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Celery for High Blood Pressure

| Modified on Jul 16, 2024
Below, learn how Earth Clinic readers used Celery to lower high blood pressure!

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Posted by Arroy (California) on 06/22/2021 1 posts


Just use celery (leaves and stalks) for me. Others used just stalks for Hbp. u can try them both ways and decide what's good for you ) , also drink plenty of water .that method will help manage ur Hbp (especially if it's constantly on 140) and decrease ur sea salt intake and take more potassium like lentil .banana avocado ..etc ..

And if u want to make it lower faster stop eating that day anything containing salt and drink lentil soup (put in it also potatoes garlic onions with carrots) with no salt or spices and eat celery and drink water and also if u can. Do some walking because sweating gets the sodium out of the body and u will see really good results ..

Btw drink celery juice as a drink by making it juice 1 litre a day (before breakfast, tea cup and every meal a tea cup of it ) also lower ur blood sugar. ( in blood sugar recipe they use 2 bundles of celery ( just Leaves) with water blend it to making of it a 1litre juice and to be in liquid form (they take only the extract from the leaves and get rid of the leave) . I don't know about stalk in it so just try and see (caution: u need to measure ur blood sugar constantly in any remedy , cause if it's getting too low it's bad for you and maybe put u in a coma. ) Celery causes fluidity in blood so beware if u're taking any medicine, and also not safe for pregnant women ..Good luck.

Posted by Jan G (US) on 03/18/2021

So I got really bad with my diet and work from home no exercise and I ate bags of chips and salty foods, so the day after I got hypertension. Thankfully, I remember about celery juice. Yes!!!

I've tried everything ACV, beets, magnesium, garlic but the best and fastest was celery juice. I got it from the store organic with lemon juice.

I took half of the bottle and went from 145/90 to 117/80 after 2 hours.. I have to stop drinking it every day because it will make me dizzy because of too low BP. 😅

Replied by Pay It Forward
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Thanks Jan. I believe I just bought the same celery juice (w/ lemon ;) in the health aisle. With others saying they recommend 4 celery stalks daily, I wanted to calculate what that translates to in this juice. It's a 32 oz bottle and claims to contain 3 lbs of celery per bottle. Based on the avg stalk weight, I calculated one bottle is equal to Six servings (8 oz) equaling 4 celery stalks. So a bottle per week basically, while monitoring my BP. Will also experiment with 1/2 the dose (4 oz daily) and see how that goes. Along with cayenne & garlic. It sure beats taking drugs!

Posted by Steve (California) on 11/01/2017

I have had Hypertension for 20 years. I cured it by putting 4 stocks of celery and one banana in a blender with some water and drinking it once a day with a garlic supplement. My BP dropped 15 points.

Posted by Stephenp (Honolulu, Ha, Usa) on 02/22/2012

Celery Seed Extract for high blood pressure

I am a 27 year old male and have had high blood pressure ever since my first physical for high school sports, otherwise healthy and in great shape. About 6 months ago my blood pressure reading at the doctor was 155/98. This was the highest it has ever been and the doctor recommended going on medication which I didn't want to do.

I started taking celery seed extract which can be bought at any health store or online for under $10. I took two capsules two or three times a day. The next time I had my blood pressure taken was 3 weeks later when donating blood.

I was extremely surprised to find my BP at 124/78

I now take 1 capsule twice a day and take a week off about every six weeks and maybe miss a day here and there.

Posted by Stacy (Honesdale, Pennsylvania) on 09/09/2011

for further help with high blood pressure you should eat celery... At least 4 stalks a day for 7 days and you will see your blood pressure come down!! its true

Posted by Mick (Ravenna, Oh ) on 07/20/2011

To lower your blood pressure safely juice 4 celery sticks every day. This will lower your blood pressure at least 10 percent. My blood pressure went from 120 over 80 to 90 over 60. Doctor was dumbfounded. Yeah imagine that. I have a condition called aquagenic urticaria and am unable to drink pure water, researched and found celery juice to be the most non allergenic juice available. The blood pressure thing was just a side effect that I have since confirmed through further research.