Hidradenitis Suppurativa
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Turmeric, Tea Tree, Dial
Posted by Sylvie (Ottawa, Canada) on 01/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I came to your site for info. again this autumn for alternative treatments for HS. For 32 yrs I tried every thing with NO long term success.At that point I was considering a 5th operation, for a year or two of relief. But now I can be hopeful!! For 0ne month now I 've been taking: TURMERIC (in # 2caplets /4 to 6 a day/ also in foods I eat ) TEA TREE OIL ( apply twice a day ) and DIAL soap BAR Gold (wash 2x a day). The improvement is amazing!

Thanks to sufferers coming on line and sharing with others, I can start to feel hopeful again...

Other things that help me but are not a "cure " Epson salts to soak, drinking lots of water, staying away from processed foods, chocolate, cafeine,alcool...But for me, stress/ sweating and tight clothes are the 3 main triggers.

Hope I can help someone ...

PS If anyone can tell me where in CANADA I can buy Dial Gold BARS I would appreciate this info./ had to order from US.

Turmeric, Tea Tree, Dial
Posted by JERIKA (CHARLOTTE, NC) on 05/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Re: hidradenitis suppurativa. I've had the disorder since I was 22 and i'm 30 now. I was just officially diagnosed last year. Long story short i've had an area the size of a mini golf ball near my labia, you can imagine the pain, they have been lanced and drained only to return. It's gotton worse over the years, it started out as one large area on the left labia and now i have areas that affect both sides of my entire groin. Lately i've been cleasing the area with dial antibacterial soap, old fashioned yellow bar. 2 times/day, follwed by a few drops of tea tree oil, i also take 2 300mg tumeric tablets daily. When i feel a flare-up coming i take one alleve which prevents a full blown flare up. I suggest trying a variety of treatments and would advise staying away from antibiotics, they don't work.there are sites which i'm not allowed to name that guarantee a cure that are all natural, i would suggest choosing the one that gives you the ingredients of their product only. Don't let this disorder discourage you. It can be maintained. I can't stress this enough surgery and antibiotic therapy don't work, use natural herbal remedies for this disorder. I've had surgery only for the boil to return in the exact same spot. I'm a rn and i see so many of my patients think that surgery and antibiotics are the only answer. Please continue to research and find natural cures and lifestyle changes that can manage this annoying skin disorder.