High Blood Pressure
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Effective Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Management

Olive Leaf, Mangosteen, Hawthorn
Posted by Jizana (New Orleans, LA) on 01/22/2015

Olive Leaf Powder, Mangosteen Powder and Hawthorn Berry Powder. Mix equal amounts of powder in a baggie and shake for equal distribution. Place/Fill in 0 empty gelatin capsules. Take every am or pm. I am totally off of bp meds (norvasc etc). One of my readings even read 115/86. I am on my 3rd week of monitoring my b/p 4 times a day. I can make at least a 6 month suppy for about 10 bucks. My hair is not falling out anymore and I am losing weight. One more thing before I forget. Every morning or night I take 1 tbsp of honey and coconut oil/place in water and drink up. I am just super blessed and amazed after looking for a cure/remedy for so long.

IT WORKS!!!!!!