cup of water as soon as I feel one beginning to flair up. I continue to drink it 2-3 times a day until its gone and it never gets big. It stops it before it grows big. Thank God and this site!!!

Top Remedies Summary

Posted by Sarah (California, US) on 12/15/2014

Hello Everyone! I am 25 years old and my first flare up of Hidradenitis Suppurativa happened when I was 10 years old. Doctors were surprised it happened even before puberty. There is a number of family members with the same condition; however, every single one of them dealt with it privately and didn't offer help. Didn't help that we are all very distant from one another. This site has provided so much advice and natural remedies that I had not thought of. I wish I had some tricks up my sleeve as far as treatment but I do not.

The only thing I can share that helped me through high school was exercise; I had only one flare up from the age of 14 to 18 and I believe that's because I was crazy active in high school. That and my doctor recommended to not wear underwear at night- no bra and no panties, and that proved very helpful. Once I went to college and my activity level dropped, however, by sophomore year I had HS in my underarms. I am at a point where I have to change my lifestyle; I have graduated college and starting a great career. I have found a wonderful partner who knows about HS and is very supportive.

I have flare ups at least once a month, I have scars and I can not wear tank tops anymore- or short shorts for that matter. I have been to the emergency room with a bump as big as a golf ball; I have tried medication that never helped; I have had surgery on the groin area at the age of 14. I sometimes do get bumps on my buttocks- that is a new development. I did experience loneliness and isolation to some degree. But I am so very happy to have found this community, to see how big this disease is and to know that I am not alone. I will be definitely trying the Turmeric pills and tea as well as a Paleo diet for starters and go from there. I just wanted to share my experiences in hopes that someone can relate and see that, well, there's nowhere else to go but forward.

Warm hugs to everyone reading.

Replied by Salome Tiny

I am doing research for my brother, he has got Hidradenitis Suppurativa under his armpit, will try turmeric.

Replied by Lily
(Virginia, US)

i wasn't going to share my story until I saw yours. You don't know how much your comment has helped me. I didn't think anyone else got it so young . I have had this since I was 11. I thought it was a punishment from God for shaving off my hair because it didn't want to embrace puberty. I hid it from my family until I was 14, it got so bad I thought I was never going to recover. The first doctor I went to shamed me and gave me antibiotics that almost killed me -literally. The other doctor that I went to save me from the antibiotics was male and too shamed to even try to help me. It's been 5 years and I haven't been back to a doctor since. And have never been romantically with someone because of this. I am hoping this tea tree oil and turmeric work!


Posted by Prasanna (Mumbai, Maharastra / India) on 01/26/2011

i have been suffering from HS for more than 20 years. I did homeopathic medicine which resulted in reduced occuring of boils but it started again. I have notice lack of sleep creates more of infections in the armpit. If any one has permanent remedy for this please let me know...

Turmeric, Cinnamon, Raw Honey

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Posted by Studentincalifornia (Oakland, Ca) on 09/25/2009

hello to all i was reading the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Remedies,i have been battling this since 11 off and on. had my sweat glands removed from arm pits at 12 so i know the pain but now in my twenties i had this lump forming under my breast and i knew what i was.i didn't want any cutting done to me, i still remember the pain and the disfigurement and scars. so it formed about 3 weeks ago size of a large marble but it felt deep. so i did the turmeric 1teaspoon with i teaspoon of organic cinnamon and half a teaspoon of raw honey.the cinnamon and raw honey has a lot of anti- fungal and other properties, mix it with half a cup of warm water twice a day,i want to take it three times but i am a student that works = no time. and i remember what the nurse told me when i was a child which brought it to an head immediately and started draining, was blow drying it with a hot hair blow dryer also i used apple cinder vinegar to help dry it out and of course tea tree oil. im on day 2 and it's totally flat. God bless i really hope this will help others. One more thing eat as clean as possible more veggie than fruit and drink turmeric regularly. thanks

Turmeric, Liver Cleanse

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Posted by Melissa (In, Michigan) on 07/28/2012

Hi, like most of you on here I have been suffering from HS for about 10 years. Like most of you I have endured it silently. I get them in groin area, armpits and weirdly enough only under left breast. I have seen a few doctors but they say its an infection and give me antibiotics. They can become sooo painful all you can do is cry. I highly believe in holistic medicine and decided to treat them with tea tree oil. I found tea tree just wasn't enough so I added lemon oil to the mix. This seemed to help them clear up much faster but I would still get outbreaks. I did notice though that there wasn't a bad smell when they burst. This is because tee tree kills bacteria. I also have pcos and insulin resistence. I am also a smoker which doesn't help.

So fed up I did some research and discovered turmeric. I started mixing it with almond milk, cinnamon and honey. It tastes really good. I noticed my outbreaks lessened and when I did get anything the pain would be gone within a day or two and then it would drain. I no longer really get any in my groin mostly now just under left breast. It makes me sad all the scars and deep purple scars it has left behind. Time does lessen the appearance and I also use rose water to help with the scars. I have been using an essential oil liver cleanse which has helped tremendously. It's peppermint oil and lemon oil cleanse. You use it by adding one drop of each in a cup of distilled water and I squeeze a half lemon in it and drinking it first thing in the morning. The peppermint does wonders by cooling the inflammation and the lemon helps cleanse and alkalanize the ph in body. It gives me more energy and cleans liver at the same time. I also just started using black cumin oil. I don't know how much it is helping yet since I have just started using it a few days ago.

About a week ago I went to the movies and ate salty buttery popcorn and halfway through the movie I noticed a very painful little friend just popped up in groin area. The next morning I drank my cleanse and poof it popped and drained that day. They used to last weeks. I also just noticed a bright red one that appeared under breast but without any pain. I have been putting Turmeric directly on it and it's gone already. It's amazing what these treatments have done for me. Yes I still break out but the pain isn't there anymore at least not nearly as bad as it used to be, no smell, and they go away sooo quickly. Oh and I had a bad one under breast a few weeks ago and I treated it and the pain went away but the lump didn't bt it also didn't spread. Then about one week ago I noticed it felt wet under breast and it had popped and was draining. I didn't even know it was still there. No pain or anything.

I hope this can help some of you. I have read others posts about mixing turmeric with warm water and drinking it but gross. Mixing it with cinnamon and milk makes it tastes almost like chai tea. I really enjoy the taste. I haven't needed it though for awhile since I began the liver cleanse.

Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Brian (Michigan City, Indiana) on 06/02/2015

I see a lot people that say a remedy worked for HS disease. I have used tea oil an turmeric and it has not helped. I see lot people say they have HS disease but do they really? There is a difference between boils an abscess an HS. One is not cured an comes back. I am just tryin to find out more info on the HS disease. I've had no luck really with antibiotics either. I have two holes in my armpits, my butt an groin.

Replied by Miko
(Columbia, Md)

I'm saddened to hear about what you are going through. I had a large wound in my left arm pit from 12/10/12 - 5/20/15. Antibodies didn't really help. I cut all high fruitrose corn syrup from my diet, and tried to just consume foods that weren't genetically modified. I try to only shop at trader joes & whole foods.

I read some place that oranges contain a vitamin that reduces inflammation. So I eat 3-4 daily. Within two months of these changes the wound that's was present for years is gone. I'm beyond thrilled. It's worth giving it a try. Miko

Turmeric, Tea Tree, Dial

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Posted by Sylvie (Ottawa, Canada) on 01/16/2009

I came to your site for info. again this autumn for alternative treatments for HS. For 32 yrs I tried every thing with NO long term success.At that point I was considering a 5th operation, for a year or two of relief. But now I can be hopeful!! For 0ne month now I 've been taking: TURMERIC (in # 2caplets /4 to 6 a day/ also in foods I eat ) TEA TREE OIL ( apply twice a day ) and DIAL soap BAR Gold (wash 2x a day). The improvement is amazing!

Thanks to sufferers coming on line and sharing with others, I can start to feel hopeful again...

Other things that help me but are not a "cure " Epson salts to soak, drinking lots of water, staying away from processed foods, chocolate, cafeine,alcool...But for me, stress/ sweating and tight clothes are the 3 main triggers.

Hope I can help someone ...

PS If anyone can tell me where in CANADA I can buy Dial Gold BARS I would appreciate this info./ had to order from US.