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Quinine and Zinc
Posted by Larry (Cleveland,Tn) on 05/24/2020
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Now you're talking, also we can boil lemon to the same effect.

I like to boil half a grapefruit peeling and breath in the steam directly into my lungs. I drink the soup made from the peeling while eating the raw meat of the grapefruit and eating the boiled peeling. 6 to 8 ounces of red grapefruit meat twice a day for zinc. There's ntons of vitamin C in this setup, Quinine and stuff. It will get rid of the flu, been using it for years. Its amazing it can be used for this Frankenstein Sickness of Corona.

Quinine and Zinc
Posted by Josef N. (Illinois) on 05/23/2020 4 posts
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How to make quinine, very simple. Fight the corona virus, just in case you may have forgotten, and don't forget to take it with Zinc as this will mainline the quinine straight into your cells. Even if the media attempts to downplay the effectiveness of HCQ short for hydroxychloroquine it has been proven to be effective especially if taken along with zinc. Pharmaceutical companies don't want to touch it as its patents have run out and it is inexpensive to produce. Whereas they much rather try to come up with something which eventually can result in millions of Dollars in profit. A good example is HCQ with an approximate cost of $ 0.75 versus Remsidivire from Gilead for around $ 1000.00 and questionable results at best. It also may be interesting to note that to date, there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine made, due to the nature of the virus. Past attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine have ONLY RESULTED IN LEAVING THE VACCINATED PERSON WITH A HIGHER CHANCE OF SERIOUS ILLNESS AND DEATH WHEN LATER EXPOSED TO ANOTHER STRAIN OF THE VIRUS. Not to mention that this virus mutates and any vaccine suitable for one strain may lose its effectiveness for another.

So, in the meantime if you happen to be ambitious enough you may be able to concoct your own Quinine in a few simple steps.

In the kitchen, all you need is a pot on the stove. And some grapefruit peels. Quinine — as in “tonic with quinine” — can be made from boiling the rinds of a couple ripe grapefruits under a few inches of water, letting it evaporate against a glass-topped pot; simmering that airtight for two hours, then recover all the liquid once it cools. Voila.

A process very similar to making a tincture, in this case using hot water to extract the medicinal component from the grapefruit rinds.

Sweeten with honey; take a tablespoon every few hours to bring up the phlegm. Or, pour a cup of it, sweeten liberally, mix with OJ or drink as tea. Swallow some zinc pills, it mainlines the quinine straight into your cells. (Or, for the gentlemen, mix it with seltzer water, and take it with your favorite gin.) Forget the store bought “tonic”, even if it weren't so fake, you'd need a dozen liters a day to get the effect.

But think back to when “gin and tonic” was in its heyday, 1800s India, where the combo dulled the senses, but also fought off malaria.