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Posted by Martin (San Miguel, Spain) on 12/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I though that the following might be of interest. I am a male of 57 years. I had a heart attack and subsequent angioplasty with stents when I was 45 and then until earlier in 2008 I was fine.

In June I had a series of heart attacks followed by bypass surgery. All went really fine but shortly after being released from hospital I developed very high blood pressure of 200+ over 100+. Despite various changes of medication by my doctor, my blood pressure would not stay under control and so I started my search for "other" remedies, which is what lead me to this site.

I tried the Apple Cider Vinigar cure, and although it did relieve the acid indigestion that I sometimes suffer from, it did not help with my blood pressure which despite continuing to take my medication would often read 210 over 118 or more (The ACV did not help me to lose any weight either.

It seemed as if a stroke was inevitable and I was beginining to despair when I read that L- Arganine helps to lower blod pressure. I tried the maximum recommended dose (as well as my meds) of 1 gram 3 times a day, and did see a little improvement, but still in the region of 170 over 95.

Then I made a break through. As you can imagine, I have spent a lot of time seaching the internet for help (hope) and I have read just about everything that has been published from the various research papers regarding high blood pressure. I read a report that natural progestorone cream - in addition to many other benefits - lowers blood pressure. Three weeks ago, I started to apply natural progesterone cream at the dose of 10 mgs morning and evening. I continued to take 1 gram L-Arganine 3 times a day as well as using my medication.

Yesterday morning I took my blood pressure reading and to my delight it was 127 over 89. It stayed around this figure with all of my daytime readings and this morning was 130 over 84. I know that this may not seem to be a great reading, but for me it is fantastic. I am not recommending any of what I have tried as being right for anyone else, but it may be something that others may want to research if they, like me, cannot get their BP under control.