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Posted by Mariah (Dallas, Texas) on 12/18/2015

I saw on this site that hydrogen peroxide was helping a lot of women combat vaginosis and I have had it off and on for about a month and a half to two months and it has been the most miserable time of my life. So, I was desperate for any kind of cure. I saw that people were using a half and half mixture of peroxide to water and using that as a douche. I bought a vinegar and water douche from target, emptied out the contents, filled it halfway with water and the other half with peroxide. I did this for three nights straight, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Today is Friday and this is the first time I'm starting to get that awful, fishy smelling discharge again. The smell isn't nearly as strong as it used to be nor is the discharge amount nearly as much as it used to be, but it is still unfortunately still present. Maybe I need to douche for more than three consecutive days? I am going to leave it alone during the weekend and see if anything progresses on it's own. I might have to try this again on Monday and go for an entire week.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Rach (Glasgow ) on 12/12/2015

I've just recently had BV and its my first time, have never felt so uncomfortable and mortified. My doctor prescribed me Metronidazole yesterday and once my chemist told me it would make me feel sick and I read online about how awful it makes people feel I decided against it. I have a horrific phobia of vomiting and decided to try anything else. When I heard about hydrogen peroxide I was sceptical but I was so uncomfortable and it seemed to have the best results. Couldn't find any form of douche products to buy so I used the tampon option. I poured two bottle caps full of 3% hydrogen peroxide and two bottle caps of boiled bottled water into a glass, I then place a tampon in and waited until it was lukewarm. I felt instant relief after having it in me around 10-15 mins. I then had a bath and put some natural Greek yogurt on afterwards. I also bought some folic acid, vitamin D and vitamin C supplements. Seems to be working wonders so far.

Replied by Danielle
(Cleveland Ohio)

So I just read your post and all I did was mix the water and the H202 together would it still cure the fishy smell?

Replied by Tima

try it without diluting should be gone. I did it one time and I havent had this problem anymore so far.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ugh (Virginia) on 11/27/2015

I have been suffering with BV for three years now. I love this site because I know I am not alone. I have been researching for remedies for about 2 years. I have spent so much money on pantie liners that it's on real. I have read that the pills and cream the doctored give you do not work, but I found that hydrogen peroxide is temporary solution for BV. I soak a tampon in 50% H.P. And 50% water for about 2-5 minutes. Then I insert it for 30 MINUTES (Do not do longer) Then right when I take it out NO discharge! NO Odor! I feel normal! I have been increasing the amount of H.P. I use. But that works for me, everyone is diffrent. I want to find a permanent cure with H.P. If anybody knows one please comment!!!!! Xoxxo I hope that helpEd and you are not alone

Replied by Chanti
(North Beach)

After my menstrual ended I began having a fishy smell which I normally get rid of with suppositories. However, I decided not to use them this go round thinking the smell will naturally go away. In this case it did not, so I became concern. Researching natural things to balance my PH levels I stumble across Earth clinic and the lovely knowledgeable women that are willing to shed some light on a delicate topics of such. Decided to take the advised of soaking a tampon using the 50/50 method for two days and the horrible smell went away. I was delighted thinking ive found a miracle. Unfortunately the fishy smell showed its ugly face again.

Today, literally started pouring 50/50 of the solution down my precious jewels (lol) and held it there for a short period then releasing. The process felt strange but what the heck, im willing to try anything to make it go away. Shortly later, I began having a fishy order with light brown color discharge. Brown discharge? What the heck?! Should I try the douching method since its been 3 days now? Seriously believe its getting worse. Did I misdiagnose and should have used the suppositories like normal. Please help me understand.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Princess Love (Las Vegas, Nv) on 11/10/2015

As a woman the last thing you want to do is have any vaginal issues. Especially, ones that you have no control over. I mean I know how to wipe a shower I don't use scented soap. I have one sexually active partner and we used protection. So why do I keep getting bacterial vaginosis? I have contributed a lot of different theories, I feel mainly that I don't diet properly. After waiting this website I finally realized that I was not alone. No one understand what it feels like to be a woman and have BV. But I am so glad to report that this really really works!!! I just did my first does of three quarters of the hydrogen peroxide and the rest water and ladies I'm so proud to report that immediately after my first use I have no smell!!! It's been approximately 4 hours and I have not had any discharge at all. After battling with this issue for almost 10 years I really feel confident that this will work. Just like all of the other ladies I have been to the doctor I've had culture samples done, I've used metro gel as well as the flaglyn pills. The moment I have any sexual activity that BV will flare up. I am going to report on this for the next few days because I will be doing this journey with you guys. This cure if it completely works would be the best thing I've ever had to experience and its cost effective. To have to go to the doctor every time this happens and if you're like me you get this more than four times a year and no doctor can ever give you a final cure or a reason why. It's definitely disturbing. My plans like I said to do this for the next few days and I will definitely report to you ladies and let you know my progress good luck ladies!

Replied by Erika

I have been dealing with BV for a little less than 3 months and the itching is driving me crazy! I've tried every antibiotic there is for this dumb infection, but it always comes back. The next thing is supressive therapy 2x a week for 4-6 months, but I am currently in college and I just can't deal with it for that long!

I'm willing to try the hydrogen peroxide but I'm super scared to try it.. I'm honestly getting really desperate. The discharge is really awful but I'd really like to take care of the itching. I bought hydrogen peroxide and distilled water to try the 50/50 solution later on tonight. Will the disinfectant cause a yeast infection or make matters worse due to its natural drying effect? I take probiotics (two types for colon health and vaginal health) daily so will that help anything? Do you have any recommendations or advice to try this or anything that I should do simultaneously with the peroxide wash? Help!

Replied by Dani

so I too have been suffering with bv for over 6 yrs. Found the hp (straight) worked best but have had to use it forever as it's only temporary. I want a permanent cure! Have u found that yet?

Replied by Shaunta
(Birmingham, Al)

It works. This is something I've dealt with for many years and I've done this for 2 days the odor is completely gone away, along with the clear discharge but I also Incorporated it with an apple cider vinegar bath.

Replied by Kalisha

What are the actual steps I take to get rid of it? This is 2nd time having BV the first time I went to the emergency cause I didn't know... So my actual question is how do I insert the tampon? like do I take it out and soak it or leave it in and put it in like that???? So confused please help..!!! ASAP!!!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Luluu20 (Los Angeles, California) on 10/11/2015

Okay so I, as well, have never written on a blog or a review on anything but I told myself if I get rid of this bv nightmare I WILL do it and only because it is such a horrible thing to have!! Alright so let me tell you how it all happened (maybe you girls can relate in some sort of way and be more precautious). This was like in july, so like 4months I've been struggling with this curse!! 4 months ago I began using vaginal wipes. I used them mostly when I went out to places ( because you never know when you're going to go in a stall with no paper or be in a situation where they come in handy, like on your period or with your significant other). I was using these wipes thinking they were doing good for me and helping my vagina keep clean. I know that our vaginas are already self cleaners and are very good at it too but these wipes just came in handy and I really didn't think anything would happen since other girls use them aswell. So after a night out with a group of my friends I did use vaginal wipes, several times too, because I was drinking beer and we all know when we drink beer we are going to be using the bathroom a lot. The next morning when I went to work I felt a little off down there, like itchy kind of, but didn't think much because I figured it was nothing and it would go away. Well it didn't and that's where my night mare began. My lady parts began feeling weird, not normal. Let me add that I have never had a yeast infection so I thought maybe that was the problem..I mean what else could it be?

I looked up home remedies for yeast infections only because I did not want to go to the doctors and get checked down there..its scary, embarrassing and it was hard for me to make time, since I work full time as well. I tried home remedies, like apple cider vinegar but that burned too much so didn't last. I added nonfat plain greek yogurt to my diet. I ate it everyday. I began taking probiotics and drank lots of fluids like lots of water and cranberry juice I got the 3 day vaginal yeast infection treatment at the pharmacy. I am dating someone but I know for a fact it wasn't him because we have been having unprotected sex for a year before I got it. It just wouldn't make sense because I got it when I wasn't with him..I was out with my other friends and did not have sex at all.

Going back to the home remedies so I didn't really see a change at all but I could say that the itch that I had wasn't so bad, it didn't smell or anything and I was still having unprotected sex. When I would get my period it would go away and slowly come back when it was done. Let me tell you I was scared of what it could be which made it worse for me to go get it checked but I knew I had too because it could have been something worse. It was the end of july, so by this time it had been already a month since I had it. I decided to go get checked. I went in for a yeast infection because that is what I thought I had and got the results of having a small amount of yeast but mostly bv. I was like whaaat? Of course she explained to me what it was and how it was sort of similar to a yeast and it's the most common vaginal infection and what not. So she gave me Diflucan 150mg for the yeast and metrogel-vaginal for bv. I was soo excited that there was an answer to what I had and it would be cured soon! I took the Diflucan and then used the metrogel right away I started seeing a change. I didn't have sex for the time I was using the medication. I used metrogel for 5 nights and wahlaa it was gone!! I was so happy!!!

Okay so I didn't think much of it coming back or anything..I didn't do much research on bv because I figured this medication would work, you know? I mean it was prescribed to me from a doctor who knows these things. So a week later I went out with my friends and partied haha. Still nothing. 2 weeks after I saw the guy I am dating and we had unprotected sex. Oh boy...the next day I knew it was back! This time it was worse! It was super itchy and my discharged had a funky smell to hopes were crushed and I began to question everything!! Remind you this was like september. I went crazy and I began doing my search on bv. I read how vaginal wipes can strip your good bacteria and actually make you more prone to infections. And not only these wipes but feminine products in general. *Ring ring ringgg* that is what happened to me. I also read how girls used metrogel and it was only temporary and usually came back after having sex and what not. I cried because I was not seeing any hope. There were girls that have had it for years!! I was beginning to think that I too would have this infection for years. It didn't stop there though!! I was determined to get rid of this horrible thing!! ( just to say I would never ever wish this upon anyone because it is so awful, it made me depressed!! )

So I did not go back to the doctors because It would be the same thing. What I did was I changed my diet!! And let me tell you I am an absolutely bread lover, I would eat it everyday. Number one thing off my list was bread! These little suckers were not going to enjoy the yeast that bread contains. I also got rid of smoking cigarettes because that too makes bv worse. I stopped drinking (I do not plan on completely stopping. I mean im 20 years old not even 21 yet. I just stopped temporarily until my bv was cured because I was getting rid of ANYTHING that can trigger bv)

I'm a very active person and try to be as healthy as possible..I love exercising and making my green juices. So besides that I added more more vegetables to my diet. I continued drinking lots and lots of water! I continued having yogurt( plain non fat Greek yogurt). I cut out a lot of foods that contained sugars and carbohydrates.

I did my research on probiotics and began using probiotics that contain Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri which are strains focus more on vaginal bacteria. I take 2 a day, I also began using folic acid ( take 2 a day), I began taking vitamin c, vitamin e, and multidaily vitamins. I was determined to get rid of this monster!!

Lastly, I came across the lovely hydrogen peroxide from the reviews of Earth clinics. I was scared of using it because I didn't know whether it would work or not but at this point I was like I don't care!! So I began using it by mixing it with half water and inserting it with a food I would do it is I would lay on my bed, put a towel underneath and put a little bit in my vagina and held it in for a little would slowly come out bubbly. It also burned a little bit. Did this but I didn't really see it getting better. Maybe I was just too impatient but I opted with douching better.

I bought a douche, I emptied the liquid inside and put half water and half peroxide..I did this while in the shower. Let me tell you the first time it burned and discharge with a little bit of blood came out as I was doing it. I then right away, once I was done with the peroxide, grabbed a water bottle and filled up the douche only with purified water and rinsed out inside..I continued to do this for a whole week( morning and before bed) while eating healthy, and taking vitamins, probiotics and folic acid. I began seeing a change right away except I would feel a bit of the bv still! I waited a little longer and after like 7 days it was practically gone.

As of right now I'm actually on the 7th day of this treatment and my vagina finally feels normal! I am actually producing white discharge and my vagina seems like it's back to selfcleaning. Before I wasn't producing discharge at all! It was always dry and itchy( my vulva was mostly what bothered me the most. It always felt dry and itchy and just not nice.) but now it seems like I beat this nightmare!! No more itch! I will just continue to help myself out and douche maybe once every other day just so that my good bacteria can become stronger and stonger.

All in all ladies I believe the number one most important thing here is a positive outlook and patience!!! Just have faith and know that if you want to get rid of this you have to do some changes! It's not easy but it will be a wonderful out come! Bv is mostly bad bacteria overpowering all your good little warriors.. so if you're overdoing it with smoking, drinking, eating bread, feminine washes and what not you are just helping the bad bacteria grow( our vaginas are miracle workers all on their own) got worse for me after I used metrogel because this medication killed not only my bad bacteria but my good aswell and once it came in contact with a higher level of ph (semen) it affected me right away with the powerful smell and itch because I had no more good bacteria to help keep it leveled.

Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand kills the bad bacteria and allows your good bacteria to grow. our vaginas already produce a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to help keep everything balanced so if anything it is the safest. I know this is long but I just feel so grateful for hydrogen peroxide that I just needed to write about it. I would feel awful if I didnt, knowing how much I suffered and knowing that there are other girls out there suffering as well.

I hope you have the patience and the determination to get rid of this! Use hydrogen peroxide and include your own probiotics, folic acid and a healthy diet. See what works for you and don't give up! Stay healthy ladies! Xoxo

Replied by Hina

Hi. Did you have unprotected sex during or after the treatment with H2O2? I've been suffering from BV for a year and a half since a started dating my bf. I've used every type of antibiotics and all sort of home remedies but it always comes back as soon as I have unprotected sex.

Replied by Luluu20
(Los Angeles, California)

UPDATE: Okay soo I went today to the clinic to get checked if I still had bv or not and my results came back clean! My doctor told me to douche every once in a while. Not a problem for me. as long as it is gone! Hydrogen peroxide is a miracle worker! No more bv! I am so happy! Goodluck girls!

Replied by Lily

Hi Lulu, do you mind to tell me how to use the peroxide. my first time I make a mistake I used the peroxide straight from the bottle inside the vagina, I was worried after that, it was just one hope nothing is going to happen. Thanks : )

Replied by Luluu20

I actually have had unprotected sex and so far so good! I have had no symptoms of bv whatsoever. I just douche with hydrogen peroxide every once in a once every 2 days. I am still continuing to take probiotics and trying to maintain a healthy diet. Little by little I'm adding sugars to my diet and getting a little more comfortable not having bv. I don't want to jinx myself by thinking I'm fully bv free because it can come back but as of right now I have had no recurrence of bv. No itch, no smell, no dryness..even after sex. So hydrogen peroxide really works! I think you should give it a try since you said you've tried everything.

Replied by Glenda

Why not ask your boyfriend to wipe of his tool with H2O2 before unprotected sex?

Replied by Robyn
(Louisville, Ky)

The water cannot be straight from the tap.. I boil it first but u can buy it distilled.. Empty a douche bottle and fill it half to three fourths of the way full with hydrogen peroxide then the rest with water. Use it like a normal douche.. It may bubble and it may sting or cramp a little but never much and never for long. I've been controlling a bv battle for years with only peroxide and its been a life saver. U can use it undiluted like u did but its gonna bubble a lot that way and possibly cramp more.. It won't harm u tho. Peroxide is safe tho no matter how u use it really... It also will kill athletes foot fyi..

Replied by Dayla
(South Carolina)

I'm using the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, but it burns, is that normal and how often do I do it a day?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Meridith (Minneapolis, Mn) on 10/08/2015

I am happy to report that H202 has helped me to finally get rid of my BV symptoms. I can't believe the smell was gone right after the first time I used it.

I was told to mix 50% Peroxide with 50% distilled/bottled water in a douche bottle. I was very skeptical as to whether or not this would work considering everything else I have tried either didn't work at all or only for a few days at best. I told myself what do I have to lose but these horribly embarrassing symptoms that won't go away.

So after work a couple days ago I stopped at the dollar store and purchased a large bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide & 2 packages of vinegar & water douche. I then went home to give a try.

When I got home I grabbed a bottle of water, emptied the contents of a new vinegar & water douche bottle and replaced it with a mixture of 50% Peroxide 50% water.

Immediately after I used the mixture the smell just vanished and my other symptoms started to subside. I was in a complete state of shock. I thought to myself, "Wow, to think something I kept under my sink as a medicinal staple could have cured me of this nightmare a long time ago."

All the money, antibiotics and over the counter treatments that didn't work that could have been avoided. Not to mention all the embarrassment from the smell you can't hide and everyone notices.

I am only two days into my first and hopefully last treatment and things are going well so far. By next week I am hoping to be 100% BV free. To make sure that happens, I was told to soak a tampon in plain yogurt and insert it in my vaginal area for 2-3 hours daily for 3-5 days to help replace the good bacteria in my vaginal area. I am to do this in conjunction with the peroxide & water mixture 2 times daily.

Once all the symptoms are gone to ensure it won't return I should and to continue with either an oral probiotic daily or yogurt to help maintain a healthy Vaginal PH Balance.

I have to say for the first time in a very long time, I'm starting to feel like myself again. Who knew after all the time, money and energy looking for relief that it could be so simple.

Replied by Hamster

Be careful of how much and where you get that yogurt! I tried that and it went into my urethra, unknowingly to me, and I got a UTI from it! didn't help with the BV anyway. I am going to try the peroxide treatment. Gotta go to the store, though. Oh, I hope it works. I tried the tampon soaked in water and peroxide once, and it didn't work. I see now, it's going to take several treatments to eradicate this horror show.

Replied by Amanda, Pa-c
(Birmingham, Al)

Please don't put real yogurt into your vagina!! This can only cause more issues due to the sugars in the yogurt. You may EAT the yogurt, or choose to just take a probiotic supplement by mouth if you don't like the taste of yogurt.

Replied by Jillc62
(Winston-Salem, Nc)

Does anyone have extreme soreness and burning in the vagina with BV? I've had on-going issues with Yeast infections and probably BV, but it was just recently diagnosed correct and I was giving Oral Flagyl, which a nightmare for me. The BV calmed down just a little but I continue to have soreness and burning. Not crazy about using Hydrogen Peroxide/Water mix when a vagina is very sore. Will this help? I'm very confused as to which direction to go at this point. Thank you very much.

Replied by Savannah
(Phoenix, Az)

YES. The soreness and inflammation was worse than the itching and discharge in my experience. My vulva swelled to double its size!! Three weeks after my first round of antibiotics mild BV symptoms are back. Yay -.- so I'm taking an alternative route to hopefully nip this in the bud!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Chiffins (Aurora, Colorado) on 10/02/2015

I have a question, well two questions... I started the 1/2 peroxide 1/2 water treatment with a cleaned out douche for the first time two days ago and the first two days it was perfect! Just like most are saying about it, the odor and discharge were gone almost immediately! But today when I did it there were little, white -for lack of a better word-chunks that came out with the mixture. Did this happen to anyone else? Or is it possible that I could have BV and a yeast infection at the same time?

Replied by Jeannie

It's probably just BV unless you're having some major itching or burning. I've been doing the hydrogen peroxide douche for months now and it's the only thing that keeps it away. If I stop for two days, it's back. GYN confirmed BV and gave me flagyl which didn't help.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jess (Columbia, Sc) on 09/25/2015

I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS but ladies, I am here to tell you that hydrogen peroxide absolutely WORKS! I was reading this site yesterday, yes YESTERDAY, and went home and tried this and could cry at how fast I saw results. I've dealt with BV ever since I became sexually active at 17 and I'm now 23. During college, I had 2 other good friends who dealt with it as well and we stayed in the health center.

After being prescribed those disgusting pills 1 too many times, I decided to research BV and look for natural cures. There were lots and lots of trial and errors and sometimes I would even have to revert back to the medications when it got too bad but eventually I started to use ACV (apple cider vinegar). The key to BV is that you want to PREVENT it instead of curing it so after sex I would pee, wash with dove soap then swap the inside of my vagina with a Qtip soaked in ACV/water mixture. This worked very well for me! Where I was getting BV 3-4 times a year, I only had it once earlier this year.

In the past month I started to get a little slack on my routine. By Tuesday BV was back and I spent Wednesday and yesterday looking up cures. As I said, ACV has only help me prevent BV never cure it. So after reading countless testimonials I decided to give H2O2 a try.

I've always tried to avoid douching but at this point I was desperate and thought that my vajayjay was already outta whack anyway, why not rinse it out and start over? I bought a oral syringe from Rite Aid, used 3% H2O2 and made a mixture with half H202 and water. I filled the syringe (which holds 2 tablespoons) with the mixture, laid on my bed with a towel under me, tilted my hips up and inserted the mixture. I held it in for about 5 minutes, it bubbled a bit but didn't burn. Then I just let the mixture release from me. Within in 10 minutes I could fill the difference! There was less itching and discharge. I still had a little odor so an hour later I used the same mixture and soaked a tampon, inserted it and left it in for about 25 minutes. When I took it out, all the symptoms were gone!! I even swabbed the inside with a Qtip to make sure there was no smell and there wasn't! I couldn't believe it!

I heard H2O2 can cause pretty bad yeast infections so I ate a cup of PLAIN greek yogurt afterwards. H2O2 kills all the bad bacteria and it's important that we replace it with the good bacteria found in natural yogurts. I'm going to douche again today and tomorrow and I plan to eat a cup of greek yogurt everyday for the rest of my life lol. I will also take folic acid pills and get back on my strict routine for after sex! Swabbing the vagina with ACV and I will probably take ACV baths twice a month. Your diet plays a HUGE part as well so I will be cutting out lots of sugar especially sugary drinks.

I know my post is lengthy but I hope it helps someone! I know how annoying BV is and I've suffered with it for a long time and I'm so glad I tried H2O2 and mad that it took me so long to do so. Try this method! And good luck ladies!

Replied by Sarah
(Los Angeles)

This is a bit of silly question, but did you wring out the tampon and use an applicator after soaking it in peroxide in order to insert?

I can't seem to get one to reduce back into an appropriate size for insertion after soaking or coating. -_-

Replied by Jay
(San Pedro, Ca)

When you swabbed with the ACV, did you have discharge and could you have sex again that day?

Replied by Cece

I don't know if you still need an answer, but when I do this, I just squeeze the excess liquid out from the tampon a bit, then insert it. Whatever liquid squeezes out during insertion is fine, but I try to keep in as much as possible.

Replied by Hope B

Omg. Just mins after doing this I already feel a sense of relief. My sister just told me to try this yesterday. She swore by it. We will see how I feel and smell tomorrow. So embarrassing. I pray this really works.

Replied by Angela
(Jeffersonville Indiana)

This was a great read. I'm dealing with this issue as well. It makes you want to just stay inside the house and not want anyone around. I'm going to try the things you mentioned. Hopefully this will works!! Thanks!!!

Replied by Diamond
(Orangeburg, South Carolina)

Thank You So Much This Was Really Helpful.

Replied by Deni

You can eat all of the yogurt you want but that will not reach your vag. When you eat yogurt it goes through your gastrointestional tract which is not connected to the vaginal vault. If you want to place good bacteria in the vagina you have to physically put it there. I would not recommend using yogurt but rather a vaginal probiotic suppository. It gets the good bacteria where it is supposed to be.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Carrie (St. Louis) on 09/20/2015

I was starting to get so depressed with recurring BV. It started in 2012, and like others, I kept trying metro gel and it kept coming back. I'm very aware of how I smell and the status of things down there, so when I would notice a hint of that BV smell returning I would cry! I could never feel clean, and it was so embarrassing. That's when I found this site and started using the hydrogen peroxide. It completely takes away the odor and discharge. Mostly after one application for me! I will never take another antibiotic for this, and I'm so glad I have this cure in my arsenal. It works.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nicole (Laporte Indiana ) on 09/20/2015

I do not typically post on any website but after reading about using hydrogen peroxide to cure BV and trying it, I had to post. I took a douch and emptied the bottle. I filled half of the bottle with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with water. I mixed it up and used it as you would a typical douch. Already after the first use, I can tell a difference. The itching and burning has subsided majorly and the smell is gone so far. I haven't felt any discharge either. I plan to repeat the process for the next 2 or 3 days just to make sure its gone. I can't believe how well it works! I was so worried I was going to have to go to the doctor and be so embarrassed and have to buy expensive medicine. Thank God for this site ans hydrogen peroxide! Try it, it works!

Replied by Danni
(In - Indiana)

I just tried this yesterday 50% water 50% perioxide and the BV smell has subsided. Ladies, Amy, updates from you? I get these every month and it is starting to get depressing.

Replied by Carly
(Kansas, Missouri)

Did douching with peroxide stop your menstrual period?

Replied by Jeannie

No, it doesn't.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shellster04 (Omaha) on 09/19/2015

I am probably jinxing myself by reporting but I will anyway. I get BV maybe once or twice per year on average even when not sexually active and wearing breathable panties. June 2015 brought the worst case of BV I have ever had ... probably due to high job stress and no longer eating yogurt every day. I tried to self-medicate with homeopathic treatments such as RePhresh Gel, RePhresh Pro-B and 500mg Vitamin C Capsules (with Rose Hips). It just made the BV worse along with my first ever yeast infection.

In late July I gave up and saw a doctor. She prescribed the usual: A 7-day course of Metronidazole Tablets plus a 6-day course of Diflucan Tablets for the YI after my STD tests came back clean. Ten days after my last medication dose, the BV and YI were unchanged. Back to the doctor. She prescribed Metronidazole Gel and another 6-day course of Difulcan and continue taking probiotics to get and keep my vaginal Ph in balance. She cautioned me to take the Diflucan after treating the BV so the medications did not counteract one another. The entire tube of Metro Gel provided 10 days of treatment. My BV seemed improved but was not cured. It appears the Diflucan cured the YI.

Two courses of professional treatment failed and I was not willing to go back to the doctor because BV = doctor bills. It also meant more ineffective antibiotics that did more harm than good. RePhresh Pro-B is too expensive so I switched to FemFlora to re-balance my vaginal Ph. In addition, I started using Summers Eve Cleanser for my lady bits and cut sugar from my diet. For the BV – I found a medical study stating H2O2 was an effective treatment to cure or improve BV in most of the participants. I decided to give it a try.

I bought a couple disposable douches, rinsed out the contents then filled it with a 50/50 solution of H2O2 (3%) and distilled water. I left in the solution 3 minutes. I douched again with 50/50 solution the next morning. I immediately felt improvement. Since douching is messy and uncomfortable – I soaked a super tampon in undiluted H2O2 and left it in for 15 minutes, 2x daily for 5 consecutive days. The discharge and smell had stopped but still had the occasional itch.

Two weeks later the yellowish discharge and itch was back. I went full-blown assault on the BV by douching with undiluted H2O2 for 3 minutes, 1x daily for 3 consecutive days. It burned like hell but the BV seems to be fully defeated this time. (I caution you to not use this method first unless you know your lady bits will react to diluted H2O2 first). That was nearly 3 weeks ago. I mainly attribute this victory to both the 1-2 punch of the H2O2 and FemFlora. I am hopeful that continuing to take probiotics every day will help keep my vaginal Ph in balance and prevent the BV from coming back (at least for a while). If or when I get BV again, I will first try the peroxide douche before seeing a doctor.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Brittany (Chicago, Il) on 08/19/2015

I kept getting BV almost every other month if not every. I was on pills for two months and came back. I put a little of the plain peroxide you buy from the store on a tampon and inserted for 30 min and it worked right away with the smell. You have to keep doing it consistently for like 7 days to make sure it's gone. Works great for me! I had to use it because I currently don't have insurance and I am so happy it works. Apple cider didn't work for me But peroxide does!

Replied by Sumera
(Mexico, Mexico City)

I'm so happy to have found the natural remedy for BV here in EC. I've been suffering for more than 2 years now. Hydrogen peroxide with water relieved the itchiness and the awful smell is now gone! Thank you for sharing this remedy!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Pr1234 (Baltimore, Md) on 06/22/2015

I'm glad I found this site & learned about hydrogen peroxide for BV. For the past 17 years I have been battling BV. Creams, pills, & going to the doctor every month was annoying! It seemed like I was getting BV every month & my doctor couldn't figure out why!!

Then I found this site & I decided to try the 50% water & 50% hydrogen peroxide in a tampon....immediate results!! I left the tampon on for 30 minutes, I saw the warnings from other people about leaving the tampon in too long. I did it for 2 days in a row & no odor, no wetness in my underwear. I consider this a success!

Replied by Shanel Abatte
(Stafford Virginia)

I can't seem to get rid of this awful smell..I'm doing the half and half with water and peroxide. No sooner it seems better or goes away for a day it comes back.. What do I do? I can't afford a doctor..

Replied by Pr1234
(Baltimore Md)

I did the tampon with 50/50 of water & peroxid for 5 days in a row. I left it in no longer than 30 minutes each time. Did you try that? I feel you though, I absolutely hate the smell!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nikki (Ga) on 06/18/2015

It works! I did it twice a day for 5 days .. Douched equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Once in the morning and at night. While squeezing the solution up there... I would squeeze my muscles and hold it in for at least 5 mins... So not only is the BV being cured ... I'm working my vag muscles ... LOLOL

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Itworks (Usa) on 05/10/2015

I tried the hydrogen peroxide remedy for BV, I am happy to say that it works. Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water I use a super tampon and soaked it. I put in my vagina for 1hour then removed and the odor was completely gone. I will repeat for the next 7 days by usinga one soaked tampon in the morning and one at night until all BV symptoms are gone. This has made me so happy. No women wants to walk around feeling uncomfortable about her smell. Thank you and good luck.

Replied by Donna

What kind of peroxide did you us, regular from the stores ??

Replied by Alex

When you removed the tampon did it come out with discharge on it?I started the tampon method yesterday and every time I remove the tampon it comes out with discharge (less and less) but is this normal?

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