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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

Star Anise + Elderberry
Posted by CMontgomery (Knoxville, TN) on 03/16/2020
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NAY BE CAREFUL with the Elderberry here! It is pro-inflammatory. Whereas Elderberry is good for upper respiratory infections, it is NOT the way to go here for lower respiratory issues because it increases cytokine production. Cytokines are part of the body's inflammatory response and apparently the main "killers" with this virus from what I have read. Cytokines can burst cells and promote fluid buildup in the lungs in lower respiratory infections, which this virus can apparently be in many people. This was also the case in the Swine Flu and the Bird flu. You don't want to induce a cytokine storm in your lungs. Better, safer options would be anti-inflammatory supplements like Turmeric or Quercetin.