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Natural Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Posted by Gee Man (Canada) on 01/31/2022
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I have had hypertension for many years and am on medication.

I have Covid for the last 4 weeks and was recovering. I was put on oxygen as they believed I had pneumonia. As I started getting better I realized I didn't need the oxygen during the day but only at night.

I then started measuring my blood pressure in the morning and found that if I used a 1 liter setting and slept with that my blood pressure in the morning was lower than not using it. ( I stopped taking medication and monitored the blood pressure, ready to take medication again if it seemed to high.)

Also I started taking cinnamon with rolled oats for breakfast most days and it seems to be lower still. My normal is typically 153 / 94 but today it was 135/87.

So give a little oxygen (use less than 1.5 liters at night) a try.