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Manuka Honey
Posted by Natural in NY (NY) on 03/17/2021
5 out of 5 stars

@Mama to Many,

Thank you for your post. My mother has COVID and I gave her some Manuka Honey. She had been extremely nauseous and vomiting. She did have to get fluids at the hospital and they gave her an anti-nausea med that she took once. However, she started on the Manuka Honey just before getting the fluids and the med. The fluids and med did help very much. However, she kept taking the honey and has not needed the medicine that was prescribed. She thinks the honey is helping her. She said it made her feel relaxed and helped her sleep. I thought that was odd. I gave it to her mainly based on posts that said honey helped with nausea/vomiting and for the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of Manuka Honey. Your post also encouraged me as well. All I know is that she seems to be improving each day and she is really just using the honey.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 10/09/2020
5 out of 5 stars

A couple of people that I know have had Covid. My sister's friend felt that Manuka Honey is what helped her the most. She was taking 1/4 t. 4 times a day of very high quality Manuka honey. I did share with her about high dose melatonin but I am not sure if she used it.

I knew someone else that healed up quickly with the use the high dose melatonin, quercetin, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.

My chiropractor is taking quercetin prophylactically for its antiviral properties.

~Mama to Many~

Manuka Honey
Posted by Tricia (EC Facebook) on 02/27/2020
5 out of 5 stars

We have stocked up on manuka honey 20+!