Hidradenitis Suppurativa
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Oregano and Coconut Oils, Adrenal Support
Posted by Goodforyou (Sweetwater, Tn, USA) on 11/13/2009
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I am a self diagnosed case of Hidradenitis. My MD took a culture and it came back Strep, but she never used the medical term Hidradenitis; I'm sure she is unfamiliar with it. To the woman (or anyone ) who soaks in bleach water, please don't do that: Bleach suppresses the endocrine system; not safe at all especially when sick!

My MD prescribed a short round of Penicillin which helped me, but not for long. I then switched to coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil kill many viruses and bacteria). I also used oregano oil, (super Strength P-73). If it doesn't say P-73 on the bottle, it may not be the right oil. I also took adaptogens (Rhodiola, schizandra, etc.) to support my adrenal glands.

OREGANO: I filled two 00 gelatin capsules twice a day for 2 days with food, then backed down to one 2x a day. I also rubbed it on the skin as much as I could tolerate throughout the day.

COCONUT OIL: I took 4-6 coconut oil gelcaps 2x a day and also rubbed it on the skin constantly. Be aware that oregano oil can cause a temporary burning sensation. After all this; there is no evidence that I ever had a boil. Praying helped too, I'm sure.

What a horrible, HORRIBLE PAIN!!!