Hidradenitis Suppurativa
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Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Alicia (Utica, Ny) on 03/03/2013
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Hi, I have been suffering with hs for 12 years. I hit puberty at age 13 and I am going to be 25 this month, so yeah, 12 years. I have had surgery to my left groin area due to hs, I had an abcess that lasted nearly 2 months, the surgein went in and cleared out all of the scar tissue, my incision was 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches deep into my leg. That was the area I got my first boil in. I had recurring abcesses there maybe 10- 15 times throughout my life up until the surgery. No more boils there since then but I have had them on the opposing leg and also my butt cheeks. I have seen dermatologists, they just want to give out scripts that literally do nothing. I have found that rubbing alcohol to the area up to 4 times a day I put it on. I apply it with a q tip. I see or feel one starting now and I begin the regimen of putting it on several times a day. I have seen them disappear in two days at times. Warm baths only have ever soothed it for me, not fixed it. I think its worse when on birth control though. I did not get a flare up for months and thought well I will get back on birth control and oh my body decides to grant me two boils at once, that's my favorite... Not. This condition flat out sucks, it does, but the rubbing alcohol does help, for me anyway, there have been studies saying a tablespoon of bleach in your bath once a week helps, this is only a clinical trial though.

From what I have read there are no cures for this condition but things we can do to help prevent and treat them. In personal experience when I put my snug form fitting leggings and jeans and tights on it makes it worse, when I exercise and eat well it gets better. When I was pregnant with both of my children ther were no signs of boils, it was the longest consecutive period of time I have gone without them, two days after I had my first son I got three abcesses. It made a very happy time depressing and painful, but I have done a ton of research and have been examined by several very good doctors and dermatologists and surgeons and I have learned alot about this condition, my mother had it also, for a short time, and my sister. It has gotten better with my age, I am used to living with it now. Don't be depressed, its ok and there are many of us out there. Any questions and feel free to ask. I have only had one flare up in about 6 months, I took care of it and it was gone in about 2 days with the rubbing alcohol trick;) hope this helps.

P. S. I never write on these things but this was totally worth my time because I know how alone you feel sometimes due to this, I have been there.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Julie (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 03/08/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone,

I'm 19 and have had HS ever since I can remember. I've had surgery to remove abscesses in both armpits. I remember being in grade school and not participating in gym because I could not sweat and risk having it resting on my skin all through school. My gym teachers never really believed me and just assumed I got a doctor's note because I was overweight and didn't want to exercise. This is an embarrassing disease and I'm sorry all of you had to go through it too.

Over the years, I've gotten better though. I do something that I think no one has mentioned after every shower I use sterile cotton balls and PUT RUBBING ALCOHOL on the areas that I normally get them (especially the open sores). Doctors use this to clean instruments and they go in first aids kits to cleanse burns and wounds. It sounds harsh but It doesn't make my skin dry at all. Once I started doing this, I barely even get any boils maybe one or two a month! :)

I also use softsoap antibacterial liquid soap or any other generic brand that is close. I look at the ingredient triclosan the higher it is the more antibacterial quality. I DO NOT USE bars of soap because they can carry bacteria on the surface, unlike liquid soap that comes in a bottle.

If you'd really like them to go away I would really suggest using the rubbing alcohol after showers and before bed (if you only shower in the mornings) and put on clean LOOSE clothes to sleep in. One last thing, it is very handy to put the rubbing alcohol in a medium sized spray bottle to spray on the skin during the day or anytime you apply it. (This is also great for spraying on public toilet seats to disinfect them. I also lay down toilet paper ALWAYS before sitting on public toilets) Sanitizing toilet seats (even my own toilet) before going to the bathroom has helped so much I hardly ever get sores down there anymore!

Soon I am going to start trying more natural methods like putting tea tree oil on instead of rubbing alcohol. I am also going to start taking turmeric (used in making curry) they say it has anti-inflammatory agents.

I hope this helps someone because I know how hurtful and embarrassing it is to live with this disease.