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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

Posted by Art ( California) on 05/14/2022 1843 posts
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It is often mentioned that Lysine may be useful for Covid-19, but the science has not seemed to want to pursue this potential treatment, gee, what a surprise!

Generally, prevention seems better than trying to treat the virus after you already have it, at least to me it does. I would rather not get covid in the first place than have to treat it after I have it. One problem with SARS CoV-2 virus is that it seems to mutate or form variants very often which can render the vaccines useless or minimally effective.

Yesterday I was looking at several studies trying to figure something out regarding Lysine and Benfotiamine when I came across an interesting study discussing Lysine and SARS CoV-2 virus. The study seems to add confirmation to the idea that Lysine may be useful against the virus and even possibly have prophylactic or preventative effects.

Here is a link to the study :

Here is an important and very relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' Among 30 medical professionals with daily face-to-face exposure to COVID-19 patients, all remain negative of the virus after taking 2000 mg lysine daily with required dietary restrictions (no caffeine, marijuana and arginine-rich foods) for 3 months, as compared to an average of two employees being infected every month prior to the study and to a public health department with similar capacity as their control group [39]. Our study validates that lysine has protective effects against SARS-CoV-2 and IAV infection. Thus, lysine supplementation may be considered as prophylaxis and therapeutic tool against these viruses. ' <<<

The question that is burning in my mind right now is why didn't I hear about this on the evening news 8 months ago when the study was released and why aren't scientists following through with more research to confirm that this works for more than the medical personnel who were studied in the original test of Lysine.

Scientists don't actually have a "real preventative". This is proven every day because so many people have gotten Covid-19 despite being "fully vaccinated". Even then, it is clearly better to never get Covid-19 in the first place, but scientists are going to ignore what these researchers have shown.

Lysine is inexpensive, readily available over the counter and has a very good safety profile, and has shown potential effectiveness against SARS CoV-2 as a "PREVENTATIVE". Two more studies could confirm its effectiveness in 6 to 8 months' time. What's not to like? I guess there just isn't enough money to be made with Lysine! What other excuse could there possibly be?


Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 02/19/2021
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100% agreed. I was able to purchase Lysine in bulk powder on Amazon.

Thank you for sharing this vitally important information, Rob.

Posted by Katherine3836 (Santa Monica ) on 07/02/2020
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L-lysine 1000mg 3x a day upon 1st symptoms of Covid-19. No dairy while on lysine. No coffee or limit to 1 cup a day. 48 hours later recuse dose to 2x a day.

Note: Lysine gives you energy so try to take it hours before sleep or a sleep tea or pill at night (Vivid dreams are very likely).

Please post if it helped you. I found this when seeing how lysine helped stop my cold sore from resting its ugly head. At the same time- I noticed I had many Covid-19 symptoms- a week later- sooooooo much better. Hope it helps you.

Posted by Andre (Romania) on 03/28/2020
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Looks like Lysine (how many times Ted said Lysine stop the virus replications?)..aspirin (alka setzer?!)

Posted by Donald (CA) on 03/22/2020
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Lysine is a powerful anti-viral. It prevents the virus from being able to hijack cells in order to replicate. I highly recommended it. I tend to use 1000 mg daily if I feel something coming on. I know that the dosage can be upped. Someone else had already posted the info previously.