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Burnt Sugar
Posted by ladybug (Fairfield, TX) on 01/24/2022
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‘Burnt Sugar' for Covid. Please read entire post. Please do not respond with how bad sugar/carbs are for your health or your teeth. This is for medicinal use, not for discussion of dietary use.

What is ‘Burnt Sugar'? First thing to know - it isn't burnt. It is sugar that has been cooked until it turns dark amber. Think dark peanut brittle color.

‘Burnt Sugar' is an old home remedy used for dry coughs. It is known to make a dry cough convert to a wet cough. Dry cough happens when the membranes of the throat or lungs are irritated. The irritation causes a cough. A wet cough is a cough that moves phlegm from the throat or lungs. (Phlegm is the mucus that you cough up with a bad cold.)

So why would ‘burnt sugar' work for Covid?

Covid hits the mucous membranes fast and furious. Those that are very susceptible to Covid all have one thing in common…a compromised mucous layer on the mucous membranes (lungs and throat). (Research each at risk group and you will find this is true.) For a virus to replicate, it must connect with its cell of choice in the body. This virus goes for lung cells. The theory is that when ‘burnt sugar' makes a dry cough turn into a wet cough, it creates enough of a layer that the virus has a hard time getting to the previously easy to get to lung cells. Two things are important here. One, if the virus can't get to the lung cell to replicate, the viral load on the body is then reduced significantly. Second, if the virus can't get to the lung cell it can't destroy that lung cell. The purpose of this remedy is to not let the virus get a hold in the body. Also, if the virus already has a hold and is replicating, then the purpose is to reduce and stop the replicating by removing its ability to attach and damage.

Caution: If your body can not handle sugar in your diet and/or if you have problems with expelling phlegm with a cough, this remedy is not recommended. Also, kids under two years old may have problems expelling phlegm on their own; therefore, this remedy is not recommended.

Note: Since the purpose is to create a layer across the membranes of the lung, anything that removes that layer would be counterproductive. Lemon water and ACV tonics come to mind as possibly counterproductive as they are used to clear the lungs of mucus.

Caution: When making ‘burnt sugar', use caution so as to not burn yourself with either the hot sugar or the flame. Not recommended for young children to make ‘burnt sugar'.

Burnt sugar' syrup

  • Utensil for stirring, long handled, able to handle high heat (purpose is safe stirring while alcohol/sugar mixture is on fire)
  • Long handled fire starter such as a grill butane lighter or long handled fireplace match (purpose is safe lighting of alcohol/sugar mixture)
  • Stove with hood or an outdoor grill in open space (purpose is a stable flat cooking surface, safe handling of high flame)
  • Glass pie plate (leave glass pie plate in place until syrup has cooled, heated glass can break spilling hot syrup)
  • 8 Tablespoons refined granulated cane sugar (white sugar)
  • 8 Tablespoons whiskey or vodka (purpose is to liquify the sugar and brown it; also the residual alcohol keeps the ‘burnt sugar' liquid instead of hardening)

The alcohol will flame high when lit! Keep face and hair away from pie plate. Place glass plate on stove or grill. If using indoor stove, turn on hood. Add sugar and alcohol to pie plate. Mix. While stirring, light the alcohol/sugar mixture. Continue stirring until flame disappears. Repeat lighting/stirring until the mixture will no longer light. Let cool. If outdoors, cover with clean grill lid while syrup cools. Pour cooled syrup into glass jar. Store in refrigerator. Discard after 5-7 days. Caution: this has a residual amount of alcohol. If this is a problem for your situation, do not use ‘burnt sugar' in this form.

Usage: Take a spoonful as needed. As a cough syrup, take a spoonful every few hours. If possible, take a spoonful at the first sign of lungs feeling attacked. Also, if going shopping, take a spoonful before leaving the house. Remember, the goal if possible is to stop the virus getting a hold in the body.

There are many variations of ‘burnt sugar' recipes found on the internet. ‘Burnt sugar' drops and ‘burnt sugar' lollipops. Some add flavorings. Some add medicinals. Again, try not to use any addition that may be counterproductive. Also, some use water/milk to make cough syrup or to make hot drinks. Know that the ‘burnt sugar' will not be as strong with additions; the end product will be diluted with that additional liquid.

‘Burnt sugar' drops are usually made over direct flame and heated until the sugar turns dark amber. ‘Burnt sugar' is not burnt. Do not burn the sugar. If actually burnt, do not consume.

‘Burnt sugar' uses refined granulated cane sugar (white sugar). What about unrefined cane sugar? For the syrup, unrefined cane sugar should work. For the drops and lollipops, the closer the type of sugar is to refined, the better the process of hardening works. Other types of sweeteners or sugar substitutes are not recommended.