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Artemisia Annua
Posted by Donna (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 07/24/2022

Hi June,

I and my whole family had a terrible case of a covid variant of some sort in June of 2022, I am the caretaker of everyone and I am the oldest with a very compromised immune system. I was terrified that this variant was going to kill me as it travelled through my body looking for my weak parts and attacking my brain and my lungs causing infection.

I was taking many supplements that may have been helping but 2 weeks in and I was still sick as a dog.. no energy, huge night sweats, terrible pain in brain and muscles and joints, extremely weak, nautious, coughing, phlegm?, and it goes on and on.. never had a flu like this, many of the words seem the same but this was very different from the typical flu and it was frightening.

At 3 am, in desperation, fevered, and a constant headache, I went to earthclinic to see what might be working.. I tried many of the things that were recommended, but nothing had turned it around, then I saw one post on wormwood, I knew I had some in my cupboard somewhere, but it was not the kind you recommend.

It was Wormwood Artimesia (?) so running out of options, I opened a cap and put it in a small amount of warm water and drank it down and went back to sleep. I awoke 5 hrs later with the virus completely dead. It was no longer travelling through my body, my headache was gone, my temp was normal, the sweats had stopped, the body aches and pains were gone, I could breath. It felt like a miracle, I could not believe it, but thanked God, as it seemed I was loosing this battle, but even 2 weeks into covid, and 1 cap of wormwood artimesia, it was gone.

I have been over what felt like a bioweapon in my body now for a few weeks, but the virus? did leave some damage, the lack of energy, and secondary infections. I have been attempting to fix with colloidal silver and high dose melitonin.. all infections seem to be under control and receding and energy is slowly returning. I will go out and buy some of the wormwood you mentioned, but will also keep some of the Wormwood Artimesian in my First-Aid kit as well.

Do you know why the Artimesian type is not recommended? Sorry about the spelling of the word, I do not have the bottle in front of me.

Anyways, thank you Earth Clinic and community for being a light in the darkness and helping people to get well and have the best health they can have.

Artemisia Annua
Posted by robin (florida) on 01/05/2022

I have the tincture and also bought some loose leaf I make a tea out of... it's tasty and comforting!!

Artemisia Annua
Posted by June (Cincinnati ) on 11/20/2021

I am always shocked that Artemisia Annua has been overlooked. It won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for alleviating infectious diseases. It costs $6. We open and take 2 capsules twice a day for one day and maybe one or two the next day. It works overnight. Only for viruses. It is amazing. No one in our family has had to take it more than 3 days, even my husband with terrible Covid. We've experienced no side effects whatsoever except feeling great. Wish I found it 30 years ago!

NOTE: It is marketed as Sweet Wormwood or Wormwood. There are 7 plants called Wormwood and they are very different!!!! Read the back of the bottle. Only buy if it says Artemisia Annua. Do not buy absyinth or any other kind at least for Covid or viruses in general. Also, open the capsule first so the herb itself touches your throat. Tastes terrible. Chase with juice.