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Far Infared Sauna, Melatonin, Vit C
Posted by Tree (Hiawassee, Ga) on 11/20/2020 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Because it has been shown that the virus cannot live in temperature above about 135 degrees F, I think my daily sauna use was a key in helping me overcome the virus. My symptoms presented as a headache one day and then what felt like a head cold for several days and a sinus infection for several days.

In addition to daily use in my portable far infrared sauna, I followed the vitamin c protocol of two thousand milligrams every 1-2 hours, and melatonin hourly.

I am also taking vitamin D, lysine, and zinc daily. As well as gargling with hydrogen peroxide and sniffing it up my nose diluted with water. I also gargled with salt water for the first few days. I have lost my sense of smell but can still taste some.

I am feeling almost completely better, but curious to see how my energy level comes back.