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Ivermectin, Oil of Oregano
Posted by Echosyn (Texas) on 08/15/2021
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Warning! The censors are out in armies so be cautious and vigilant. Team up.

Most of India defeated Covid-19 with Ivermectin but the state of Tamil Nadu at the south tip rejected Ivermectin and got slaughtered.

Here is a site for studies and graphs about Ivermectin use around the world: HTTPS://

There are additional and very effective Covid-19 killers available on the market. Be a Sherlock and let your fingers do the walking. I have on hand about 15 virus killers. Some are Nigella sativa - Elderberry - Reishi -Maitake- Trametes Turkey Tail - Trametes ochracea - Lugol's Iodine, Oil Of Oregano, Elderberry, Blackseed Nigella sativa, Artemesia annua and a score of essential oils. and related carriers.

I have ordered the "andidote" called Surinam that is found in conifer leaves.

Here is a prominent but criminal mouthpiece from the enemies of humanity:

Peter Hotez submitted an article for the media that starts with a blatant LIE typical of the LIE we hear everywhere in media from those who push the vaccine with the exclusion of all natural means to easily eradicate the pandemic.

It is very disturbing that a man who spent his career helping people suddenly wants to erase them by the millions.

My story is that about 21 years ago a dentist botched a root-canal job and an abscess quickly set in. He gave me an Ampicillin Rx that did nothing, so I followed up on hearing about oil of Oregano vulgare oil in gelcaps and ordered a bottle of 400 mg gel caps. I took two caps the first hour then followed up q8h for three days and the infection healed completely without the work being compromised. That stunned me and set me on a path to set up my home formulary and pharmacopeia which is an ongoing project.

Since childhood, I have been the target of URI bacteria and other viruses like stomach flu and Herpes 1 & 2 along with numerous types of bacterial infection, pneumonia, chronic otitis media, strep, gonorrhea, blood poisoning 3 times, skin boils, Candida, fungus infections and etcetera. That all stopped in the Spring of 2000.

Oil Of Oregano in its several marketed forms has been my Swiss Army Knife in the world of plants.

With the escalating climate chaos, we will be losing our precious natural resources. I started a home herb garden 25 years ago and have watched it gradually die over the years. In the photo is an experiment to show by comparison two sets of mustard plants the healthy set, on the left, is shielded from the nnEMF from radio, TV, 3G, 4G, 5G waves and the other set, on the right, shows stunted unhealthy plants. I was a member, Bioeletromagnetics Society, long enough to figure out that they were using Arabidopsis to make a template for modifying viruses.

Just as you have your personal DNA and resultant energy/frequency signature, every element in the Periodic Table Of The Elements has its frequency of energy. In this Music Of The Spheres we see and hear the the pusle of life and shape it to our will, but too often to our destruction.