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Effective Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Management

Deep Breathing

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Posted by Shadel (Nebraska) on 11/15/2013


Wondering if anyone has the same problem as I do. My blood pressure goes up at night, approximately 2 to 3 hours after I first go to sleep. It wakes me up and I cannot go back to sleep for an hour or so. The only thing that helps me so far, is to breath deeply for 3 to 5 minutes and then it lowers. I do have a prescription that I can take, if necessary. However, in the morning I feel like 'a train has run over me.' Thanks for any suggestions that may help me.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Shadel: If your bp is dangerously high I would request a different presc. med that you can tolerate well. I take Lisinipril w/ no bad side effects. This is a hunch on my part as to the cause of your bp spiking fallowing sleep. Sleep is a time that the body regulates homeostasis mechanisms, particularly hormones. You may want to have dr check or recommend an endocrinologist to check hormone levels. But for simplicity sake you may want to try taking some ACV twice daily to help metabolism and clean a possible clogged gallbladder (which causes excess estrogen in the bloodstream). Also, try taking 500-1000mg L-Methionine to help the metabolism of excess fat (how are your cholesterol levels?). Lemon juice is also good for improving digestion. If you have a portable mp3 player try to find or buy harmonic tones for lowering bp naturally. One I use is called "blood pressure lowering binaural beats"; I haven't done direct measuring but this harmonic does seem to help. Celery is recommended for bp lowering. A stick or two 2 hrs before bed might help.

Replied by Shadel

To Timh, Ky, USA. Have tried the vinegar and it gives me diarrhea. Thought maybe that would be the answer. I have also tried 12 to 15 different prescription drugs, including lisinopryl. Gave me so many side effects, like feeling faint to nausea. More or less given up on pre. drugs. I can and do take Atenolol, but it gives me insomnia at times. My cardiologist informed me 95% of prescriptions for hbp do cause insomnia. Still looking for the right answer; however, doing better each night. Taking Co-Q10 and Cardio complex and multivitamin. So, what is involved in seeing an endocronolgist? Thanks for your advice on this. Appreciated! Love Earth Clinic and so much information.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Shadel: Thanx for the additional info. Diarrhea from ACV admits some type infection or possibly parasitic infestation. Low tolerance to more than one prescription or otc drugs admits Liver/Gallblader dysfunction or disease. looks like liver inflammation which would show up on "liver panel" blood test. Excess estrogen would also indicate liver/gall dysfunction.

First, have a "liver function test" done by your dr and come back here for additional advise. Many people come here and get much help w/ liver disease as given the correct treatment the liver can regenerate healthy.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Shadel,

On any HBP issue, make sure you are getting three things; magnesium, potassium and natural (NOT synthetic) Vitamin E

500 mag

200 potassium

200 natural E ... start at low doses in E and slowly increase (over two months) to 300 then 400.

The HBP can be from thick blood; or tacky veins and arteries (all from a lack of E) or from lack of proper oxygen delivery (again lack of E). Or the HBP can be from a build up in veins and arteries of plaque. Think of a hose being squeezed at some point of blockage...it builds up pressure from the source to press the liquid through...well that is HBP and there is a reason for the pressure...the hose is blocked in some fashion. The heart itself could be a problem. Lots of possible "whys" to the pressure issue.

Natural E is my BASE for cardio help. Take those three with meals.

Also you note digestive issues with taking Apple Cider Vinegar. The opposite should be happening. ACV should be helping with that...so the post by Timh is helpful.

You also note the problem is worse when you lie down at night to sleep. Well, here's one take on that; you are not working the legs as you would during the day which could help circulate the blood BACK via the veins up to the heart. In other words the veins in legs are not working too well which lends credence that this is a circulation issue...Vitamin E to the rescue.

But given the possibility (without knowing more) I'd guess ... given the worsening at night... that varicose veins might be a matter to be addressed and a great addition would be "Horse Chestnut" which is famous for helping with that particular circulation problem too.

So I'd add that too to the three I listed. I've had great success with HC.

Replied by Karen

For High Blood Pressure: AVOID CAFFEINE.

If I have a cup of coffee in the morning my blood pressure will skyrocket at night. No coffee or caffeine (Coke etc.) no rapid rise of BP.

Deep Breathing and Water

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Posted by Thelma (Kansas, US) on 02/04/2015

I had suffered from High Blood Pressure for years, then after trying different meds, that would work for a while and then nothing, I decided to try going cold turkey and drop the meds completely. I would run 140/110 first thing on rising. Well I did some reading and found out that deep breathing and increased water consumption were natural cures. What did I have to lose? I took my BP 140/108, took deep long holding breaths, in thru the nose, hold 2,3,4,5, out thru the mouth like a straw. wait about 2 minutes and take BP again. It was 130/92. Wow! Did another set of deep breathing and then BP again, 121/82. I have been drinking 10 cups of water a day, plus other things like a cup of coffee or tea, a can of soda, and doing deep breathing several times a day. I am consistently running 120/78 anytime of the day. so if you have high BP, drink up and BREATHE!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U THELMA, , , , , , , , , very interesting post. I too am doing deep breathing, but to keep my blood full of oxygen. Then I went to Vernon's web site to learn how he cured his cancer with baking soda and he went to this breathing thing . It is spooky and at first I thought it was a bunch of hooey. Now, I'm not so sure. Bill or Ted can confirm that baking soda intake will increase your blood oxygen.

What he said is that in this deep breathing you interact with people from your past. Ridiculous. I have not arrived, but I am having some dreams that are as if I were there and playing a part. My wife tells me that I am now talking in my sleep and it is usually about something in my past. Got to watch that. We only been married for 55 years.

Maybe some wormy Phycologist on this site can explain this to us. Not a deal. I just bring this up because of the deep breathing thing. We now use a humidifier with H2O2 in our bedroom. Like the other EC folks say, you sleep like a baby. I no longer snore and my nostrils are wide open.

OUT OF SPIT ======ORH=======

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Robert Henry...I hope the following explanation of Vernon's oxygen euphoria (when he took the high daily dose of sodium bicarbonate) helps to clarify what was going on.

Even though the following explanation is to do with chemistry, I reckon that it's simple enough to understand. In the normal human respiration process or cycle, cells kick out the CO2 by converting it to carbonic acid. Next, it's converted to bicarbonate and released into the blood for safe transport to the lungs for expiration. When the bicarbonate reaches the alveoli in the lungs it gives up the CO2 and trades it for O2 because the bicarbonate ion is converted to water and CO2.

The next thing to understand is the blood concentration differential between the CO2 and the O2 levels in the blood. Please note that this CO2/O2 concentration gradient is critical and should always be in balance in the body. This balance isn't about amounts -- this is about proper ratios.

So if you suddenly increase the bicarbonate concentrations in the blood by taking large doses of baking soda then what happens? You are effectively suddenly increasing the CO2 content in the blood. This acts to disrupt the CO2/O2 concentration gradient or ratio in the blood. The body's regulation mechanism therefore kicks in because this situation is a no-no and it reacts by automatically absorbing more oxygen at a faster rate into the blood from the lungs to help re-balance this altered concentration gradient or ratio. Hence you get that oxygen euphoria feeling from the huge sudden increase in blood and cell oxygen that Vernon(who took huge amounts of sodium bicarb) mentions in his blog. This would also help to explain why taking baking soda in such large amounts helped against Vernon's cancer. Supplementing bicarb increases cell oxygenation and, as everyone knows, oxygen kills cancer.

You could also say that supplementing baking soda and water everyday actually helps to oxygenate the blood and cells to higher levels -- which also must inevitably act to increase your energy levels as well.

The deep breathing thing is also similar to the above. If you breath deeply in and out quickly for a long time this naturally increases expiration of CO2 and increases O2 intake into the blood. This is called hyperventilating. The deep breathing pulls more bicarbonate(CO2) into the blood at a faster rate than normal slower breathing. This, of course, also helps to alkalize the blood and also stimulates increased oxygen intake so same result as above. The oxygen itself is transported by a separate process to the cells via heme blood and so does not really participate in the alkalization effect.

Replied by Rober Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U BILL, , , , , , , , you really bug me. I am half smart and you totally smart. Thank you for this scientific explanation. I will have to cipher on this for awhile. Just glad that you are on our side and hope the EC folks appreciate your contribution to their health.

You are a hellava lot better man than I, to put up with some of the yack that you do.

Just drank a hot herbal tea with a large shot of magnesium and going to bed. I plan to breathe deeply and see what mischief I can get into in my dreams. Just hope I don't meet up with some New Orleans Voodoo woman .

Yo buddy =======ORH=======

Diatomaceous Earth in Lemon Juice

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Posted by Ray (Payson, Utah) on 02/04/2010

I read that diatomaceous earth would lower high blood pressure. About a month ago I started taking 2 tablespoons of DE in about an ounce of lemon juice (bottled lemon juice most of the time) and some water. My blood pressure had been 160/100 for years; 2 weeks ago my wife(RN) took my BP and it was 122/80 and tonight it was 112/68. Has anyone else tried this?

Replied by Maddy
(Pomfret Center, Ct)

Diatomaceous Earth, I have been reading alot about and I am planning on starting doing it for my BP issues. I bought it some time ago for flea control with my dog. I knew about the pest insecticide value of this product but had no idea about the human wonder drug reputation that it has.

Replied by Nevadasmith
(Smithfield, Pa)

It should be emphasized that you want FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and not the stuff you use in a swimming pool filter.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Ricky 77333 (USA) on 05/14/2024

Try the carnivore diet for 1 month...I think you will be amazed. It cured my HBP in completely in 3 weeks.

Make sure to add electrolytes daily.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ricky 77333 (a) on 08/13/2023

For anyone dealing with HBP you will be amazed how quickly you can rid yourself of it by going on the Carnivore Diet.

Just Beef and butter for a month and you'll love the results.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Stars (Close to Heaven) on 04/04/2023

If you have mysterious high blood pressure even eating right and exercising etc. check your diet for foods that are MAOIs, even mild MAOIs. There is a link between certain genetic anomalies and MAOIs causing high blood pressure.


There is also research suggesting caffeine is dangerous to the heart and blood vessels during exercise, as well, because it constricts blood vessels when they need to be relaxed.

I prayed these past few nights that Father God would teach me what I needed to know to heal my husband's heart condition. My husband drinks tea of green tea, turmeric, meadowsweet, and ginger every single morning. They are all MAOIs. He has had high blood pressure for years. He resumed taking turmeric capsules the other day and his blood pressure went from 130/90 ish to over 200/100 again in just one day. He has not taken the turmeric capsules today and it is back below 200/100. Thank and praise to Jesus for answering my prayers.

Dietary Changes
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 07/28/2022 84 posts

I started noticing my blood pressure was no longer an issue whenever all the following three statements were true: 1) I was on a low carb, high fat (Atkins) diet, 2) I ate up to 100 g of protein per meal, and 3) My protein was from at least 2 sources, e.g. eggs and cheeses.

Then I looked it up; https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20554123/ says, "proteins... can lower blood pressure in persons with essential hypertension... Deficiency in consumption of crucial nutrients such as proteins from meat origins... may underlie the etiology of the clinical course of hypertension."

Further, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12544662/ says, "in epidemiological studies, an increased intake of protein has been associated with lower blood pressure."

I hope this will help!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Taylor (Boulder, Co) on 02/05/2019

I was Dx with heart failure and had poorly controlled blood pressure. It ran 210/100 many days. Nothing helped.

Then I turned to low carb, high fat diet to lose some weight. My bp is now in the high normal range with no meds. Slowly I lost weight and at last Dr. visit was down 22 lbs which amazed me. I believe from my experience and that of my friends that carbs somehow effect BP in ways not yet appreciated.

Wanted to pass this along for others to consider.

Replied by Diana R.
(United States)

I totally agree that low carb and high fat (Atkins diet) is the way to go! I have lost 37lbs in 2 months, lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and I feel 100% better! 59 years old and ZERO medications! Not even a tylenol! Sometimes... no meds are the best meds! The old saying that "you are what you eat" is so true. Not just what you eat, but what you put in your mouth. Whether that be what you eat, what you drink, or the meds you take!


Hi Diana,

Mentioning details of the plan you followed for two months will help us readers to implement it in our lives. Could you pls share? Thanks.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jennym (Pittsburgh) on 12/18/2016

I wish people would realize that animal fats and meat are not a plague on mankind. I used to get secondary high blood pressure. It would come on at any time. I exercised (walked to work every day about 2 miles). I got rid of it by nixing vegetable oils specifically corn, peanut, soybean and canola oils.

I also started eating a healthy diet, meaning ancient wisdom from our ancestors- eggs, meat with the fat, liver, soaked grains, no processed breads or foods etc. I did not do any vegan/vegetarian stuff. I drank raw milk and avoided all processed foods. And guess what? After about 5 months, my rheumatoid arthritis and secondary high blood pressure went away as if by magic. People have to look beyond what they are being told and realize that we are the sickest we've ever been. The usual 'eat lots of veggies great health and avoid animal fats for great health' is not true. I only mention the book because it's the most concentrated source for getting back your health. Please see Dr. Weston A. Price's research into indigenous peoples diets.

Replied by Ethel
(Inverness, Fl)

Thanks for this info. Glad it worked for you.

Dietary Changes, Electrolytes

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Posted by Lea (Ca) on 06/22/2018

I've done all of these natural cures for high BP, to little avail. It wasn't until I stopped eating sweets and started drinking electrolytes in my water that I started seeing an improvement in my high BP.

Dietary Changes, Exercise

Posted by Karl (Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 03/09/2011

Two current medications:

Atacand 16mg, and Teva-Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg there any reason that when stopping these meds cold turkey because of side effects, that my would become higher than it was when I started taking it. Also, I have made significant life changes in both diet and exercise since being diagnosed due to suspected candida infestation, High Cholesterol, type II diabetis gout flareups... Are getting under control with a gluten free, sugar free diet(or as free as you can make it) given our choices, no soft drinks, nothing with added sugars except Stevia, fruit, cinnamon, and assorted spices and herbs, vegatables fresh and organic when possible. Cooked in organic cocnut oil.


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Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 07/12/2011

Both my parents were put on medication for HBP but neither was given a diuretic and their ankles never swelled. My ankles never swelled until I was put on HBP and a diuretic, For years I restricted my salt intake to try to keep BP down below 140/80. My mother had advancing dementia and came to live with me, and BP went up and I finally broke down and went to a Dr. Any doctor I've gone to has never said a word about sodium intake. I just get a pill to get rid of water they assume is retained because of salt.

I've had allergies since I was little. Late 80's I went to allergist and was allergic to 40% of what I was tested for. At the same time I was going to a weight-loss clinic and asked for a vegetarian diet and was told if I wanted to lose weight I had to eat a lot of protien - calorie restriction was approx 500 cal a day - and 1 1/2 ts salt a day. That much salt didn't make sense and I didn't do it. My BP shot up. High protien diet makes you urinate more and without the salt you excrete all your nutrients - and BP goes up. When I started using more salt, my BP went down. (Also got so constipated I felt horrible) This was years before I went on BP med. I blacked out twice and actually gained a little weight. Allergist said there are people that can live on 500 cal a day and never lose weight. I've also had my blood looked at under an electron microscope and the thing they've said, "You have lots and lots of allergies."

About 5 years ago I took L-arginine and L-ornithine along with hawthorn to give me added strength to work in my huge garden in spring and my BP went to 105/55. I quit the worst drug-Benicar (that raised blood sugar 30 pts and caused diabetes-dr didn't care - just an excuse to give give more drugs). BP still okay. Took nefidipine and HCTZ another month, and quit nefidipine and HCTZ for three days, then cut little tiny HCTZ in half and took it. Within a hr I was so dizzy I had to hold onto something so I wouldn't fall. Within 2 more hours my ankles swelled and my BP shot up 20 pts. (One dr told me that's just a side-effect - Huh?)

I don't get rashes, hives, swollen tongue (to anything be it drug, food, perfumes) and because of that doctors don't want to think I could be having an allergic reaction -- therefore I've got some other problem they need to "treat" or I'm taking some herb or nutrient that's causing it, and it's all my fault.

Quite a few years ago I went on two three-week-long juice fasts and dropped over 50 lbs. each time. I suppose lots of people can say that. I did it to get rid of toxins (drs don't believe in toxins either) and to test myself for food allergies and watched for sudden weight gain. With the juicing my gray hairs started growing back to natural blond and wrinkles went away.

Through the years I've come to the conclusion that I have an absorbtion problem and when I get cleaned out I can absorb my nutrients again. I'm beginning to think water pills not only cause some people to excrete sodium and potassium, but other nutrients as well. If you don't retain water because of sodium, what do they do besides overwork the kidneys and maybe do more harm than good? I've always thought they should be a temporary fix, not permanant, unless you have congestive heart failure but I've never had a dr suggest I do. They've never helped me get rid of "water retention" or lower BP.

I guess I'm writing this to rant a little because of problems I'm having now in the hands of a dr again, and to see if any of the learned people that know more about nutrition than I do think this makes sense.

Drop of Olive Oil in the Navel

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Posted by Faeqa ( Amman, Jordan) on 04/28/2014 66 posts

Hi: I want to share this experience with others who have high blood pressure:

Before two weeks I liked to try olive oil in the navel for constipation, I put one drop a day in the navel hole, after 3 days I suffered from dizziness, when I checked my blood pressure I found it 70/50 (my original blood pressure is 90-110) for that I stooped using it.

I told my sister about that, her blood pressure between 120- 140. After three days of using it her blood pressure dropped to 95/50. I hope this will be benefit for high blood pressure patients, and I hope that they will post there experience.

Replied by BP

How much oil and how long you leave it there. Thanks


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Posted by Gussie (Atlanta) on 04/19/2012


I have high blood pressure also. For over 10 years, I no longer eat fast foods, very little process foods, no cheese, no ice cream, no red meat, and no pork. I even stop eating out in restaurants. My bp will still read 140 / 88, sometimes 127 / 82 most of the time. I take garlic, Niacin, and Magneisium pills, and I still have to struggle to get down to the standard 120 / 80. I'm skinny, 5'6" 141 lbs Female. So losing weight is not an option. I exercised at the gym for over 8 months, it came down a little, but never made a big difference. I drink at least 40 ozs of water, sometime more, and sometimes less. It gets very frustrating. After awhile, you're doing so much of taking this and taking that, you fill like you're about to go crazy!

I have tried Alkaline water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, earthing. Oops, forgot to mention something. Whenever I cut or rake the grass for 2 or more hours, my blood pressure drops down to 111/ 68. Then 6 hours later, it starts going back up. Hmmm, I stopped earthing because I've been taking care of this 96 year old lady. If you guys can hit me back with so other alternatives, I really appreciate it. My last day of Caregiving is late May. I will reply back by the end of the Summer, maybe sooner! I'm going to try earthing for a month or two, and see how it works out. After all, Earthing is FREE, and you're pulling electrons up into your body from the ground. It's very interesting. Did you know a Free Radical is missing an Electron? Stand on the Earth barefoot, and absorb all the Electrons you want. Electrons will stabilize the Free Radicals. Earthing is like getting FREE Antioxidants! - Gotta Go, will keep in touch.


Posted by Susan (Chicago, IL) on 12/01/2014

Can Bill or other readers provide how much potassium is in one capsule of eggplant extract, it has reduced her blood pressure but her potassium got very high because of her kidney problem. I do not know - does the eggplant capsule causes this problem? Her regular medicine is not working that well.


I appreciate any help!