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Effective Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Management

Medication Weaning

Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/22/2014

Ever since the doctor put me on beta blocker since they scared me into it and I had no idea that there were natural things I could have taken. I searched for things for myself since the medication wasn't even working that well.. I stupidly waited for the meds to work better but they didnt So I started using Olive Leaf, ACV and beet root and Taurine and magnesium. My bp and heart rate is much lower and I so want to cut these tabs in half but I am afraid ... The doctors won't help as we all know as I have asked last visit..I can't seem to cut them in quarters. pills are way too small.

Should I or can I just cut these tabs in half for a few weeks? I check my bp everyday and all throughout the day and even drinking water brings it down.....so I know how to control it myself....and yes I know the deal surrounding beta blockers, so please only positive comments will be helpful as I am dealing with enough stress right now.... Thank You

Replied by Kelly
(Cambridge, Ma)

I would like to second Bee's interest in this topic as I am in a similar quandary. I have read much about Hawthorn for lowering BP and would love to try it, but (as with Bee), my doctor cautions against it and therefore won't help me transition.

I have tried other methods - ACV w/ the mother, celery seed, cayenne, etc. with only minimal success.

I currently take 25mg of extended release Metoprolol and would love to get off of it altogether, but don't want to do myself more harm than good. I have already tried taking a half-dose for a week, hoping that if I could manage on 12.5mg's, that the leap to Hawthorn would be a smaller one, but my BP was all over the place that week, which, along with my MD's scare tactics, did in fact, scare me.

All insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Replied by Prioris

When a supplement is recommended, it doesn't mean that one takes it every day for the rest of your life. You have to find that maintenance dose which may mean you skip one or more days. There may be the initial phase where you are cleaning up your system that you may want to take it every day. Some people may require it every single day. It depends upon the state of your health, age and other factors.

You have to experiment on dosage so you can go half or whatever you want. Your body and it's requirements may vary from day to day, week to week, month to month. You ultimately have to find that on your own. Instead of breaking it in half, maybe just skip a day. Also I'd give the K2 a couple months of cleaning and see if that brings down your blood pressure. I wouldn't get too obsessive about measuring your blood pressure every day since some things take time to work. Maybe measure it over a week every couple month.

Replied by Prioris

One review published last year in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology even concluded that “there is a paucity of data or absence of evidence to support use of beta-blockers as … first-line agents [for high blood pressure].”


Read the comment posts at the bottom of Dr.mercola's article. it seems not many people have problems stopping them.

P.S. in my last post I misunderstood your post

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Hello Kelly from Ma:

I too suffer from hypertension. Have been for over 2 years now. Been on prescription BP medicine for about 5 months now. I put it off for over 1 1/2 year. I was taking two 10 mg propanalol tabs per day to start. I have been able to cut that back to one 10 mg pill per day.

Let me tell you how I've been able to do that. The recommended supplements I would suggest are both niacin & magnesium. Also, possibly taking medicinal mushrooms. I take all 3 of these now. My BP is doing fine now & soon I should be able to completely go off the propanalol.

Let me say this isn't a quick fix by no means. That's the way natural supplementation works though. Your BP medicine is only covering up what's really wrong. I had renal failure myself back in April of 2012. I was put on BP back then but didn't want to take it so I put it off. We have to get our BP under control no matter what. It's dangerous to not get it under control. However, BP meds like all meds just cover up/delay the inevitable. They also have side effects like most meds.

One other thing you could try is Olive Leaf Extract. I take it on a rotation schedule of herbs for my candida condition. It also helps to lower BP. Don't take them all 4 at the same though. Try the niacin and magnesium first. I would suggest a dose of 1, 000 mg niacin daily in split doses & 250-500 mg magnesium. Take these for at least a month or 2. Check your BP every other day or so to keep an eye on it.

You will see a reduction in BP but not a fast fix. If the niacin and magnesium doesn't work try the Olive Leaf Extract and medicinal mushrooms combo. The medicinal mushrooms are strong immune boosters as well. Only look for buying medicinal mushrooms that are hot water extracted though. Don't buy any other type! A couple of brands are Paradise Herbs & Mushroom Science. These are really the only 2 companies that produced true hot water extracted mushrooms.

The Olive Leaf dose is different for each person. If the olive leaf dose contains 30 mg Oleuropein(check back label) take 4-6 capsules daily with food in split doses.

Keep us posted on your status. Also, feel free to ask more questions if needed. God Bless & hope your BP gets under control with one of these methods!

Replied by Bee
(New York)

Prioris, Well thank you but I have read some people wean off this and they say has to be slow but I have no idea.. I would love to skip a night.. I am 59 and female and had four drugs before this one.. this one doesn't work all that well either so why bother when natural things work so much better.

Anyway; yes I would love to see what is best. right now I am taking 50mgs. in morning and 50 at night but it was all a mistake .. Long story because at that time I had extreme high bp and stress and now its sooooooo much better.. plus I don't take the time release one.. They are really hard to cut also but there is a line in them to cut in half. I think doctors would keep people on drugs forever. heck the doctor I saw who was only 47 told me she has been on calcium channel blockers for 20 years. I was like what??? I was shocked...

Replied by Bee
(New York)

Hi Kelly,

well I think it takes much longer than a week to stabilize your meds if you just started to try alternatives.. Anyway; did you read that there is an interaction between beta blockers and Hawthorne and that is one reason I didn't try the Hawthorne.. some meds interact with natural so that is why I tried the magnesium oil, beet root powder, olive leaf and ACV.. when I am at home I take one tablespoon 3x day of ACV in water.. spread it out throughout the day.. The olive leaf I take one tablespoon two or three times a day.. I do 1 tablespoon of beet root powder a day...My high bp is def. nerves and stress and that is a challenge for me.. oh; I also take two 500 mgs. of Taurine a night before bed. It sounds like a lot but I am trying to see what works the best for me and then do process of elimination or add. All I know is that the meds alone were not working and I found out too late and concerned now.. I did lose a lot of weight and change diet and drink more water and revamped my life and that worked well also but I did gain back 15lbs. of the 35 I lost and right away the bp shot up.. amazing right?? so with diet and exercise and getting rid of stress it would work for a lot of people.. Like the other poster said each of us is different and have to find our way....

What also works is acupressure..

When I go out I put a few tablespoons of ACV in water and just drink it throughout the day...

Replied by Mike62

Bee and Kelly: When I was sick the diseases got into my nervous system that was already shot from being poisoned by toxic fumes and made me scared and schizophrenic. I was nervous and had stormy chaotic thoughts. Fortunately for me I did not go to the Doc because I couldn't wait for a long time at the free clinic so I wasn't on any meds. The first thing you can do is set the goal of functioning at peak performance and eventually getting off the meds cause they are toxins that poison. Just suffering while surviving is not much fun. The next thing you can do is experiment. Take 1 new thing at a very low dose and cut back a very small percentage of the meds. Evaluate the way this makes you feel and make adjustments. The products I would recommend would be sunflower lecithin, black chia, organic apples, raw cocoa powder, Hawaiian spirulina, desiccated liver, colostrum, non denatured whey isolate, expeller pressed coconut oil, raw wildflower honey, organic whole sugars, green smoothies from organic baby leaves, skate liver oil, and 90, 000hu cayenne. If you have not been supplementing with d3 then scroll down to my earlier post vitamin b-1 for proper d3 loading.

Replied by Bee
(New York)

Thank you and that sounds good but my diet and lifestyle are really good and I add and subtract as I go..adding natural things and good organic food and veggies and water and such.. I don't eat meat and don't like it..so I take Taurine..

Now when you say cut this or that for me it's challenging because the pills are very very small and I can basically cut in half and that is it.. If I cut in thirds it will just crumble and nothing will be left.. so that is my main dilemma..

Replied by Bee
(New York)

I do use spirulina and lecithin and I take Vit.D, E and use fish oil and beet root powder and ACV and magnesium and Olive Leaf and eat organic fruits and veggies and have a very clean diet... I walk when its warm and dance but have slacked off a bit.. drink a lot of water and do acupressure and do not eat processed foods or fast food...I also drink lemons in water a few times a week ..I also eat chia seeds and use cayenne pepper and cinnamon.. and turmeric and I take probiotics.. sometimes I use zinc . Oh; and I take astragulus root and motherwort....I also drink a lot of organic herbal teas such as dandelion root and Holy basil and some calming teas.

Yes I add and subtract and experiment the best I can.

I am going to see an integrative doctor which is going to cost 300.00 but maybe she can tell me exactly what I need or am missing. It gets rather frustrating not knowing what is best.. some things I just cant figure out myself..thinking since I am 59 and female I might need bioidentical hormones..and of course doctors online recommend omega fatty acids but I eat fish.. I mean how much can we take?? Thank You

Microwave Hazards

Posted by Carol (Carrollton,GA)

Quit using the microwave for any food. (read up on Microwave hazards)

Mineral Water with Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Missris1983 (Detroit ) on 02/04/2016

I had been running a high blood pressure for two days! I usually have borderline blood pressure which is about 130/90. Anyways I had tried acv, bicarbonate, sea salt, and lemon juice.

FINALLY! I wasreading about dehydration so I decided to try mineral water! And then I decided to add some blackstrap molasses to it for the extra added minerals. And voila! Went from 150:110 to 132/94 in 2 hours! I plan on consuming this every day to see how it works and makes me feel! Just wanted to share for others in case it would work for someone else!

Recipe : 1/2 tbsp in 12oz of mineral water ( I used gerolsteiner because it has a lot of mag bicarb and calcium bicarb )

Mukta Vati

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Posted by dlwimages (Chapala, Mexico) on 01/08/2024

I have been getting very good results in lowering my BP with Ayurvedic Herbs, particularly Mukta Vati, a combination of Herbs which I ordered directly from India at a very low price. Last time I took my bp today it was114/75. I am delighted and am so glad I didn't listen to my doctor who suggested I take the drug Lisinopril.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Michael (Stockton, Ca.) on 03/14/2015

Using Aloe Vera for High blood pressure. You can buy Aloe Vera juice (99.8%) by the gallon at Walmart to drink. The bottle recommends 4-8 ounces with a meal.

Apple Cider Vinegar. Try drinking 2 tablespoons of ACV diluted in 8 ounces of water every day.

Lowering blood pressure means you are dilating constricted arterys that relieve pressure. With that in mind search for products that can dilate and look at which ones are incompatible with your medications.

Any one (1) of these is beneficial to lower BP.

Omega3 Fish oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic, Celery, Taurine, Arginine, Hawthorn, Niacin Vitamin B-3, vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Ginseng, Citrulline, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, COQ10, VITAMIN B6. Follow doses as directed.

Don't use salt/sodium. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and pepper raise blood pressure. Avoid foods that constrict arteries.

Replied by Jolole

I am very surprised to find the warning to not take curcumin, ginger, cayenne pepper or cinnamon for hypertension. All 4 of these foods are frequently recommended to have anti-hypertension properties. Just using search words like: 'ginger and hypertension' will bring up so much information. Do your own research to support your health. Blessings to all.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Buffy (Lowell, Ma) on 06/24/2014

My boyfriend has had high blood pressure for a long long time. Recently, his medication is making him light headed and have adverse effects. He works out daily (military man), we eat an almost vegetarian diet (Only meat is chicken, rarely), we always eat garlic, very healthy foods and spices, basically everything I've read on websites he has done and his lifestyle is as healthy as can be. This man hardly had any fat on him, and theres no major stressors in his life right now. Are there any other remedies someone can think of for him to try? It seems his meds aren't helping but are in fact making him feel worse and it's worrying me. I always tell him about holistic medicine and I want him to try something new. Thanks

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Buffy,

Re the high blood pressure issue...

Even though you two are eating good food sources and largely vegetarian, even a vegetarian diet might not be getting enough natural (not synthetic) vitamin E.

So if me, to unclog marginal blockage I'd get on Natural E (d alpha tocopherol) for two months. Also I'd add on Magnesium and Potassium.

I'd start at 200 IUs per day for two weeks and increase to 400 and then in two more weeks increase to 600. Vitamin E will slick down blood platelets and veins and arteries so plaque will not build so readily and E is an oxygenator and natural blood thinner. So if on aspirin, I'd get off the aspirin after a few weeks on E.

If my blood pressure did not start coming down with those three then I'd start up on Arginine.

In none of these work I'd think that perhaps a fungal infection was at work. A Live Cell Microscopy would tell if fungus was in the blood stream beyond the norm...Fungus can give off a by product that forms a plaque and that plaque might be overcoming the Vitamin E and all the good vegetable consumption you are doing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Donnie (Paulden, Arizona) on 02/10/2012

As a truck driver, I have to keep my blood pressure below 140/90. to get my 2 year med card. My last physical I was way high 180/110. Had to take some time off. Went to doctor got on blood prs pills 20 mg of lisinopril plus a water pill hctz 12.5mg. This worked, and got it down to about 136/86. but he would only give me the pills for three months. The story is longer, but I'll end it here.

Have got it down to 122/76 using apple cid vin. and aloe vera drink. Hibiscus tea. Garlic. Cayenne pepper. My son is in the med field and when he took my blood prs, he wanted to take it again becuse he could not believe I got it down that low without the meds. I drink the aloe vera out of the one gallon jug I got from walgreens. The apple cid vin, I pour into some apple drink. Neither of these tastes good, but if you can get it down its worked for me. Good luck. I will be donating to this site, beats paying the rip off doctor.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Doug (Country Club Hills, Il) on 11/23/2011

High Blood Pressure Remedy: Try drinking two 12oz glasses of Hibiscus Tea. Try finding the organic flowers as this is more potent. In addition to the tea, watch your diet and cook with plenty garlic, cayenne pepper, and curry. All of these herbs are excellent for maintaining normal BP levels. Potassium and Magnesium are good too, you can eat a banana every morning with a cup of oatmeal and take the magnesium supplement right before bed. Last but not least, a brisk 30 minute walk 4 days a week will help as well.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Oxana (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 11/01/2011

To all who have high blood pressure and have questions regarding magnesium - I improved my high blood pressure dramatically by taking different type of magnesium, but found that mixed form of different types (citrate, chloride and else) works the best. I take 2 pills (400mg) in a morning and 1-2 in the evening. Also - vitamin B6, fist 3 weeks 200mg per day, after that - 100mg per day. Plus - parsley and garlic oil in capsules - 1 cap in the morning (diuretic). If your liver does not work properly - it can lead to high blood pressure.

Also found some info online regarding natural remedies for high blood presure - "Start your day with a cup of cayenne tea - 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water (I personally think it's too strong, maybe 1/2 tsp?). Plus garlic pill and hawthorn berry 565 mg. Do it 3 times per day. Also 2 tablespoons of organic vinegar in water sometime during the day. Add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to plain yogurt and eat, it will reduce blood pressure instantly."

Oxana, Ontario, Canada

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kat (San Diego, Ca) on 12/29/2010

I struggled for years with high blood pressure and medications were not very effective and I hated the side-effects. I found the solution in drinking plenty of water throughout the day (at least 1/2 my weight in ounces) and I take approx. 1000 mg of magnesium per day, 700 of it at bedtime and I also take hawthorn supplement, just one a day, and a low dose of melatonin at night--usually about 2.5 mg. I will vary the melatonin and not take it every single night but will skip a night now and then. Wonderfully successful results and I feel so much better!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Hilkil (Studio City, Ca, U.s.a.) on 10/07/2010

S. O. S. Help. I've posted before. I have really high blood pressure 185/120. I am mid forties, thin and do not smoke. I've tried everything ACV, lemon and cream of tartar, hawthorne berry, cayenne pepper, magnesium, celery, chinese herbal teas, acupuncture and I have purchased multiple products from the healthfood store. Can you refer a product or something to me that works. I am currently on a beta blocker that barely works and is making me sick. I am a single working Mother with two kids and it's even difficult to work. Please help.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Hilkil, My Aunt has parsley tea first thing in the morning. She cuts the parsley and the stalks with scissors and then pours boiling water over them and steeps for a few mins. Her readings were about 145-155 over 90-95, now it's 120-130 over 80-90.

My BP crept up to 150/95.Then was in a building with mould and it was at 180 to 190 over 95 to 105. It would also react to stress and/or allergies and would sky rockert anywhere up to 229/126. Was put on Micardis. Got side effects. No more contact with the mouldy building but it was still to high and would still spike to high, 180/110. Found Himalaya Herbal Serpina so took myself off the meds and went on the natural alternative 1 tab twice a day for about 6 months, plus an extra tab for any spikes. At which time the BP was 120/80 to 130/88. Then added the lemon, bi-carb soda mix with magnesium and potassium added twice a day. My pulse is also now regular and very strong, which it had not been for many years. I now only take the serpina when it spikes (not very often) but I still take the lemon, bi-carb, magnessiun & potassium. I used to monitor twice a day but now only monitor every few days or so. All the best in finding your own path to health.

Replied by D.ron
(Madison, Wi, Usa)

Do a liver flush. Then juice fresh beets (root and top) and drink. May want to juice with carrots. It may turn your stool red... You are not bleeding.

Replied by Eve K
(Houston, Texas)

For high bp, one word: Beets. Eat fresh beets--roasted, on salad, juiced, or "refrigerator pickled". There is an easy recipe for making refrigerator beets on the Food Network website (Alton Brown recipe). I omit the thyme, use ACV or red wine in place of the flavored vinegar, and use cane sugar in place of sugar (I also use about half the sugar he calls for... ). Does not require heat canning or pressure canning. Delicious, ready in 3 days, great on salads or just straight out of the jar. Also, fresh beet juice--plain or mixed with carrot, apple, celery, ginger... Any number of other fresh juices... There are a number of articles on the web about studies proving that beets lower BP.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I know that beetroots lower blood pressure and I do drink fresh beet juice regularly but I wonder about the sugar as they seem to contain a lot.

Replied by Tami
(Central, Fl)

Try D3 and K2 in mega doses. See youtube video regarding this method.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Hoax (Guerneville, Ca, USA) on 11/01/2009

Driving a big rig around the country, my BP has to be 140/90,or they pull my license. I've taken it all:garlic, ACV, cayenne, bicarb, salt free diet, HBP pills, potassium, colloidal silver, magnesium, bananas and colloidal minerals. I'm sicker from your cures than HBP. I'm still running 200/100. The medicine has unwanted side effects,but overdosing for the test,I get it down without a doctor's or homeopath's approval and feel great the rest of the year.

Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

Hello Hoax. Your high blood pressure could be related to build up of plaque in your arteries and not due to kidney toxicity... If this is the case you may want to check into ORAL CHELATION. This might clear your arteries and may result in lowering your blood pressure.

Replied by Tony
(Monroe, Nj)

Phil, can you tell me which oral chelation product you used to lower your blood pressure? Like many other people, I've tried everything also to lower my BP with no luck. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks, Tony

Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

Hello Tony. I actually don't use an oral chelation. My High blood pressure issues are due to sodium and sugars. Which is why anything that will flush my kidneys seems to work... I drink Asparagus Extract every day to help maintain normal kidney function.

You can google Asparagus extract and usally Dr. Chi comes up, that is what I use. As far as oral chelation, there are many on the market. One that comes to mind is Nutralife laboratories. You may also want to check out herbalhealer.com, she has some great testimonials and she will send you a free catalog that details alot of information. And the only other one I can think of is oralchelation.com. I used, breifly the one from Nutralife laboratories and did see lower readings, but I also was drinking Asparagus Extract at the same time, so I really can't tell you for sure if it worked.

There are many people that have said oral chelation worked for them, I guess you just have to find the one that works best for you...

Vinager and garlic never helped me, only the Asparagus drink helped.

Sorry, I could not help more. But everything I learn and study comes from me making good use of google and reading several websites.

Replied by Tony
(Monroe, Nj)

Thanks Phil, this was actually very helpful I appreciate it. Oddly enough, my BP was perfect today, but that was after a long run this morning. I've noticed that after a 30 minute jog my BP goes down significately.

Good luck to you.
Thanks again.

Replied by Phil
(Dearing , Ga, USA)

Hi Tony. I glad this may help you. I should have also mentioned the instructions for the asparagus extract is one cup of hot water added to packet, let sit for 5 minutes, stir and drink... Once a day is recommended for maintaining normal blood pressure range....However if you kidneys are clogged and toxic you can drink up to 3 packs a day and only use half a cup of hot water. If you order the free catalog from herbalhealer.com it has tons of information about ALL kinds of diseases and the instructions on the asparagus is in the book in serveral different places. I find it works btter for me at half cup of water taken twice daily.

If your pressure does not come down, after a few weeks , then you might consider oral chelation...But you would be suprised at the people who simply just have toxic kidneys and they need to be flushed.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ning (Springfield, Missouri) on 01/02/2009

Last OCT '08 my blood pressure went up after sudden death in the family,I went the the Dr.and my doc. prescribed low dose of CLONIDINE,after 2 wks i was off meds,thought it will go down since iwas in the state of shocked since then my BP has been 160/88 I found this website and I went to the health food store and and bought bragg ACV, I've been taking ACV for 10 days with 8 oz H2O with the following supplements: cal.1000 mg, magnesium 400 mg, zinc 10 mg (all in 1 pill) 3x a day, flaxseed 1000 mg 3x a day,Vit C 1000 mg 3 x a day garlic softgel 1000 mg 6x a day and 1 grapefruit a day and now my blood pressure is 110/70 after 10 days it is so unreal but today after taking a nap my BP was 96/62, is that too LOW?i forgot I've been eating celery too and use a lot of garlic..Anyway,TNX for the website and all the comments.

Replied by Hope
(Sacramento, CA)

Hi Ning - Just wondering how much ACV you used in the 8 ounces of water. Thank you!


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Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 09/20/2022

Hello, Art,

I was looking for something that I already had in the house to help lower my blood pressure (hypertension) when I saw your Arginine/NAC post. Thank you. I had no idea NAC regulated blood pressure. And it did so without the use of Arginine. I took two 600mg NAC before dinner (My blood pressure usually goes up when I eat). My blood pressure did not go up. I was surprised. As a matter of fact, I looked a the blood pressure machine and said, "you're beautiful." This has been war!

Last week my blood pressure was hitting around 179/100. I had tried everything that usually worked to lower blood pressure at least a few hours, but nothing would regulate it. My doctor has never prescribed blood pressure pills for me, a person's blood pressure had to be steadily high for her to put you on them.

A couple of nights, I wrestled with my blood pressure all night long. It would slowly creep back up. What has helped in the past better than anything was water-pills, that's all night work.

I have taken NAC before, I heard that NAC is the precursor of Glutathione. I have also heard that Glutathione was the fountain of youth. Therefore, I bought some and used it from time to time. I had no idea that it was affecting my blood pressure one way or the other.

During the last ten years, I have used up maybe three or four bottles of NAC. I never even realized it was doing anything until someone said it helps with COVD symptoms. When I Checked Earth Clinic for hypertension help, I saw where you said it helps lower blood pressure.

The NAC regulated my blood pressure the same day and hour, and it stayed good all night. I will not be taking NAC along with other supplements that might lower blood pressure; the pressure may go to low. Today I took it at the same time as yesterday, I also took Vanadyl Sulfate to help regulate blood sugar and my blood pressure dipped to 105/57. This has happened a few times in the past, but I never knew why.

It's just nice to know all about what you are taking. I have looked at several articles online about NAC. Most of them failed to mention that it helps lower blood pressure.


I am sure people should check with their doctor about this supplement because of possible side effects. But it is certainly a great help until you get there.


Replied by Art
2137 posts


Thank you for the feedback on NAC, it is helpful!

I am glad to hear that NAC alone is helping to control your blood pressure. Unfortunately for me, NAC by itself was not enough and ultimately I needed both L-Arginine and L-Lysine to have good control of my blood pressure, but I hated to have to take all three supplements multiple times per day to control my blood pressure.

I have since found an herbal supplement (Carditone) that works even better for me and this one is working very well for me at just one caplet every third night instead of one caplet every night as recommended on the label.

I reported on Carditone here:


From reports and reviews, it doesn't work for everyone, but appears to work for the majority of people who have tested and or used it, but I don't think any supplement or medication works for everybody.



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Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 11/07/2013

Here we go again. Trying to solve a problem that doesn't need solving.

Blood pressure and cholesterol are irrelevant when it comes to cardiovascular health. It's all about cleaning the arteries. Nothing more. Of course, too low blood pressure and you can faint.

The problem with even measuring blood pressure is that your blood pressure varies through out the entire day. Blood pressure readings are mostly irrelevant.

Now they are saying that people's pressure varying is the real cause of strokes. The lies of blood pressure are starting to crack. Instead of 1 in 3 people being put on statin drugs, they can put everyone on statin drugs.

The myths of heart disease and strokes are so deeply imbedded in people.

nattokinase supplements.This natural enzyme helps to dissolve fibrin, cholesterol and calcium that has accumulated in the arteries of the body. It is a clot buster.

Fibrolytic enzymes prevents all the problems that high blood pressure and all those other phantom causes is to cause even hardening of the arteries.

Replied by Donna

I have been on Nattokinase for a year and I have not noticed a reduction in blood pressure. I am going to start trying Mukta Vati to see how it works.