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Effective Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Management

Austrian Apple Juice

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Posted by Vicarious (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 09/18/2008

1st time poster. Hello. 53, male, never drank, stopped smoking at age 30. Don't eat much potato chips or fast food at all etc. Thought I live and eat very healthy. Moved from South Africa to Canada a year ago. Am not a BIG exerciser but can do 30 sit up no problem. But sit a lot in front of the PC etc. Eat mostly Chinese or Fusion food 1m89 tall 92KG and here I am stuck with "HIGH BLOOD Pressure" dizziness very tired mornings. Need Melantonin to fall a sleep, otherwise can stay awake till wee hours. Can't give any personal feed back yet. Will start ACV now. But my grandfather in Austria used to drink one liter of natural Apple juice every day, for every second month (not the clear one). It looked like frosted in the glass bottle. He bought it from what they call in German the "Reform Haus" sort of Health shop 30 years ago. to keep his high blood pressure under control. Maybe someone has tried this I guess that is why the ACV is good for us also.

Replied by Tina
(Montreal, Canada)

if you often eat chinese food that could have a bearing on your HIGH BLOOD Pressure. if the food is cooked at home you can control what goes in it. if you eat at chinese resturants the food is loaded with msg and sodium in my experience. i love chinese but i dont do take away any longer because of this. i too would feel dizzy and my bp would go up and i would have awful headaches. hope this helps


Avoid Black Licorice

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Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 08/22/2015

As my blood pressure (Systolic) had usually been about 134, my B.P. suddenly rising to a high of about 174 was surprising. It turns out that for about a month or two, I was snacking a lot on black licorice. On the internet, I inadvertently came across that black licorice can cause high B.P. I immediately stopped eating it, and in a few days my pressure came back down to normal! My internist said that he was aware that black licorice can cause high blood pressure and there should be a warning sign on packages of black licorice. I understand that red licorice is not problematical, in that it doesn't contain a certain acid that is in black licorice.

Replied by Jerry

I was using Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier. Little did I know it Contains 500mgs of Sodium, thought I was doing something good for myself to keep Hydrated. They should Have a warning too.

Avoid Grains

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Posted by Pluto (New York, Ny, Usa) on 07/31/2011

I had "idiopathic" high blood pressure, around 160/80 when I went to the doc for a far-removed complaint a couple of years ago. He gave me drugs. They lowered it, but I also felt shaky from them; I took them for about 5 months and suddenly I got a physical depression. It was the kind where I liternally could not get out of bed. It took superhuman strength to get myself out of bed and haul myself off to the doc who didn't get this at all.

I got in touch with a caridologist who gave me permission to stop the damn things.

By now, though, the depression was so bad I could not eat and I was losing wieght so rapidly I looked like a scarecrow and was literally falling out of my clothes (I hope it doesn't happen to you, but it really does happen -- you fall OUT of them. So weird).

What happened was this natural fast (it seems nature did impose this on me) allowed my BP to drop within a month to 123/80. Weird.

Long story short: I emerged from this drug-induced, last straw depression and started living normally again. Next doc visit, gee, BP was rising again.

Finally, I put 2 2 together. Divine inspiration. It must be my diet! I was vegetarian. You would think this is a good thing. Apparently, not for me. Grains were killing me. The mainstay of my diet. But they were something I was not eathing while not eating (see above). I was only eating cartons and cartons of yogurt back then.

Sooooo, I quit grains (flours, pastas, rice the usual, also potatoes) and sugars (including honey, etc) cold turkey. Next doc visit, 3 months later (I swore I would get bp down "naturally") I clocked in at 110/70. No meds.

OK, I dumped the grains and I eat fish and poultry. But look at the change! And my gums no longer bleed when I floss.

I am 55, female, slender. Five foot, five and a half inches tall. Type O . I always had a good figure even at my 140 lb high (I still looked slender. Good muscles, I guess) but doing the no-grains, no-sugar has reduced me to 125, just like that. No pain. (In case you're wondering -- no booze! )

I am sorry as all heck that I can't be a vegetarian. But I simply cannot.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
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As per the blood goup diet. You being Group O, Non Veg. Diet will suit you better. so, you have done the right thing.


Replied by Pluto
(New York, Ny, Usa)

Hello, yes, thank you for your confirmation. Years before I'd read that type O blood needed meat and not grains. It seemed strange! It took me this long to figure it out, but I did it by myself using myself as my own guinea pig. Amazing. I wish more people would know about this. It would save so much agony out there. That's why I posted. I hope people can google and find the information.

Replied by Sheila
(Ball Ground, Georgia)

Hello, I study nutrition & holistic healing. You should read the book, "Wheat Belly". I got mine on Audible.com for audio book or u can get on Amazon.com It is a proven fact that gluten (anything made w/wheat among some other grains contain gluten) causes the majority of the diseases in the world. Diabetes, HBP, Cholesterol-high, heart disease, obesity, psychosis, depression, anxiety... Unbelievable book that this cardiologist wrote after devoting many yrs of his life testing patients. After 20 days patients conditions basically clear up. He says that 90% of all gluten intolerant people don't even know they are. Many people don't register when they test. Yet, take them off the gluten & they clear up! :-) You gotta check into that. I have lost 40 lbs & not so bloated any more & my diabetes & HBP is now cleared up too. But, I have also adopted ACV mixed w/garlic & honey http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/articles/art_cidervingarlichoney.html & it went down 30 points from my last visit & cinnamon is my big wonder cure for diabetes, look that one up too! Only take less than 1 tsp daily in warm water or in your tea or coffee split up in 3-4 cups (total 1 tsp--no more-important). http://diabetes.webmd.com/cinnamon-and-benefits-for-diabetes

I am loving life w/healthy eating holistic healing. I just wish more people knew that just healthy foods, spices, herbs & vitamins & supplements are the key to good health & curing ailments & disease too! Btw, check out this movie! Amazing, .. Eye opener movies: "FAT, SICK, & NEARLY DEAD" (he cures all his diseases w/juicing in only 30 days literally/documentary) and also watch: "FOOD MATTERS" Harvard doctor tells how we can heal w/food over medicines. Medicine only bandages it food cures you. :-)

I know, I know, .. My husband says I can't save the world, but, I dang sure will try! :-) Good luck everyone & I hope this helps all who reads this. Sheila

Replied by Kavita

This is to Shiela from Ball ground Georgia. Tell your husband u definitely changed my family's and my life! I watched food matters and made changes to our diet.. my mother is cured of diabetes. Kavita

Ayurvedic Mukta Vati

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Posted by Linden (Santa Fe, NM) on 07/26/2023

After awhile, Carditone did not work well for my HBP. I was lucky to find a reference to Mukta Vati online. It is an herbal Ayurvedic formula and very strong. It worked for me within a couple of days with BP about 150/100 going down to 120/80. I have been taking half of a half of the recommended dose for several years.

Ivy's Mukta Vati is the stronger product but Divya Mukta Vati, more or less the same herbs, also works for me in larger doses.

B6, Folic Acid, and B12

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Posted by Frank (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 11/10/2021

Hypertension cure, not treatment

The primary reason for hypertension is a build up of homocysteine in the arteries vessels. The cure is vitamin B6, folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin B12. This works very quickly in a matter of days. Once your blood pressure returns to normal stop taking these vitamins as otherwise they can throw your other B vitamins out of balance.

I have suffered from hypertension for years. Then one day I recalled that a young girl, it might have been a boy, in England died at about twelve years of age. When the autopsy was done, it was found that the adolescents blood vessels were completely clogged with homocystene.

I wondered, could this be the problem? So, before going to bed I took 100 mg of vitamin B6, two 1 mg folic acid tablets, and two 500 micro-gram vitamin B12 tablets. My blood pressure showed an immediate response. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted. The next night I added to the above a B100 tablet and a mineral tablet.

This treatment is referenced here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homocysteine

I hope this solution helps you, it certainly helped me. Best wishes.


Replied by Jeremy

Can you please always be more specific. What do you call "high" blood pressure? 150? 200? some people hear their BP should be say 130, so if it's 150 they worry. Used to be 150 was considered normal for old ppl.

I've use products with B6, B-12 folic acid...and more {https://www.amazon.com/Supplement-PurePremium-Anti-Hypertension-Cardiovascular-Circulatory/dp/B079QC596Y/ref=sr_1_4?crid=Y6C9T1WQULRM&keywords=ultralife+blood+pressure+support&qid=1566425140&s=gateway&sprefix=ultralife+,aps,481&sr=8-4)

It did nothing for me with BP190 on waking.

Replied by Donna

B6, B12, Folic acid do lower homocysteine. I disagree with your comment about it disrupting other B vitamins so stop taking it. It has been found that elevated homocysteine levels are responsible for heart attacks in most cases. Allopaths are much too concerned with cholesterol when they should be checking homocysteine and HSCRP (inflammation). If one is at risk for heart disease, these 3 B vitamins should be part of their supplement protocol.

Baking Soda

Posted by Linda Gitzlaff (Oconomowoc, Wi) on 04/25/2011

I am 60 years old with spondylosis and osteoarthritis with muscle involvement. I wake up about 2:30 a.m. with pain on rt. side upon movement and have been applying heat. By 8 a.m. pain is resolved. My question is will taking the baking soda cause my BP to rise... I am hypertensive. Can you suggest any other alternative treatment besides the D3 and the magnesium supplements?

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
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Question: Have you tried MSM (methylsulfonyl-methane)? If not, you should and don't be afraid to take the larger dose.


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Posted by Arsh (Jasper, Alabama) on 12/06/2011

Blood Pressure is a bit high? EAT BANANAS!

I just have to share this because it has worked for me and I am utterly amazed. I started having trouble with my blood pressure a couple months ago and I needed to bring it down. I started taking a super dose of D3, 5-htp to combat the associated anxiety, and Aspirin daily to help thin the blood.

It *helped* but I was still feeling bad often.

I started doing some research and found that potassium had been shown to significantly decrease the blood pressure issues so I decided to grab a bunch of bananas and give it a try. I've been eating one banana a day for over a week and my blood pressure has been so much better! I had been feeling like the veins in my arms were on FIRE some of the times, my emotions were hard to control etc. After eating a banana a day for only a couple days, those feelings diminished until I can barely tell I have a problem anymore. It has REALLY helped how I feel.

So definitely eat some bananas and give it a try if you have problems with your blood pressure! If you hate bananas, any source of potassium will do. Raisins, some canned tomato products... Etc. Just Google "Good Sourse of Potassium" for more info on what to eat. Good luck!

Be Careful With New Supplements!

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Posted by Jackie (Grand Rapids, Minn) on 05/17/2009


about a month ago i started an amino acid for low mood and anxiety , suntheanine. it made me feel so calm, just wonderful. i can find no side effects noted on any website, however i believe it made my blood pressure go up.hindsight, i think it's wise to monitor your bp before and after starting any new supplement.because everyone is different. i was taking 100mg of suntheanine in the am and 200mg with 500mg gaba at night to rest better. i started waking up with a dull headache and a sickish feeling which prompted me to check my bp. usually 110/60 it was 136/86.i thought it was going to be too low! i stopped the suntheanine and gaba but my pressure still stayed up. today i took 2 doses of acv (2 tbsp with the sediment in it in water) and i started feeling like my old self my bp was 123/69 so i know i'm on the right track. it was reported on the mayo site that often prescription antidepressants cause the bp to go up and the cause is unknown. i figure maybe its the same with natural supplements too, just depends on the person.since i quit the suntheanine and gaba i don't wake up with a hangover feeling. my bp went up a couple of years ago when i took rhodiola and i stopped it

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, canada)

Careful with natural anti-depressants, too. They also can cause some serotonin syndrome symptoms.

Blood Pressure and Age

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Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 11/10/2023 84 posts

"The blood pressure increases every two years about one degree. The normal blood at thirty is approximately 125, and at sixty, it is 140."

This is a quote is from page 448 of the book titled Back to Eden, copyright 1937 by Jethro Kloss. He was herbalist, author, inventor, teacher, food scientist and lecturer. And I keep finding his book is well-researched and accurate in every little detail.

Fast forward 88 years, and when the blood pressure is between 120 to 129, it is called "prehypertension" and "elevated blood pressure" by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Why?

Replied by Vera

I have never heard that blood pressure "normally" increases. I am 73 and my blood pressure fluctuates between normal 120 and low. As it always did.

(Somewhere in Europe)
84 posts

Vera, You do sound healthy. And no, I am not trying to make it sound like there is something wrong you.

But I am also 73, and if I were you, and if I had your blood pressure, I would look into the possibility of hypothyroidism, as some day this info might save your life.

FYI, the greatest book on this subject is titled "Solved, The Riddle of Heart Attacks", Copyright 1976 by Broda O.Barnes, MD., published by Robinson Press Inc., Fort Collins, Colorado 80522.

I hope this will help.

Replied by Eric

Hello RB,

The blood pressure level for hypertension was lowered so that more people could be called "hypertensive" and be eligible for pharmaceutical intervention. This is another example of excellent marketing by pharmaceutical companies. Most of the researchers on expert panels determining the level of blood pressure considered hypertensive receive money from pharmaceutical companies. Medical journals are also dependent on pharmaceutical companies for their funding (advertising), so, they don't publish studies that show a lack of benefit. Traditionally, treatment was limited to people with blood pressure over 140/90 mm Hg. Now that the standards are lower, about half of the adult population is considered "hypertensive."

Warm regards,


Blood Pressure Readings

Posted by Gregg (Petoskey, Michigan, USA) on 02/27/2010

Would like to know if anyone knows (or can direct me to a website) any information on my blood pressure and the significance of the readings. My readings always show a top number that is considered high and the bottom number is normal or below. Typical readings will be as follows: 140/80, 130/68, 120/62 depending on time of day. Is this worse/better (or insignificant) than both readings being high. I just started using Apple Cider Vinager w/mother to try and bring top number down to normal. I am a 54 yr. old male with a resting heart rate of approx. 46 bpm and considered to be very athletic. (6'1", 195 Lbs. 34" waist/44" chest and eat a very healthy diet). Thanks in advance for your help!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hello Greg from Petoskey, Michigan,

I have read that the best way to keep a check on your blood pressure is to take it in the same arm, the same position, at the same time each day. Now that we have that out of the way, let's also add that our heart rates and our blood pressures vary with our activity and also with our emotions. When I looked at your readings, I felt envious. However I did wonder if that 140/80 occurred right after getting home through all that snow you guys have been getting lately. If it was, in the future have a seat and a hot cup of tea, kick your heels up and relax for at least 1/2 hour before checking your blood pressure. It has only been a few years that 140/80 was considered high. Before that it was a normal reading.

First off to explain 140/80: the 140 is called the systole and the 80 is diastole. The systole is pressure the blood exerts against the arteries during the pumping action of the heart, the diastole is the pressure exerted at rest between heart beats, so if one or the other has to be a little high, better the one with the pumping activity than the one at rest between beats. For dietary reference, 4 stems of celery per day is said to lower the blood pressure. Also read recently that eating 2 slices of beets (fresh, canned, or cooked) a day does the same. You might consider taking a B6 and magnesium supplement to lower the blood pressure should it go higher. There is a nonprescription tablet combining the 2 on the market. It is called Beelith tablets. If you go that route, 1 tablet morning and evening should do the trick, but if you are sure that your diet includes adequate amounts of these, you shouldn't need them, but there is a lot of controversy these days on whether our depleted soil is furnishing our plants with the nutrients they need. My own blood pressure has gone up lately despite being controlled for years with magnesium. After thinking it over, it probably is connected to emotions connected to Obama and his health care reform bill (and his deafness to the 63% who don't want anything to do with it).

Lots of people would love to have your readings and you must be very active (not just considered very active) to have a 46 resting pulse rate.

Replied by Gregg
(Petoskey, Michigan)

First, thanks Joyce from Tenn. for your responce and information! It's great to have people out there that are willing to help and share their experiences and knowledge. I started eating 4 stalks of celery approx. 10 days ago. (I will try the B6/Magnesium combination you spoke of). The highest b/p readings were in the evening after coming home from work. I am taking Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tablespoons) mixed with (2 tablespoons) of clover honey and one tablespoon of light brown sugar stirred in approx. 6 oz. of hot water. Tastes very good! (Hope the honey and sugar do not affect the benefits of the ACV) Again Joyce, thanks for taking the time to help me out.

Replied by Eve
(Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom)

Hi, I thought the diastolic reading was the most important and should be below 90.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hi Eve from Liverpool,

The ideal blood pressure reading for an young adult is 120/80. The upper number is systole (what pressure is exerted during pumping action and the diastole (pressure exerted during rest between pumping action). When looking at the numbers, you can readily see that a 20 increase in the systolic doesn't look nearly as frightening as when it occurs in the diastole (140/80 vs 120/l00) and your doctor is more likely to be concerned about the 120/100.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Gregg from Petoskey,

You are most welcome. I don't think your 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar will interfere with the action of the ACV, but that is a lot of sweetening for 1 cup or 6 oz water. Must taste kind of like syrup in those proportions. If you have a tendency toward insulin resistance (also known as Metabolic Syndrome X which ends up in diabetes mellitus-type 2) you might want to start cutting down on so much sweets. I have this problem myself, and find that my 2 tablespoons of ACV goes down very well in tomato juice with no sweetening. You might also want to work on reducing your aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in your foods. You won't be very successful with this until you learn all the names they hide MSG under. Aspartame is usually under NutraSweet or Equal, but MSG has a slew of names in the ingredients lists. You are going to find it very hard to find any salad dressing, tomato ketchup, sauces, broths, bouillion cubes or powders that don't have one or both. When eating out remember that anything made with a sauce or gravy is going to be loaded with one or both. If you search Metabolic Syndrom X on the internet you will find that it starts with excess insulin production - progresses onward through high cholesterol, over weight, high blood pressure to diabetes and all its compliciations including strokes and heart attacks.

One thing I didn't mention because you said you were a very healthy eater, if you are drinking carbonated beverages (I consider one a day, one too many) you need to switch to water, herbal teas or green tea instead. I have been sure since the late 70's that they aren't good for your kidneys, but it was only recently that I read something that might explain why. It seems that when sodium benzoate (preservative) and vitamin C are included in the same food or drink, a chemical reaction occurs that converts the sodium benzoate back into benzene, to find what havoc that can do in your body, just type benzene in the search window and enjoy reading. Cancer of the kidneys is one thing it causes. I have no trouble believing this as a great niece got a kidney transplant on my birthday in 2006 (thanks to cancer of the kidney) and my niece had part of one kidney removed for the same reason about 2 years ago.

Four children I saw in the clinic who were spilling protein in their urine convinced me that carbonated beverages damaged the kidneys when their proteinuria disappeared with having the parents take the kids off of all carbonated beverages, letting them only have milk, fruit juice or water to drink.

Replied by Karen
(Deland, Fl)

To Eve from Liverpool:

That's what we've been told, but unfortunately the information is very misleading and appears to be intentional. I found this article (I've listed below) very interesting, especially where it states that just four years ago high blood pressure was classified as 160/95.

"Here Are the Best Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is classified as a systolic pressure of more than 140 and the diastolic pressure of more than 90. It's interesting to note that about 4 years ago, high blood pressure was classified as 160/95. The lowering of the standard has little to with health risks, and a lot more to do with how much money goes into the FDA, and the entire pharmaceutical industry. This is part of the reason that many of the natural cures for high blood pressure are not publicized. However, without much further ado, here are the best natural cures for high blood pressure:

Apple Cider Vinegar - This is a miracle cure for high blood pressure patients. Apple Cider Vinegar acts very fast, and you will start seeing a difference in your blood pressure within a week with it. You do not need any other medication for high blood pressure with apple cider vinegar.

Dosage - Take one full tablespoon 3 times a day for the best results.

Preparation - Nothing special. If it's too strong for you, you can mix it with a glass of water.

Recommendation - Buy an unpasteurized apple cider vinegar brand. A good one I know of is the _____s organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Downsides - None as such. You might want to add in a bit of Sodium Bi-Carbonate to help provide the extra carbonates that your body will need due to the acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar.

This is easily one of the best natural cures for high blood pressure."

We know from reading EC that raw ACV has worked well for many. Thanks to the drug companies and their scare tactics we've been lead to believe we are all suppose to run somewhere around 120/80. More drugs, more money in their pockets. As if they need it, they are already a billion dollar industry.

Replied by Karen
(Deland, Fl)

Response to Joyce from TN -
Not this doctor, this was recently just posted:

"Dear Doctor Rief, I have had high blood pressure for 20 years. I have tried at least 14 different medications during all these years. In all this time I have never been able to get my pressure down to normal limits. My diastolic is always in the 90`s and the systolic in the 140`s. I am now 54 and worrying as time passes I am at risk of stroke or heart attack. I`ve had a stress/echo 18 months ago and it was normal. What can I do to get my pressure under control? I also suffer from GAD and currently take 5 mg. valium TID. I am under a lot of stress in my life and have been since first being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Problems with my marriage and relationship with parents and kids. I just want to be normal as now I am not able to drive due to the anxiety. Thank you for any advice you can offer

Doctor's Answer:
It is difficult to give specific advice without having complete data in an individual patient. However, a few points can be made:

Anxiety can cause or aggravate hypertension, and hypertension can cause anxiety. Some patients respond to counseling, while others respond to antidepressants.

At any rate, your blood pressure should be 130 systolic or lower. You can safely ignore the diastolic number, as it is not indicative of cardiovascular risk.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Karen from Deland,

This is a first for me. Never in 30+ years of working in the medical field have I heard any doctor or nurse say you can totally ignore the diastolic reading.

But knowing no more than we do about this person with the hypertension/stress/anxiety problems for 20 years, my reasoning would have been that stress depletes the body of the B vitamins, and that magnesium is an essential mineral our bodies need which also has a lot to do with our nerves, thus our stress and anxiety. You aren't going to cure the family problems with the the parents or the kids overnight, if ever. But the odds are that the level of stress and anxiety are causing a lot of those problems with the marriage, parents and kids.

If I were in this person's shoes I would probably make sure I was taking a good multivitamin/mineral supplement daily (probably one morning and one evenings for a week or two), a good stress tablet mealtimes and bedtime, and magnesium supplement of 400 to 500 mgm b.i.d. Once I was feeling better and pressure let up, I would wean myself off the Valium 5 t.i.d. Another thing our bodies need that has a lot to do with blood pressure also is potassium, and our modern day fast food dietary habits are likely to cause multiple deficiencies. Low potassium also causes an increase in stress and anxiety. A good way to tell if this is part of the problem, is to drink a big glass of fresh or frozen orange juice and see if you feel better for an hour or more afterwards. If so, add a potassium supplement to increase health immediately, but in the long run, improving ones dietary habits to increase these levels is going to be the most beneficial.

If problems with family, marriage, kids and parents continue, then the whole bunch of them need to learn to talk to each other, without accusations and anger, and if they can't do that without counseling, lets hope they find a good one.

Replied by Karen
(Deland, Fl)

To Joyce from TN: This was written by:

Director, Hypertension Section
Division of Nephrology & Hypertension
Department of Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati

I think there are alot of things we have been told by the medical field that should be questioned. Unfortunately, the mistruths have grown thanks to the pharmaceutical reps. This particular doctor is an expert in the field of hypertension.

Replied by Donald

Your numbers are not high, despite what you're being told. The 120 number is an artificially low number set by big pharma to induce people into taking medication. The old standard used to be 140, before that it was 160.

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

I wish I could take ACV... even mixed with water it hurts my stomach so badly. I tried it with baking soda too. Rats.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Jillery: Problem solved, as you can purchase and take ACV in tablet form (which is my method). Many or most health-food stores should have the tablet or caplet form of ACV.

Blood Sugar Connection

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Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/01/2014

I have found that being more cognizant of my blood sugar has helped my blood pressure, when other natural methods didn't.

Blood sugar isn't something I've ever had to worry about, but during my endless research into natural alternatives to BP med's, I stumbled across some interesting information that prompted me to pay more attention to blood sugar when it comes to BP.

I see many here with BP issues write that they "eat well", no junk food, etc. However, there are foods that don't fall under the junk category that can wreak havoc with blood sugar and BP.

Whole wheat bread is a good example. Two slices of whole wheat bread (or whole wheat cereal) spike your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar. Who'da thunk it?! :)

Glycemic Index of whole wheat bread = 72. GI of a Snickers bar = 41!

After much trial and error with many natural methods to get my BP under control, what's worked best are the following:

-Keeping my blood sugar steady, (i.e. eating before I hit the "I'm starving! " mark and want to eat my own arm...haha :)

-100mg's of CoQ10 twice a day

-One capsule of Acetyl-L-Carnitine 800/Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 combo twice a day. I found the combo capsule for dirt-cheap via Spring Valley (Walmart's brand).

-Sipping potassium-rich water throughout the day. I alternate between coconut water, which is potassium-rich, and potassium broth, which is made from boiled potato peels.

-Before bed, I spray my legs and feet with magnesium chloride spray that I make myself from the quick-dissolve capsules and water.

If, as with me, other natural remedies have failed, give this one a try. So far, so good!

BP Readings Over the Decades

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Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 07/29/2022 84 posts

When my grandmother passed away in 1973, she was 83 years old. Remarkably, her (systolic) blood pressure was 180 (mm Hg), however she was not worried, because her doctors told her (in 1970) that her blood pressure was "normal for her age". In 1970 her medical doctors said, "Blood pressure increases every year, by about one degree. The normal (systolic) blood pressure at age 20 is approximately 120. At age 40 it is approximately 140. And at age 80 it is approximately 180. So, for her age 80, her blood pressure of 180 was normal.

Fast forward 50 years, and I wonder if you guys have noticed how today's medical schools and medical doctors want us to be on drugs, for the rest of our lives, if our systolic blood pressure is higher than 130. However, can we really rely on them, when they also keep making false claims like "Cholesterol is bad for you", and "Egg yolks are bad for you"... and, when they also misdiagnose many medical conditions, including cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection, ear infection, and stroke?

1) I've always wondered why my grandmother was never medicated.

2) Further, how do we know for sure, that the lower limit of hypertension should be 140, as opposed to 180 mm Hg?

3) Further, are you guys convinced that the best tools for the management of hypertension are provided by Big Pharma?

4) Well, as to my body, it's going to be my choice, and I'm going to stick with natural remedies.

5) I hope this will help somebody!

Breathing Technique

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Posted by Tiberius (Oklahoma) on 02/05/2024

Breathing to Quickly Drop Blood Pressure

While I don't know if this is capable of causing a lasting effect or long-term cure, I know it works for me to drop my BP, at least for a little while. Its something that I do, when I see my BP is a little too high for comfort. I, of course, closely monitor my BP to make sure it's staying in check and don't blindly trust anything.

Deep heavy breathing. Exhale everything from the lungs, then sharply/quickly inhale til lungs are full, quickly exhale til the lungs are empty, Do this a few more times, then on an inhale, hold it. It usually causes me to get lightheaded when I hold it, this is the feeling I'm aiming for. I Hold it for a good little bit. Then do it again. When I do this, I'm trying to completely saturate my blood with oxygen as much as I possibly can. I usually quickly feel very relaxed.

In my experience this is a good quick way to drop my BP a good 15-20 points off the top and at least 5 off the bottom and usually more than enough to get my BP in a safe range. Last time I did it, I was around 155/91 and dropped it to 131/84 before I stopped monitoring it, took me about 10 minutes to get there from the 155/91. May have went lower, I'm not sure.

Breathing Technique
Posted by Bill (Gilmanton, NH) on 03/28/2008

I read about a machine that you can pay a lot if money for, which helps lower your blood pressure by a breathing technique. I learned this Yoga breathing technique which does the same thing. Breath in, (through nose) half way..12345, hold...12345, breath in rest of way...12345, hold..1-5, Breath out half way through lips, 1-5, hold...1-5, finish emptying lungs as slowly as possible through pursed lips. Do 8 rounds of this. 8 is the Chinese lucky number. It is also the symbol for infinity when turned sideways. The object is to take longer on the exhale than on the inhale. I find that I can lower my BP quite a bit with this method. ...Bill

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Bill wrote about breathing techniques as a way to beat high blood pressure.That seems like something i can use traveling on the train. can you tell me more about how to do the technique


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Posted by Mmc (Emigrant, Mt, Usa) on 03/09/2012

Approaching the HBP problem from a seemingly different angle, if you search "Buteyko" you will find the work of a Russian who concluded that the issue is caused by excess oxygen taken in by excessive and erratic breathing, which oxygen then becomes free radicals, highly destructive.

The body creates HBP to stop it from burning up from excess oxygen. Compare it to a deep sea diver who has to carefully monitor his intake of CO2 and oxygen. Similarly do we. there is much reading and practices one can do to heal HBP thru correct breathing- not "deep breathing".

I understand that ACV works because the hydrogen protons in it [ pH is best understood as "hydrogen potential power for the number of protons available for dealign with oxygen] .

So increase your hydrogen to counter oxygen, and/or reduce your breathing to where it ought to be, and the need for the body to manifest HBP and many other conditions will vanish.

Manage your breathing and it will drop 40 points quickly.

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