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Beets for High Blood Pressure

| Modified on Jul 16, 2024
Discover below how Earth Clinic readers used beets to lower their high blood pressure fast!

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Posted by DB (Southern California) on 04/11/2024

Beet Juice for high blood pressure

About a month ago during my yearly check up, my blood pressure was in the 150's and I got the warning that I needed to come back in a month for another blood pressure test and if it was still high it was time to go on the meds. I went home and started exercising more, eating better and went to the local Whole Foods and ordered a juice with red beets every morning. Just this week went back to the doctor 20lbs lighter and the BP down at 121/72.... thank you Earth Clinic!!!

Posted by Rick H (Las Vegas) on 01/04/2020

Get 1000 mg Beet Root. My high blood pressure problem has gone away. I take 3 per day. Sometimes more. Also, I've never felt so good.

Replied by Errol


Where do u purchase your Beet Root, thanks.

(northern california)
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Errol - I get my fermented beet root from dr mercola.

(Thomasville, Ga)


(Thomasville, Ga)


Posted by Deborah (Chantilly, Va, Usa) on 11/28/2011

Has anyone had any experience with beet juice for high blood pressure? I've read that the nitrates in beet juice are just as effective as taking nitrate tablets.

Posted by Ritap1 (Woodbridge, Virginia, Usa) on 09/19/2011

I have been having lots of problems with my blood pressure the last few month. I have been in the emergency room 9 times since July with redings as high as 245/139. I am on 4 different kinds of medication but the don't seem to work. My head is always hurting me and my stomach feel like I got poisoned. I all blame this on my teeth. In the first week of July I had 2 teeth extracted and 2 amalgam fillings removed and since then I never felt the same.

Yesterday I looked around on the net on what I can do to get some of my energy and my health back. I found the beet juice protocol and started it on the same day. I had 1 glass of beet juice with asparagus yesterday and one this morning, ate 2 apples and one carrot after the juice and I can't believe my bloodpressure today. Its been under 130 all day, I just measured again and it was 118/73. Yes I am still on meds but the meds never got my blood pressure down like that. I also had much more energy and actually got things done for a change.

Thank you Earthclinic!

Replied by Vicky
(NSW Australia)

I would take bentonite clay as well- in water- to remove from the body any poisons, toxins and heavy metals and would take turmeric as it helps remove fluoride and mercury from the body.

Posted by Robinchd (Vero Beach, Fl, Usa) on 09/03/2011

I had high blood pressure and did a bit of research on the internet and heard that beet root juice could take blood pressure down within an hour or so and keep it lowered for 24 hours. I went to a health food store and bought two bottles at $9.00 a bottle. I drank 1/4 of a cup and waited a while and then checked my blood pressure. It works. The only thing is you have to drink it every day to keep your blood pressure lowered, but I would rather drink a bit of beet root juice each day than to take a medication each day.

Purchasing it from a health food store is expensive so I went out and bought a good juicer ( initially an expensive purchase, but well worth it). I then began juicing l/2 of an organic beet every day along with other vegetables of my choice, and my blood pressure has actually come down to being on the low/normal side. I swear by this and can't believe that everyone with high blood pressure doesn't know about it, and wish I could let everyone know. Hopefully, on this site, it will help as many people as possible.

Replied by Jc
(Boston, Ma)

Beet juice will also detox your liver. Not a bad thing, but some may have some uncomfortable experiences if their liver is particuarly toxic and they hit the beet juice hard.

Replied by Janice

Thanks so much for this I'm gonna try it for a week and let you know how it worked for me.

Posted by Lan (Atlanta, Ga) on 12/06/2009

I am surprised that no one has posted about drinking beet juice to control high blood pressure. I have been reading the EarthClinic testimonials like reading short stories novel :). I have used ACV to bring down fever from flu instantly on 4 occasions, so I was spreading the words about this site to anyone I know in the hope of sparing someone the agony of being sick with the flu. And my good intention has paid off! On Friday I went grocery shopping with my Mom. We were done, and instead of heading to the cash registers, my Mom pushed the cart around the vegetable section one more time. We stopped to look at the beautiful golden beets, she never had it before, and we were debating about trying it or not. A lady came and asked us about the gold beets, we said we did not know its taste, and she turned to the next bin and told us that the red beets are very good for the blood pressure. I pressed on and she said her husband was 179/99 and refused to take any medicine. Her son went on the internet to research and found that beets cure high blood pressure. For two and a half years now, she and her husband take 3 slices of beet a day and maintain a normal range. She said it can be boiled, pickled or roasted like a potato. I thank her and gave her this website address. Had we gone to check out 1 minute earlier, we would have missed her. Talk about good karma, I believe in it.

Now I am telling you about my Mom's story, she is 80 years old and always has high blood pressure despite her vegan diet. She had two strokes 7 years ago, almost did not make it. But luckily she recovered, her speech is still not 100% like before, but she carries a normal life now. After taking the dr's medicine for some time, she refuses to take them anymore. She said she was like half dead. One drug did not work, then another one, and that caused water retention, and another the drug to take care of that, and the numbers of pills kept piling up because of the side effects. At her check up 2 years ago, her blood pressure was 200/120, her Dr was bewildered and told me if anything happens call 911, don't come to her office. We did not see the Dr since. Mom tries to take care of herself, she peruses all the herb medicine catalogs with a dictionary because of her limited English, she orders all kinds of supplements and she is proud of herself. But her blood pressure stays on 177/99 on average. I used 1/2 a medium size beet, 2 thin carrots, and 1/2 a large apple. Put all in the blender with 3 cups of water. Pureed and poured it through a strainer and gave her 1 cup of juice before dinner and 1 before bedtime. This morning her reading was 164/98. After only two cups! I made another batch this morning with only 2 cups of water. After 1 cup and 1 hour later her latest reading was 161/96. I am so happy and eager to spread the words about this remedy to anyone out there who needs it. If you need more information about the beets, just look up "beets and high blood pressure".

Wishing everyone happy happy holidays.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

If she is on a strict vegan diet, it might be wise to check her b-12 levels.. There are a host of symptoms with regard to deficiency.. including a misdiagnosis for Parkinsons, which some have claimed is epidemic in the USof A.

Posted by Laura Oliver (Birmingham, AL) on 02/19/2009

whole beets or just beet juice to lower blood pressure.

A recent study found that 16oz of beet juice daily lowers blood pressure as well as meds.
The problem is beet juice is expensive.

Starting today I am eating a can of beets (rinsed to reduce sodium) a day. Anyone have any experience in this?

Does anybody have an idea why the study used beet juice instead of beets? Why not whole beets? Why arent whole cooked beets just as good as the juice for lowering BP? What make the juice "work" and not the whole beet. If the whole beet works how many would I have to eat a day to equal 16oz juice?

Any juicers out thers.....If I have to juice them-- what ratio? can I just put some raw beets in a blender?

my BP is high, but I want to give myself a few months to bring it down naturally so I am thinking this "beet" thing looks promising.


Replied by Dana
(Toowoomba, Australia)

G'Day, just want to mention that in Australia and in Canada one can buy beet (beetroot in Aus.) powder or crystals at the health food store and it tastes like fresh beet juice!