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Posted by Blondiemurph (Oldenburg, Germany) on 06/21/2009

Better But With Side Effects

Hello! I recently discovered problems "down there" - a new odor and a new discharge that wasn't there before. After doing some research, I think I have B.V. I don't currently have insurance (I'm American living in Germany and it's hard to get anything not private and expensive) so I haven't seen a doctor. I'm more interested in home remedies anyway. I read on this site about taking folic acid and acidopholus pills - I happened to have some from the states so I've been taking them for two days with very good results. I also tried the whole dipping-the-tampon-in-yogurt thing, which is very messy! I tried this yesterday and today - yesterday I just dipped a tampon without an applicator in "joghurt pur" (translates to pure yogurt, which I'm hoping means it has live cultures in it. It's also the organic "bio" kind) and inserted it and felt fine. Today I tried taking a tampon out of an applicator, filling the applicator with yogurt and inserting it, figuring it'd be similar to a yeast infection treatment that way, but I had bad cramping. Not like normal period cramping either. It was strange. So now I'm wondering if that was a bad idea. I took the tampon out, expecting discharge, but got nothing. 2 hours later, still nothing. Has anyone else tried the yogurt dipping and gotten cramps before? Or can anyone describe something else to try besides other pills? I can't get all the same stuff as in the U.S. I appreciate any advice, and thank all the ladies for the previous advice!!