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Effective Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Management

on Jul 03, 2023| Modified on Sep 30, 2023
Aloe Vera, Hibiscus Tea, Cayenne Pepper
Posted by Iamaurelia (Morelia Mich, Mexico) on 06/21/2011
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One yr ago I started having headaches and Dr. found I had high blood pressure 187/100 yikes. I was told I needed to take meds for life. I refused to believe that and have been searching for a natural cure since then. I have found it drinking fresh Aloe every morning. I take a medium leaf wash and remove thorns, put it in the blender, with one lemon and one tablespoon raw honey. Strain and drink on an empty stomach after one month I am off meds and my readings are 109/65!!!!! I also drink one cup of hibiscus tea a day and eat cayenne pepper with meals. My friend also tried this and she is a diabetic her blood sugar is now an average 80, and off insulin.

BP Readings Over the Decades
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 07/29/2022
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When my grandmother passed away in 1973, she was 83 years old. Remarkably, her (systolic) blood pressure was 180 (mm Hg), however she was not worried, because her doctors told her (in 1970) that her blood pressure was "normal for her age". In 1970 her medical doctors said, "Blood pressure increases every year, by about one degree. The normal (systolic) blood pressure at age 20 is approximately 120. At age 40 it is approximately 140. And at age 80 it is approximately 180. So, for her age 80, her blood pressure of 180 was normal.

Fast forward 50 years, and I wonder if you guys have noticed how today's medical schools and medical doctors want us to be on drugs, for the rest of our lives, if our systolic blood pressure is higher than 130. However, can we really rely on them, when they also keep making false claims like "Cholesterol is bad for you", and "Egg yolks are bad for you"... and, when they also misdiagnose many medical conditions, including cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection, ear infection, and stroke?

1) I've always wondered why my grandmother was never medicated.

2) Further, how do we know for sure, that the lower limit of hypertension should be 140, as opposed to 180 mm Hg?

3) Further, are you guys convinced that the best tools for the management of hypertension are provided by Big Pharma?

4) Well, as to my body, it's going to be my choice, and I'm going to stick with natural remedies.

5) I hope this will help somebody!

Probiotics, D3
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 09/19/2020
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There are articles available in the net regarding Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Probiotics for high blood pressure problem. Five such articles are given below:

1) Low Vitamin D & K levels linked to higher blood pressure: Study.

2) How Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 work together.

3) Probiotic use in the management of Hypertension.

4) Effects of Probiotics on Blood Pressure.

5) The improvement of Hypertension by Probiotics.

Vitamins K2 and D3 play an important role in calcium metabolism. Probiotic bacteria Lactococcous Lactis synthesizes Vitamin K2 in the digestive system from the food we consume.

Vitamin K2 guides calcium to its final destination: bone and teeth. If there is insufficient production of Vitamin K2 in the digestive system, calcium will deposit in the wrong areas.

Probiotic bacteria L. Helveticus reported to exert ACE-inhibitory activity by producing antihypertensive bioactive peptides which are released during protein hydrolysis.

Peptides are miniature protein molecules which can be easily absorbed by the body. ACE stands for Angiotension Converting Enzyme. Probiotic strains L. Plantarum synthesizes nitric oxide from the food we consume. Nitric oxide will try to dilate all blood vessels on the body. L. Casei have significant antihypertensive properties.

According to an article titled “Probiotic and Blood pressure: Current Insights”, our gut microbiota are master regulators of hypertension. If one goes through the above document, about eight probiotic strains are involved in blood pressure control.

They are:

1) Lactococcus Lactis
2) L. Helveticus
3) L. Plantarum
4) L. Casei
5) L. Rhamnosus
6) S. Thermophilus
7) B. Longum
8) L. Achidophilus.

Out of these eight probiotic strains, the first four probiotic strains have major control over blood pressure.


Follow the following two steps:

1) During my search in the net, I found about six brands of multi strain probiotics with the required eight probiotic strains mentioned above. One has to take one probiotic capsule / tablet per days.

2) Take one D3 supplement of about 2000 IU per day.

One can expect good results in about two months. I hope the information provided here will be useful.

Best wishes,

P. Raghavan.

Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 12/30/2016
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Kefir For High Blood Pressure

An electrician, aged about 35 years, in my town had some skin problem. He went to a Skin Specialist for treatment. The doctor prescribed a powerful medicine (antibiotic/steroids) for him. The doctor did not specify any probiotic treatment after the powerful treatment. His skin problem cleared in two days. Two weeks after the treatment, he had very severe headache. He went to his GP for a check-up. The GP did many tests and finally told him that he had very high blood pressure (220/180) and some people might not survive at this high blood pressure. The doctor prescribed some medicines for high blood pressure. On my advice, he also took one cup of milk Kefir ( a probiotic food ) in the morning on empty stomach. In two week time, his blood pressure returned to normal level (120/80).

It seems that the powerful medicine eliminated not only the bad bacteria responsible for his skin problem but also the nitric acid generating probiotic bacteria (L.Plantarm, L. Rhamnosus and L. Fermentum) in his digestive system. Since sufficient nitric oxide was not generated in his digestive system, the stiff blood vessels were not dilated. Because of this, his blood pressure went very high. Since Kefir contains nitric acid generating bacteria, he was cured of his high blood pressure problem in two week time. in my opinion, probiotic treatment after an antibiotic/steroids treatment can be anyone of the following two or both:

1) Take one cup of milk kefir in the morning on empty stomach for two weeks.

2)Take probiotic capsules or liquids containing some or all probiotic strains mentioned below. The medical problems and the probiotic strains needed to cure/prevent the associated medical problems as mentioned in the research papers available in the net are:

1) Diabetes Type 2 - L. Casei and L. Achidophilus.

2) MRSA Infection - L.Casei And L. Achidophilus.

3) C. Diff - L. Casei, L. Achidophilus and L. Reuteri.

4) High Blood Pressure - L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus and L. Fermentum.

5) Vitamin B2 Deficiency - L. Fermentum.

6) Vitamin B9 Deficiency - L. Plantarum.

7) Vitamin D and B12 Deficiencies - L. Reuteri.

8) Heart Disease - B. Longum, L. Plantarum and L. Reuteri.

9) Severe Constipation - B. Longum, B. Infantis, B. Breve and B. Lactis.

Kefir does not contain any Bifidum bacteria. Bifidum bacteria names starts with B. (e.g. B. Longum). Milk Kefir I use, does not contain L. Reuteri. If anybody knows any corrections or addition to the above list, please let me know.

There is an article available in the net on "Milk Kefir Remedies for High Blood Pressure" by John of Melbourne. He says that he solved his blood pressure problem by drinking milk kefir.

Best Wishes P. Raghavan.

B6, Folic Acid, and B12
Posted by Frank (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 11/10/2021
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Hypertension cure, not treatment

The primary reason for hypertension is a build up of homocysteine in the arteries vessels. The cure is vitamin B6, folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin B12. This works very quickly in a matter of days. Once your blood pressure returns to normal stop taking these vitamins as otherwise they can throw your other B vitamins out of balance.

I have suffered from hypertension for years. Then one day I recalled that a young girl, it might have been a boy, in England died at about twelve years of age. When the autopsy was done, it was found that the adolescents blood vessels were completely clogged with homocystene.

I wondered, could this be the problem? So, before going to bed I took 100 mg of vitamin B6, two 1 mg folic acid tablets, and two 500 micro-gram vitamin B12 tablets. My blood pressure showed an immediate response. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted. The next night I added to the above a B100 tablet and a mineral tablet.

This treatment is referenced here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homocysteine

I hope this solution helps you, it certainly helped me. Best wishes.


Fermented Foods
Posted by Jon V. (Austin, Texas) on 07/29/2021
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Hey Everyone,

I have a story of extreme High Blood Pressure (over 200) and how I corrected it within 15 days, returning it to a good healthy range of 117/73. If you find yourself in a situation where you suddenly have high blood pressure where you had never before I suggest you look for outside influences that might have caused the situation. Let me tell you my story and let you draw your own conclusions.

I am a 53 year old healthy male. I do not take any medications and am proactive with my health. I believe that nutrition (from whole food sources not vitamins from bottles which a very high number on the market are of a synthetic nature and just don't work) is the key to good health. When a problem occurs with my health the first thing I do is sign onto Earthclinic and look for solutions based on a whole foods approach. By whole foods I mean as close to grown from the earth as possible. This means herbs, roots, food based vitamins/minerals, spices, vegetables, wheatgrass, (and so many more) and products made from these).

So last year I had some dental problems which necessitated numerous rounds of antibiotics - 3 rounds of amoxicillin and one round of penicillin over the course of a year. I had a recurring infection in a front tooth. I did not want a root canal instead I opted for an implant and was using the year to save up for the procedure. I foolishly thought that antibiotics could handle any flare ups until I could get the procedure done.

When I went into the specialist to get the implant he checked my blood pressure as he would have to put me under to do the implant. At that moment he bluntly told me that he would not do the implant and that I needed to see my doctor immediately. If I did not, I could suffer a heart attack or stroke at any moment. He went on to say my blood pressure was over 200, well in the danger zone. He refused to do the implant until I was on medication and my blood pressure was in the normal range.

I left the dentist office in shock. I had never had high blood pressure. As soon as I got home I got on Earthclinic looking for help. I found a post on how one cup of Kefir (fermented yogurt drink) every day could help lower your high blood pressure and that a compromised gut biome from taking too many antibiotics could cause a wide range of health issues one being high blood pressure.

By gut biome I mean the healthy microbes and bacteria in your gut that helps you break down food and assimilate it for the body's health. At this point I was willing to try anything. I did not want to go on any medication. I decided I would do a test to see if kefir and fermented food in general would work in lowering my blood pressure. I purchased an inexpensive blood pressure monitoring cuff from Amazon for around $25 and headed to Walmart to purchase some kefir (in the refrigerated yogurt section) and a health food market to get some fermented Sauerkraut and fermented pickles (because they are fermented - I.e. live foods - fermented sauerkraut and pickles must be refrigerated. You'll find them in the refrigerator section of a health store where they sell pickles).

I figured the more fermented food the better. I would drink one cup of kefir in the morning, eat 1/2 cup sauerkraut at lunch and dinner (twice a day), eat 1-2 pickles for snacks, and drink one ounce of the fermented sauerkraut and/or fermented pickle juice a day (fermented juice is loaded with probiotics). One word about sauerkraut, I am not a fan of many of the brands on the market except one - I'm not sure I can say the name on earthclinic but it is one word, begins with B, and is seven letters. I found this brand to be very tasty. They also make the fermented pickles, just as tasty).

The experiment was simple. I would consume the fermented foods in the proscribed manner mentioned above and check my blood pressure every morning before any food or coffee. I didn't notice any change in my blood pressure until around the 5th day. That day it dropped two points. and from there it rapidly dropped. After 15 days my blood pressure was 117/72 in the healthy good range.

I continued with the routine for another two weeks then weaned myself off the kefir. I still eat one 1/2 cup of sauerkraut or one pickle or drink one ounce of fermented juice a day as a good health routine. It has been a year since doing this and I feel so much better. I find I sleep better, have less stress, less depression, and a higher overall sense of well-being. I just had a full doctor's checkup with full blood work and everything came back excellent.

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health. So get out there and try fermented foods - they do work.

Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 09/20/2022
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Hello, Art,

I was looking for something that I already had in the house to help lower my blood pressure (hypertension) when I saw your Arginine/NAC post. Thank you. I had no idea NAC regulated blood pressure. And it did so without the use of Arginine. I took two 600mg NAC before dinner (My blood pressure usually goes up when I eat). My blood pressure did not go up. I was surprised. As a matter of fact, I looked a the blood pressure machine and said, "you're beautiful." This has been war!

Last week my blood pressure was hitting around 179/100. I had tried everything that usually worked to lower blood pressure at least a few hours, but nothing would regulate it. My doctor has never prescribed blood pressure pills for me, a person's blood pressure had to be steadily high for her to put you on them.

A couple of nights, I wrestled with my blood pressure all night long. It would slowly creep back up. What has helped in the past better than anything was water-pills, that's all night work.

I have taken NAC before, I heard that NAC is the precursor of Glutathione. I have also heard that Glutathione was the fountain of youth. Therefore, I bought some and used it from time to time. I had no idea that it was affecting my blood pressure one way or the other.

During the last ten years, I have used up maybe three or four bottles of NAC. I never even realized it was doing anything until someone said it helps with COVD symptoms. When I Checked Earth Clinic for hypertension help, I saw where you said it helps lower blood pressure.

The NAC regulated my blood pressure the same day and hour, and it stayed good all night. I will not be taking NAC along with other supplements that might lower blood pressure; the pressure may go to low. Today I took it at the same time as yesterday, I also took Vanadyl Sulfate to help regulate blood sugar and my blood pressure dipped to 105/57. This has happened a few times in the past, but I never knew why.

It's just nice to know all about what you are taking. I have looked at several articles online about NAC. Most of them failed to mention that it helps lower blood pressure.


I am sure people should check with their doctor about this supplement because of possible side effects. But it is certainly a great help until you get there.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Art (California ) on 12/16/2017 1856 posts


I recently replied to someone else who's blood pressure would rise at night.


This may apply to your situation. In the studies I linked to there are two things that standout. Our melatonin production, like many other things, declines as we get older and melatonin can help control night time blood pressure. The things you can do to help melatonin production are to avoid bright lighting at night, avoid watching tv for one to two hours before bed and avoid using your computer for one to two hours before bed time. These things can trick your body into thinking it is day time and can cause delayed or inadequate melatonin production which can ultimately lead to night time hypertension which would be apparent first thing in the morning.

In one of the studies it was shown that bright light at night was an independent factor for increased nocturnal hypertension.....so there is a double effect, reduced night time melatonin production as we age leading to increased nocturnal hypertension and bright light related nocturnal hypertension plus the fact that bright lighting at night can lead to reduced melatonin production.

Making your bedroom as dark as possible at night can aid in melatonin production. Even minor lighting such as from a clock or light leaking through window shades. A possibly easier way to create darkness in your bedroom is to wear eye shades that are made of soft fabric that you wear like glasses while you sleep. These are simple non-invasive ideas you can try on your own to see if it helps control your nocturnal hypertension. Lastly you can supplement with low dose melatonin before bed or in the evening. There are delayed release and time release melatonin that try to mimic your bodies natural production of melatonin. Melatonin production by the pineal gland is thought to peak around one in the morning and the timed release/delayed release supplements can sometimes help restore that peak and help control nocturnal hypertension. If melatonin production is way off or out of sync, it can result in insomnia at night and tiredness during the day.

Finally, if the melatonin and darkening of your evening environment does not get your hypertension low enough, n acetyl cysteine with arginine was able to lower mine as mentioned in a previous post listed on EC in the appropriate area of the site.

Keep us posted on your progress!


Blood Sugar Connection
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/01/2014
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I have found that being more cognizant of my blood sugar has helped my blood pressure, when other natural methods didn't.

Blood sugar isn't something I've ever had to worry about, but during my endless research into natural alternatives to BP med's, I stumbled across some interesting information that prompted me to pay more attention to blood sugar when it comes to BP.

I see many here with BP issues write that they "eat well", no junk food, etc. However, there are foods that don't fall under the junk category that can wreak havoc with blood sugar and BP.

Whole wheat bread is a good example. Two slices of whole wheat bread (or whole wheat cereal) spike your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar. Who'da thunk it?! :)

Glycemic Index of whole wheat bread = 72. GI of a Snickers bar = 41!

After much trial and error with many natural methods to get my BP under control, what's worked best are the following:

-Keeping my blood sugar steady, (i.e. eating before I hit the "I'm starving! " mark and want to eat my own arm...haha :)

-100mg's of CoQ10 twice a day

-One capsule of Acetyl-L-Carnitine 800/Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 combo twice a day. I found the combo capsule for dirt-cheap via Spring Valley (Walmart's brand).

-Sipping potassium-rich water throughout the day. I alternate between coconut water, which is potassium-rich, and potassium broth, which is made from boiled potato peels.

-Before bed, I spray my legs and feet with magnesium chloride spray that I make myself from the quick-dissolve capsules and water.

If, as with me, other natural remedies have failed, give this one a try. So far, so good!

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Sigistardust...Coversyl contains a drug called perindopril whose main dangerous side-effect is to cause renal failure due to the combination of high drug acidity and high blood pressure which always tends to destroy the delicate filtration network in the kidneys. So you were very right to refuse this drug.

To help you with your BP problem:

* Take 500 mgs Niacin(Vitamin B3) twice a day at meals. To avoid the niacin flush effect, take an aspirin 20 mins before you take the niacin. Or you can take the slow release form of niacin -- inositol hexanicotinate, which will not give the flush. Do not use the niacinamide form of B3 as this has no beneficial effect on blood pressure. See this article by Abram Hoffer. See this article on how to take niacin.

* Also take a tablespoon of Brewer's Yeast once every day in a drink -- B Vitamins always work better when supplemented naturally as a group because all the B vits are dependent on each other and tend to work together in concert. Niacin particularly acts to change the blood. Blood which is too thick or which has too much clumping will be more viscous with increased BP and increased strain on the heart. Niacin safely thins the blood, lowering BP to normal levels thus removing the strain on the heart.

*Supplement a source of Iodine. I find Lugol's Iodine the best (I been taking 8 drops or 50 mgs 5% LI a day for the last 8 years). You can also use other iodine forms like Iodoral if you wish. Iodoral is simply Lugol's Iodine in a pill. I regard iodine as an essential mineral element that everyone lacks in their diets today and most people are low thyroid as a result. Iodine also helps to solublize fats and proteins(including cholesterol) in the blood for better utilization and removal by the liver. Coronary heart disease, high BP etc can be caused by blockages or build up of fat proteins (called lipoproteins) in the blood. So supplementing lugols iodine acts to normalize these lipoprotein to more healthier levels. See these guidelines on how to supplement lugol's iodine. Iodine also increases energy, kills a wide variety of pathogens, prevents menstrual problems by normalizing hormones, increases bone density, reduces cysts formation, removes mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, fluorine and bromine from the body as well as being the main ammunition needed for the immune system to help fight pathogens in all the mucus sites of the body.

* Reduce all diary in the diet to reduce your calcium intake. Lipoproteins are normally bound to calcium which can cause constriction and blockages in the blood vessels. Take 250 mgs of Magnesium Citrate twice a day with meals to help regulate excess calcium in the blood which may be causing contributing to your problems.

* Take Vitamin C -- 1, 000 mgs three times a day.

* Nattokinase. This is a protease enzyme that digests fibrin or dead organic matter in the blood vessels that can cause blockages and high BP. I would first try all the nutrients shown above on their own for a while first. If that doesn't help then use the nattokinse (which is expensive).

And being a vegetarian I should also add Vitamin B12(not in Brewer's Yeast) and some form of extra sulfur to your diet -- -like MSM(Methyl-sulfonyl-methane), ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) or N-Acetyl-Cysteine. See research on essential sulfur for the body for more ideas. Vegetarians generally always lack adequate sulfur nutrients in there diets. Sulfur can also be found in small amounts in foods like eggs, garlic and onions.

Posted by Art (California) on 09/20/2022 1856 posts


Thank you for the feedback on NAC, it is helpful!

I am glad to hear that NAC alone is helping to control your blood pressure. Unfortunately for me, NAC by itself was not enough and ultimately I needed both L-Arginine and L-Lysine to have good control of my blood pressure, but I hated to have to take all three supplements multiple times per day to control my blood pressure.

I have since found an herbal supplement (Carditone) that works even better for me and this one is working very well for me at just one caplet every third night instead of one caplet every night as recommended on the label.

I reported on Carditone here:


From reports and reviews, it doesn't work for everyone, but appears to work for the majority of people who have tested and or used it, but I don't think any supplement or medication works for everybody.


Posted by Nuria (Malaga) on 03/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I painted my wrists with Lugol's iodine and my blood pressure dropped almost immediately from 145/103 to 134/93. Thank you very much.

Posted by Win F. (Canada) on 05/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

My very simple way to lower blood pressure that works remarkably well for me is to drink Ginger water every day.

Be sure to monitor your BP because it might get too low.

You simply make ginger tea by putting a few slices of raw ginger in your teapot, add boiling water and let it steep. Drink whenever you feel like either hot or cold. That's it! No more beta-blockers for me.

Posted by Don (Michigan) on 09/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I was having gallbladder and candida issues for years so I spent a couple years eating beans, greens and sardines with no salt added. I was taking 20mg Lisinopril daily and my blood pressure was all over the place. Finally I had enough and bought a 20oz frozen cheese pizza and ate the whole thing. It had 2,400mg of sodium. Before I ate it my bp was 161/89. 40 minutes after eating the pizza my bp was 117/ 61. A couple days later bp was 156/90. I ate a 8oz bag of salty kettle potato chips and about 30 minutes later bp was 119/64.

I stopped taking bp medicine which leaves me taking no prescription meds at all. I eat absolutely no processed package artificial foods whatsoever except for canned salmon. I make about 10qts of blended veg soup with 4 tablespoons pink salt and leave in refrigerator to sip on till it's gone in about a week then I make more. Favorite soup is lentils, cabbage, celery, onions, tomatoes, an apple, hot pepper, bell peppers, rutabaga, and what ever vegetables in season. Sometimes I throw in a handful of cashews or blueberries whatever I feel like. By the way, I stopped using herbs and spices in cooking because I think they are very potent medicines that I save for when needed. To me daily consumption of herbs and spices throws my healthy balance off. Reading shows that the healthiest populations season foods with salt only.

I usually start my work day with a mug of water and two mugs of hot soup. Today being a weekend I started it the same and then made a salmon, celery and onion salad to munch on the rest of the day. AND, very unusual, I felt like eating some salty organic round white corn chips and throughout the day I ate the whole 13oz bag and this evening my bp is 116/58.

The point in writing this long winded post is that everyone tells you salt is the enemy and for some it may be. But in my humble opinion salt is the enemy only when combined with the giant of all enemies commercial packaged processed artificial food loaded with sugar, sugar and more sugar.

Even if you live in a city, you can shop in the produce section and rinse every thing in cold water. You don't have to make a lot at once, cook it daily. PLAN AHEAD.

If I need to munch something sweet – banana, avocado, apple, berries, black cherries, etc, etc, etc.

And here is the kicker, I NOW SPEND HALF WHAT I USED TO on food per month.

Posted by Art (California ) on 01/07/2017 1856 posts

In reply to P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India),

My main concern was the extremely elevated blood pressure level. I am a firm believer in good gut bacteria having healing qualities of many types, but anyone with pressure readings that high should be under a doctors supervision until the blood pressure is lowered and stable in something closer to the normal range before attempting to see what kefir can do for them. This is a case of safety first because blood pressure that high can be fatal if not brought under control fairly quickly.

I think you already know that I am a follower of your posts regarding kefir and probiotics and I appreciate your posts because you come back regularly to update and follow up on your previous posts plus you also add information about the research that has lead to your conclusions. Thank you for your posts and I hope you keep them up!


Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 12/17/2017

Hi Baldev...There are really two common reasons for high blood pressure.

The first reason is due to heart arteries that become constricted which is caused by a continual circular build up of of Lipo-A(a derivative of cholesterol) in the arteries near the heart. And as Dr Linus Pauling has mentioned in his book on Vitamin C -- he describes in his research how a common goat can self-manufacture 12gms of Vit C every day and up to 18gms of Vit C under stressed conditions. A goat is much smaller than a human adult. Humans are also missing the one digestive enzyme that the goat has for converting glucose to Vit C but the implications from the goat analogy are that humans obviously require much larger amounts of Vit C than are advised by the FDA. This is especially true as we get older.

Dr Pauling, in his protocol for arteriosclerosis(which also causes high blood pressure), describes just taking from 6 gms of both Vitamin C and Lysine(an amino acid) 6 times a day at one gram per dose(for Lysine and Vit C) outside mealtimes. Take both these nutrients dissolve in a glass of water. The protocol is also much better if you convert the Ascorbic Acid form(Vit C) to the Ascorbate Vit C form by adding Sodium Bicarbonate to the solution until the fizzing stops. Then just add the Lysine and take it like that. A very simple protocol. Take this protocol every day at one hour intervals between each dose.

The second reason you may have high blood is because you may have thick or "sticky" blood. This stickiness is caused by the blood clumping together which causes more stress for the heart(high blood pressure). You should take about 100 mgs niacin at mealtimes 3 times a day. And if you can do it it, you should raise the dose to 500 mgs for better or quicker effect -- but please be aware of the "niacin flush". Do not use niacinamide for this protocol because there is no niacin flush with this version. Niacin and the niacin flush are what is needed because only niacin will safely unclump the blood and also helps to increase NO to the arteries, allowing them to become more elastic and flexible and niacin also helps to open up the capillaries(causing the niacin flush effect) thereby naturally reducing your blood pressure as well as reducing stress on the heart by lowering the BP.

I would also advise taking both Milk Thistle(capsules: 300mgs 3 times a day with meals) and Chanca piedra or Bhumyamaliki(Phyllanthus niruri). This herb is also beneficial for hypertension and has many other wonderful protective effects on the body. CP dose is also 300mgs 3 times a day with meals. These two herbs are highly protective for both the liver and kidneys and I'm advising them in case there are any further problems with these organs, which could also perhaps contribute to your hypertension problem.

And, as I always advise, whenever you buy herbs -- only buy quality herbs that are organic or wildcrafted(with no added chemicals). The older ways of formulating herbs as a powder, tea, tincture or decoction are best and are the most trustworthy, giving the most reliable results.

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Gertal (Al) on 03/31/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Start off by getting a blood pressure monitor at the drugstore. Take it yourself and keep a record of what it is. Then, practice 'calming' techniques--deep breathing, etc, and learn how to get it down that way. Make a list of everything you take and then check each item to see if it can raise your bp. the dgl licorice for my ulcer would raise mine, so even 'natural' things we take can make it go up. Besides that, do some research on this site and see what else you can do. If your bp is normal when you take it yourself, then you can show this to the dr and demonstrate that he causes it to go up.

Posted by Karen (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My blood pressure was high. 198 over something. I couldn't take any prescriptions for it other than a diuretic (prescription) because my muscles in my thighs kept hurting. That can be a dangerous side effect especially since your heart is a muscle.

1,000mg of Taurine and my blood pressure went down to 150 over something. Then 130 over something. With a prescription diuretic and 1000mgs of Taurine my blood pressure is in the teens.

Avoid Grains
Posted by Sheila (Ball Ground, Georgia) on 11/04/2012

Hello, I study nutrition & holistic healing. You should read the book, "Wheat Belly". I got mine on Audible.com for audio book or u can get on Amazon.com It is a proven fact that gluten (anything made w/wheat among some other grains contain gluten) causes the majority of the diseases in the world. Diabetes, HBP, Cholesterol-high, heart disease, obesity, psychosis, depression, anxiety... Unbelievable book that this cardiologist wrote after devoting many yrs of his life testing patients. After 20 days patients conditions basically clear up. He says that 90% of all gluten intolerant people don't even know they are. Many people don't register when they test. Yet, take them off the gluten & they clear up! :-) You gotta check into that. I have lost 40 lbs & not so bloated any more & my diabetes & HBP is now cleared up too. But, I have also adopted ACV mixed w/garlic & honey http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/articles/art_cidervingarlichoney.html & it went down 30 points from my last visit & cinnamon is my big wonder cure for diabetes, look that one up too! Only take less than 1 tsp daily in warm water or in your tea or coffee split up in 3-4 cups (total 1 tsp--no more-important). http://diabetes.webmd.com/cinnamon-and-benefits-for-diabetes

I am loving life w/healthy eating holistic healing. I just wish more people knew that just healthy foods, spices, herbs & vitamins & supplements are the key to good health & curing ailments & disease too! Btw, check out this movie! Amazing, .. Eye opener movies: "FAT, SICK, & NEARLY DEAD" (he cures all his diseases w/juicing in only 30 days literally/documentary) and also watch: "FOOD MATTERS" Harvard doctor tells how we can heal w/food over medicines. Medicine only bandages it food cures you. :-)

I know, I know, .. My husband says I can't save the world, but, I dang sure will try! :-) Good luck everyone & I hope this helps all who reads this. Sheila

Aloe Vera, Hibiscus Tea, Cayenne Pepper
Posted by I Am Aurelia (Morelia, Mexico) on 07/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

hi, I blend the whole aloe leaf, whole lemon, peel and all, add about a cup of water more or less. When strained you should have a glassful of liquid. First few days I had cramps and loose stools as the outer part of the aloe leaf is a laxitive. I believe it is part of the cleansing process. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. The hibiscus is 100% hibiscus. You should be able to find it at a natural foods store or a store with ethnic products. I saw results in the second week, numbers started to go down.

Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 09/07/2023

Concerning the correct dose of potassium, here is an article by a health professional(a qualified nutritionalist ) who recommends a standard per diem dose of potassium(RDA) of between 3,500 mgs and 4,700 mgs for adults. And yet the FDA still recommends selling paltry doses of only 99 mgs per day for adults where some people are led to mistakenly believe that 99 mgs of potassium citrate is the daily recommended dose. Something is very wrong here here, don't you think?

It's a research fact that a healthy body should always be able to easily regulate the intake and excretion of all the major electrolytes in your body -- that's calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium -- by controlling their absorption into the blood from your intestines as well as by regulating and controlling the excretion of any excess electrolyte minerals from your body. As long as your intestines (colon area) and kidneys are healthy your body should have no problems properly and safely regulating any excess potassium, sodium, magnesium or calcium in your body.

As a testament to the above, I've been regularly supplementing potassium citrate in amounts varying from 500 mgs to 1000 mgs per dose(as recommended by Ted) without any problems at all and I'm 73 y.o. And I usually always balance my potassium intake by also taking healthy and equivalent amounts sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate as per Ted's alkaline advice. And it's pretty easy to buy the powdered form of potassium citrate in the US:

Potassium Citrate Powder -- from Purebulk

And from Ted's advice remember that 1/8 tspn of powder is approx 500 mg and 1/4 tspn is approx 1000 mgs. Easy peasy!

In my own experience, I've also found that alot of the so-called advice from the FDA and even from drugs-funded research can be deliberately misleading or even grossly inaccurate. If anyone really thinks that our bodies only require 99 mgs potassium citrate per day then I wish you alot of luck because you are going to need it if you believe every single piece of advice that comes from the FDA.

I've known for well over 20 years that the FDA is the main rep and sales agent for all the drugs and vaccines sold on the market today. And guess what?? -- The drugs companies own US law as well. And why is that? Two reasons really. First, most middle and high level management personnel in the FDA come directly from the drug companies. Any bias there, ya think? Second reason -- the FDA outright owns the law -- heck, why mess around? -- The FDA own the US govt as well! That's why all FDA policies are so heavily protected by US law and have been for decades now.

And concerning the purchase of potassium citrate at 1000 mg or greater per dose, for the last 17 years or so I've purchased my potassium carbonate or potassium citrate as bulk powder direct from two certified US chemical companies that are based in the Philippines, whereby I'm able to purchase 500 mgs potassium citrate(USP Grade) for about $10.00. I usually take 1/4 tspn of both potassium citrate and sodium bicarbonate dissolved and mixed in a glass of water. And sometimes I also add 1/8 tspn Sodium Carbonate -- as Ted's Carbicarb remedy -- for higher alkalinity. Been doing that regularly for about 17 years now and it's kept me healthy.

Ted's Alkaline Remedies

So please bear in mind and remember that if you purchase the tablet form of potassium citrate then it has to be 99 mg per tablet as per FDA inspired US law, but if you purchase the powdered form of potassium citrate in bulk then you can happily buy it in tons with no dose restrictions at all .. .

White Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Green Cardamom
Posted by Usman N. (Columbia, MD) on 09/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

White Cumin seeds, Fennel Seeds, Green Cardamom for Hypertension (Blood Pressure)

Found this protocol highly effective. My age 65 yrs. had Cardiac arrest in April 2022. Given medications to regulate BP. As a result, my uric acid jumped, which I have normalized by taking daily 4 tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water 3 times a day.

For normalizing BP, I take 1 tsp of white cumin seeds, 1 tsp of fennel seeds and 2 whole cardamoms. Put them in 1 cup of water. Bring the water to boil. When about 1/2 cup of water is left. Drink it as tea with breakfast. You can drink it warm or cold and interestingly it is very tasty. My regular BP use to be 125-130/80-85 using 50mg of Metoprolol. In a matter of few days/1 week, BP dropped to 90's/60's. Dr reduced the dosage to 25 mg.

After reducing medication, BP is around 100/65. It is important that you have a good BP monitor machine to regularly checking your BP. I will experiment by taking this tea twice a day or eliminating my medicine and see the effect on my BP. As I said earlier, this protocol is highly effective. I hope this info helps.

Dietary Changes
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 07/28/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started noticing my blood pressure was no longer an issue whenever all the following three statements were true: 1) I was on a low carb, high fat (Atkins) diet, 2) I ate up to 100 g of protein per meal, and 3) My protein was from at least 2 sources, e.g. eggs and cheeses.

Then I looked it up; https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20554123/ says, "proteins... can lower blood pressure in persons with essential hypertension... Deficiency in consumption of crucial nutrients such as proteins from meat origins... may underlie the etiology of the clinical course of hypertension."

Further, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12544662/ says, "in epidemiological studies, an increased intake of protein has been associated with lower blood pressure."

I hope this will help!

Posted by KT (Usa) on 09/30/2018


They may not have added monosodium glutamate but the flowing agent in the salt could be a culprit. In production of any product, cooking, heating and reheated creates a manufactured glutamic acic that's worse. It is a nerve stimulant...PERIOD.

Those of us who recognize our sensitivity know "this is my MSG reaction". Sounds, to me, like you had a reaction. Different people can tolerate different amounts and combinations of various foods can make a difference. There is no "one-size-fits-all".

Magnesium and vit. C offer some protection against the toxic effects of "MSG" See truthinlabeling.org. It has taken me, piecemeal, over two decades to learn how I can eat what. For example, I am a red meat lover but I cannot eat reheated beef and I have to limit my ingestion to two oz. at a time or my fingers become sore and sometimes split.

I can take magnesium but the magnesium citrate caused me frightening heart palpitations and I was diagnosed with PVC. Citrate is processed from corn. There is another post here about how I discovered this. Corn has been genetically modified and I believe it was in 1998 that corn contained the patented gene that Monsanto developed for their Roundup ready soybeans. Infiltration cannot be avoided just due to wind and bird droppings.

The critters we eat and get milk or eggs from are being fed GMO grasses and grains. When anything is cooked MSG is created and because our food has been engineered to last longer, "Food, Inc." assimilation is difficult.

This is truly all very complicated but I wanted to share just because labels declare "NOMSG" or "NON-GMO" they cannot be trusted and I trust the people more who went to the food industry to have them check their own products for the information.


Sea Salt
Posted by Genmd (Md) on 09/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

The FDA had to recently admit under questioning that salt does not honestly elevate BP. I have high BP & taking pink sea salt under the tongue daily lowers mine.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by HisJewel (Usa) on 12/05/2017

Hi Pam,

Here are some supplements besides my old and tried ones (potassium and magnesium, and coq10). The following have not only helped to regulate my blood pressure, but has also helped my leg to feel less numb.

I ran to the emergency room a couple of years ago for numbness in both legs upon awaking, and they did nothing, had no advice, took no tests, simply asked what my doctor had to say about it and had the nerve to sent me a bill.

Here are the supplements that made a difference in my blood pressure and otherwise, I have only been taking them about four months: Nattokinase 2000 fu and K2 Life Extensions Super K advanced complex. Also when the stress get out of hand, I hum a prayer. Soft music will probably do as well.



Aloe Vera, Hibiscus Tea, Cayenne Pepper
Posted by Franko (Perth, Western Australia) on 06/01/2013

Hi Marie from New York - Regarding your comments about colon cancer and kidney disease caused by Aloe Vera. There is a truckload of rubbish on the internet, most of the time provided/supplied by the parties interested to mislead the public. In the future if you write a comment like this, could you please reference it, to see if the information is credible or just one of those misleading ones? Although in my case Aloy Vera didn't help reducing my HB, it had other benefits. I used it for six weeks every day 1large stick of washed Aloe, minus thorns, 1 banana, 1 whole lemon, 1 tbs of honey, 4 sticks of young asparagus mixed in the blender. It wasn't good for my HB, but helped with my chronic gastritis, helped with refluxes and like I mentioned cleaned me out, and caused NO SIDE EFFECTS of any kind at all!!! (The taste isn't very pleasent, my wife had it only once, therefore I would advise to use half the amount I used. - Anything is better then the medications and their side effects)

Franko from Perth in W/Australia