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Cayenne for High Blood Pressure

Posted by Marie (Batavia Ny) on 03/30/2016
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Yep me too. I can't take cayenne. Drank V8 tomato juice with hot cayenne in it only had one small glass and my bl pr went up over 40 points. A few months ago I tried drinking a glass of water with a quarter ts of cayenne and the same thing happened. Bl pr rose to over 170/95!! I guess I just can't take it.

Arginine does not work for me either. I took 6 grams divided 3x a day for four whole months and still bl pr high. I am in age 60's now. Going to see a holistic md next wk. I was at the er last nite cuz my bl pr was 195/116. I was freaking out., and this is with a bl pr pill which I normally only take half. But a whole one does not work either. I am trying the Apple Cider Vinegar now and will buy some beets and just eat one raw.