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Cayenne Pepper for Hypertension: Benefits and How to Use

| Modified on Jul 16, 2024

Cayenne pepper, known for its spicy heat, is gaining recognition as a natural remedy for managing high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. The key active ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, has several health benefits that can support cardiovascular health and help regulate blood pressure levels.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper for Hypertension

1. Improved Blood Circulation: Capsaicin in cayenne pepper helps dilate blood vessels, enhancing blood flow and reducing arterial wall pressure. This vasodilation effect is crucial for lowering blood pressure and improving overall circulation.

2. Cholesterol Reduction: Cayenne pepper has been shown to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, preventing plaque buildup in arteries. This reduction in plaque helps to keep arteries clear, reducing the risk of hypertension.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Capsaicin possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce chronic inflammation, a contributing factor to hypertension and heart disease.

How to Use Cayenne Pepper for Hypertension

The optimal dose of cayenne pepper for hypertension varies, but general guidelines suggest starting with a small amount and gradually increasing as your body adjusts. Here’s a typical dosing strategy based on various sources:

Initial Dose

Start by mixing 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water or juice. This will help your body get used to the pepper's heat and potency.

Gradual Increase

Gradually increase the dose to 1/4 teaspoon, then 1/2 teaspoon as tolerated. The goal is to reach a dose that provides benefits without causing significant discomfort.

Maintenance Dose

Once acclimated, a common maintenance dose is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper daily, divided into two or three doses.

Capsule Form

Cayenne pepper capsules are available for those who prefer not to taste the spice. A typical dose is one to two 450mg capsules taken two to three times daily with meals.

Combination with Other Herbs

For enhanced benefits, Cayenne can be combined with other cardiovascular-supporting herbs like garlic, hawthorn, and ginger.

Important Considerations

  • Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if you are on medication for hypertension.
  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly to ensure the regimen is working effectively without causing spikes.

Potential Side Effects

While many people benefit from cayenne pepper, some may experience side effects such as increased heart rate or blood pressure, particularly when starting the regimen. Therefore, it is advised to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating cayenne pepper into your routine, especially if you are already on blood pressure medication.

Personal Testimonials

Users on Earth Clinic have shared positive experiences with cayenne pepper for managing blood pressure. For example, mixing cayenne pepper with warm water or juice has significantly improved some individuals' blood pressure levels. However, as with any natural remedy, individual responses can vary, and it is crucial to monitor your body's reaction and consult with a healthcare provider as needed.

In summary, cayenne pepper offers a promising natural alternative for managing hypertension. Its ability to improve blood flow, reduce cholesterol, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits makes it a valuable addition to a heart-healthy regimen. Always start with small doses and consult with a healthcare provider to ensure it is a safe option for your health needs.

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Posted by Ash (India) on 11/17/2021

I tried two teaspoons of powdered cayenne in a glass of buttermilk, once a day, for two months. It has not worked for me.

Replied by Carmen
(Hesperia, CA)

As a person with POTS, Dysautonomia and more, thanks to Ehlers-Danlos, I use African bird pepper. It is the heat units we want. Having worked for Dr. Schulze at his American Botanical Pharmacy, he adds both cayenne and African bird pepper to all his products, which is why they are so darn strong. That heat makes all other herbs work better. Cayenne/African bird pepper of at least 160,000 heat units is excellent for ridding body of mucusand keeping blood thin. Grocery stores sell weak versions.

Prior to being diagnosed with much, I had the hot powder near my bed, just in case. It can give energy, so experiment before taking at bedtime.

To Ash from India, the buttermilk may be the culprit. If I eat too much fat or bread, even sweets, my heart can feel like it's going to beat out of my chest.

Dr. Schulze was a student of Dr. Christopher, so he carried on the cayenne and/or African bird pepper legacy. The latter is hotter.

Dr. Schulze sells both liquid and powder, both usually rated between 250,000 and 500,000 heat units. At least they were when I worked there. His products are pricey but well worth it.

African Bird pepper however beinga single ingredient can be bought from other reputable herb suppliers. I buy an organic pound at a time.

To all, if the heat doesn't work, diet will. I've learned much thanks to two birth defects.

Replied by Larry

Put a 1/4 teaspoon in your mouth, it will work in minutes.

Replied by Jon

Don't use buttermilk

Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 10/05/2021

Greetings EC,

My Aunt is 85 weights about 102 pounds, and she is a smoker. She is a strong woman and as I have said before, she can tie her own shoes. The only medicine she is on is blood pressure medicine. When my aunt had a complaint of being dizzy, I took her pressure it was 154 over 93. Her heart rate was 144!

I had her to do the breathing exercises and gave her a magnesium supplement, which helped to lower her pressure and got her heart rate down to 100. However when she arose the next day we had to fight the same battle with heart rates of 138,119,133. Her heart rate would go down with the breathing exercises and slowing creep back up.

She woke up the third morning with a fast heart rate of 144 once again, however her blood pressure was 130/89. But I said this means war! I remembered that in 2020 we used to give her cayenne pepper capsules, this kept her normally high blood pressure on the low side. When she ran out we did not continue it. Someone needed to be there to monitor it. So remembering cayenne pepper, I got the hot sauce bottle out of the cabinet. I put about two tablespoons in a half cup of water with a spoon of molasses. She said this is bitter. So I added a half teaspoon of sugar and she drank the mixture down. Ten minutes later, I took her pressure again, it was 146/84 with a heart of 79. Seventy-nine what a big drop from 144.

Before the day was over her blood pressure went down to 120/66. We took her to the doctor the same day, they gave her an EKG. The doctor said her heart rate was good, but that he would order more test. A week later without giving her anymore cayenne pepper her heart rate was still in the safe zone below 100, her blood pressure has remained good so far as well. So a now and then dose of Cayenne Pepper will be what we use for Auntie.


Replied by Christine
(New Jersey)

I get heart palpitations all the time. I had all tests run, and they all came back fine. Did you use powdered cayenne or liquid? Do you think this will help with just a fast heart beat?

Replied by red

Do you have panic attacks as well? Meditation on peace, love, and joy are a major plus in self-healing and good health.

Replied by HisJewel
(New York)

Hi Christine,

Greetings from HisJewel

I used hot sauce. I poured about two tablespoons of hot sauce in a half cup of water and stirred in a teaspoon of molasses to regulate my aunt's heart rate. I was in fighting mode because of the stubbornness of her heart rate. Others may want to start with a tablespoon. Please take note of the effect of hot sauce on her blood pressure. Take notice that after drinking the hot sauce drink the top number went up first before it went down. Before blood pressure 130/89 with heart rate 144, After the drink blood pressure 146/84 heart rate 79. By the evening, her blood pressure was 120/66. That is just something to watch for. With all of that said and done balance your electrolytes as well as you can.

Strong coffee gives me heart palpitations; also dehydration can cause heart palpitations. When I used to do extensive fasting (3 days and 3 nights, no food and no water, sometimes I would get heart palpitations from lack of fluids and the electrolytes they bless us with.

Read about electrolytes in the following article:


Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/01/2020

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here. I know when my head and body aches then I got problems. I test my stuff and get on my PEMf device and ask my Tractor Driver to get me some ice and some cayenne pepper in water. Don't know why my blood pressure is now a deal. I test and learn that I'm in deep dodo. Not a problem. I have the answer............ don't get old. I put ice on my neck and face and drink a 1/3 glass of water with 8 drops of Cayenne extract and I get to live. Amazing how that works. As all know, I have been down some tough dusty roads and have asked you to follow me you know if I know squat. Me, I have no clue. it appears to me that the further you get down the road, the more interesting it gets.

Here is what I think I know. You will live better if you eat well. Food is the Rx that old timey doctors knew about. The short cut way will not work. I thank the Lord daily for another day. But, it is going through my mind that I may need to just go. I love my Tractor Driver and want her taken care of. I am now a burden on her. I know . She has to bend over when I can't. That hurts my feelings. I am the man. Don't sweat my program. I have a plan to get me a few more years. That is EECP, if I can pull it off. This is a mechanical system that pushes blood through your heart as if you were excerising. FDA does not like it because they can make more money with Rx . That's the way they are. ====ORH=====

Posted by C.M. (Houston, Texas) on 02/15/2020

Cayenne Pepper Extract does a better job for High Blood Pressure than the capsules, in my opinion.

Ginger Tea with garlic water will also address the inflammation involved with HBP issues. Using all (3) will give you the long term results you're looking for.

Posted by Eleasha (Australia) on 09/21/2017

I have had high blood pressure problems and just started taking Cayenne Pepper, half teaspoon of powder in some warm water, my bp is now 116/75! Its miracle stuff! I haven't been in the normal range for years! I highly recommend Cayenne Pepper Powder if you want to naturally lower your bp -- be careful though of the heat rating and the amount you use, start low 35,000 units and work your way up the heat scale slowly. The results are amazing!!

Posted by Ladyliza (Los Angeles) on 12/04/2015 32 posts

Cayenne is wonderful and it works well for HBP. I take cayenne in a tincture form. I didn't like the pills because when they break up in your stomach..ouch! The tincture can stop a heart attack in 60 seconds with the correct amount. I took 2 drops in a little milk just before my last doctor appt, and when the doc took my BP it was 115/70. It is usually 133/90. Now I take it daily with a drop/day. Buy it online if you can't find it.

Posted by Tg (Tn ) on 11/29/2013

I am currently on 2 different blood pressure medicines daily and would like to try cayenne pepper to lower my blood pressure and get off these meds. I don't know whether it's better to start with the pepper while taking the meds and see what happens or just not take my meds the day I start using the pepper. Any feedback about this would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Tg,

I would personally not suggest quitting your meds cold turkey. I think I would try adding some cayenne and monitoring the results and then begin to wean off meds. Are you able to monitor your BP at home? This way you would be able to try and make your switch over gradually and safely.

Since the goal would be to take 1 teaspoon of cayenne daily, try 1/3 teaspoon in some water or juice once a day for a few days. If it makes your BP go lower, you could perhaps reduce your meds some. However, since Cayenne is normalizing to the circulatory system, it may not actually make your BP too low. If you get up to 1 teaspoon per day with no changes, then go ahead and begin to reduce the meds. Just go gradually. Reduce one medicine by 25 % for a few days, then 50% for a few days, etc.

Also, as you increase the cayenne, I would take it in divided does. Start with 1/3 teaspoon per day. Then 1/3 teaspoon twice a day, then 1/3 teaspoon there times a day. Perhaps for convenience you could move to 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.

Meanwhile, keep reading Earth Clinic stories as to how others have used diet and other things to control and solve BP problems.

I am not a doctor, just going by our own experience with using natural medicines.

Let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tg

Thank you Mama to Many. I am just a little confused, when you said if I get up to 1 teaspoon per day with no changes to go ahead and begin to reduce the meds. If there are no changes and I reduce my meds wouldn't my bp go higher again? This was probably a dumb question, but I just want to make sure I understand everything.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Hi Tg,

Not a dumb question at all...here is what I was thinking...if you get up to the 1 teaspoon dosage of cayenne with no changes, you won't know until you start weaning from meds if it is contributing to a stable BP number. (Since cayenne is a normalizing herb, it might not lower it further. People respond differently to things....so there isn't a one size fits all solution to most problems.) If you get to 1 teaspoon a day and start weaning from meds and your BP goes up, you will know that cayenne is not the solution for you. At that point, you would just want to continue the meds as you have been and perhaps look in to something else.

If the cayenne does reduce your BP before getting to the full dose, you could go ahead and start weaning. You just want to do all of this slowly (increase cayenne slowly, decrease meds slowly) so you don't have any dramatic changes happening.

I hope that makes sense.

Keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~


Waking up with a fast heart rate and high blood pressure a few times in the night and morning. Cardio said I have fluctuating blood pressure. Could I take cayenne or garlic in the evening to stop this? My blood pressure is low to normal during the day. What can I do? I'm so concerned about having a stroke.

Replied by Ed2010

Hello Tg from Tn

From my observation, Cayenne increases the Blood Flow, increasing blood flow is initiated by increasing the blood pressure. IMHO, cayenne is not the right herb or food for High Pressure. There are many reasons for High Pressure Mineral Imbalance, Increased Fat in Body, In many cases the body increases itself the pressure so as to maintain the balance and blood flow. If mineral Imbalance is the cause of your blood pressure then take Prune Water which I mentioned in the HBP page. However, if you want to try Cayenne It won't hurt, try from little 1/4 th tsp in a glass of water one time a day. Simultaneously, monitoring your pressure in Home. Good Health

Pam E.
(SouthWestern California)
140 posts

Ed2010 said: "Cayenne increases the Blood Flow, increasing blood flow is initiated by increasing the blood pressure"

However, the article .. .

Cayenne Pepper: Benefits, Nutrition, Uses, Recipes https://draxe.com/nutrition/cayenne-pepper-benefits/

explains .. .

"Studies indicate that the capsaicin in cayenne pepper helps to *clear away* artery-narrowing lipid deposits, and *dilates* arteries and blood vessels ... ."#

This means that Capsaicin opens up arteries & veins in different ways, thus allowing more blood to flow through them as a result... .

*This* is what improves blood flow ... *not* the narrowing of blood arteries & vessels (which is what causes blood pressure to *rise* & blood flow to *diminish*).

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Cayenne is good for hbp but is best used in conjunction w/ other herbs like Hawthorn, Garlic, and Ginger. There are a number of herbal formulas w/ these in combination for healthy circulation. Raw Celery is also recommended (be sure to wash thoroughly).

Replied by Beberobozo
(New York)

Hi, I have high blood pressure and on some meds but feeling I don't want to get off just yet.. Besides I cant cut the pill so much.. Its very small....Anyway; the meds barely work so I have integrated Taurine, Olive Leaf, Beet root and the miracle mineral magnesium... so far its all working okay. There are days though I do add a tablespoon or two of Apple cidar vinegar.. My bp is strange though when I am under stress of course it goes up...

I would to next do the L Argenine ...

Okay My experience with cayenne was interesting ... I was using it one morning before I went to doctors office for bp check and it actually made my bp higher... It def. makes the heart stronger and all because I can feel it when I use it in my heart and pulse.. Okay so now I just do a few sprinkles of it on food during the day but not much..so going to experiment with that.. I like all the suggestions but for me and from experience I would just be a bit vigilant with cayenne and see what happens.. Like I said it did not lower my bp .. it made it higher I am assuming because its quite powerful....Like someone said we are all different and each person has to find their own natural way... I am still trying to find what is best for me.

Personally I think the only way is to keep checking on yourself and genetic testing but that cost money.. Good Luck

(Batavia Ny)

Yep me too. I can't take cayenne. Drank V8 tomato juice with hot cayenne in it only had one small glass and my bl pr went up over 40 points. A few months ago I tried drinking a glass of water with a quarter ts of cayenne and the same thing happened. Bl pr rose to over 170/95!! I guess I just can't take it.

Arginine does not work for me either. I took 6 grams divided 3x a day for four whole months and still bl pr high. I am in age 60's now. Going to see a holistic md next wk. I was at the er last nite cuz my bl pr was 195/116. I was freaking out., and this is with a bl pr pill which I normally only take half. But a whole one does not work either. I am trying the Apple Cider Vinegar now and will buy some beets and just eat one raw.

Replied by Eric
(Hamden, CT)

Just take it, stop the medications for a day, take it 3X a day with honey and lemon juice and you should be fine cause I do it.

Replied by Sam
(Miami, Florida)

I and everyone in my family carry Cayenne pepper with them at all times. In case of heart attack or stroke, HBP it saves lives.

Replied by Jim
(Rocklin, Ca)

I have a similar situation with BP. It's hereditary for me. I walk 45 min a day for the bottom number. I drink beet shakes (add fruit to sweeten) for the systolic. U can buy them already peeled and prepped for a couple of bucks, shrink wrapped. I drink lots of water every day. I stay away from added sodium. Hang in there and keep on trying!

Replied by Al
(Miami, Florida)

I wonder how is your lipids levels. I used to be like you until I took a fight against my cholesterol level and triglycerides, then my blood pressure came down to almost normal 139 over 65. I used to run 189 over 80. Now I take amino acids such as MSM, L taurine, L cysteine. It has helped me a lot.

Replied by Louisa
(Pittsburg, Texas)

I ordered COOL CAYENNE online.

(Somewhere in Europe)
84 posts


It is cayenne pepper that I would use.

If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other.

Dr. Christopher believed that cayenne was one of the finest foods for the heart. He wrote: "I have used cayenne so many times over the years with such success. We have been called out time after time on heart attack cases. Cayenne always saves them."

In 35 years of practice, and working with people and teaching, I have never, on house calls, lost one heart attack patient. The reason is, whenever I go in, if they are still breathing, I pour down them a cup of cayenne tea (a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water.) Usually, within minutes, they are up and around.

Cayenne is one of the fastest-acting aids we could give to the heart. It feeds the heart immediately. Most hearts are suffering from malnutrition because of the processed food we are eating.

But, cayenne is a powerful dose of real food. It is something that has brought people back time after time. This is something that everyone should know about, since a heart attack can come to your friends, loved ones and even yourself ? at any time.

I received an emergency call in the middle of the night. A woman in Salt Lake City had just suffered a severe heart attack and passed out.

I rushed over and fed the woman hot cayenne tea. Within minutes, she was sitting up feeling fine. The hot cayenne tea is faster-acting than tablets, capsules or cold tea. The warm tea opens up the cell structure and makes it expand and accept the cayenne that much faster. It goes directly to the heart through the arterial system and feeds it a powerful food.

(Quoted from the book titled "Curing with Cayenne" by Dr. Richard Schulze, Medical Herbalist)

Posted by Marthas (Zeerust, North West South Africa) on 11/01/2011

It has been a week since I've been using cayenne pepper and also a hypertensive, I must say that the health benefits are out of this world. I take half teaspoon with a quarter coldwater every morning with no side effects. Thanx to all tips about cayenne pepper.

Posted by Maria (San Francisco, CA) on 06/13/2009

i was wondering about the virgin coconut oil...it was mentioned that it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, and i was wondering if that applies to the oil applied externally as well as internally? (as in the rubbing of the feet and calves before bed)... because i do not have high blood pressure but my boyfriend does, or used to at least...we have had some success with cayenne pepper (1 tblspn twice a day)...btw he is less prone to lose his temper because i think your temperament and patience is affected by the blood pressure (and vice versa)... so my other question is if you know that your blood pressure is now lowered from taking the cayenne (its been about a month now), must one continue taking it indefinitely? also we have been making kombucha at home and we notice less desire for caffine and more energy, better skin...

we would recommend using silver needle white tea, as the taste is great combined with the kombucha, champagne-like, and it has the more anti-oxidants than black or green tea. thanks, Maria

Replied by Maria
(San Francisco, CA)

this is an amendment to an earlier post i wrote about cayenne pepper lowering my boyfriend's blood pressure. i wrote that he took 2 tblspns a day but i was wrong- he actually takes 1 tsp. a day, spilt up into 1/2 tspn twice a day. the way he does it is by wrapping it in a little tissue paper and swallowing it, and then drinking or eating something that coats the stomach, like milk (before or after...you start to build up more of a tolerance for it after awhile. we were going to buy the gelatin capsules but they seemed sort of expensive.

also while i was at it i wanted to mention that honey (raw is best i think) works well for mosquito bites, cuts, and skin irritations, like skin tabs on the edges of your nails, just put a little bit directly on the skin and its stops the itch and helps it heal faster. i think it also helps for wounds, though doesn't stop the bleedinng like cayenne. thanks and sorry about the mistake earlier!

Replied by Trea
(Shirley, New York, Usa)

Need some help please. My husband has extremely high blood pressure. He was hospitalized for it more than 6 times in 2008 and about 4 times in 2009. We changed his diet a couple of years ago so he is eating much healthier and he dropped 25 lbs. His medication has been switched so many times over the past few years that he has probably been given almost every type of BP medication out there. He has also been on diuretics but they had to be stopped because they were draining his system of potassium and water too much and he would cramp up in his legs and arms.

He is 6'3" weighs 225 and his BP is generally 160/100 on his medication. When he goes through periods of skipping medication because he's fed up with it his pressure goes even higher. We have tried the ACV 2 tbsp with 12 oz water twice a day and it is not working for him. His high blood pressure is hereditary both of his parents had it. It also has to do with salt because whenever he's not home and eats something processed which usually has high sodium content his pressure goes even higher. I don't believe salt is the only problem though otherwise when we changed his diet it should have helped more. He eats plenty of salads eats mostly chicken or fish. Drinks plenty of water. He is lactose intolerant so we use rice milk. He loves vegetables raw and steamed.

I am going to try the Cayenne Pepper but I have a question. Can you use the Cayenne Pepper seasoning that you buy in the supermarket in the baking aisle or does it have to be fresh? My supermarket does not have fresh cayenne pepper. Are the capsules better or does it make a difference? If anyone has anything else that they think might help, I'm open to suggestions.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I use the cheap cayenne from the spice isle and the effects are efficacious.. But with regards to high blood pressure... Seven cloves of garlic the first night six the second and so on down till two if you maintain at two cloves, the blood pressure should be normal along with the other health benifits this herb gives.. Sprinkle the chopped herb over food.. Take parsley for garlic breath!

Posted by Cathy (Squamish, B.C. Canada) on 01/28/2009

I have been taking medication for high blood pressure for years. I am on 2 differnt types's of medication, one i call the pee pill and the other is for the high blood pressure, any way's they are both double doses. I recently discovered cayenne pepper, ive been taking it for a month now. I sprinkle it on everything, and i can't believe how great i feel. Not only is it great for cleaning out the bowel's, and reducing bloating, but i can't believe how much my blood pressure has reduced. I take my blood pressure reading's quite regularly. Could this possibly be a cure for high blood pressure, because i would love to take cayenne over the medication? Thanx Cathy

Posted by Gabi (Toronto, Canada) on 06/10/2008

When I red about cayenne at Earth Clinic first time I run to the kitchen to try it. I had wonderful experience! It was almost nirvana like. I was rested and full of energy. Since then I take it usually before bed time. I wake up in the morning without awful bags under my eyes and my feet aren't swollen at all. I told about cayenne paper one of my clients who is over 2 years on chemotherapy. She decided to try it. Most difficult for that lady are mornings (blood pressure is about 50/80!). Guess what happened? After 20 min we checked and her blood pressure was 127/73! We didn't check again but for the next couple hrs which are usually most difficult to get through during the day, she was OK! I got this idea from information to use cayenne paper as a first aid in a case of heart attack. Thank you Earth Clinic. If it didn't save a life it made it possible to live!

Posted by george (naples, florida) on 01/28/2008

BAKING SODA NASAL RINSE I used baking soda and warm water and have not had a sinus problems in two months also used cayenne pepper to lower my blood pressure.

Replied by Sandra

Does anyone know how much baking soda to distilled water? Thanks.

Posted by boyd (manchester, newhampshire) on 11/04/2007

i had high blood pressure 165 over 100 i started taking the cayenne pepper pills from gnc 6 pills a day and the same day after taking the pills my blood pressure was 130 over 74 and now after 2 months of taking 2 cayenne pepper pills a day and 1 hawthron pill a day my blood pressure stays 130 over 71 hawthron and cayenne works both are pills at gnc

Posted by Jennifer (Windsor, California) on 08/14/2007

Hi Karen, My mother occasionally experiences the same heartburn discomfort after taking ACV. She can't take it on an empty stomach and has to sip it slowly. She does take it every morning after breakfast diluted in 16 oz of filtered water. In regards to lowering blood pressure, she's had wonderful success with cayenne pepper. Do a search on Dr. Richard Schultz for lots more info. My Mom's doctor reduced her blood pressure med in half several months ago and my Mom hopes to be able to stop completely when she goes back in for her checkup in a couple of months. Besides eating well and taking the ACV and cayenne, she walks several miles 3 - 4 times a week.

Posted by Daniel (Nelson, New Zealand) on 01/07/2007

This is really excellent stuff on here. I've used cayenne pepper for 15 years plus now along with a few other practices and be live it helps maintain my blood pressure within the normal range without having to alter my diet and life style to much. Can't wait to try out apple cider vinegar at least it wont be as pungent taken in a tea form like the cayenne. having said that, do not be put off cayenne as you can use capsules. It's great stuff!

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