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Posted by Kim (Ohio) on 05/28/2020
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My son was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) last year, he's 15.

After 3 different kinds of antibiotics, it kept coming back. It started at both his underarms and then his private area. I've been reading up on this and trying to find some relief for him. I bought turmeric pills, the high strength with at least 95% curcumin, he's taking zinc, vitamin D3 and flax seed oil. His boils drain often after a flare up. It's been a couple months taking turmeric, the boils are still there. I read up on nightshades food and took him off a certain food.

What we discovered is he can't have pizza sauce, any sauce with tomatoes in it. Then we discovered he can't have potatoes, just sweet potatoes which he doesn't like. Sugar, like in soda is another item he must avoid. I hate to see him suffer daily and having to do so much maintenance for his boils. I bought the 15 umf manuka honey to apply to the boils. It helps but it didn't totally go away. I spent $65 on a 8oz bottle of the 20 umf manuka honey and the boils are still there. When the boil drained, there is a piece of tissue hanging, gross, I know but the manuka honey helps it shrink back and close the opening, it took about a week.

I am running out of resources, I wish he could have 1 of the successful story I read from people here. We've been battling this for a year with no relief. Does anyone have something else I can try?