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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Olive Leaf, Mangosteen, Hawthorn

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Posted by Jizana (New Orleans, LA) on 01/22/2015
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Olive Leaf Powder, Mangosteen Powder and Hawthorn Berry Powder. Mix equal amounts of powder in a baggie and shake for equal distribution. Place/Fill in 0 empty gelatin capsules. Take every am or pm. I am totally off of bp meds (norvasc etc). One of my readings even read 115/86. I am on my 3rd week of monitoring my b/p 4 times a day. I can make at least a 6 month suppy for about 10 bucks. My hair is not falling out anymore and I am losing weight. One more thing before I forget. Every morning or night I take 1 tbsp of honey and coconut oil/place in water and drink up. I am just super blessed and amazed after looking for a cure/remedy for so long.

IT WORKS!!!!!!

Olive Oil, Avocados

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Posted by Barry (Camarillo, Ca) on 05/18/2009
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I went from using extra virgin olive oil to coconut oil for cooking. I also starting eating 1/2 avocado/day. In 5 weeks my blood pressure went from an average of 125/85 to 114/75.

Omega 3 +

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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 11/18/2021
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Hello There,

I notice that there have recently been quite a few postings re. B.P. and I thought I should share my recent experience.

I have been taking an oil capsule each day, hoping that it would assist me with numerous pains and soreness one inevitably experiences with advancing years. My diet is pretty good, as we have been constantly seeking improvements over the years and try not to eat rubbish - processed cheese is now a "no-see-um" around here and it seems you cannot buy a pie in N.Z. any more unless it contains some cheese!? We grow a lot of our own food, partly because we realize that nationally, our soils are somewhat depleted in minerals, especially trace minerals (more on that in another post but I have banged on about it before on previous postings).

Now here's the thing, the day time pains have improved BUT the night time ones (the ones that hit you about four thirty a.m.) have not changed. Makes for a very stiff and sore early morning rise and interferes with quality sleep so much so that I no longer look fwd to going to bed. Probably Fibromyalgia?

However, this Oil capsule HAS helped to lower systolic (whatever the higher one is?) blood pressure by a significant amount say 10% over approximately six weeks at the recommended one capsule per day taken with breakfast. It is manufactured here in New Zealand to a high standard.

Ingredients include Omega-3, Vitamin D, Co-enzyme Q10, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin.

These are claimed to operate in a synergistic fashion to combat the aging process.

The capsule claims to support joint mobility, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy inflammation, eye health, heart health, blood pressure, brain health, hair, skin and nails. I notice I am having to trim my nails more often too!

It is also claimed that there are no significant side effects when taken as directed but SEE your doctor if you bleed easily or are on blood thinning medications. Your chosen doctor should have an open mind and you need to be honest with her/him or it will be difficult for them to give you correct advice - they DO know STUFF!!

Cheers from Down Under


Onion Juice

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Posted by Antonia (USA)
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Mix half onion juice and half honey. Take two teaspoons once daily for a week and then take as needed.

Replied by Karen
(Los Angeles)

Should I use a juicer for the onion juice or is there another method to make juice?


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Posted by Gee Man (Canada) on 01/31/2022
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I have had hypertension for many years and am on medication.

I have Covid for the last 4 weeks and was recovering. I was put on oxygen as they believed I had pneumonia. As I started getting better I realized I didn't need the oxygen during the day but only at night.

I then started measuring my blood pressure in the morning and found that if I used a 1 liter setting and slept with that my blood pressure in the morning was lower than not using it. ( I stopped taking medication and monitored the blood pressure, ready to take medication again if it seemed to high.)

Also I started taking cinnamon with rolled oats for breakfast most days and it seems to be lower still. My normal is typically 153 / 94 but today it was 135/87.

So give a little oxygen (use less than 1.5 liters at night) a try.

Passion Fruit Juice

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Posted by Vicki (Baltimore) on 03/08/2006
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just wanted to share that i just got back from kenya. my doctor had put me on blood pressure meds shortly before i left. i wasn't feeling too good, but i went on the trip. i had no feelings of high blood pressure in africa, but when i got back to the states i started feeling "off" again even with the meds. today i'm reading that someone said passion fruit juice lowers hbp. that is what i drank every morning in africa! i am going to start drinking that here.

Replied by Sanjita
(Wigan, Lancs, United Kingdom)

To Vicki: I have just learnt from you that Passion Fruit Juice lowers blood pressure. I was also introduced to this juice by friends from Kenya. It is available by the glassful in restaurants of Kenyan origin. Yet whenever I try to purchase the fruit and squeeze the juice, it yields very little juice. I live in a place where we dont get Passion Fruit Juice in restaurants as it is only available in the London restaurants. Do you know how the restaurants manage to get such large quantities of Passion Fruit Juice. How do you get your juice, as the one from cartons/tins is not the same as the fresh variety that we get served in restaurants.

Thanks. Sanjita

Passion Fruit Juice
Posted by Iliana (Miami, FL)
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For years I have drank Passion Fruit juice and it does lower BP. The friend that recommended it to me has LBP and told me that he couldn't have passion fruit because it would drop his BP to the floor.

Pink Salt

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Posted by NoniB (Midwest USA) on 05/06/2019
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Pink Himalayan salt and blood pressure:

After several years of inconsistent blood pressure but trending up, and being put on three various meds for it, I stopped trying to use Rx meds because of untoward effects that I just could not 'live with.' After reading several articles on the benefits of 'real' salt (unprocessed), I switched to pink Himalayan. In two weeks, my blood pressure was back to very good. Six weeks or so ago, I ran out and have been using up the iodized commercially market with a Big Name brand and my blood pressure is again unacceptably high. Back to the pink!! I've changed nothing else in my foods, meds, or lifestyle.

It's the highly processed salt messing with my body.

Pomegranate Juice

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Posted by Chris (Dighton, Ma) on 07/10/2010
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Had had high blood pressure. 160/110. Started on BP medicine. Made me dizzy. Stopped taking the medication. Started on Pomegranate juice, 2 oz. a day. Too much will give you the runs. Blood pressure dropped to 113/68 in 4 days. This stuff is marvelous. It is supposed to reduce cholesterol also. Haven't had it checked. It is said to reduce the plaque that builds up in the arteries. Whatever it did it worked like a charm.

Replied by John
(Boise, Id)

Thanks Chris-- By the way, what time of day did you take the pomegranate Juice?

Replied by Christine
(Bellingham, Wa, Usa)

They sell pomegranite molasses in our local Mediteranean food store -pure pomegranite juice that has been concentrated to a thick consistency and used in middle-eastern cookery. I wonder if anyone has tried it and got the same benefits as the bottled juice. I started using it in water as a drink a couple of days ago, so far BP still in 180/110 range in spite of taking bp medication from my cardiologist fir the past 3 months. We'll see if it works.


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Posted by P. Raghavan. (Virudhunagar, TN, India.) on 05/25/2020
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There are a number of articles available on metabolic syndrome in the net. Two such articles are as follows:

1) Metabolic syndrome – Symptoms and Causes – Mayo Clinic.
2) Metabolic syndrome – Cleveland Clinic.

According to Mayo clinic, metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of:

1) heart disease,
2) stroke and
3) Type 2 diabetes.

These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. A metabolic disorder occurs when the metabolism fails and causes the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. Any disease associated with metabolic disorder can be cured only by following one or more of the following:

1) Consume probiotics with the required probiotic strains to fix the underlying metabolic disorders in the digestive system.
2) Consume fibre-rich foods (e.g., ground flax seed, cinnamon powder, etc.) so that it will help in the multiplication of probiotic microorganisms (microbes) since fibres are food for good microbes.
3) Reduce the consumption of sugar since sugar is the food for bad microbes in the digestive system.

There are a number of articles available in the net suggesting probiotic treatment to solve high blood pressure problem. Four such articles are given below:

1) Probiotic use in the management of Hypertension – A new era of therapeutic management.
2) Probiotics and blood pressure – current insights.
3) The improvement of Hypertension by Probiotics: Effects on Cholesterol, Diabetes, Renin and Phytoestrogens.
4) Effect of Probiotics on Blood Pressure.
Some of recommended probiotic strains to treat high blood pressure problem are given below in the order of important:

1) L. Helveticus – It exerts ACE (angiotension converting enzyme) inhibitory activity by producing antihypertensive bioactive peptides. Peptides are short chain of 2 and 50 amino acids. Protein contains more than 50 amino acids. Peptides are miniature protein. Peptides are easily absorbable by the body compared to protein. This is a very important probiotic strain to control high blood pressure.
2) Lactococcous Lactis – It synthesize vitamin K2 from the food we eat. Vitamin K2 guides calcium to its final destination, bone and teeth. It will not allow calcium to be deposited in the wrong areas.
3) L. Plantarum – It synthesize nitric oxide from the food we consume. Nitric oxide will try to dilate all blood vessels in the body. It will also try to reduce triglyceride level.
4) L. Reuteri – It will increase circulating Vitamin D. But if a person is Vitamin D deficient, the person should take additional Vitamin D3 supplement. It will also try to reduce cholesterol level.
5) L. Rhamnosus – It synthesize nitric oxide from the food we consume. Nitric oxide will try to dilate all blood vessels in the body.
6) L. Gassri – It will try to reduce cholesterol level. It is also anti inflammatory.

I searched the net and found 6 brands that contain all six required probiotic strains and are listed below in the alphabetical order:

1) CaptainBiotics Probiotic – 19 probiotic strains.
2) INNATE Vitality women's Probiotic – 17 probiotic strains.
3) InnovixLabs Multi strain Probiotic – 31 probiotic strains.
4) NewRhythm Probiotic – 20 probiotic strains.
5) Wholesome RAW Probiotics 100 Billion CFU – 34 probiotic strains.
6) Terranics Probiotic – 19 probiotic strains.

One can select one of these brands based on user reviews, user ratings, price, etc. and take one tablet / capsule per day for about 60 days. One may also take 2 teaspoon of ground flax seed at night since fibre-rich flax seed is a prebiotic food. I believe it is a simple and effective treatment for high blood pressure problem.

Best wishes.
P. Raghavan.

Probiotics, D3

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Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 09/19/2020
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There are articles available in the net regarding Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Probiotics for high blood pressure problem. Five such articles are given below:

1) Low Vitamin D & K levels linked to higher blood pressure: Study.

2) How Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 work together.

3) Probiotic use in the management of Hypertension.

4) Effects of Probiotics on Blood Pressure.

5) The improvement of Hypertension by Probiotics.

Vitamins K2 and D3 play an important role in calcium metabolism. Probiotic bacteria Lactococcous Lactis synthesizes Vitamin K2 in the digestive system from the food we consume.

Vitamin K2 guides calcium to its final destination: bone and teeth. If there is insufficient production of Vitamin K2 in the digestive system, calcium will deposit in the wrong areas.

Probiotic bacteria L. Helveticus reported to exert ACE-inhibitory activity by producing antihypertensive bioactive peptides which are released during protein hydrolysis.

Peptides are miniature protein molecules which can be easily absorbed by the body. ACE stands for Angiotension Converting Enzyme. Probiotic strains L. Plantarum synthesizes nitric oxide from the food we consume. Nitric oxide will try to dilate all blood vessels on the body. L. Casei have significant antihypertensive properties.

According to an article titled “Probiotic and Blood pressure: Current Insights”, our gut microbiota are master regulators of hypertension. If one goes through the above document, about eight probiotic strains are involved in blood pressure control.

They are:

1) Lactococcus Lactis
2) L. Helveticus
3) L. Plantarum
4) L. Casei
5) L. Rhamnosus
6) S. Thermophilus
7) B. Longum
8) L. Achidophilus.

Out of these eight probiotic strains, the first four probiotic strains have major control over blood pressure.


Follow the following two steps:

1) During my search in the net, I found about six brands of multi strain probiotics with the required eight probiotic strains mentioned above. One has to take one probiotic capsule / tablet per days.

2) Take one D3 supplement of about 2000 IU per day.

One can expect good results in about two months. I hope the information provided here will be useful.

Best wishes,

P. Raghavan.

Prune Water

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Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 10/30/2013
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The main cause of High Blood Pressure is mineral imbalance. Not because of high sodium alone. Other causes are high fat in Blood. Remember the physics, thick fluid requires more pressure to flow.

For High blood pressure,

Soak 5 dried prunes overnight in a glass of water. Early in the morning drink this water alone, no need to eat the prune. The nutritients in the prune gets extracted in the water. Prune is high in Potassium.

You can see a huge difference in the second day. This is a Unani Medicine Treatment. If you don't get Dried Prune try with Dried Plum.

Good Health.


Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 08/21/2014

For high blood pressure.

Soak 3 dried prunes overnight in a glass of water and drink this water early in the morning. Do it for 5 days, give gap for 2 days, again continue for 5 days. If you feel better stop it till you feel you have high bp. Again start.

Trust your body, don't trust the readings. Good Health

Pulse Pressure Readings

Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 03/31/2014 189 posts


This question is for Ted / Bill if they can throw some light on "Pulse pressure" and in case if it is high or low, how to correct it. Because normal pulse pressure should be 40. Thanks, Baldev

Raw Food Diet

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Posted by Sharon (Soldotna, Alaska) on 03/07/2008
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I am obese not from overeating, but due to stressors that I did not handle well and that caused a major stroke a year ago. Since then, I have made a major change in my diet even though I had eaten very well before without white flours, sugars and the other problem foods for many years. Now I am eating raw vegan foods and have not only finally dropped almot 40 pounds but my blood sugar levels are down to the mid-90s. I credit eating a raw food lifestyle with all this! My thyroid numbers are also in the more normal range! Lots of good changes that I believe eating a raw food lifestyle made happen.