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Natural Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Deep Breathing and Water
Posted by Thelma (Kansas, US) on 02/04/2015
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I had suffered from High Blood Pressure for years, then after trying different meds, that would work for a while and then nothing, I decided to try going cold turkey and drop the meds completely. I would run 140/110 first thing on rising. Well I did some reading and found out that deep breathing and increased water consumption were natural cures. What did I have to lose? I took my BP 140/108, took deep long holding breaths, in thru the nose, hold 2,3,4,5, out thru the mouth like a straw. wait about 2 minutes and take BP again. It was 130/92. Wow! Did another set of deep breathing and then BP again, 121/82. I have been drinking 10 cups of water a day, plus other things like a cup of coffee or tea, a can of soda, and doing deep breathing several times a day. I am consistently running 120/78 anytime of the day. so if you have high BP, drink up and BREATHE!